Epic Tragedy in Tucson By the Hand of Epic Evil

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 On Saturday a massacre at a town hall gathering in Tucson, Arizona, offered us yet another sad and terrible reminder that evil is alive and well and living among us.

Allegedly embodied this time in the figure of a twisted 22-year-old “loner,” this latest evidence of evil would claim, before it was stopped by heroism from would-be victims in the crowd, the lives of six people, including a 9-year-old girl, a federal judge, a congressional aide and three civic-minded senior citizens. It would leave in its wake, as well, thirteen others seriously injured, including a U.S. Congresswoman, who took a bullet to her head and remains in critical condition.

Within minutes, the left took the tragedy and ran with it, blaming the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, pro-gun interests, conservative policies, and even George W. Bush. Within minutes, bills were prepared to restrict American gun ownership, as though such laws have ever kept weapons of mass destruction out of the hands of twisted, mentally deranged loners intent on decimating human life. Within minutes legislative plans were drafted to protect congressional representatives and federal officials from “threatening” language or public opposition, as though congressional representatives and federal officials are somehow more deserving of protection than a 9-year-old girl or any other American. We can assume, as well, that within minutes, arrangements were made to ensure that the congressional representatives using this tragedy to restrict American gun ownership will continue to enjoy their own armed protection from evil.

All of these instantaneous responses were set in motion before it came to light that the alleged perpetrator, currently in custody, counted Hitler’s Mein Kampf and Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto as favorite books (hardly typical Tea Party reading). If indeed it is proven, as has been alleged, that the perpetrator is a “left-wing pothead,” will the media and pundits who rushed to the Tea-Party-Palin-Bush judgment acknowledge that democratic Congresswoman  Gabrielle Giffords was “targeted” for career destruction by their own left-wing blogosphere for her more moderate position on their pet issues? Doubtful.

Now is no time to fling blame or to use such an epic tragedy for a political agenda as is being so disgracefully done. It is time to mourn for the victims of this twisted individual’s actions. And, with those victims and their families in our thoughts and prayers, we must mourn as well for our divided nation that is afflicted by an evil far too many refuse to acknowledge, an evil fed by a culture of alienated souls hungry for infamy they can find readily available on reality TV, YouTube and Facebook. Evil is among us.  Always has been. Always will be. The only way we may fight it is not with knee-jerk, agenda-driven political jockeying, but by recognizing it for what it is and offering it no quarter, no excuse, no whitewash, no sanctuary. Ever.

Airport Security, Aunt Bee and Me

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Ever since my lengthy coverage (aka, justified meltdown) of the Napolitano/Obama airport screening mandates for the TSA back before Thanksgiving, I have wondered how my own holiday travels would transpire once it was time for my family to fly across the country from New York to California for Christmas.  Well, yesterday marked the first leg of the journey, and I am happy, though somewhat perplexed, to report that I have no out-of-our-ordinary travel experiences to report.

We arrived nice and early at the airport, expecting a longer wait thanks to holiday travels and heightened security procedures.  We approached the security checkpoint.  We saw the scanners.  We saw travelers that looked like they could have been regulars on “The Andy Griffith Show,” their arms outstretched, being scanned.  We saw travelers ushered aside for pat-downs.  My kids asked if they would be patted down.  My kids asked if they would be strip searched.  My kids knew that if I was patted down, I would hope for something entirely inappropriate to occur.

We approached the podium for preliminary TSA vetting of our paperwork.   We were deemed fit for boarding. We walked to the familiar conveyor belt and began the procedure we have done a thousand times before like a well-oiled machine: removing shoes and jackets; taking computers out of carry-ons; throwing belts, watches and small containers of liquids into the gray bins.  We were ushered one by one through the metal detector…..and…..that was it.  “Thanks very much,” said the burly TSA agent standing at the finish line as he directed us back to our long line of belongings waiting for us on the conveyor belt.  Okay then. No scanning, no pat-downs, no strip searches for us.

It was not so pleasant an experience for everyone in our line, however. As we were reassembling our carry-ons and pulling on boots, we watched the progress of an elderly woman – a grandma-type who could have easily played Aunt Bee on the old “Andy Griffith Show” – as she traversed the security gauntlet.  She was ushered through the metal detector, then scanned in the scanner (which just a few days ago failed to reveal a gun a Pakistani man had on his person), then patted down physically, then sent through the metal detector again. Apparently Aunt Bee has been targeted by Obama and minion Napolitano as a serious threat to the national security of the United States.

