The Last Two Weeks Reveal a Democratic Campaign in Freefall

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I don’t ever remember such chaos and tumult in the run-up to a presidential election — and all, it seems, stemming from the democratic side (rooted, perhaps, in an incumbent president who is acting so un-presidential).  We are witnessing, I think, a meltdown of desperate proportions, and it’s getting impossible even to keep up simply with what has happened over the last two weeks.  For those who haven’t, here’s a rundown:

The president refuses to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but he scampers off to meet with David Letterman and those wacky gals on The View, knowing the leftist talk hosts will offer him all the warm fuzzies that a man of his temperament can handle, all a man of his temperament craves.

And speaking of The View appearance, the leader of the free world, the commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces, refers to himself as “eye candy” to the delight of the giggling “biddies” (as political humorist Greg Gutfeld calls the women of The View).  This comes after his wife quips that her husband had a few minutes free in his schedule for the appearance (yeah, we know).

And speaking of Obama’s wife, she applauds “our great grandparents” in a recent speech who “rode that underground railroad.”  Wow.  She must be much, much, much older than I thought if she speaks from personal experience about great grandparents that were alive and well during the 1860s (or even before).  Of course neither Obama has ever been lauded for knowledge and understanding of America’s history.

We find that despite Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s claims to the contrary, Mitt Romney has indeed been paying taxes, and quite heavily.  In addition, Governor Romney has donated more to charity than Obama and Biden combined — but then, most conservatives, indeed most Americans, have done the same.  Still waiting for Reid’s retraction.

A week-and-a-half ago four Americans were murdered in Libya by terrorists.  Hours after the attack, Obama finally makes a statement, claiming the murders were a natural reaction to a hurtful YouTube video and apologizes for said video.  Didn’t hear much from him about the escalating anti-American violence around the world until today, when he addressed the United Nations and again apologized and informed them most ardently that he is not to blame for the death of our ambassador to Libya.

Obama refers to the troubles in the Middle East over the past two weeks as “bumps in the road.”  Navy Seals who lost two of their brothers during that Libyan attack on September 11th inform the president in response that the Navy Seals are not “bumps in the road.”  Perhaps this president needs to be reminded that a slain ambassador is not a bump in the road either.

Apparently working off of shared talking points, both Obama and Iranian president Ahmadinejad dismiss Israel’s concern over Iran’s nuclear proliferation as “noise,” the latter further proclaiming the pending elimination of Israel, the former offering no opinion on the latter’s proclamation.

Obama’s mainstream media propoganda team heralds the biggest Obama campaign event yet: 19,000 people showed up!  Yay!  Never mind that the venue only holds 5,000.  Ooops!  Better check the numbers next time, mainstream media propoganda team, before you release your bogus stories.

Rumors fly that the Obama administration intends to release a third of Gitmo inmates (perhaps in hopes that they’ll vote for him), and that the “blind Sheikh” may be up for release, as well, all forgiven apparently for his spearheading the first (unsuccessful) attack on the World Trade Center.  Just wondering who thinks these actions will resonate with the American people.

And speaking of the word “resonate”….it has become a favorite of mine.  When I see what is transpiring in the Obama campaign, when I hear of how the president and his adminstration are handling (or not handling) the current world situation, when I hear the statements and comments eminating from Obama supporters from Hollywood and beyond, just gotta wonder how this all flies with the so-called “regular” Americans.  Do the messages coming out of this campaign resonate with you, all you feel-good Obama voters?  I just can’t believe it does.  And if it does, if it truly, genuinely does, well folks, our nation as we have known it, we are toast.

Our Heroes as Fodder for the Obama/Clinton PR Machine

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UPDATE 11:26 pm PST:  This just in….Hillary Clinton went off prompter and told reporters earlier today that “what happened in Benghazi was a terrorist attack,” adding that the four Americans were murdered by “terrorists.”  Those following this story know that the administration has mandated a “senseless violence caused by a video” story line.  Wonder if she cleared this latest comment with her boss.


