Boehner and Obama 24/7 and No More Talk of Jobs

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Amazing, isn’t it?  For the last two years or so, after a decisive republican victory in 2010 that placed the House or Representatives back in the hands of the republicans, speaker of the house John Boehner vanished, emerging only, it seemed, to laugh and delight on the golf course with Barack Obama, the man christened, since his re-election, as the left’s “lord and savior.”  But now, since the presidential election on November 6, 2012, we seen Boehner’s face every day, all the time, 24/7, essentially promising the left “compromise” in giving those across the aisle all they demand.  He and far too many of the House republicans he “leads” (yes, you, Paul Ryan) apparently missed the fact that the republicans once again claimed the house on November 6th.

That leaves us, the bruised and battered “we the people,” witnessing a shredding of our Constitutional rights as never before (particularly of the Second Amendment, now so gleefully targeted by the left in the wake of the terrible Sandy Hook massacre), an arrogance and hostility in a president we always knew would emerge as soon as re-election was no longer a concern, and an unbridled destruction of our nation’s economy and our childrens’ futures.

But what amazes me most of all is that while we now see and hear Boehner and Obama almost daily, we have not heard the “J-word” since November 6th.  You remember: “Jobs.”  Pre-November-6th, we heard about jobs every minute of every day, 24/7.  And for good reason.  But since that fateful day, I haven’t heard a single politician mention the need for jobs — the key to increasing what the left now fondly refers to as “revenue” (also known as taxes).  Yet millions of Americans remain unemployed or underemployed.  Indeed nothing has changed since November 6th, but, just as John Boehner vanished after election day 2010, the need for American jobs — that formerly important “J-word” — has vanished, as well.  I am confident, however, that it remains front and center to those American households suffering the consequences of both this adminstration’s attack on capitalism, and the current post-election abandonment of the legendary American work ethic.  How easily we are used.  And how soon we forget.


In the Spirit of Arrested Development, Hoping They Realize They’ve Made a Huge Mistake

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Tough day yesterday was.  And as the day of infamy finally came to a merciful end, I found myself thinking of the now-defunct cult TV sitcom Arrested Development.

Familiar to those of us enamored of this show is the inevitable moment when a member of the close, though dysfunctional, Bluth family stumbling through life in Orange County, California, will suddenly stop and proclaim, “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

So last night as those congessional heads hit their pillows in their pricey Georgetown townhouses, and even as a president awaited the Sandman in the family wing of the White House, I imagined them, in sleepless haze, uttering quietly to themselves, “I’ve made a huge mistake.”  May I now join the voices proclaiming that yes, the president and every democratic congressperson who cast a “yes” vote for Obamacare cast a “yes” vote for a bill that is now officially the heart of the largest, the most punishing tax increase in America’s history.   So yes, every one of them did indeed make a huge mistake — and with their eyes wide open.  You own this, dems, all of you, and you will soon be reminded quite clearly that this nation was founded on a hatred of taxes, and that, my dears, has not changed.

Obama Wasn’t Looking All that Pleased to See His Name on History’s Largest Tax Hike

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I watched Obama’s response to the Supreme Court ruling this morning, and I have to say that, despite what I expected, the man wasn’t gloating.  As expected he offered a bland recap of the glories of the law that carries his name, pleased, he said, to see it declared Constitutional by “the highest court of the land” (first time he has ever valued the Constitution, of course).  And as expected he told the same tired and insipid story he always tells about some fictional victim who “played by the rules” but got screwed by America until he rode in to the rescue.  But through it all, he appeared a bit strained, a bit tight in the jaw.  The reason for this, I think, is that he really didn’t expect this cornerstone of his presidency actually to be called what it is: a “tax,” and a tax attributed to him and him alone.

Today’s ruling has set a dangerous precedence for our nation’s future, but so will it illustrate quite vividly to the left the old axiom: Be careful what you wish for.  I have a feeling this president and the many congresspeople who have done his bidding, who voted for him, who carried his water, took his bribes — especially those who now face tough races in their home districts — started to regret their wishes the moment Obamacare, the law upon which they staked their careers, explode into what within minutes was heralded as the largest middle-class tax hike in America’s history.