Our spirits daunted a bit by what we had just witnessed, we reached our gate and learned from the cable news being broadcast there that the lame-duck session of the 111th record-low-approval-rating Congress had finally called it quits for the year after furiously setting a record in the lame-duck passage of bills. “Thank God!” I exclaimed. Looking back, I guess it’s fortunate I didn’t hear that news before going through security, or I would no doubt have found myself receiving the Aunt-Bee security treatment, as well.

A Christmas Miracle Update on the Update

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Yeehaa!  It’s a Christmas miracle.  Just when we thought Harry Reid and his gang were going to grant amnesty to illegal aliens in a despicable lame-duck weekend session, the so-called Dream Act has died in the Senate.

Just another sign, I’d say, of the failure of twisted democratic strategies designed to fool the American people — in this case a strategy where the dems work their dark magic when they think we aren’t looking (weekends, the wee hours of the morning, and the ever-popular Christmastime).  But we have made it clear we are looking, and we won’t tolerate them treading on us anymore. God bless us, everyone!

Update on the Lame-Duck Congressional Tantrum

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Much has changed over the last 24 hours or so since I wrote about the current lame-duck congressional tantrum, and, if the democrats have their way, even more is set to change in the next 48, as well.

Since my original post on the lame-duck congressional tantrum, the Senate voted to extend the Bush tax rates (much to the chagrin of the leftist democrats), and Obama signed it (again, the chagrin – and, despite the signature, that includes Obama’s, as well). And, in what some have heralded a surprise move, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-NV),  shelved the godawful, earmark-laden, trillion-something omnibus spending bill. A good thing, yes, but, as we now see, done only to clear the way for other wildly vilified pet projects of this flock of hysterical lame ducks.

In keeping with their tradition of jamming through those wildly vilified, not to mention unconstitutional, laws and policies during weekends, holidays (particular Christmas), and in the middle of the night, the democrat majority in the U.S. Senate is positioned on this fine December Friday to use the coming weekend to grant amnesty to illegal aliens and, time permitting, fiddle around with the military “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.  Don’t be surprised if they tackle the START Treaty, as well, which would strip Eastern Europe of American missile defense: a Christmas gift for Russia, a lump of coal for the likes of Poland and the Czech Republic.

It would seem, then, that this lame-duck Senate has its work cut out for it. The Senators intend to use the next two days to label “legal” millions of people who have violated our laws on local, federal and Constitutional levels, for no other reason than their ability to bypass the fabric and foundation of our nation that our founders put in place, and that those in our armed forces have shed blood to preserve and protect.  Should these so-called “representatives” decide to entertain START, as well, it’s a safe bet the material will go largely unread since a big chunk of it is reportedly written in Russian.  Of course, they admit never reading what they sign anyway, so what difference does it make?

What a disgrace for a gaggle of anti-military leftists to make earthshattering policies on national defense and strategy – or earthshattering policies on anything — during a rushed lame-duck session hours before Christmas.  But if we the people are to be properly punished, it must be done.  Just keep in mind that we the punished (and enraged) will not forget.

Congress and Obama in the Throes of a Final Tantrum

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In a flurry of legislative hysteria matched only by the desperation we witnessed when they jammed Obamacare down our throats earlier this year, the members of the democrat majority in the current U.S. Congress are at this moment voting with ignorant abandon on anything and everything that strikes their collective fancy before 2010 comes to an end. Never mind how their constituents, let alone the American people at large, feel about it. Their clock is ticking. They have only a handful of hours left to inflict as much damage as they can before they are shown the door.

Every hour, on the hour, a new vote, a new breathless announcement, including the first vote for amnesty for illegal aliens (though known in the touchy-feely world as the “Dream Act,” it’s the “Nightmare Act” for those of us who believe in the rule and law and see this as simply a ploy to anoint a fresh influx of new democratic voters); a monstrous spending bill with a price tag exceeding the trillion-dollar mark; Michelle Obama’s tell-parents-what-their-kids-can-and-cannot-eat bill; and earmarks, earmarks, earmarks.