After what seemed a lifetime of watching Hillary Clinton cover for her husband, trashing his conquests and squawking about that “vast right-wing conspiracy,” I have always wondered just how she can look at herself in the mirror at the end of the day.  And now, in the wake of the anti-American fury that has ignited in the Middle East and beyond under her watch, here she is again, covering for a man in the White House.

This time that man is Barack Obama.  He and his Hillary are two peas in a pod, their quest for a weak America having now led to where they are today, sharing the blame for the unstoppable chaos and violence spreading throughout Europe and the Middle East.  What ignites my own fury on this day, however, are the deaths of the Americans we have lost thanks to Obama’s and Clinton’s commitment to our nation’s weakness.  The blood of those Americans is on their hands, and I would hope that perhaps they are finding the tug of that blood just a little bit uncomfortable as it dries.

I myself am haunted by the faces of those men who died on that horrific day less than two weeks ago: a well-meaning ambassador sent out to play nice in a dangerous global hot spot, an information officer who served in the United States Air Force, and two former Navy Seals who lost their lives doing what came naturally to them.  We’re told the Seals were not assigned on the night of the initial attack to protect the ambassador, but they ran headlong in to the fire, because that is what Seals do.  Indeed that is what Americans do.  We see that same fortitude in the face of slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, another victim of dangerous, inept Obama policies that have taken from us men we owe for protecting us — despite an adminstration’s attempts to undermine their ability to carry out their duties safely and effectively.

What we see, then, are the faces of Americans placed in harm’s way by politicians who say and do whatever it takes to siphon off this nation’s power to inject it into their own coffers.  Watch as these politicians claim the troubles abroad are simply a justified reaction to an internet video.  We’re sorry, they cry, begging the mob to forgive them via TV commercial.  It’s their fault, they continue, fingering the hateful, foolish Americans they are sworn to represent in the nation that last most of us heard still boasted a God-given right to freedom of expression.

No, I’ll stick with our Seals, our veterans, and the people protecting our borders.  They are America.  And I will honor those we have lost and those who remain on the front lines.  May the blood forever stain the hands of those who stack the odds against them.

Discussing Truthful “Gaffes” at the Dinner Table

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Ronald Reagan once said, “All great change in America begins at the dinner table.”

Now, I have sat at plenty of dinner tables in my time, and plenty of these highlighted by passionate, often heated, multi-generational political discussions, so I understand full well President Reagan’s meaning.  I would also venture to guess that this trend has increased exponentially over the past four years or so, along with an increase in the decibel levels of those dinner conversations — the decibels rising even, as I have experienced, when everyone at the table agrees with each other.

This leads me, then, to wonder why such outrage over the newly released video of Mitt Romney’s comments last spring about 47 percent of people supposedly supporting Obama because they want the handouts?  Haven’t similar statements been made at dinner tables all across the country over these difficult “transformational” years of Obama’s reign?  Haven’t we who are concerned about the endurance of our great nation expressed repeatedly our concerns that we might fall victim to those who have exchanged America exceptionalism for government-issued TVs or cell phones?  I have certainly been involved in that dinner conversation in a variety of homes from east to west, and I  know mine were not isolated experiences.

So this video of Mitt stating the unforgivable goes viral, the left and the RINO establishment predictably pile on with their “how-dare-he!” caterwauling, and we are urged to run to daddy Obama for protection from the big, bad, mean republican who would snatch food from the mouth of a hungry child and just say NO! to an injured warrior returning from Iraq.  Never mind that two minutes of the video in question were apparently edited out, so who knows what Mitt really said and in what context, but it doesn’t matter.  He didn’t say anything that millions of Americans have not been saying themselves, at their own dinner tables, for years now.

