Update: A Shameless Obama Jokes About the Taste of Pitbull

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Two days ago, I commented here, in regard to Barack Obama’s experience eating dog meat as a child, that this illustrates perfectly this president’s lack of understanding of America and her people.

Well, last night at the White House Correspondents Dinner in D.C., a slobbering display where mainstream media lapdogs and Hollywood hacks assemble to bow en masse to their dear leader, Obama decided to fortify my take on the true significance of his culinary adventures in canine by peppering his stand-up comedy act with a joke about his familiarity with the taste of pitbull.

The fact that Obama chose to boast about this event in the first place was bad enough, but now to joke about it….he just does not get it.  Never has, never will.  And his audience of simpering minions, many of them Hollywood types who beg the masses for donations to animal-welfare organizations they supposedly support, they did the man’s bidding, laughing on cue, clapping on cue, anything to rescue their dear leader from the jaws of embarrassment.  Those minions have worked mightily for years to cover for him —  no matter the troubling nugget leaked from his mysterious past, no matter the gaffe uttered into a hot microphone  —  and they obeyed once more last night in lockstep obedience.  As for me?  I’m not laughing.  Never have.  Never will.

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    Conduct unbecoming…