Boehner and Obama 24/7 and No More Talk of Jobs

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Amazing, isn’t it?  For the last two years or so, after a decisive republican victory in 2010 that placed the House or Representatives back in the hands of the republicans, speaker of the house John Boehner vanished, emerging only, it seemed, to laugh and delight on the golf course with Barack Obama, the man christened, since his re-election, as the left’s “lord and savior.”  But now, since the presidential election on November 6, 2012, we seen Boehner’s face every day, all the time, 24/7, essentially promising the left “compromise” in giving those across the aisle all they demand.  He and far too many of the House republicans he “leads” (yes, you, Paul Ryan) apparently missed the fact that the republicans once again claimed the house on November 6th.

That leaves us, the bruised and battered “we the people,” witnessing a shredding of our Constitutional rights as never before (particularly of the Second Amendment, now so gleefully targeted by the left in the wake of the terrible Sandy Hook massacre), an arrogance and hostility in a president we always knew would emerge as soon as re-election was no longer a concern, and an unbridled destruction of our nation’s economy and our childrens’ futures.

But what amazes me most of all is that while we now see and hear Boehner and Obama almost daily, we have not heard the “J-word” since November 6th.  You remember: “Jobs.”  Pre-November-6th, we heard about jobs every minute of every day, 24/7.  And for good reason.  But since that fateful day, I haven’t heard a single politician mention the need for jobs — the key to increasing what the left now fondly refers to as “revenue” (also known as taxes).  Yet millions of Americans remain unemployed or underemployed.  Indeed nothing has changed since November 6th, but, just as John Boehner vanished after election day 2010, the need for American jobs — that formerly important “J-word” — has vanished, as well.  I am confident, however, that it remains front and center to those American households suffering the consequences of both this adminstration’s attack on capitalism, and the current post-election abandonment of the legendary American work ethic.  How easily we are used.  And how soon we forget.


Good-Bye to Twinkies and 18,000 Jobs: A Win-Win-Win for the Left

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We have all heard by now of the death of the Twinkie — and the HoHo and the Ding Dong and all those beloved Hostess treats — thanks to a union’s demands that would make yet another American company incapable of surviving.  Today it was made official.  A judge had ordered the various parties back to the bargaining table, but to no avail.  So say good-bye to the Twinkie and 18,000 American jobs that have for generations made it a part of American fabric and culture.

In the wake of this event, unions nationwide can declare victory by showing us all who is really the boss here.  Unions have emerged victorious, refusing to budge, refusing to bow to management demands, well worth the thousands of jobs lost.  Their victory has in turn emboldened countless other unions nationwide that have promised to disrupt Thanksgiving holiday travel and various and sudry Black Friday shopping sprees coast to coast.  In other words, the unions will do all in their power to increase consumer prices and decrease company profits.

TodayBarack Obama may claim victory, as well, as 18,000 more people are added to the government dole.  There is nothing more precious to this president than ensuring that more and more Americans find themselves dependent on the government, and, best yet, on him.

And, finally, the first lady can today declare victory as fewer sweet treats are available to the American people, obese and otherwise, who refuse to do her bidding and eliminate sweet treats from their American diets.  Can’t convince them to obey you voluntarily, Michelle?  Then, by God, take the treats off the market and force them into submission!  Of course, her victory may be short lived if another company purchases the brand and the recipes, but we may remain confident that if this happens, she will find some other way to protect us from ourselves.

So see, a win, win, win all around for the leftist agenda.  And just in time for the launch of the 2012 holiday season.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I Believe in Half of America

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I was so hoping two nights ago to be able to take a deep breath after four difficult years of waiting, hug my family, and say, “I believe in America.”

But then, the Obamaphone won.  And with it, tyranny won, as well.

So I had to take a break.  I spent the day after working hard around my house and focusing on those I love.  Like most conservatives did that day, I imagine.  I then spent a good chunk of yesterday online and with fellow conservatives, all of us, I believe, relieved and comforted to find that we are not alone.  We knew that already, but there is great comfort seeing your own heart relected almost identically in the words and hearts of so many others.  Half of America actually.  Also encouraging was the personal nature of it.  It seemed we regular people out here are more concerned with how this terrible Tuesday affects our families and our lives, ignoring the panic of so-called party leaders and pundits yammering on about amnesty, reaching out, campaign strategies, the woman problem, blah, blah, blah.  You know what?  We don’t care.

Tuesday was our wake-up call about who we are as a country and who we are as a people.  For far too many of us, the conservatives who just a few short days ago believed in the last great hope, Tuesday shattered our foundation.  Maybe the country will recover.  Maybe it won’t.  We can’t care anymore.