Of course “you-didn’t-build-that” Obama has also certainly been gist for those tables himself, most recently thanks to his dismissal of the national debt as nothing to worry about; his choosing to hobnob with slobbering show-biz types rather than address (or even show concern over) the deaths by terrorists of Americans abroad; and his own recently released 1998 speech, where a then-senator Obama stated that government knows best and that we must “pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution because I actually believe in redistribution.”  He doubled down on his allegiance to socialistic practice during his 2008 presidential bid, when he told the regular guy on the street who would become “Joe the Plumber” that “we need to spread the wealth around.”

And what of Obama’s comments in San Francisco back in 2008 when he evoked and chastised those “bitter” Americans who cling to their guns and their religion.  Well, as a proud bitter clinger myself, I would like to thank this president for providing such a rich supply of material for my own dinner conversations over the past few years — material that I am confident will lead to the “great change” to which President Reagan referred –you know, that great change of January 2013.

Feeling a Romney/Ryan Landslide in My Bones

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I flew this last weekend to western New York — airport security checkpoints, as many here know, often inciting my inner Patrick Henry.   I got through the gauntlet without personal incident, but not without witnessing a tall, attractive would-be supermodel receive an apparently necessary pat-down after the naked picture, and, my favorite, a tiny guy asking his dad why he had to take off his shoes.  “Because they don’t trust us,” said dad with a wink my way.  (And to my fellow true believer on my Phoenix legs, if you read this, I hope you made it back — so sorry I missed you — and remember to track down the footage of Clint and the empty chair.)

I spent these few days in blue New York for a gathering of smart, successful entrepreneurs I have known and loved for years.  Sharing deep concerns for the future of our country, they grilled me on just why I am expecting a Romney/Ryan landslide come November.  The best answer I could muster was simply that I still believe in the heart and soul of this country and I still believe in the American people, even if only half pay taxes and the half that doesn’t, the media tells us, is happy to collect an ever-increasing ration of government goodies.  Anesthetize the masses with bread and circuses, as the ancient Romans taught us, and they never notice the shackles.  But while I still believe the majority of us, the sleeping giant if you will, aspires to more than the bread, the circus, so do I also believe that we have reached the tipping point.

When asked about my gut “landslide” feeling this last weekend, somewhat less than eloquently I pointed to the almost hourly polls that flood us of late,  the pollsters behind them trying so desperately to suppress conservative turn-out by skewing their samples to favor the dems.  Skew away, I say, as I am confident those results fail to reflect the reality we will find come election day.  Clearly many people tend to answer polls one way and vote another, evident most recently in Wisconsin, New Jersey, New York City, North Carolina, the 2010 bloodbath, and even a couple of races in California.  Still, the polls can demoralize, even when pollsters confess to using the 2008 sampling blueprint, despite drastic changes since those rah-rah days in voter enthusiasm; the economy; the electorate; the world stage; and the realities, transformations, scandals and coverups of the Obama administration.  Remember, the man could not fill a football stadium for his DNC acceptance speech two weeks ago, and we have millions of unemployed people — newly minted college grads among them —  who want to be working, not kept.

Now back home on my opposite, equally blue coast, I continue to ponder my optimism.  I am reminded of a discussion that took place shortly after 9/11, when members of a panel that included the late, outspoken writer Christopher Hitchens, were asked, “Will we win the war on terror?”  As his fellow panelists yammered on about 9/11  —  America’s fault…why they hate us…arrogant Americans…need to understand…blah, blah, blah  —  the inimitable Mr. Hitchens squirmed and snorted in his chair like a bull on a chain.  When finally he could take no more, he broke the links of said chain and crushed the panel with, and I paraphrase here, “Of course we will win the war on terror.  The alternative is to succumb to a group of people who would take the entire world back to the 7th century, and that is not going to happen.  But how many lives will be lost and how much blood will be shed along the way, that we can’t know.”

