Reflections on Election Day, November 2nd

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It’s been impossible to forget that today is November 2, 2010, a day so many of us have awaited so ardently for two years.  With the election results due to start trickling in in about an hour or so, some reflections from the day:

1.  Started the day with my usual non-scientific review of various news outlets and their early coverage of a potentially historic day for America.  Fox News proceeded as expected with wall-to-wall coverage, and CNN seemed fairly well focused, as well.  Then I clicked on MSNBC to find them discussing first, New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg; then the New York Yankees (they could at least have discussed the San Francisco Giants, who won the World Series last night); and, finally, a few minutes later, a panel discussing Barack Obama.  The upshot of the Obama discussion: If the blood-bath predictions for the democrats come true, Obama is so amazing he will handle it brilliantly and carry on as the most gifted and successful President the world has ever known.  And that was enough for me.

2.  Went to vote an hour after the polls opened and found my polling place far more crowded than usual, a situation that seemed true all over town.

3.  Perused some headlines and found that Barack Obama is backpeddling on his labeling of Americans who oppose him as “enemies.”  Too little, too late.

4.  Listened to Dennis Miller on the radio as people called in from all over the country to report their polling places were packed to the gills – and glorying in the fact that it took them up to two hours to vote.  Dennis was an absolute delight, as eloquent as always.

5.  Looked through a calendar I received today from the USO with my daughter.  It had us both teary-eyed, even moreso when I remembered that the votes of so many of our troops who sacrifice their lives daily for our nation, our families and our children will not be counted.  And that is just the way the democrats want it.

6.  Was barraged by endless political commercials, my own Congressman bragging only, and repeatedly, that he supported cancer research, but not a word about how he has obediently voted exactly as Obama/Pelosi/Reid have mandated in the House.

7.  Felt oddly and unexpectedly content and relaxed throughout the day.  Here’s hoping there’s a reason for that.  And now time to find out….

Do You Hear the People Sing?

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Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the songs of angry men.
It is the music of a people
Who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes!

(Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schonberg)

I am a great lover of musical theater. And as my family well knows, I like my theater dark and tragic, rich with the immortal themes of injustice, redemption, pain, healing and unrequited love, temptation and salvation, courage and sacrifice, tyranny and triumph.

Not surprisingly, then, topping my list of all time favorites is the magnificent Les Miserables, the epic story of hero Jean Valjean and the people of an early 19th-century France vowing to bring justice and representation to their corrupted nation.  Here we find, as well, the equally magnificent song from above: “Do You Hear the People Sing?”  This song has not-so-mysteriously popped into my head repeatedly over the last week or so, particularly tonight on the eve of Election Day, 2010.  I can think of no better commemoration.

Tomorrow is a day many of us thought would never come.  I need not reiterate the significance of this day for the salvation of our country, but if we the people do not decisively take our country back tomorrow, I don’t know if we ever will.  But I also have complete faith that the people of my country, “singing the song of angry men,” will not let me down. Tomorrow, fired by that anger, may our votes speak for the fact that “we will not be slaves again.”  As they also say in Les Mis, “one day more.”  See you on the other side….

We the People Flex Our Collective Muscle. Again.

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Oh what fun it has been watching the left melt down in the wake of last Tuesday’s primary elections.

With what they deem dangerous, rightwing nutjobs – and certainly anyone endorsed by Sarah Palin and/or the Tea Party – emerging victorious, often at the expense of “moderate” incumbents expected to glide onto their respective ballots, liberal elites have been shrieking and stomping so violently, I expect at any moment they will simultaneously pop clusters of veins.

When not shrieking and stomping, they wag their fingers at us from their political offices, from television screens and from computer monitors, warning us how dangerous that oh-so-ignorant-racist-intolerant Tea Party is, and how destructive it will prove to be to our conservative cause and to the republican party at large. Their concern for our cause simply evidence of their own panic, they as usual choose to address only half of the story. Mainstream republicans received a smackdown of their own last week, the conservative victories illustrating for them once more that we the people will no longer tolerate a republican party that is nothing but a weak and appeasing photocopy of the left.