We can’t care about the “flexibility” this re-elected president has promised to countries that salivate openly at the sight of our exposed jugular.  We can’t care about the small businesses that will evaporate before our very eyes, and the skyrocketing numbers of unemployed Americans — some who still want to work and, apparently, so many others who don’t.  We can’t care about the college kids who can’t find jobs after powering through their chosen curricula with dreams, not of Obama’s father, but of their own families they hoped to nuture one day and the opportunities they presumed would be waiting.  We are wise to stop caring, as well, about the Americans who were murdered in the line of duty almost two months ago, because we know that now, all the scandals that have tainted this newly re-anointed administration will be forgotten.  We can’t care about the financial cliff that looms, the crippling tax burdens, the record-setting gas prices or the tenacles of socialized medicine that will at last break the spine of this country — all of which are this week being celebrated and endorsed by half of an America we thought we knew.

Of course those of us mourning the loss of our country — not of power, mind you, but country — we can’t help it.  We will still care.  But now, unlike before, we will be selective about it.

Today we believe in half of America.  As the United Nations and Iran and those who see America as nothing but an ATM machine with endless cash, we who have opposed tyranny will save our concerns for the military families who this week now fear for their loved ones as never before; for Israel which finds itself alone; and for the half of the nation who mourns a country set for destruction by the other half earlier this week.  To that other half, who today continue to gloat and giggle and call us names, I say be careful what you wish for.  You have actually set the rest of us free.  Atlas is shrugging, and soon you will see what happens when we who once cared are no longer invested.


Obama’s Dumbest Moments in the Final Debate

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Count me in as one of the many conservatives who spent the first half hour of Monday’s final presidential debate urging Mitt Romney on to take the bait his opponent Barack Obama kept dangling, then realizing the strategy the GOP candidate was obviously employing.  With the exception of a few moments here and there, this made for a pretty boring debate, but so have I realized that in addition to the Governor getting the “flexibility” punch in early, and giving solid play to the Obama apology tour, it was briliant of him to avoid the fight.  Pundits and commentators spent the entire day yesterday discussing Obama’s gaffes and “misrepresentations,” all the while claiming that though he avoided Libya, Governor Romney appeared every bit a presidential Commander-in-Chief to Obama’s petulant teenager.

In this spirit, I have collected what I deem Obama’s dumbest moments from the debate, some I believe he thought were clever, and some he no doubt thought would trick the American people and save his political career:

1.  Obama kept repeating, insisting, begging us to believe that under his leadership, America is safer and stronger than it has ever been.  Sorry, Mr. President, but as many have commented, people know when they are unemployed and underemployed, just as as they know when their country is safe and strong.  Time to stop underestimating us.  It doesn’t work for those of us who don’t want a free cell phone.

2.  Obama remains ever addicted to hiring teachers, thinking that will fix our failing economy.  Perhaps he truly believes that hiring teachers creates jobs.  Once again he stated tonight — and multiple times at that — that if we hire these teachers, good jobs will magically appear.  Apparently reducing class sizes will have the same result.  This has gotten downright embarrassing.

3.  In the wake of Cuba, Egypt and Iran proudly endorsing Barack Obama for president, and just as the United Nations warns the American people NOT to vote for Mitt Romney, Obama claims that his so-called Obama apology tour was not at all an apology tour.  Even more unbecoming were his pleas to his opponent, his audience and the debate moderator just to ask the reporters and fact checkers if this is true.  They’ll tell you! Just ask them!

4.  Obama stated proudly that steel workers are now selling steel to China.  Again, thanks to his complete lack of work experience, executive and otherwise,  he has no understanding of the middle layer involved in the “selling-the-stuff” process and certainly no respect for those involved in that process.

5.  And of course the granddaddy gaffe of them all, when Obama oh-so-cleverly informed Governor Romney that our military no longer needs bayonets and horses, because “we have these things” called aircraft carriers and submarines.  Needless to say, this snarky comment that proves his own lack of understanding of the military, coupled with his dismissal of the needs of our armed forces, has proven to be a serious mis-step for our so-called current commander-in-chief.

Using Canine Pack Behavior to Evaluate Obama’s Debate Performance

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7:06 pm PST: Obama still refuses to look the alpha dog in the eye, even when he makes a lame attempt to interrupt him.  And a young woman just called Governor Romney “President Romney.”  And now, after assuming in a most condescending way the dreaded Libya question was asked by a little old lady rather than the beefy intelligent business man in the back, he refused to answer the question about accountability and blamed Governor Romney for having an opinion on the killing of four Americans.  And Mr. Obama, quit calling the terrorists “folks!”  And now, miracle of miracles, Candy just asked if the buck stops with Obama or with Hillary.  Needless to say, he won’t answer.  He just keeps talking about the caskets, but at least he’s finally looking the alpha dog in the eye.  And Governor Romney stared him right back down, catching him in yet another Obama lie about how this fiasco was handled.  Great moment!

