Many Thanks to My Half of America

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On Tuesday night, the members of my family vowed that we would  pay no attention to anything that happened politically for the next, oh, three-and-a-half years or so.  We would follow current events only superficially, but we would not discuss them, argue them, nothing.  As my son has observed repeatedly since, that vow lasted all of about six hours, and most of that was when we were asleep.

I also toyed in those first hours with the idea of abandoning this website, an idea immediately opposed by my near and dear, and it is in that spirit I want to thank those readers who, perhaps reading my mind, have shared with me their own words of encouragement in the wake of election day 2012.  As representatives of the half of America that remembers the last great hope, we need to stick together, and I offer the same words of encouragement back to you.

By the same token, to those who have taken this opportunity to hurl their oh-so-clever insults and slurs at us….we’re used to being battered by those who must resort to namecalling and talking points in the absence of cogent arguments to fortify their support of certain candidates and policies and free goodies.  And to the reader who scolded me, who accused me of wanting to take the country back to the 1950s, who urged me to get with the program….well, while I do confess to an affinity for mid-century retro styles in fashion, design and pop culture, my choice would actually be a trip back, not to the 50s, but to the late 18th century.  What a gift it would be to meet the men and women, armed with their deep sense of liberty and tyranny, who created this once-great nation and drafted the shattering documents that would provide its blueprint.  So, no, sorry, I won’t be getting with any program mandated by the other half of America.  No bandwagons for me, including those being heralded right now by the republican party.  As many of us have said over the last few days about the Tuesday bloodbath, it is what it is — a loss to our family.  We are who we are, and we will mourn that loss, but we won’t change who we are.

So again, many thanks to those who share my sense of loss and my allegiance to half of America.  We’ll see where it all goes from here.

Working to Take Our Country Back in these First Hours of Election Day 2012

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Well, so far what little anecdotal evidence is beginning to trickle out is indicating that despite chilly temperatures and long lines, Romney/Ryan seem to be enjoying an early lead, fueled, apparently, by the enthusiasm of republican, independent and perhaps even previously ignored Romney democrats.

To those who happen to know Americans who claim to be too tired or too undecided to vote, remind them of our four dead Americans in Benghazi, whose deaths have been covered up by the current administration and their comrades in the mainstream media propoganda brigade.  Remind them of the millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans, many of them recent college grads, who cannot find proper employment.  Remind them of the millions of Americans who have joined the food-stamp rolls, and the glee the current president takes in dividing the people of our great nation.  Remind them of the crushing tax burdens that await us come 2013, compounded by the nightmare that awaits us both financially in the cost, accessibility and quality of care we will receive once our health care system is replaced by Obama’s prized socialized medicine program (and remind them that Congress and certain selected Obama minions are exempt from that nightmare).  Remind them of the skyrocketing prices we are paying for gas and the valiant efforts this president has made to keep those prices high.  Remind them, too, of the terrible toll this administration’s policies have taken on our nation’s small businesses, which provide the financial backbone, and the majority of jobs in our country.

And finally, while there is still time, sit them down and ask that they watch Dinesh D’Souza’s brilliant 2016: Obama’s America.   That will tell them all they need to know — and convince them that we are never too tired or too undecided to take our country back from the brink of destruction.  God bless those doing that work today, and may we be rewarded with good news tonight!

Discussing Truthful “Gaffes” at the Dinner Table

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Ronald Reagan once said, “All great change in America begins at the dinner table.”

Now, I have sat at plenty of dinner tables in my time, and plenty of these highlighted by passionate, often heated, multi-generational political discussions, so I understand full well President Reagan’s meaning.  I would also venture to guess that this trend has increased exponentially over the past four years or so, along with an increase in the decibel levels of those dinner conversations — the decibels rising even, as I have experienced, when everyone at the table agrees with each other.

