The Mainstream Lapdogs Have Probably Already Written Their Stories About the First Debate on Wednesday

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The first presidential debate is two days away and  is dominating the headlines, the talking heads blabbering incessantly about who will win, how will the debate compare to past performances, what will be asked, what will the candidates wear, blah, blah, blah.

I, however, am wondering just why all the the conjecture?  Odds are those set to report on Wednesday’s event already have their stories written, in the can, set to print, the TV people perhaps having already even taped their reports.  We all know what to expect, don’t we?  Headline:  “Obama wins first debate by a landslide!  The election is over.”  Of course he does.  And of course it is.  But that will be only the beginning.  The stories will tell of a man, a president, who offers up a debate performance unmatched by any ever recorded, his oratory skills exceeding those of the likes of Clarence Darrow, Socrates, Aristotle…again, any human in any age of history.

And the questions?  Why wonder about those either?   Simply look to the past when Obama was asked, “What enchants you?”  Since that has already been answered, I would imagine we can expect from yet another of one of the interchangeable slobbering “moderators” the following”:  “President Obama, you have been a gift to this nation like no other.  On this day, I then am most humbled, most honored, most privileged to ask you, what is your favorite color?”

And for Governor Romney:  “So why did you kill that guy’s wife?”

A word of caution to those reporting on this show, just be careful not to release their stories before 8:55 pm, EST, Wednesday.  Or, better yet, go ahead.  Release them today.  We won’t mind.


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