I find comfort in the message of inevitability in Mr. Hitchens’ words (if not the bloodshed), and I find comfort applying it to the most important presidential election of our, and almost any, time in America.  I simply cannot fathom the alternative to a Romney/Ryan victory.  We must win this thing and we must do so with a landslide to nullify the fraud we know will come.  There is no other option.  While we might subscribe to the inevitability of a world safe from being dragged back to the 7th century, we cannot assume the same will hold true for the preservation of our country and our liberties.  Only a short time will tell if America’s sleeping giant will be strong enough to prevent our great and exceptional nation from being dragged into the jaws of tyrants who so recently and proudly declared, “government is the only thing that we all belong to.”  Here’s to the belief that the tyrants’ muscular opponent, that sleeping giant, is far larger, far more powerful, than we think — and, better yet, than they think.


An Administration Mistreating Americans in Uniform and Diplomatic Service

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Once again, the timing was almost poetic.  There I was fuming last week over the veiled threats being directed toward the author, a Navy Seal, of the new book on the death of Osama bin Laden, No Easy Day.  Defense secretary Leon Panetta (still can’t stomach coupling that name with that title) subsequently made the rounds, whining that though this book divulges nothing that had not already been released/leaked previously by an administration claiming exclusive dibs on the story for its own re-election purposes, such insubordination simply cannot be tolerated.  We may just have no choice, whimpered Panetta.  We may just have to prosecute this Seal, American hero or not, who actually participated in the pulling of the trigger and made Obama’s fondest election dream come true.  So once again the Obama gang promotes a policy — the prosecution of a Navy Seal who took out bin Laden — they assume will naturally resonate with the American people.

Days later we find a second chain of events fueled by yet another policy point this administration assumed would resonate with the rabble.  The 11th anniversary of 9/11….what better time to reach out and disavow those hateful Americans who would dare to “hurt the feelings” of followers of Islam?  And we’ll prove our commitment to this policy, claimed the state department (via both press release and social network), by leaving our embassies in one of the most dangerous regions of the world under-protected or, even better, unprotected altogether.  See, we trust you guys, they pled.  We will even make you responsible for protecting our embassies and our diplomats.  You can like us now!

And so this adminstration overtly invited the anti-American violence that has since errupted and escalated in said dangerous region and beyond for days now, resulting so sadly in senseless American casualties.  We watch daily now as our flag is burned and desecrated throughout the world, we hear daily of the Israel/Iran fuse growing shorter and shorter, and we witness daily a president who could not be farther in over his head as he, a latter-day Nero, grins and struts and campaigns while his nation and its global outposts burn.  And that illustrious president’s adminstration continues to lay the blame on an internet video and coincidence, denying premeditation, coordination or any notion that this could possibly be the result of its own pathetic, weak and wobbly policies.  Once again, under the Obama administration, Americans die, and the resulting cover-ups fly at a dizzying pace.

The day after the brutal death of the four Americans in Libya — September 12, by “coincidence,” — the mother of ambassador Chris Stevens stated that at least her son died doing something he loved.  Hmm.  My response would have been quite different.  Her son should never have been doing that work he loved without proper American fire power protecting him, his staff, and yes, the lives of those doing the protecting, as well.  Details trickling out of the war zone have  stunned us Americans who believe in peace through strength, Americans who condemn appeasement in all forms, Americans who want our forces armed to the teeth, especially when guarding with their lives the highest-risk corners of the globe.  By the same token, we the people do not care to see members of our armed forces prosecuted for risking their lives to protect us either.  Got that, Mr. Panetta?  Four years in, and this adminstration once again reveals to us who they really are, and I do not happen to believe that theirs is a message that resonates.  I guess we’ll know in a couple of weeks.


Thank You, Governor Romney, for Refusing to Bow

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Yesterday, as many of us commemorated the events of September 11th, a day that lives in infamy, an act of war was perpetrated against our nation when our diplomatic enclaves in Egypt and Libya were attacked, leaving four Americans dead.  The president and his secretary of state subsequently referred to these attacks as acts of “senseless violence,” but we the people know better.

