7.8 Percent: Believe That, and We Deserve to Be a Banana Republic

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This just in: Despite the fact that the number of U.S. jobs has risen only by about 1,000 since the 8.1 percent unemployment number was released a month ago; despite the fact that far too many of the “new jobs” being celebrated are part-time, non-career jobs; despite the fact that millions among us are severely underemployed or have given up the search altogether; despite the fact that manufacturing is down and people are hurting more than ever with crushing gas and food prices — despite all of this, well, what do you know, the unemployment rate has plummeted to 7.8 percent!  Yes, that’s right!  Seven point eight percent!  Below eight.  Got that?  Below eight!  Bring on the ticker-tapes and the champagne.  Happy days are here again!

And miracle of miracle, this announcement is made a mere two days after the president’s historically disastrous performance in his first presidential debate with Mitt Romney.  And, almost as if it were scripted, it occurs exactly as conservative pundits have predicted for months, those pundits having told us in no uncertain terms, almost as an act of collective clairvoyance, that America’s unemployment rate will suddenly fall below 8 percent just a few short weeks prior to election day 2012!  As we might all also have predicted, a jubilant president took the news — the glorious coincidence — and ran with it yesterday, proclaiming “hallelujah” to all the land, shouting above the din of his hand-picked campaign-event audiences that, “You can’t possibly push me out now, or all hope and change will be lost!”

And again Obama takes the American people for a population of fools.  Again he insults our intelligence and assumes that once again we can’t see through the cellophane that seals every phony, choreographed, photo-op ploy he throws at us.  We know his rabid followers, both in his carefully chosen audiences and in the media (who sounded like a chorus of giggling schoolgirls yesterday) will never sway from the light of their dear leader and his games, and, frankly, they’ll vote for him even if the unemployment number released is the more probable 11 to 16 percent.  I still maintain, however, that the vast majority of us see through this dangerous nonsense, distrust any number released from this administration, and will make known our skepticism and our love for our country as it was founded on November 6th.  If I’m wrong, if the majority of us do believe that that manufactured 7.8 is just as genuine as the manufactured republican war on women, then we deserve the third-world banana republic this president and his people are creating for us.

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