Their desperation in fever pitch, the left has now laughably even played the “witch” card against newly minted Delaware republican senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell. So enmeshed in their own hysteria, they are, much to our amusement, grasping for any and every possible straw in their mission to vilify and demonize the Tea Party.

I do not at all regret to inform them, however, that it’s too late. The momentum begun with the elections of November, 2009, that brought us, among others, rising conservative star New Jersey pitbull Governor Chris Christie, has spun out of control, and I’d say, thankfully, there’s no turning back.

Even in my own extremely blue corner of the country, entire blocks of flags are seen flying on homes – many atop newly erected flagpoles – some demanding “Don’t Tread on Me.” Check out the bumper stickers, too, my most recent serpent-adorned favorite seen on a car next to me in a parking lot today: “Liberty or death. Don’t tread on me.” I saw that and grinned the same grin I see on people everywhere these days. It’s the grin of the momentum that we all hope and suspect is unstoppable. November 2nd can’t come soon enough.

Accountability and Regretful Americans

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I wish I could laugh, hearing that captains of industry now regret the millions they donated to Barack Obama, arming him with the power to decimate American industry and the free-market system. I wish I could smile when I hear the lapdog media reporting with shock that confidence in this President is plummeting across the board, and that even members of his own party are realizing they have made a terrible mistake by pledging him their blind allegiance. I wish I could at least grin upon hearing that millions of voters now admit they would vote differently if given the opportunity to go back in time to November, 2008.

But I’m not laughing, and neither am I feeling the relief I suppose I should upon hearing that these Americans have recognized the terrible mistakes they made. Because of the devastation those mistakes, those choices have caused our country, our families and our children, I feel no relief, no sympathy. This is permanent-record territory, so anger is all you’ll get from me.

From sea to shining sea, well-educated, highly skilled, Constitution-loving Americans are admitting they regret their votes for Obama now that their eyes have opened to the true character and agenda of the man. We just don’t understand what happened, these individuals invariably plead.

But why don’t they understand? What’s the big mystery here? It’s really quite simple: They and so many others just don’t want to acknowledge the part they played in the current attacks on our country. They did so knowingly, and probably at the time with a big goofy smile of do-gooder, guilt-relief on their faces.

Though my own conscious is clean, I find the simplicity of this tragic situation staggering. Here you have thoughtful, highly skilled, professionally experienced people who have worked very hard for what they have achieved in this life. I know these people. You know them, too. Now along comes this guy running for President. To spare my own sanity, I’ll skip the description of his lack of experience, his mysterious past, his frightening associations, and his childhood scars.

Now, given this man’s thin resume and problematic personal background, let’s ask our regretful yet accomplished, hard-working, professionally experienced Americans, including friends and family members of our own, if they would ever hire this man to work for their companies, their practices, their shops. Of course they wouldn’t. And they would say this without hesitation, I’m sure. Yet millions of these same accomplished, professionally experienced friends and family members, also without hesitation, entrusted the futures of our precious nation, our families and our children to this same incompetent individual.

And they should be ashamed. Not shocked. Not disappointed. Ashamed.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to shed my own anger over what they did to us – beginning with what I hope will be a redemptive election for our country come November. In the meantime, all those regretful Americans out there can take their first step toward their own redemption by acknowledging their guilt – not regret, guilt — and then doing all they can to make things right again.

Thanks to the Grizzly Moms!

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I want to thank all the Grizzly Moms out there who have contacted me since I praised the spirit of the great mother bear in my last post.

In the crazed times we are now enduring, sometimes it’s natural to feel we are all alone in the wilderness, facing circumstances none of us ever dreamed possible in this great nation of ours. We need to be reminded from time to time that we who love this country and want to preserve and protect her for our children are not alone.

