Feeling a Romney/Ryan Landslide in My Bones

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I flew this last weekend to western New York — airport security checkpoints, as many here know, often inciting my inner Patrick Henry.   I got through the gauntlet without personal incident, but not without witnessing a tall, attractive would-be supermodel receive an apparently necessary pat-down after the naked picture, and, my favorite, a tiny guy asking his dad why he had to take off his shoes.  “Because they don’t trust us,” said dad with a wink my way.  (And to my fellow true believer on my Phoenix legs, if you read this, I hope you made it back — so sorry I missed you — and remember to track down the footage of Clint and the empty chair.)

I spent these few days in blue New York for a gathering of smart, successful entrepreneurs I have known and loved for years.  Sharing deep concerns for the future of our country, they grilled me on just why I am expecting a Romney/Ryan landslide come November.  The best answer I could muster was simply that I still believe in the heart and soul of this country and I still believe in the American people, even if only half pay taxes and the half that doesn’t, the media tells us, is happy to collect an ever-increasing ration of government goodies.  Anesthetize the masses with bread and circuses, as the ancient Romans taught us, and they never notice the shackles.  But while I still believe the majority of us, the sleeping giant if you will, aspires to more than the bread, the circus, so do I also believe that we have reached the tipping point.

When asked about my gut “landslide” feeling this last weekend, somewhat less than eloquently I pointed to the almost hourly polls that flood us of late,  the pollsters behind them trying so desperately to suppress conservative turn-out by skewing their samples to favor the dems.  Skew away, I say, as I am confident those results fail to reflect the reality we will find come election day.  Clearly many people tend to answer polls one way and vote another, evident most recently in Wisconsin, New Jersey, New York City, North Carolina, the 2010 bloodbath, and even a couple of races in California.  Still, the polls can demoralize, even when pollsters confess to using the 2008 sampling blueprint, despite drastic changes since those rah-rah days in voter enthusiasm; the economy; the electorate; the world stage; and the realities, transformations, scandals and coverups of the Obama administration.  Remember, the man could not fill a football stadium for his DNC acceptance speech two weeks ago, and we have millions of unemployed people — newly minted college grads among them —  who want to be working, not kept.

Now back home on my opposite, equally blue coast, I continue to ponder my optimism.  I am reminded of a discussion that took place shortly after 9/11, when members of a panel that included the late, outspoken writer Christopher Hitchens, were asked, “Will we win the war on terror?”  As his fellow panelists yammered on about 9/11  —  America’s fault…why they hate us…arrogant Americans…need to understand…blah, blah, blah  —  the inimitable Mr. Hitchens squirmed and snorted in his chair like a bull on a chain.  When finally he could take no more, he broke the links of said chain and crushed the panel with, and I paraphrase here, “Of course we will win the war on terror.  The alternative is to succumb to a group of people who would take the entire world back to the 7th century, and that is not going to happen.  But how many lives will be lost and how much blood will be shed along the way, that we can’t know.”

I find comfort in the message of inevitability in Mr. Hitchens’ words (if not the bloodshed), and I find comfort applying it to the most important presidential election of our, and almost any, time in America.  I simply cannot fathom the alternative to a Romney/Ryan victory.  We must win this thing and we must do so with a landslide to nullify the fraud we know will come.  There is no other option.  While we might subscribe to the inevitability of a world safe from being dragged back to the 7th century, we cannot assume the same will hold true for the preservation of our country and our liberties.  Only a short time will tell if America’s sleeping giant will be strong enough to prevent our great and exceptional nation from being dragged into the jaws of tyrants who so recently and proudly declared, “government is the only thing that we all belong to.”  Here’s to the belief that the tyrants’ muscular opponent, that sleeping giant, is far larger, far more powerful, than we think — and, better yet, than they think.


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    Thank you from a tiger to a bear. I feel the same way you do and it is so hard to explain it to people. I don’t know what we can do if this president gets re-elected but I do know we will all be in big trouble.

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