I realize that many of our elected officials have suffered some deficiencies in their understanding of American history, but most of us do understand, even if only on a rudimentary level, that our nation was founded on a hatred and defiance of taxes.  To see the jewel in this president’s crown be named a tax by “the highest court of the land” merely five months away from what already promised to be an earthshattering election, well, I think that’s why the pres’ jaw seemed a bit tight this morning.  And I have a feeling we will see it grow even moreso in the months to come, especially as the footage documenting his insistance that Obamacare is anything but a tax becomes part of the American lexicon.

As Expected, Marco Rubio States the Case Against the Ruling Perfectly

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An hour after the Supreme Court ruling that declared the Obamacare mandate a tax, with all the penalties therein, Marco Rubio stated it perfectly:

“What’s interesting is that a victory for Obama means a middle-class tax increase.”

And those who oppose Obamacare, and by extension an increase in our taxes, are already calling it the Obamacare tax.

The Supreme Court Ruling Declares Obama Responsible for the Highest Tax Hike in US History

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Less than an hour ago, the Supreme Court announced as part of its ruling on Obamacare, that the mandate at its heart is a tax.  If you recall, Obama and his congressional minions insisted when shoving this law down our throats that it was not a tax, which, of course, would have made it even more unpopular at the time than it already was.  The Supremes have ruled this morning that Congress cannot compel Americans to make purchases as part of the Commerce Clause; therefore, the funds at the heart of the mandate are taxes.  So look out, America, massive tax increases, with Obama’s blessing and the blessing of every congressional representative who voted for Obamacare, are coming your way.

I personally was crushed when I heard that the mandate was being upheld, but in the subsequent minutes the knee I felt in my back has gradually reduced its pressure.  In a few hours Obama will stand before us crowing about his victory, but I have a feeling his congressinoal minions who stood beside him in pushing this law through, will be sensing something quite different in the days to come.  As many on the right are saying, the sleeping giant has awakened once more, and this time, I sense, far more ferociously than he did when this very unpopular law was originally floated.   In a sense, then, the Supreme Court has handed every conservative candidate running for office this November (hope you’re paying attention, Mr. Romney) a gift, the perfect weapon with which to combat a president and hundreds of congresspeople who have engineered an historic increase in American taxes.  As politicians well know, the “T” word is, and has always been, a dirty word to the American people, and those on the left who have insisted the Tea Party is dead and gone are about to be in for a very rude awakening.

The path to liberty has never been a smooth one, and today’s ruling is simply another obstacle littering that path.  We who love this country must find the silver lining, and I don’t think we have to look far.  As the economy continues in free fall in the wake of this current ruling, democratic candidates facing an election only five months from now, including the current president, must convince voters that they are right in raising our taxes to astronomical levels that destroy families and businesses.  So go ahead and gloat today, Mr. president, but I have a feeling you and yours won’t be so ebullient on the morning of November 7th.

A Predictably Pandering State of the Union from Barack Obama

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The democrats in Congress certainly got a workout tonight.  It would seem their seats were wired to zap them with electric shocks whenever Barack Obama, in tonight’s State of the Campaign Address, offered an applause line he deemed worthy of a standing ovation.  For those dems in attendance, from former first lady Hillary to Warren Buffet’s secretary to Nancy “giant gavel” Pelosi to carefully selected military folk to, sadly, recuperating congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, this meant leaping up every two phrases or so.  Perhaps that was the intent: Distract Americans who might be watching so they won’t pay attention to what the president is saying – and more, importantly, what he’s not.  More likely, he was just trying to show Newt that “see, I can get standing ovations, too.”