This leads me, then, to wonder why such outrage over the newly released video of Mitt Romney’s comments last spring about 47 percent of people supposedly supporting Obama because they want the handouts?  Haven’t similar statements been made at dinner tables all across the country over these difficult “transformational” years of Obama’s reign?  Haven’t we who are concerned about the endurance of our great nation expressed repeatedly our concerns that we might fall victim to those who have exchanged America exceptionalism for government-issued TVs or cell phones?  I have certainly been involved in that dinner conversation in a variety of homes from east to west, and I  know mine were not isolated experiences.

So this video of Mitt stating the unforgivable goes viral, the left and the RINO establishment predictably pile on with their “how-dare-he!” caterwauling, and we are urged to run to daddy Obama for protection from the big, bad, mean republican who would snatch food from the mouth of a hungry child and just say NO! to an injured warrior returning from Iraq.  Never mind that two minutes of the video in question were apparently edited out, so who knows what Mitt really said and in what context, but it doesn’t matter.  He didn’t say anything that millions of Americans have not been saying themselves, at their own dinner tables, for years now.

Of course “you-didn’t-build-that” Obama has also certainly been gist for those tables himself, most recently thanks to his dismissal of the national debt as nothing to worry about; his choosing to hobnob with slobbering show-biz types rather than address (or even show concern over) the deaths by terrorists of Americans abroad; and his own recently released 1998 speech, where a then-senator Obama stated that government knows best and that we must “pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution because I actually believe in redistribution.”  He doubled down on his allegiance to socialistic practice during his 2008 presidential bid, when he told the regular guy on the street who would become “Joe the Plumber” that “we need to spread the wealth around.”

And what of Obama’s comments in San Francisco back in 2008 when he evoked and chastised those “bitter” Americans who cling to their guns and their religion.  Well, as a proud bitter clinger myself, I would like to thank this president for providing such a rich supply of material for my own dinner conversations over the past few years — material that I am confident will lead to the “great change” to which President Reagan referred –you know, that great change of January 2013.

Andrew Breitbart Has Left Us

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For literally years now, whenever I would see images of Andrew Breitbart wandering gleefully through crowds of those who hate him; when I would hear his unabashed, angry, signature eloquence taking on those whose goal is to take down the country Andrew loved; when I would hear that he had exposed yet more corruption and lies among those of great power, I would think to myself, “Be safe, Andrew.  We need you.”

Then we awaken this morning to find that he is gone.

We have lost, as so many are saying this morning, a patriot, a warrior, and an American with a purity and a fearlessness we are not likely to see matched anytime soon.  He embodied the same seemingly foolish courage that guided the founders of this country and the people who proceeded, despite unspeakable odds, to build our America.  On this sad and shocking day, here’s hoping that we who share Andrew’s vision for this nation will carry on his work at this very dangerous time in our history.  We owe it to him, we owe it to our founders, and we owe it to our children.

God bless the family Andrew leaves behind.  And God bless the nation he leaves, as well.

America Rendered Unrecognizable Once More

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I have been gone from here for a while, and I want to thank those of you who have wondered why. I have spent the last weeks overseeing my clan’s move from the northeastern corner of the United States back to our original home turf in the west, and I apologize for offering no warning. But it’s done now, and here I am.

I return now amid a national climate once again made unrecognizable by recent events from that of our nation four years ago, let alone two months ago when I last tended to these pages. Within these last weeks we have witnessed our nation’s economy downgraded for the first time in our history. We have witnessed a roller coaster in our stock market that back in 1929 would have sent investors flinging themselves from high-rise windows. We witnessed the devastating destruction of members of our beloved Seal Team 6, as well as the courage and conviction of their family members, who, in the grief-filled aftermath of their loss, made clear the family character that results in the rearing of true national heroes.

We have witnessed a president content, like a modern-day Nero, to attend campaign fundraisers and hip-hop birthday festivities as he continues to pursue the leftwing socialist agenda he promised when he campaigned for the highest office of our land back in 2008. We have witnessed this same president, announce between tee-offs, that he will suspend the deportation of illegal aliens and thus provide amnesty for said lawbreakers, despite the overwhelming majority of Americans who oppose this policy. And we have witnessed the Tea Party, not only blamed for the ills of all the world, but also called “terrorists” by the left, as well as by increasingly hysterical mainstream media lapdogs and certain entrenched Beltway republicans who somehow believe they are immune from the anger of an enraged electorate.