It began with the debate over Obama’s sudden and desperate pet project — the infamous bill to extend the Bush tax rates – which Obama hopes America will use as a prism through which to see his pretended centrist and concerned- about-America side. “Boo, hoo!” the leader of the free world whimpered to his leftwing congressional minions.  If you don’t pass this tax bill, my presidency is over! This pathetic plea was preceded by a press conference last weekend, during which we witnessed Obama’s most dramatic show of weakness to date, when he shared an official presidential podium with the last dem to hold his office, Bill Clinton.

Obama quickly acknowledged his defeat in this ultimate clash of the narcissists, when he retreated, his tail between his legs, claiming in so many words that his wife would bust his you-know-what for keeping her waiting – an embarrassing, cringe-worthy moment for America, a glorious moment for Bill Clinton. And a glorious moment for the members of the Washington press corps, so giddy were they to have good old Bill standing at that podium once more before the great seal of the President of the United States – and without a teleprompter.

While Clinton beamed, Obama blanched, his retreat painting him symbolically and officially as the weakest President in our history. We could see this in his body language and his expression, the same expression no doubt clouding the mugs of all those multi-decade career Representatives and Senators at this moment voting with such abandon on Capitol Hill. Shirking their responsibilities to their representative democracy, their people and their Constitution, these hacks know that their furious votes, designed as they are to punish the American people for November 2nd, will be their last. They know that come January, the reign of this Congress and their democrat majority comes to an end.  It would appear Mr. Obama knows that, for all practical purposes, his reign is over, too.

Obama Pretends Tuesday’s Bloodbath Was Not About Him

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There was a day when I might have found it funny to hear Barack Obama claim that though the bloodbath his party took on Tuesday was in no way a rejection of him and his agenda, he is willing to listen to any remedies either party might suggest for the very serious problems plaguing our nation right now.  But because of the severity of those problems; because of his continued emphasis on climate change, electric cars and Bush blaming; and armed with the American peoples’ show of muscle last Tuesday, I instead find this President’s response pathetic.  And arrogant.  And so quintessentially him.

I have had the great honor and privilege over the last couple of years to attend various small gatherings featuring the likes of republican Congressmen Eric Cantor (R-VA) and Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) – the “young guns” they are called, rising stars of the republican party.  For two years, they insist, they have literally begged this President and his minions to listen to their ideas, only to be shut out consistently by a fatally inexperienced man whose oh-so-clever response to his opposition has consisted of: “I won….you are ‘enemies’….get to the back of bus.”

But on Wednesday, during his embarrassingly inept day-after-the-bloodbath press conference, he seemed to have flown back in time to those halcyon days of 2008, when he canvassed the country campaigning to adoring crowds and a slobbering media. He even pulled out those insipid comments about his “funny name” and his unusual upbringing, his attempt, perhaps to return to that happier time when he was regarded a god.

Obama increased the embarrassment quotient of his presser when he invoked, as well, all those tired old anecdotes with which he assaulted us for an entire year as he struggled so desperately to convince the American people to swallow willingly the bitter pill that is Obamacare (and we all know how that turned out).  I personally did not need to hear rehashed again the endless stories of all those poor anonymous people who had to sell their homes to pay for health insurance and similar tales of doom and gloom. And through it all, appearing so very folksy, he would drop the “g” on his gerunds – “talkin’,” “movin’,” “drivin’” – you know, that thing he does to convince the masses that he’s one of us.

In the end, all he did was solidify my hope that no one will be fool enough to believe a word this man says. Now. Or ever. This panicked President is not to be trusted. Now. Or ever.

And now, Obama and an entourage unmatched in size and expense by any entourage in American presidential history are off on an opulent, five-star, completely unnecessary, budget-busting tour of Asia. As he embarks on said excursion, let us all remember what the President told us on Wednesday: “Budget, budget, budget, people. Tighten those belts and stop spendin’ more than you’re earnin.’ See ya!”

Reflections on Election Day, November 2nd

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It’s been impossible to forget that today is November 2, 2010, a day so many of us have awaited so ardently for two years.  With the election results due to start trickling in in about an hour or so, some reflections from the day:

1.  Started the day with my usual non-scientific review of various news outlets and their early coverage of a potentially historic day for America.  Fox News proceeded as expected with wall-to-wall coverage, and CNN seemed fairly well focused, as well.  Then I clicked on MSNBC to find them discussing first, New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg; then the New York Yankees (they could at least have discussed the San Francisco Giants, who won the World Series last night); and, finally, a few minutes later, a panel discussing Barack Obama.  The upshot of the Obama discussion: If the blood-bath predictions for the democrats come true, Obama is so amazing he will handle it brilliantly and carry on as the most gifted and successful President the world has ever known.  And that was enough for me.