When I hear from others out there who share my love for this nation and my faith in our people, then I know this insanity will be short-lived. You all are doing that for me, as you express your own love for this country and our heritage; your genuine concern for your children, their futures and our liberties; and your faith that together we will prevail in the ferocious spirit of mama Grizzly herself.

So many thanks to you all for reminding me that I am not alone. May this serve to remind you that you – and all who share our love for this country – are not alone either. Keep the faith. We will see morning in America once more.

Sarah Evokes the Great Spirit of Mama Grizzly

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Once again Sarah Palin has said “boo” and whipped the left into an hysterical frenzy. And this time, it’s personal for yours truly, because this time she evoked the spirit of the great mama Grizzly, as we on this site know to be one of the fiercest, most ferocious creatures on God’s blue planet. Knowing that such a creature belongs to the right and the right alone, and with no such warrior of their own to claim, the left just doesn’t know what to do with itself. Or with her. Or with us. Again.

Sarah told an audience last Friday that it will be the women of the right, the “mama Grizzlies,” who will “take this country back” come November. This is no news to us, the women of the right. We mama Grizzlies have never swayed from our belief in our nation and her people. But those on the left would rather not be reminded yet again that our side is rich with heroic women, who know exactly what this country stands for and are not afraid to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done.

Follow the direction of the venom they spew, and you will find who the left fears most. From Sarah to Michele Bachmann (Nancy Pelosi’s greatest nemesis) to Arizona’s fearless Governor Jan Brewer to Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter to the courageous women who for the past year at town-hall meetings across the nation have stood up face to face in courageous opposition to the President and his congressional lapdogs, to moms who have demanded that their kids’ schools cease and desist in proliferating this administration’s leftist propaganda and the desecration of our flag, to the women of all ages and economic circumstance who have cast conservative votes – we the ferocious mama Grizzlies, moms and non-moms alike, are their greatest fear.

We know this by their squeals of protest. By the insults they hurl. By the names they call us and their claims that we are stupid, uneducated, illiterate and ignorant. I revel in those names, for they reveal so clearly the underlying fear at the root of such attacks launched by women of the left and their unmanly, namby-pamby men.

What awaits, and what has already begun, just may be the greatest “cat fight” in history. Indeed in our culture, the proverbial cat fight is regarded as a joke, celebrated with lighthearted aplomb in television sitcoms and sports bars and mens’ locker rooms everywhere. But as severely out-clawed and out-fanged as they are now, I doubt our opposition will find – or is finding – a bear fight, more specifically a Grizzly mom fight, quite so laughable.

But Names Will Never Hurt Us

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For the last year or so, the left has told the right in no uncertain terms, like never before, in the most condescending manner possible, that those who oppose their left-wing – make that socialistic, even fascistic — agenda, are to be named the worst of the worst.

Oppose them, and you are “Hitler.” You are “haters.” You are “rageaholics,” “angry Americans,” “truthers” and “tenthers” (those who dare believe in the 10 amendment of the Constitution). You are “religious extremists” and “terrorists” (though don’t dare call a jihadist, the 9/11 perpetrators or the Fort Hood slaughterer, such a vile name). You are “racists,” “goons,” “rednecks”and “astroturfers.”

The list never ends, and indeed they seem to come up with new terms almost daily, patting each other on their collective backs for their oh-so-clever collective intellects that so-succinctly keep us neanderthals on the right in our place. Most recently, the Gulf Coast oil-rig disaster has been christened “Palin’s folly” by a pathetic leftist or two, and even the President of the United States, that scion of civil discourse, has ramped up his own additions to the fray, calling those who oppose his agenda “teabaggers” (well aware, no doubt, and with an arrogant smirk, no doubt, of the full implications of such a slur).