But so have we also witnessed the rise of individuals who have led us to believe that there just might be true conservatives in our midst set to grapple the office of the American presidency away from the current holder of that office. Indeed I venture to say that we on the right just may be starting to see our own homegrown glimmer of hope and change on the horizon. We know from attempts by certain leftwing publications to smear these newly minted candidates with lies, incendiary headlines, namecalling, and uncomplimentary magazine cover shots that we are on the right track. So keep the faith. There is still time to make America right once more.

The Secret Longings of Useful Liberal Men

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As someone constantly recognizing connections in the events that shape this world, I couldn’t help but find some rather illuminating links between news stories from the last few weeks.

The first involved Michelle Obama as she and her husband enjoyed their regal sojourn across the British Isles. The press followed the wannabe royals with slobbering idolatry, chronicling with mad, obsessive detail everything their beloveds ate, wore and said, all the while heralding them as legendary scions of style and intellect.

What captured my attention, however, was not the fabric that may or may not have adorned the first lady’s much-lauded arms and waistline, but rather comments she made to the young students at a girls’ school somewhere in Britain. In a nutshell, she confided to these impressionable young ladies that when she met her husband – to whom she said she was ordered to “mentor” – she got the feeling that he might be “useful” someday.

And that, in a related nutshell, sums up my personal perception of the liberal female view of men. Men are, after all, the root of all evil and, no doubt, the source of every awful event liberal women have ever experienced in their own personal liberal lives. But should a man pledge his allegiance to the most extreme liberal tenets and prove himself willing to sacrifice any hint of testosterone in favor of a progressive and feminized/metrosexual agenda, then that guy may just earn his way into the graces of liberal women, “useful” to their cause. Michelle here reminds us most brazenly of her own allegiance to the likes of Hillary, Janet, the Supreme Court’s Sonia, and the politically paralyzed/blinded National Organization of Women.

Think a moment about our nation’s current political climate. As entrenched and trembling republican men struggle to find their way through an angry American right, staunchly conservative women, such as Sarah Palin, Jan Brewer, Michele Bachmann, Dana Perino, Laura Ingraham, Liz Cheney and Ann Coulter are out there roaring from the rooftops, reminding Americans what this nation was and is meant to be.

What perplexes the left, particularly the men of the left, is that these women roar with a smile and a fearlessly feminine sparkle, extolling the virtues of joyful patriotism, love of country, and, yes, even a love of men.  Such messages simply cannot be lost on those useful left-wing male reporters sent out to vilify and destroy them. Following obediently the directive, do these men wonder beneath the vitriol slung by their side, what it might be like to enjoy the good graces of women who might actually value and respect the masculine for its own sake? Women who see men as more than simply “useful” servants? In their quiet moments, do they think back to a moment when, ignored or rebuffed by smart, confident, patriotic and right-minded girls in high school and college, they pledged instead to become “useful” to those other women? Do they ever regret the sacrifice? I don’t know, of course. Just a thought.…

As I have pondered these connections and the possible secret longings of liberal men, Doug Giles, conservative author of the book Raising Righteous and Rowdy Girls has posted another of his brilliant articles on the need for young women to learn to defend themselves to the death (an assailant’s death, of course). This time his inspiration is the alleged attack by the avowed socialist and “useful” French International-Monetary-Fund president on a hotel maid in New York City, resulting in Mr. Giles’ article, “Preferred Headline: IMF CEO Killed by Rape Victim.”

Whenever Mr. Giles writes about his passionate belief that young women should be trained as both expert martial artists and expert marksmen, I am inevitably drawn to the commentary that follows. The vast majority of his readers sing his praises, but far too many ignore the message in favor simply of blasting Mr. Giles for even suggesting that young women learn to fight off attempted rapists and murderers.