2.  Went to vote an hour after the polls opened and found my polling place far more crowded than usual, a situation that seemed true all over town.

3.  Perused some headlines and found that Barack Obama is backpeddling on his labeling of Americans who oppose him as “enemies.”  Too little, too late.

4.  Listened to Dennis Miller on the radio as people called in from all over the country to report their polling places were packed to the gills – and glorying in the fact that it took them up to two hours to vote.  Dennis was an absolute delight, as eloquent as always.

5.  Looked through a calendar I received today from the USO with my daughter.  It had us both teary-eyed, even moreso when I remembered that the votes of so many of our troops who sacrifice their lives daily for our nation, our families and our children will not be counted.  And that is just the way the democrats want it.

6.  Was barraged by endless political commercials, my own Congressman bragging only, and repeatedly, that he supported cancer research, but not a word about how he has obediently voted exactly as Obama/Pelosi/Reid have mandated in the House.

7.  Felt oddly and unexpectedly content and relaxed throughout the day.  Here’s hoping there’s a reason for that.  And now time to find out….

Quote Roundup As November 2 Draws Near

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As we approach a day I personally hope will live in infamy – Election Day, November 2nd  — I have with great pleasure watched the left spin around like packs of Tasmanian Devils, elevating their namecalling to a tornado, if not an art form, and revealing to all the world just how panicked, hysterical and utterly desperate they have become.

Just a sampling:

Barack Obama (as his approval ratings plummet to the 30s):  “We don’t mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in the back.”

Arrogant, ratings-starved anchorwoman Katie Couric, in her quest to determine the potential outcome of the mid-term election, toured what she referred to as “this great unwashed middle of the country.”

It’s no secret that Joy Behar, co-host of insipid talk show The View, is dedicated to salvaging the career and agenda of endangered Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).  In her daily rant against Reid’s republican opponent Sharron Angle, Behar screeched that a recent Angle ad would never survive a New York airing.  “Come here, bitch,” she shrieked. “Come to New York and do it….I’m not praying for her. She’s going to Hell, the bitch.”  Sharron subsequently sent Ms. Behar a thank-you note for the influx of campaign contributions her rant inspired.

Barack Obama again:  After commenting that “pressure has to be put on the Republican Party” for immigration reform, he continued in his customary rambling, incoherent manner that “if Latinos sit out the election instead of saying we’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us.”  Huh?  Must have been off-prompter.

And quotes from the other side, as well:

As unabashed voter fraud is already revealing itself in broad daylight from coast to coast, we find this statement from Jon Ralston, Sharron Angle’s campaign attorney:  “I am sorry to report that the Democrats and their cronies are up to their same old tricks of trying to manipulate the election in hopes of skewing the results in their favor….Two days ago, the Democratic Secretary of State [of Nevada] announced that voters can be provided ‘free food’ at ‘voter turnout events.’ Harry Reid has been offering free food and, according to other reports, some Democratic allies such as teachers’ unions are offering gift cards in return for a vote for Reid. Before we were even able to document the reported infractions to report to the authorities, the Democrat Secretary of State slammed the door shut on preventing this behavior and issued a public statement permitting these ACORN-style tactics.”

All is not rosy and supportive on the democrat side, either.  Rhode Island Democratic gubernatorial candidate Frank Caprio was not happy when Barack Obama offered his endorsement to Caprio’s opponent.  “He can take his endorsement and really shove it,” said Caprio.  “We had one of the worst floods in the history of the United States a few months back, and President Obama didn’t even do a fly over of Rhode Island. He ignored us and now he’s coming into Rhode Island and treating us like an ATM machine.”

I won’t even bother including quotes from Obama’s appearance on The Daily Show.  As a proud American, my embarrassment threshold just can’t stand anymore.  I will thus close with this quote from conservative radio host, Rush Limbaugh:

 “Americans will not tolerate the ending of American exceptionalism on purpose or a regime that happily presides over an America in decline. This is what the election on Tuesday is about.”

Where, Oh Where Are the Bragging Dems?