But let’s look into the true meaning of those standing Os, shall we?  Painfully apparent almost from the get-go was the fact that we were witnessing democrats in panic.   As their leader presented even more taxpayer-funded bribes to an already crippling list, and blatantly avoided the many failures and unpopular policies of his administration, the dems felt the need to convince onlookers that their guy has the right stuff – and yes, that he can get standing ovations, too!  And there among them, almost repeatedly trampled, was John McCain, flanked, by choice, on all sides by democrats, reminding us once more that in 2008 we voters were essentially offered a choice between two democrats: one moderate, the other the most radical leftwing democrat ever to win the party’s nomination, let alone the election.

Pathetic was that party’s behavior tonight, as well as that of Obama, who once again displayed for all the world his complete disconnect with the American people and the way this country operates.  He tried to cover for this, apparently with the help of the Government Motors advertising team, reading from his prompter pithy ad-copy platitudes “an economy built to last,” “an America built to last” – mimicking, it would seem, what we’ll hear during commercial breaks when the Giants face the Patriots in Indianapolis on February 5th.

I won’t bother summarizing what Obama covered in his campaign speech tonight.  We’ve heard it all before: the meaningless catchphrases, the pandering promises, the glaring omissions, several play-by-play narratives of how he took out Osama bin Laden – though I did find disconcerting his intent to transform the United States Defense Department into a green-energy mill.  The upshot of it all is that he intends to continue to disregard the constraints of the U.S. Constitution and do whatever he wants to do, because, you see, he knows what’s best for us in all aspects of our American life.  Still not sure where he gained such expertise in all aspects of American life, but how dare I ask.  Instead I’ll just hope for change come November – and hope that this is the last Obama State of the Union we will ever have to see.

Let the Spin Begin

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What a difference a day makes. One day, leftwingers who for almost a decade vilified George W., his “fictitious” war on terror, and his methods and policies are rejoicing that the spiritual leader at the root of that “fictitious” war is dead. America, they assume, will ignore that those vilified Bush-era methods and policies helped lead to said terrorist’s demise. We just won’t think about that, they say. And no one else will either, right?


Within hours of their beloved’s announcement that he pulled the trigger, an avalanche of information and conspiracy theories came tumbling down upon the heads of smirky leftists. They thought it would be so easy. Ding, dong, Bin Laden is dead. This president got Bin Laden. Yay, Obama! Let’s all fall in behind him. Happy days are here again.

They never expected the blowback….

….He’s not really dead! Yes he is! We saw the pictures, proclaim the senators. Trust us. Oops. Nope. Those were faked. But he’s still dead! Yes, says the CIA chief, still dead, and you will all see the pictures. Oh no you won’t, says the president. You can’t handle the truth. And we can’t spike the football. What would we think if they posted pictures of the Americans they kill. Oh. Daniel Pearl. And so many others….He used a woman as a human shield. Oh no he didn’t. He wouldn’t. But a woman was shot and killed. No, not killed. Shot, not killed. Whew!….He had a gun. No, he didn’t. But that’s okay, squeals the White House. Isn’t it? Still okay to shoot him, wasn’t it? The Han Solo moment. Han shot first, at least before the politically-corrected version of the film he did. It’s okay then, isn’t it? That we shot first? And without a warrant. Say it’s okay!….Without waterboarding we wouldn’t have gotten him. No! cry the dems. Say it ain’t so! I saw the intel myself, bleats the senator. None of it came from that. Did it? So, Madam Senator, you won’t act when and if the intel does come from that? When American lives are at stake? Now that will surely resonate with America….

Shame on you people! the left shouts now in panic as they scramble for a position in this unexpected aftermath. A man is dead and you are celebrating! They lash out. At us. For recognizing their hypocrisy. For defying the narrative and refusing their leader a big bump in the polls. And for continuing to demand an election in 2012.