What you won’t hear the oh-so-clever clever name-callers admit, however, is their understanding that we neanderthals on the right couldn’t care less what they call us. Indeed we just add the newest additions to the list and laugh at the obvious desperation they represent. And that is driving our opponents, the clever name-callers, completely insane. That is why they continue to struggle almost daily to come up with more and more names to hurl our way.

But, as they see daily, their slurs fall on our deaf ears. I have been called Hitler (and much worse) myself from time to time – and this in response not to what I write here, but to puff pieces I penned about dogs, horses and small fuzzy pets (it doesn’t take much to incite some people – and, it would seem, some Congressional representatives, Presidents and presidential mouthpieces). We cannot, will not, fear their words. Those who oppose us may say what they will, but we in turn remain undaunted in our love for our country, our founders’ ideals and the enduring documents that made those ideals not only a reality, but the last best hope on earth.

So keep it up, guys. While many on our side who have been physically injured by left-wing thugs since January 2010, can testify, your sticks and stones – and punishing legislation – can break our bones. But your names will never hurt us. Indeed all they do – along with those sticks, those stones, those fists and baseball bats — is strengthen our resolve.

Back in the Saddle

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I’m happy to announce that the re-tooling of the site is complete, and is now quicker, more accessible, and ready to get back to the business of roaring against those who threaten our country and our families.  I thank you all for your patience, and I wish us all a good week ahead….

A Brilliant Mind for Business

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February 10, 2010 | Comments

UPDATE/CORRECTION:  In regard to my post earlier today, it’s been brought to my attention that yesterday the President said not that the goal of small business owners is to take loans out to “meet” their payrolls, but rather to “boost” their payrolls. Sorry about that, but this frankly doesn’t change the gist of my thoughts (or my son’s) on the subject. In fact, I think it makes it worse. This President’s idea of “creating jobs” thus consists of his notion that all a business needs to do is borrow money and “create” a job. Mission accomplished. Of course the rest of us know this is not how it works in the real world. It is, however, how it works in the welfare/socialist/non-capitalist world. –Betsy

February 10, 2010 | Comments

It’s no secret that we have a President who has never held what we might call a “real” job. He has never worked the counter at McDonalds or 7-11. He has never swung a hammer on a construction site, waited tables at Chili’s, or assisted customers at a sporting goods store. Sure, he has organized communities (not entirely clear on what that means, but I have a good idea) and given lectures to students and to the American people. But I see no evidence here of any experience that might lead to an understanding of economics, budgeting, shelf stocking, investing, or even operating a cash register and making change.

Yesterday, the President’s lack of business experience was displayed front and center when he thrilled the Washington press corps with a surprise press briefing (something for which the corps has been clamoring since July).

Now, as we know, this Pres doesn’t work off teleprompter with impromptu questions, a weakness he attempts to mask with an arrogant smirk and condescending tone of voice that utters repeatedly such phrases as “move forward,” and “look…” But yesterday, some concrete questions came up that required a little more meat, a little more substance. ABC’s Jake Tapper, for one, dared to ask the President if he is concerned that small business owners are hesitant to hire because they fear such economically crushing policies as cap and trade and health care in the future.

The President predictably responded that no, small business owners don’t have that fear (a surprise, I’m sure, to the small business owners I know, that we all know, who are indeed worried that future policies from this administration’s agenda would destroy them financially). Then he continued, and here is where the business “brilliance” kicked in. In a nutshell, according to the President of the United States, the true worry among small business owners is their inability to get credit so they can take out loans to meet their payrolls.

Again, according to the President of the United States, all small businesses need and want to do is take out loans so they can pay their employees.

And that will lead to more jobs and hiring, Mr. President? Really? Have you ever actually held a job in a place of business, small or otherwise? Have you ever managed a payroll or even glanced at a business budget? Never mind, we already know the answer to that one.

I had just picked my teenage son up from school when we heard the President utter these words on the radio. “What!” shouted my son. “Did he really just say that?”

