Thank You, Governor Romney, for Refusing to Bow

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Yesterday, as many of us commemorated the events of September 11th, a day that lives in infamy, an act of war was perpetrated against our nation when our diplomatic enclaves in Egypt and Libya were attacked, leaving four Americans dead.  The president and his secretary of state subsequently referred to these attacks as acts of “senseless violence,” but we the people know better.

And Mitt Romney knows better, too.  It was downright embarrassing to listen to the Obama mainstream media propoganda team struggle so stridently this morning to protect their president from his own incompetence and dangerous policies.  You see, Governor Romney, the republican nominee for the office of President of the United States, dared to step out and condemn the attacks and the current administration’s attempt pre-emptively to appease those who wish to hurt us.  The gist: that it is inappropriate for an administration to apologize for America and her people — in other words, to bow — to people who would destroy what is American territory, desecrate our flag and murder our people.  Desperate in their compulsion to protect the president who heads this administration, the media lapdogs came out in collective force (joined later by the trusty republican establishment) to discredit Governor Romney, squealing that these events are none of his business, painting him as a political opportunist.  And all because he, unlike their fearless leader, refused to bow.

I, on the other hand, hope and believe I speak for many when I say thank you, Mr. Romney, for your words and for your steely spine.  And thanks to those Americans who yesterday perished senselessly as casualties of acts of war against America.  As many have noted today, American diplomats who accept posts in the most dangerous corners of the world are every bit in danger as those in our military who man the front lines.  If apologies are in order, I’d say it would be from this adminstration and its state department, which failed to acknowledge evil and place our outposts throughout the world on high alert —  on September 11th and every other day of the year.

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