And today their candidate visits Ground Zero. Never has as president. Not in two-and-a-half years. Symbolic place, that Ground Zero. The perfect backdrop for this grand-daddy of all photo-ops now that the most-wanted is dead. Shanksville isn’t sexy. And the Pentagon….well, come on, it’s the Pentagon. But this…Ground Zero…yes! Especially now. So find a mirror and perfect that furrowed brow. And ask your predecessor to join the party. What’s that? He declines the invite. Smart move, President Bush. The right move. Ever the class act you are. And undeniably authentic, something we haven’t seen in a very long time.

Pelosi and Slaughter Desperately Hurl the Tired Old Threats

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The left is pulling out all those tired old chestnuts to combat the budget chaos plaguing Washington at the moment, a situation that threatens to shut down the federal government. Currently raging is Congress’ battle over just how – and if – they will/should rein in the spending spree draining America’s economy of every cent sent to them in good faith by America’s taxpayers.

Playing her part as expected, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), no doubt missing the limelight these days, has nostalgically informed us that the republicans want to starve senior citizens. A laughable comment coming from a high-profile representative of the left, who, along with her fearless leader and their party faithful spent the last two years forcing upon America a much-vilified health-care bill that promises openly to ration health care, by pacifying ailing seniors with blue pills and relegating their health-care decisions to bureaucrats (a.k.a. “death panels,” remember?). I personally will never forget that chilling town-hall moment when a smiling president told a woman that no, under his plan, the woman’s elderly mother would not have received the pacemaker her doctors ordered. His plan, he was proud to say, would not take into consideration such silly factors as “spirit” or will to live – no individual considerations whatsoever.

And now we hear from Louise Slaughter (D-NY), as well, notorious for her highly publicized strategy to bypass openly that pesky Constitution to jam through the beloved Obamacare (for we the peasants only, of course; Congress and anyone who supports this president are exempt and immune). Slaughter this week announced that the freshmen republican representatives (her way, I presume, of saying Tea Party and /or conservatives) are trying to kill women.  Now, at the risk of sounding ineloquent, that is just flat out stupid. Anyone who believes such a foolish comment should be stripped of all voting rights (same for the Hollywood bimbos who way back when on Oprah’s slobber-fest sobbed that re-electing George W. would legalize rape).

What both of these women conveniently disregard with their desperate, wanna-be-incendiary statements is that despite what the media lapdogs may try to promote, most of us out here beyond the Beltway don’t automatically equate the word “republican” with “conservative.” In this spirit, let me say that we on the right are watching the right, as well. Indeed everyone is in the hot seat at the moment, regardless of the party-affiliation letters representatives happen to slap on to their names. And, like our national debt, our expectations are growing exponentially by the day.

Missing Obama and Not Missing Him at All

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I’m feeling slightly guilty right now, because, after many similar and unsuccessful attempts in the past not to watch Obama speak, tonight I really did it.  Tonight I made the conscious decision to miss the State of the Union Address, and, adhering to that commitment, I am not watching the State of the Union Address. I understand several of the Supreme Court Justices so inappropriately humiliated during the last go-round have apparently made the same decision.

My guilt is only slight, because I know I’m not missing anything at all. Obama has given hundreds of speeches since becoming president. I have watched almost all of them, so I suppose I have earned the right to miss one from time to time — and get a much better night’s sleep than I would if I tuned in.

I also don’t feel the need to watch foolish republican congresspeople (John McCain, for one: no suprise there), who vowed they would join the kumbaya chorus with their rivals by sitting next to them in a show of “civility” or whatever they want to call it. If they have indeed followed through with that vow, they are showing us not their civility, but their support for their rivals’ policies; their lack of respect for the bloodbath of November 2, 2010; and a betrayal of the American people who made that bloodbath happen. In addition, they will be ignoring the fact that if the dems had held their majority in the House, they would be thumbing their noses in the faces of the right tonight, rather than squealing that the victorious right must reach across the aisle. Public displays by useful idiots are always pathetic — and dangerous — spectacles to behold.