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We’re in the homestretch. Only one more week before what I and so many others hope and pray will be a tsunami that hits Washington, DC and state houses throughout the country.  We have waited so patiently, suffering through one slam against our great nation after another, never really believing we would find ourselves one week away from election day, November 2nd, a day that could prove to be the first shot in our nation’s rescue.

In anticipation of what promises to be an historic day for our nation, I have been doing my own rather unscientific survey of political ads for the many heated races across the country, and I have found a curious pattern. With all the left-wing celebration and adulation of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda over the past two years, why, oh why am I not seeing democrats bragging in their ads about the votes they offered up to the twisted trio to make their transformation/destruction of America a reality?

With very few exceptions, the democratic candidates I have tracked are mum on the votes they either sold or cast willingly for the health-care abomination, cap and tax, anything and everything Obama and his minions have mandated. Why aren’t they out there bragging, as well, about the insults they have hurled at voters at town hall meetings who dared to question their allegiance to the trio and their votes to socialize and destroy America?  And why aren’t they reiterating their collective belief that because they know what is best for “average” Americans, they vote as they are mandated to vote by their party, rather than according to the wishes of those they represent?

Instead they find themselves forced to use such terms as “Second Amendment,” “capitalism” and “small business” in a positive light.  Indeed “small business” seems to be the catch phrase of this election. As they utter the sacred phrase, democratic candidates hope and pray that the dolts who have elected them will never realize that their votes have been specifically designed to destroy small businesses and all who run and are employed by them.  Or we witness the strategy employed by California Senator Barbara Boxer: Hope the voters will forget your disgraceful treatment of military leaders and black business owners who don’t fall in line, and pray they will instead buy your criticisms of your extremely qualified opponent for her success at the helm of a major American corporation.  Of course, if all else fails, just call the opposition stupid.

It’s embarrassing at best, infuriating at worst. The dems — and some republicans, too, who have failed to catch the angry conservative wave that has hit the nation — have come to see that their votes, like ours, have consequences.  Now see them scramble in a last minute bid to fool their constituents. But I am not alone in my core belief that those constituents won’t be fooled again, and that come next Tuesday, those who have followed the Obama/Pelosi/Reid triumvirate, as well as that triumvirate itself, will be given the their walking papers.

Critics Continue to Misunderstand Sarah, Alaska and the People of the Last Frontier

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Whenever someone describes Sarah Palin to me as “stupid” or “such an idiot,” I suppress the impulse to argue or to ask how their own accomplishments compare to those of this fearless self-made woman. I simply ask, “Have you ever been to Alaska?”

The answer is invariably “no.” (Cruises don’t count. I’m talking the Alaskan interior where everyday Alaskans live everyday Alaskan lives.)

I have been to Alaska, I say, and in my experience, both as visitor and as writer covering sled dogs, the Iditarod, bears and wolves, what I learned early on is that “Alaskans don’t suffer fools.” In other words, Alaskans, many having followed the siren’s song to the last frontier from their native, more “civilized,” states and nations, don’t fall for the rhetoric or superficial flash epidemic along the right and left coasts of the lower 48. They recognize pretty clearly who people are, and who they aren’t. And I trust their judgment.

So when threatened trolls call former-Governor Sarah Palin an idiot, when they call her stupid, they are, by extension, hurling those same insults at the citizens of Alaska who put the woman in office. And they are making a tragic mistake.

The left’s lapdog press is salivating right now over Alaska’s republican primary for the U.S. Senate, Sarah Palin’s endorsed candidate Joe Miller and incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) contentiously awaiting the results of their close race. With the lapdogs celebrating the “civil war” brewing among Alaska’s republicans and predicting a “stolen” election on the horizon, the commotion came to a head late last week with some nonsense about a “tweet” from Joe Miller’s camp evoking “the oldest profession” in response to rumors that Murkowski might switch parties if she loses.

If the lapdogs — whose visits to Alaska have been limited almost solely to forays to dig up dirt on Sarah — understood the people of Alaska, they might understand, as well, that efforts to blow this story out of proportion are wasted on the people of the 49th state.

That said, I trust the Alaskans, with the clear-eyed common sense inherent to their kind, will as they always have ignore the lapdogs and tend to their own business without media or any other interference. In the meantime, I will thank them for giving us Sarah Palin, the sharpest thorn ever to impale a liberal’s paw.