The One Question No One is Asking as Obamacare Goes on Trial

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The monstrous healthcare atrocity known as Obamacare has at last reached the United States Supreme Court.  By all accounts, left and right alike, the news coming out of the Chamber is not boding well for the monster’s prospects.  And thank God for that, say those of us who cherish the U.S. Constitution, those of us who cherish liberty, and, by extension, those of us who still wish to see our America remain the greatest country this world has ever known.

But with every news account, every interview, every commentary I see regarding the current Supreme Court hearings on the Constitutionality of Obamacare, I find myself begging the talking heads, begging the lefting interviewees, begging the Supreme Court Justices to ask one singular question:  Why are members of Congress and various and sundry union leaders and leftwing Obama/DNC supporters exempt from Obamacare?

I have yet to hear anyone covering the story this week on either side of it address this question.  I would suggest that the very existence of this question, coupled with the silence that surrounds it, is all the answer we, and the Supreme Court of the United States, needs.

I Thought It’s Planned Parenthood’s Job to Supply the Free Contraception

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First, I cannot believe that in 2012 America the hottest topic of conversation among politicians, media types, and, apparently, very active law students, is contraception.  Didn’t our nation already travel this road during those halcyon bra-burning “women’s lib” days of the 60s or whenever that was?

Second, this so-called outrage comes on the heels of the most recent national brouhaha regarding the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s financial support of Planned Parenthood.  Excuse me, but did we not glean from that illuminating passion play that Planned Parenthood rakes in gobs of dough, not only from the United States government, but also from the likes of organizations dedicated, not to planning parenthood, but to the prevention of breast cancer?  Rich and powerful Planned Parenthood earmarks those funds for, yes, the provision of contraception and related services to all manner of women, including, of course, destitute law students, who, it seems, are spending an inordinant amount of time on extracurricular activities.

So why the retro, embarrassingly manufactured controversy?  I’ll tell you why.  How else can the right (as well as those pesky religious-freedom fanatics — Catholics and Baptists among them) be painted as modern-day, woman-hating slave traders?  Shame on the republicans for taking the bait so artificially dangled by the left.  And shame on anyone who believes the sob stories.  Next time you hear one, just send the crybaby over to Planned Parenthood for a ration of free supplies and call it a day.

Andrew Breitbart Has Left Us

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For literally years now, whenever I would see images of Andrew Breitbart wandering gleefully through crowds of those who hate him; when I would hear his unabashed, angry, signature eloquence taking on those whose goal is to take down the country Andrew loved; when I would hear that he had exposed yet more corruption and lies among those of great power, I would think to myself, “Be safe, Andrew.  We need you.”

Then we awaken this morning to find that he is gone.

We have lost, as so many are saying this morning, a patriot, a warrior, and an American with a purity and a fearlessness we are not likely to see matched anytime soon.  He embodied the same seemingly foolish courage that guided the founders of this country and the people who proceeded, despite unspeakable odds, to build our America.  On this sad and shocking day, here’s hoping that we who share Andrew’s vision for this nation will carry on his work at this very dangerous time in our history.  We owe it to him, we owe it to our founders, and we owe it to our children.

God bless the family Andrew leaves behind.  And God bless the nation he leaves, as well.