And Mitt Romney knows better, too.  It was downright embarrassing to listen to the Obama mainstream media propoganda team struggle so stridently this morning to protect their president from his own incompetence and dangerous policies.  You see, Governor Romney, the republican nominee for the office of President of the United States, dared to step out and condemn the attacks and the current administration’s attempt pre-emptively to appease those who wish to hurt us.  The gist: that it is inappropriate for an administration to apologize for America and her people — in other words, to bow — to people who would destroy what is American territory, desecrate our flag and murder our people.  Desperate in their compulsion to protect the president who heads this administration, the media lapdogs came out in collective force (joined later by the trusty republican establishment) to discredit Governor Romney, squealing that these events are none of his business, painting him as a political opportunist.  And all because he, unlike their fearless leader, refused to bow.

I, on the other hand, hope and believe I speak for many when I say thank you, Mr. Romney, for your words and for your steely spine.  And thanks to those Americans who yesterday perished senselessly as casualties of acts of war against America.  As many have noted today, American diplomats who accept posts in the most dangerous corners of the world are every bit in danger as those in our military who man the front lines.  If apologies are in order, I’d say it would be from this adminstration and its state department, which failed to acknowledge evil and place our outposts throughout the world on high alert —  on September 11th and every other day of the year.

Honor the Heroes of 9/11 and Get Our Nation Back on Track

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I’ve been away from here for a while.  But there is no better day to return than today, the 11th anniversary of that September morning that so suddenly, so violently, changed our America.  I listened today to various radio talk stations that replayed their original broadcasts from that terrible morning.  Their shock, their attempts not to waver, their utter disbelief.  And their words whisked me, and I am sure so many others, back to that terrible morning with them, when, despite our valiant efforts to deny what we were seeing, we knew we would be forever changed.  I just never would have imagined the nature of that change.

We all seemed so cohesive that morning, and the mornings that followed, sharing our grief and our identity as Americans, united in the wake of an attack that none of us could have imagined when we rose that morning to greet the day.  Eleven years have passed, and now I — and I believe so many of my fellow Americans — find ourselves saddled, for some unfathomable reason, with a president who refuses to use the word “terrorist.”  A president who, as the leader of his party, tries to terrify Americans into voting for him by claiming Americans on the right are hellbent on revoking birth control and the right to vote from American women. A president who, failing to notice a hot mike, promised Russia that once he gets re-elected he can be more “flexible” in his negotiations with other, often hostile, nations.  A president who refuses to meet with the leader of Israel in favor of an appearance on Letterman’s late-night talk show.  A president with no business experience whatsoever — even experience working a cash register at a local fast-food joint.   A president who uses our military as backdrops for photo-ops and whose administration has been riddled with scandalous cover-ups, as well as national-security leaks designed to fuel his re-election.  A president who, as a state senator, voted repeatedly to deny medical care to a baby who happens to survive an abortion.  A president who admits he spent a good deal of his formative high-school years in a drug-induced fog (gotta wonder, then, how he got into all those high-falutin’ schools on his “resume”).  A president who has repeatedly bowed to world leaders and apologized for America….I’m sorry, this list is simply far too lengthy to include here in its entirety, but we all get the drill.

It’s just downright shocking and unbelievable that, given the events of that September morning 11 years ago, we find ourselves in this particular American universe today.  My hopes for change on this September 11th, with the election less than 60 days away, is that we the people will fix all this on November 6th.  That we will right the mis-calculations of the years that followed the shock of 9/11 and get our nation back on the path it is meant to follow.  The path that has been its destiny since our founders risked their lives and the lives of their families by committing the ultimate act of treason, dedicating themselves not to tyranny, but to independence and liberty, creating the most miraculous nation the world has ever known.  Let’s roll.