That women in general — or parents of either girls or boys — would oppose Mr. Giles’ belief in self-protection….well, I don’t know what to make of that and I won’t even venture a guess. But that liberal men would find female self-protection repulsive and unacceptable….perhaps that reveals a deeply rooted psychological phenomenon deserving of study. I’m no psychiatrist, but perhaps liberal men who have allowed themselves to be subjugated as “useful” to liberal women relish secretly, subconsciously, the notion of such women rendered weak and helpless. Perhaps it is simply that hobbled testosterone making one last gasp of protest. I’m no psychiatrist, but you never know.

Pelosi and Slaughter Desperately Hurl the Tired Old Threats

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The left is pulling out all those tired old chestnuts to combat the budget chaos plaguing Washington at the moment, a situation that threatens to shut down the federal government. Currently raging is Congress’ battle over just how – and if – they will/should rein in the spending spree draining America’s economy of every cent sent to them in good faith by America’s taxpayers.

Playing her part as expected, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), no doubt missing the limelight these days, has nostalgically informed us that the republicans want to starve senior citizens. A laughable comment coming from a high-profile representative of the left, who, along with her fearless leader and their party faithful spent the last two years forcing upon America a much-vilified health-care bill that promises openly to ration health care, by pacifying ailing seniors with blue pills and relegating their health-care decisions to bureaucrats (a.k.a. “death panels,” remember?). I personally will never forget that chilling town-hall moment when a smiling president told a woman that no, under his plan, the woman’s elderly mother would not have received the pacemaker her doctors ordered. His plan, he was proud to say, would not take into consideration such silly factors as “spirit” or will to live – no individual considerations whatsoever.

And now we hear from Louise Slaughter (D-NY), as well, notorious for her highly publicized strategy to bypass openly that pesky Constitution to jam through the beloved Obamacare (for we the peasants only, of course; Congress and anyone who supports this president are exempt and immune). Slaughter this week announced that the freshmen republican representatives (her way, I presume, of saying Tea Party and /or conservatives) are trying to kill women.  Now, at the risk of sounding ineloquent, that is just flat out stupid. Anyone who believes such a foolish comment should be stripped of all voting rights (same for the Hollywood bimbos who way back when on Oprah’s slobber-fest sobbed that re-electing George W. would legalize rape).

What both of these women conveniently disregard with their desperate, wanna-be-incendiary statements is that despite what the media lapdogs may try to promote, most of us out here beyond the Beltway don’t automatically equate the word “republican” with “conservative.” In this spirit, let me say that we on the right are watching the right, as well. Indeed everyone is in the hot seat at the moment, regardless of the party-affiliation letters representatives happen to slap on to their names. And, like our national debt, our expectations are growing exponentially by the day.

California Conservatism on the Eve of 2011

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Made it back to New York from California on this eve of 2011, and it was a rewarding journey all around. The highlight: nine airports all over the western United States in as many days, and not a single body scan, not a single pat-down. I’d like to think it’s because my little clan exudes a don’t-tread-on-me vibe, but I don’t think so. Let’s just say I thank the TSA for profiling, and I thank them for treating us with dignity.

I was equally pleased throughout my journey from the results of my completely non-scientific survey of bumper stickers observed on the many freeways I traversed throughout the state of California, north to south and back again. Though I spent time in the San Francisco Bay Area, I saw only one Obama sticker. One. And that one was the only liberal-leaning message I would see on those West Coast cars throughout those nine days.

Indeed even more stunning than the lack of Obama/Pelosi/leftist accolades in my completely unscientific survey, was the overwhelming avalanche of conservative-minded comments people had slapped on their cars.  Many of those cars were big, gas-guzzling SUVs, including the one sporting a “Capitalist” sticker, the answer to the politically correct “Coexist” message liberals like to paste to their tiny, tinny, death-trappy “smart” cars.

