About this Blog

Though this blog did not officially launch until July of 2009 (under the name StilltheUSA.com), its genesis was years in the making, the natural offshoot of events in America that have gradually gutted the spirit of this great nation:

  • Political and media disregard for the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.
  • Reporters and politicians equating the atrocities committed against our American prisoners of war in World War II and Vietnam to the so-called “torture” inflicted upon enemy combatants housed at Guantanamo Bay.
  • Elected officials and journalists referring to the men of our armed forces as rapists and murderers and ridiculing the commanders of those forces.
  • So-called journalists shamelessly describing candidate-inspired leg tingles and describing a certain president as a god.
  • Captains of American industry whimpering apologies to smug Congressional representatives – then handing their industries over to government ownership without a word of protest.
  • An American President apologizing for his country, bowing to other world leaders, forsaking the U.S. military, stacking his administration with radical “czars,” and currying affection from the world’s most dangerous dictators.
  • Politicians, the media and Hollywood types hurling insults at Americans who are simply concerned about the well-being of their families and the sanctity of their nation.

The list grows daily….as does my rage at people among us who regard our Constitution as a “flawed document,” powerful people who disregard the sacrifices of the men who committed treason more than two centuries ago by signing their names to the declaration of our nation’s independence. Abandon those sacrifices, those documents, abandon the memory of those men and their families and what they risked for us and our liberty, and we abandon the soul of America.

But as a mom inspired by the spirit of the great and powerful mother Grizzly Bear, the most dangerous creature on this planet, I take solace in my belief that others who share mom Grizzly’s ferocious loyalties won’t abandon our founders or the country they built. We can’t. We haven’t. And we won’t. American exceptionalism, generosity, and courage course through the veins of Americans still, and we honor the everyday heroes and patriots who made – and continue to make — this country what she is and always will be.

This blog, then, was born of my disgust with what is being done to my country, to my Constitution, to my family and yours, to my liberty and yours, in the politically-correct name of hope and change. Yet I remain convinced that despite what we hear from the elite enclaves of the Beltway, the Northeast and Hollywood – and from a media that has forsaken all allegiance to objectivity — the true, traditional America, founded on a courageous act of treason on a hot day in July of 1776, remains alive and well. This America is the inspiration behind this blog, which, through the prism of our nation’s history, politics, culture, family life, art and tradition, explores all that challenges America, and all that keeps her shining as what Ronald Reagan called the “last best hope of man on earth.”

This is the hope embodied by we the people, we the Grizzly moms, Grizzly dads and Grizzly kids of America: the hope defined clearly within our founding documents and shining as a beacon to people throughout the world. Inspired by our founders, men who, in the words of the imitable Dennis Miller, “were lopping peoples’ heads off for taxing a breakfast beverage,” we the people still believe in the sanctity of our Constitution, and in our nation’s ability to meet any challenge thrown her way with ingenuity, courage and passion.

We as Americans embody, as well, the heart of mom Grizzly, who in her fierce will places the protection of her home and family above all else. We are blessed with our right to pursue our individual happiness, to protect our homes and families, and to speak our minds without fear, and we cherish the men and women of all colors and faiths who have shed their blood to make that so. So christened, we stand against anyone who would seek to undermine the safety and security of our children, our homes and our country. Threaten who and what we love, and…well, in the spirit of mom Grizzly…you best take your efforts somewhere else.

About Me

My name is Betsy Siino, wife, mom, and westerner born, bred and raised, residing in the hopelessly blue, tax-happy golden state that I love — a state I pray (similarly hopelessly) will someday see the error of its ways.  I am proud to say I have encountered mom Grizzly personally during time spent in Alaska, Canada and similarly wild regions of the American West, and have thus been properly initiated into the awe of her presence.

I am also an author, who, for more than 20 years, has written and edited dozens of books and hundreds of articles (magazine, newspaper, internet) with an emphasis on wildlife, dogs, horses, predators of all sizes, behavior of all species, and the protection of children and animals from abuse. I have come to understand that whether wolf, human, German Shepherd or Grizzly Bear, we all seek a niche in herd and home. We all crave family, we all crave safety and prosperity for our children, and we all crave liberty to live and breathe as we wish, our God-given inalienable rights intact. These connections have formed the cornerstones of what I believe and what I write, and I relish this opportunity to celebrate country, family, freedom and truth — the cornerstones at the foundation of our America.

I thank you for taking the journey with me.