Inconvenient Timing for Barack Obama’s “Surprise” Visit to Afghanistan

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As we know, Barack Obama is all about the show (think white-coated doctors in the Rose Garden and a memorial/pep-rally in Tucson), so there was no way he would pass up the chance on this first anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s death to make a “surprise” trip to Afghanistan to take credit for both Bin Laden’s demise and what he has called the end of the war on terror.  (How better, too, for Obama to deflect attention away from this May Day and the Occupy movement he has so publicly and unpopularly embraced?)

Indeed the president probably thought the timing perfect for such a dramatic commemoration of his only true success as president: giving the Navy Seals the go-ahead to take out Bin Laden.  But upon closer examination, it would appear the timing is proving rather inconvenient.  How inconvenient for Obama, for example, that Jose Rodgriguez, head of the post-9/11 enhanced interrogation of the vicious souls responsible for that terrible day, has chosen this same moment in time to broadcast how critical those enhanced techniques were for locating Bin Laden and for the ongoing safety of our nation.  With a fearlessness Obama can only imagine, Mr. Rodgriquez has made it clear that these techniques have been repeatedly denounced by this president and his followers, yet they have saved thousands of American lives in our post-9/11 world.  Mr. Rodgriguez has made clear who the true heroes of this story are, and a gloating, showboating president is not one of them.

How inconvenient for Obama, as well, to have his most recent desperate campaign tactic against Mitt Romney fly back in his face.  You know the one: his campaign ad starring himself and Bill Clinton, claiming that probable republican candidate Romney would not have given the order to take out Bin Laden.  And how inconvenient for the president that Governor Romney would so easily dismiss the charge as ridiculous, claiming that “even Jimmy Carter would have given that order.”

And finally, how inconvenient for Obama’s theatrics to be overshadowed by Navy Seals, retired and current, who have chosen this same moment in time to denounce the president’s opportunistic boasting of his own success in this mission, a mission, they remind us, that was carried out, not by Obama, but by their Seal brethren.  The Seals have gone on to suggest that perhaps the president is fudging a bit when detailing his role in the mission, knowing he can because those active in the armed forces are not allowed to speak out against their commander-in-chief.  But as retired Seal Sniper Chris Kyle has said, someday the truth will come out, as the truth always does, and it’s not likely to match what the president has told us for the past year from various podiums, various stages, both foreign and domestic.  When that truth does make its appearance, I have a feeling most of us will find it just as “surprising” as we found the president’s carefully orchestrated “surprise” visit to Afghanistan today.