Yes, throughout those California freeways, from north to south and back again, I found drivers proclaiming proudly their belief in Tea Party patriotism; the hope of Election Day, November 2012; the radicalism of our nation’s founders; the Don’t-Tread-on-Me mindset; and anything and everything to do with gun rights; as well as the command that this administration “Change it Back!” And not a single one of these vehicles appeared to have been keyed or vandalized in any way.

Now I realize California disappointed us mightily back on Election Day 2010 – though I still believe part of that blame rests with the “mainstream” republican party that was, and perhaps still is, trying to play nice-nice with the left. Nevertheless, on this eve of 2011, my own completely unscientific survey left me feeling pretty hopeful that perhaps California – and that misguided republican party – will change its course in the next couple of years.

Don’t let us down next time, California (and misguided mainstream republican party). As your economy plummets toward bankruptcy, thanks to the liberal policies and the greedy politicians that guide them, take note of those little signs on your freeways. I, in the meantime, will be thinking positively for our country as a whole on this eve of 2011, hoping and believing that what we witnessed during the bloodbath that was Election Day 2010, was only the spark for what lies ahead in the next two years.  Happy 2011, everyone. Keep the faith.

Obama Pretends Tuesday’s Bloodbath Was Not About Him

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There was a day when I might have found it funny to hear Barack Obama claim that though the bloodbath his party took on Tuesday was in no way a rejection of him and his agenda, he is willing to listen to any remedies either party might suggest for the very serious problems plaguing our nation right now.  But because of the severity of those problems; because of his continued emphasis on climate change, electric cars and Bush blaming; and armed with the American peoples’ show of muscle last Tuesday, I instead find this President’s response pathetic.  And arrogant.  And so quintessentially him.

I have had the great honor and privilege over the last couple of years to attend various small gatherings featuring the likes of republican Congressmen Eric Cantor (R-VA) and Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) – the “young guns” they are called, rising stars of the republican party.  For two years, they insist, they have literally begged this President and his minions to listen to their ideas, only to be shut out consistently by a fatally inexperienced man whose oh-so-clever response to his opposition has consisted of: “I won….you are ‘enemies’….get to the back of bus.”

But on Wednesday, during his embarrassingly inept day-after-the-bloodbath press conference, he seemed to have flown back in time to those halcyon days of 2008, when he canvassed the country campaigning to adoring crowds and a slobbering media. He even pulled out those insipid comments about his “funny name” and his unusual upbringing, his attempt, perhaps to return to that happier time when he was regarded a god.

Obama increased the embarrassment quotient of his presser when he invoked, as well, all those tired old anecdotes with which he assaulted us for an entire year as he struggled so desperately to convince the American people to swallow willingly the bitter pill that is Obamacare (and we all know how that turned out).  I personally did not need to hear rehashed again the endless stories of all those poor anonymous people who had to sell their homes to pay for health insurance and similar tales of doom and gloom. And through it all, appearing so very folksy, he would drop the “g” on his gerunds – “talkin’,” “movin’,” “drivin’” – you know, that thing he does to convince the masses that he’s one of us.

In the end, all he did was solidify my hope that no one will be fool enough to believe a word this man says. Now. Or ever. This panicked President is not to be trusted. Now. Or ever.

And now, Obama and an entourage unmatched in size and expense by any entourage in American presidential history are off on an opulent, five-star, completely unnecessary, budget-busting tour of Asia. As he embarks on said excursion, let us all remember what the President told us on Wednesday: “Budget, budget, budget, people. Tighten those belts and stop spendin’ more than you’re earnin.’ See ya!”

The First Step Toward Our Great Nation’s Rescue

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It’s morning in America, and on this fine morning we may at last breathe a great sigh of relief.