Yes, he did.

“You don’t take out a loan to make payroll!” my son continued ranting. “Anyone knows that! If you can’t make payroll, you can’t pay back a loan. If you can’t pay your people, you have to lay them off. And you know where I learned that? From “The Office!”

So there you have it, Mr. President. According to the teenager in my car, and I’m sure from teenagers working fast-food counters and helping customers at malls everywhere, maybe you need to watch some episodes of “The Office” and get some business training from Dunder Mifflin’s own Michael Scott.

If nothing else, I was left smiling, knowing that at least my son is on the right track. Let’s just hope we still have a country left where he, and all our children, can someday practice their own brand of business brilliance (and common sense).

Betsy Siino | Comments

Massachusetts Miracle 2010

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January 19, 2010 | Comments

And now we can breathe. He won. Scott Brown won. And we have witnessed a miracle in Massachusetts akin to the same miracle that occurred in Massachusetts more than two centuries ago that led to the birth of the United States of America.

This is huge, folks. But I don’t have to tell you that. Massachusetts, a state dominated by democrats three to one elects a republican to the Senate for the first time in three decades. But it goes so much deeper than that. The seat this republican won “belonged” to Ted Kennedy, the beloved “liberal lion,” a virtual god in Massachusetts (or so we were told), whose legacy issue was the health-care bill currently being jammed down our….er, I mean, currently making its way through Congress. The symbolism is just more than I can even stand!

In only a few short weeks, Scott Brown overcame a double-digit deficit behind a woman of the democrat machine, a woman who promised she would do everything Uncle Teddy – and the current President – would want. A woman America was apt to assume was exactly what Massachusetts would want.

But then tonight the miracle occurred.

They tried to stop it. Bill Clinton, Uncle Teddy’s son Patrick, John Kerry (the other U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, who you know is shaking in his boots tonight knowing that he, too, could fall victim to these voters he formerly always trusted), and yes, even the President of the United States himself – to Massachusetts they came, singing the praises of the machine and their candidate’s place in it. But the voters of Massachusetts, the patriots who cast their votes for Scott Brown, they took as much heed of the Traveling Democrat Show as the voters in Virginia and New Jersey did last November.

Tonight we watched a state of deepest blue exercise the true spirit of America – and it did so on the eve of the first anniversary of this truck-hating President’s inauguration (again, you just can’t beat the symbolism here). Indeed tonight we witnessed history – and a wake-up call to politicians coast to coast, democrats and republicans alike. We have reminded them that we are the ones with the power, and they had better never again ignore and dismiss our anger and our fury. If these politicians who have carried this administration’s water were nervous before this election – and the San Francisco Chronicle even admitted today that has been the case in California, who have been watching the Massachusetts race very carefully – they are downright terrified now.

Lots of soul searching going on tonight among these so-called elected representatives of ours, I’m sure. Am I really going to sacrifice my career and everything I have accomplished for this  guy in the White House? Should I start listening to the American people — and to my own conscience – and realize I have been following marching orders from a guy who has never even had a job in a 7-11? Do I really want to identify with the unbridled arrogance and name-calling that has spread like a virus through the halls of power of this great nation?

We’ll see, won’t we. In the meantime, we can celebrate tonight the miracle in Massachusetts, the first shot in our taking our country back to where it is meant to be. But you know, maybe it wasn’t a miracle. The founding of America was a miracle, to be sure, but the American people’s fierce determination to protect this nation and her Constitution and her people is anything but. That is our mandate, our responsibility, our honor and our privilege.

Throughout the insanity we have endured over the past couple of years as we have watched our country overtaken by leftists, globalists, appeasers, terrorist sympathizers (you know who I’m talking about), I have always maintained that the heart and soul of the American people has remained what I always believed it to be. And tonight, yet again, they have not let me down. Thank you, Massachusetts. And thank you, America. Good night.

Betsy Siino | Comments