Obama Wasn’t Looking All that Pleased to See His Name on History’s Largest Tax Hike

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I watched Obama’s response to the Supreme Court ruling this morning, and I have to say that, despite what I expected, the man wasn’t gloating.  As expected he offered a bland recap of the glories of the law that carries his name, pleased, he said, to see it declared Constitutional by “the highest court of the land” (first time he has ever valued the Constitution, of course).  And as expected he told the same tired and insipid story he always tells about some fictional victim who “played by the rules” but got screwed by America until he rode in to the rescue.  But through it all, he appeared a bit strained, a bit tight in the jaw.  The reason for this, I think, is that he really didn’t expect this cornerstone of his presidency actually to be called what it is: a “tax,” and a tax attributed to him and him alone.

Today’s ruling has set a dangerous precedence for our nation’s future, but so will it illustrate quite vividly to the left the old axiom: Be careful what you wish for.  I have a feeling this president and the many congresspeople who have done his bidding, who voted for him, who carried his water, took his bribes — especially those who now face tough races in their home districts — started to regret their wishes the moment Obamacare, the law upon which they staked their careers, explode into what within minutes was heralded as the largest middle-class tax hike in America’s history.

I realize that many of our elected officials have suffered some deficiencies in their understanding of American history, but most of us do understand, even if only on a rudimentary level, that our nation was founded on a hatred and defiance of taxes.  To see the jewel in this president’s crown be named a tax by “the highest court of the land” merely five months away from what already promised to be an earthshattering election, well, I think that’s why the pres’ jaw seemed a bit tight this morning.  And I have a feeling we will see it grow even moreso in the months to come, especially as the footage documenting his insistance that Obamacare is anything but a tax becomes part of the American lexicon.


  1. lonesfconsrv
    Posted June 28, 2012 at 6:25 pm | Permalink

    I totally agree. A big focus of today’s coverage was Obama’s dust-up with Stephanopolous where they almost got into an argument about whether Obamacare’s penalty’s were in reality a “tax”, to the point where George actually took out a dictionary to prove to Obama that it was, and he kind of just blew it off, saying he was “reaching”.

    I didn’t notice any such comments today by Obama where he said Judge Roberts was “reaching” by calling it a tax. Love the consistency.

  2. Betsy Siino
    Posted June 28, 2012 at 6:34 pm | Permalink

    And notice how Obama never used the “T” word in his rather tepid victory-lap speech. I think he recognizes already that today was his “read my lips” moment.

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