We might say that Election Night, November 2010, was an evening of miracles, but when we consider the character of our nation and her people, there was nothing miraculous about the outcome.  After four years in the desert, which found many, including many on the right, claiming that the age of conservatism is over, the Republicans have recaptured the House of Representatives by more than 60 seats with a message of conservative principals.  We the people have finally been able to express our adamant opposition to this administration and its radical agenda, and yesterday we took the first step toward salvaging our great nation before she is maimed beyond all recognition.

But this is only the beginning, and Republicans, both the newly elected and the remaining entrenched, are wise to hear the message.  Many of the candidates who won last night, unseating powerful Congress members who have been in DC for decades, did so with the backing of the Tea Party and a conservative constituency that refuses to tolerate the repeated attacks any longer.  Newly minted Republican Florida Senator-Elect Marco Rubio said it best in his victory speech: “We make a great mistake if we believe that tonight these results are somehow an embrace of the Republican party.  What they are is a second chance, a second chance for Republicans to be what they said they were going to be not so long ago.”

The Republicans did not take the Senate, although they did make progress in that area – Barack Obama’s Illinois Senate seat, for one, going Republican.  Several Democrat strategists and pundits actually confessed that they wished the Republicans had claimed a Senate majority, so that the Democrats would not have to take responsibility for anything that occurs in the months ahead. (Indeed as many discovered tonight, taking responsibility for one’s actions – such as a vote for nationalized health care — can be quite painful.)

The highlights of an evening filled with highlights included:

  • The staggering number of Republicans who claimed the governorships of states throughout the nation – even in Ohio and Michigan  — which will prove detrimental to the Dems as the 2012 presidential election process heats up.
  • Disgraceful Florida Congressman Alan “the Republicans want you to die quickly” Grayson is out, and it looks like his fellow caught-on-tape-arrogant-whackjob colleague, Bob Etheridge (D-NC), is gone, too, the latter having fallen to his opposition, a nurse named Renee Elmers.
  • Right-wing victory speeches were rich with evocation of American exceptionalism and the beauty of our founding documents.  How long it has been since we have heard those touted and celebrated so vigorously.  Congressman John Boehner (R-OH), the presumptive Speaker-of-the-House come 2011, choked up with genuine emotion when he reflected on what occurred on this night.  It was lovely to behold (as was the lack of teleprompters across the board).
  • And, finally, no more Speaker-of-the-House Nancy Pelosi!  

Of course, not all went our way last night.

New York and California both chose to stay their course toward complete economic collapse, casting aside candidates with proven business acumen in favor of Governors, U.S. Senators and Congressional Representatives superglued to punishing tax-and-spend policies, self-serving special-interests, and the White House.  Look to New York and California, and you will find elected officials in lockstep with the Obama administration and anything their dear leader mandates.  Especially infuriating was California’s re-election of dim-witted Senator Barbara Boxer, whose track record includes repeated insults against our military and against successful black businesspeople who refuse to remain in what she considers their “place.”

Of equal, if not greater, disappointment, however, was the re-election of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).  That said, it would have been difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to beat the “incentives” (food, gift cards, free flights to polling places) he and his union supporters used to inflate his numbers.  Nevertheless, he has been defanged, as have his fellow conspirator Nancy, now relegated to non-Speaker status, and his dear Obama in the White House.

Speaking of Mr. Obama — and his wife — I would guess there is much anger permeating the halls of the White House this morning.  This First Couple does not deal well with opposition, and I imagine their hostility toward America has mushroomed exponentially over the last 24 hours.  Much was speculated last night about Obama coming out today in a contrite move to the center, complete with brilliant words about compromise and bipartisanship — which anyone would be a fool to believe, let alone embrace.  I personally doubt he has that in him in any genuine sense, and, frankly, I would prefer to see him remain as radical and hostile toward America as ever – in other words, remain true to who you are, Mr. Obama.  Stay the course.

As for the new influx of Republicans who will be flooding DC come 2011, they need to stay their course, as well.  We the people have sent them a clear message.  We the people have had enough of the nonsense that has come for far too long from both sides of the aisle in our nation’s capitol.  Will they take that to heart?  Only time will tell.  But now, we will be watching.