Even the Media Has to Admit that Mitt Romney Won Tonight

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I’ve never been happier being wrong.  Two days ago I predicted the mainstream media had already christened Obama the winner of the first presidential debate.  But tonight even the most ardent Obama minions, from the pundits to the media, had no choice but to proclaim Mitt Romney the victor.

I personally believed that Governor Romney would do a good job.  He is a successful businessman with a mind for facts and figures, but he did better than I ever dreamed.  He looked confident, he looked comfortable, he looked competent, and, unlike his opponent, he looked presidential.  He presented his ideas and positions clearly and with the facts and numbers to back them up.  Obama, on the other hand, having to debate a successful businessman for the first time in his life, looked nervous, dispassionate, arrogant and cold, wallowing around in his typical platitudes, vague anecdotes and superficial generalities (for example, implying that jobs are created by hiring 100,000 teachers), looking down whenever his opponent was speaking.  Worse yet, he often appeared not even to understand what Governor Romney was talking about, especially when the Governor was using business terminology.  Indeed on the heels of a particularly clear and concise statement from Governor Romney about taxes and the nuts and bolts of operating a small business, a bewildered Obama asked moderator Jim Lehrer if he would like to move on to another topic.

Obama, of course, offered plenty of fuel to the proposed drinking game where contestants were to take a shot with every lie.  I wasn’t playing that game, but I loved it when Governor Romney, commenting on Obama’s energy investments (wind, power, the legendary Solyndra): “You only pick losers.”  Or when Governor Romney noted that as a man with five sons, he is well-acquainted with someone repeating the same falsehood over and over again in the hopes that eventually everyone will deem the falsehood true.  Or how about Obama stating that the president’s job is to protect the American people, apparently hoping America is ignoring what has happened to our diplomats and border patrol agents over the past few months.  Or the Governor telling Obama with a smile that “you are entitled to your own airplane and your own house but not your own facts.”  Or Governor Romney telling Obama that the 90 billion dollars he has funneled to his green energy donors could have paid for 2 million teachers.   Or when Obama said that businesses receive tax breaks for sending jobs overseas, and Governor Romney stated, “I’ve been in business for 25 years. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Suffice it to say, Governor Romney nailed it.  And Obama….well, in the words of one of the president’s most ardent supporters, “This was a disaster.”  Yes, it was.  And I’m thinking there is hope for America after all.


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