Also pathetic, and worthy of missing, is yet another attempt by Obama to appear centrist, mechanically offering platitudes about the American economy, the American spirit and the American people — after spending last week kowtowing to the president of China and stating he “welcomes China’s rise.” This caps, of course, his last two years of implementing policies (we all know what they are), that the vast majority of Americans oppose, and that, if allowed to succeed, will destroy the miraculous experiment that is America.

The bottom line: I don’t need to watch this president pretend he is someone he’s not in a desperate attempt to salvage his own exalted position. I don’t need to watch him try to fool an American population he regards as inferior and ignorant and easily swayed with folksy phrases. His own incompetence and emotional scars aside, this man has made clear for years his disdain for this nation, her people and her history, and his overriding desire to “transform” her into an entity that does not begin to resemble what is blueprinted in our Constitution. Only a fool at this point would believe a sudden and embarrassingly transparent change in his message — or grant him a second term.

Obama Delights a Raucous Audience with Tonight’s “Memorial” Speech in Tucson

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I tried so hard not to watch Obama’s speech in Arizona tonight, but, as usual, it found me, and I have no choice but to be watching it now. What I am seeing is a presidential campaign speech, a rock concert…anything but a memorial honoring Americans who were savagely murdered by a madman last Saturday.

I won’t call it a memorial address, because from the very moment Obama was introduced, it became a rowdy, raucous campaign event, complete with repeated standing ovations for the pres, Obama’s customary pauses following the perfectly choreographed “applause” and “laugh” lines that pepper his speech, and an audience’s abject disregard for the tragic events that led to this moment. While the audience’s embarrassing behavior is not Obama’s fault, a man of true compassion and emotion would have taken the stage in the midst of the applause and cat calls and whistles and hollers and shouted them down.  I envision such a man thrusting his arms into the air and shouting, “No! That’s not why we’re here! Show some respect! This isn’t about me!” But as we know, it’s always about him.

There is much evocation of “God,” heroism and civility in tonight’s speech, but those applause lines, so fast and furious, whisk us back to that ridiculous State of the Union Address, where the Congress punctuated Obama’s every sentence with this same applause, this same idolatrous slobbering. Obama is now offering synopses of each of the victims whose lives were destroyed last Saturday — apparently, as Obama’s lapdogs in the media and in the government would have us believe, because of those on the right who oppose this president and his policies.

In keeping with that theme, Obama speaks now about keeping the discourse civil. Missing from his current treatise on civility, however, is mention of his own past instructions to his followers: Bring a gun to a knife fight, “get in the faces” of those who oppose us, and “punish” our “enemies.” No, tonight we delight in an Obama speech, where a few touching moments are nestled within strings of generic inspirational phrases, capped by the repeated message that we must “be better” (translated as “agree with me and carry out all that I ask because I know what’s good for you”).

And now the speech, as well as the so-called “memorial,” comes to an end. Obama’s lapdogs will no doubt herald it as the most incredible speech ever given anywhere by anyone at any time in all of human history. He would have impressed me if he had, with details not platitudes, scolded those who have used this tragedy, this atrocity, for their own political purposes: a congressman who has already used the events to raise money for his 2012 reelection campaign, left-wing journalists and elected officials who instantly blamed the right for the deranged shooter’s actions, a sheriff who immediately blamed high-profile individuals on the right rather than acknowledge that he himself failed to take seriously the known threat presented by the alleged perpetrator, left-wing congresspeople who have used the attack to further their own political agendas that include gun control and the silencing of anyone who opposes the left…the list goes on and on. And on.

The pundits are now praising the president’s speech, obviously far more impressed by it than I was. Go ahead and chastise me for my lack of civility, but the time comes when you know too much about a person and the damage he or she has done to your country to trust anything that individual says, even in times of tragedy. My daughter just asked what I would have done if I had been in that audience tonight as a relative of one of the victims. I told her I would have done what I wish the president had done. I would have stood up and shouted down the idiotic applause and shoutouts and whistles and scolded an audience that apparently mistook a memorial for victims of a mass murderer for a Springsteen concert. The president should have taken control of that audience and straightened them out. He didn’t. I wish someone had.