We Americans Are What We Eat — And What We Don’t

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I tried very hard to avoid this subject.  But after a recent conversation with a fellow dog-person friend of mine, and after hearing mention of Barack Obama’s book royalties, I can’t let it go.

You remember: A week ago, certain media outlets decided to inform those of us who have not devoured Barack Obama’s many autobiographies, that he, the current president of the United States, apparently dined on dog meat during his more formative years, an act he boasted about as part of his ongoing compulsion to write and speak about himself.  The story was met with the predictable outrage from both the opponents of Obama and the proponents of dogs, followed by the equally predictable insistance from Obama’s personal mainstream media team that this is “no big deal.”  It happened when Obama was a child, the media team squealed, when he resided in countries where dog is an acceptable menu item and at the behest of his stepfather or someone…you know, an adult authority figure.  So see, no big deal.

Comedians and comedy writers have embraced the story with joyful gratitude, but this isn’t really about the president’s taking a bite of man’s best friend.  Beyond the humor, beyond the outrage, beyond what is acceptable in other countries, other cultures, this is simply another example of Obama’s fatal disconnect with America and her people, just more evidence that this man does not understand this country —  never has, never could.  All I have to do is look to my kids and, frankly, to every other American kid I have ever known.  If any of these kids had ever been offered a bite of dog, even at the tender age of 4 (and certainly any age beyond that), even if offered by an authority figure, a role model, I can say without hesitation that you would have heard their resounding and horrified “No!” from sea to shining sea.

So go ahead and make all the excuses you want for your president, mainstream media team.  They fall on the deaf ears of those of us who do know America, those who are America.  Just ask the kids of America.  They’ll tell you.  Too bad the man currently occupying the White House will never know what they know.


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