Original Post:  As somewhat of an expert on canine behavior, I feel like a field researcher tonight watching the second presidential debate.  Tonight we are watching an alpha male (Mitt Romney) facing off against omega Obama (the omega, for those who might not know, being the lowest member of the pack).  I realized this most pointedly when the question was about gas prices.  When it was Governor Romney’s turn to counter Obama’s predictable rhetorical answer, he turned to face the president of the United States, looked him in the eye and asked a pointed question.  The trouble for Obama was that when the Governor turned to face him, the president of the United States diverted his eyes, looking away and down, and he hunched his shoulders over to make himself as small and weak as possible, just like a good omega does when the alpha looks his way.  And it seemed a completely natural reflex, a reflex he has since repeated over and over again when the Governor looks his way.

Now, I’ve never viewed Obama as some powerhouse of masculinity.  Indeed he spends his life surrounded by women (often hiding behind them…right, Hillary?), and I have seen very little evidence of a strong male presence in his life at any stage of his life (I know he has placed his father on a pedestal, but given that daddy left him so young, I don’t happen to believe that pedestal is deserved).  So I don’t think he can help reacting in such a submissive manner when confronted by a successful alpha male, especially when he has spent his life avoiding any confrontation or opposition from anyone.

So no, the debate is about half done, and though he has improved over his first performance, Obama seems to be breathing heavy; his struggles to suppress the “ums” are noticeable (oops! one just snuck through); he is simply repeating the same rhetoric we have heard over and over again for four years; and, as someone with whom I’m watching the debate has pointed out, his voice seems high and strained in his attempt to sound energetic and concerned, and as a result it just makes him sound whiny.

So now let’s all wait to hear, once this hour and half is over, that Obama has emerged victorious, because you know that has already been decided by the media types so invested in this president’s re-election.  I, however, will disagree wholeheartedly, because you see, fluent as I am in the language of dogs, I am well aware that an omega with his tail between his legs, his shoulders hunched, head down and eyes lowered just because the alpha looks his way…well, that is not a portrait of victory, either in the wolf pack or on a stage in New York State.

Parents and Employers Finally Speaking Out Against the Administration

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I have waited weeks for the parents of those Americans lost one month ago when our diplomatic outposts in Libya were attacked by terrorists to speak up.  As a mom myself, I could not imagine sitting back while elected and appointed officials played games with America and American lives.  Telling us that “the movie did it.  Telling us it could not be helped.  Telling us they care.  And, most stridently, telling us it wasn’t their fault.  I couldn’t imagine enduring their crocodile tears, their excuses, their feigned concerns and their continued apologies to those who hate us.

But it was their fault, and beginning yesterday, with the congressional hearings targeting the attacks of that terrible day, as well as who knew what and when, the resulting panic among those responsible is palpable.  See them squirm and stammer, insisting they always labeled it terrorism, they never said it was a movie, and most stridently, it wasn’t their fault.  Coinciding with this comes an interview Pat Smith, mother of slain state department official Sean Smith, gave to CNN, where she spoke the truth that every parent, every family member, and every American should be speaking.  She made clear her lack of appreciation for the artificial condolences, stalls and lies offered to her by this president, this secretary of state and their people.  She shared her private hell and her growing anger, and I hope she understands that we all, parents or no, we share her fury and her loss.  And, like her, we will not believe one word this government offers on this or any other subject.

While we have waited weeks for this, and hope the other parents will follow her lead, we have waited years for business owners, large and small, to join the chorus of voices also finally speaking out about what this president has done to our nation’s business climate, and what he intends to do if he is given four more years to complete the destruction.  This was capped with casino magnate Steve Wynn’s recent interview, where he berated the current president for targeting this nation’s true job-creators with destruction.  “I’ll be damned if I want to have him lecture me about small business and jobs!” stated Wynn, echoing sentiments shared by businesspeople, from mom-and-pop proprietors to Fortune-500 executives, across the nation.  Well said, Mr. Wynn, but if I’m not mistaken you boasted of your vote for this “lecturing” president four years ago, and he has indeed pursued everything he promised long before you cast that vote, but at least you’re on board now.

And now, in this swirl of financial and national-security chaos, we await tonight’s vice presidential debate, the democrats crying that “debates don’t matter,” “Libya doesn’t matter!” (and it’s not our fault!), hiding behind Big Bird and Elmo, and pinning all their hopes for change on Joe Biden.  Meanwhile, they cannot deny the wave of great courage that has begun to spread across our land with a momentum that may ultimately prove to be unstoppable.  Here’s hoping it has already reached that point.

7.8 Percent: Believe That, and We Deserve to Be a Banana Republic

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This just in: Despite the fact that the number of U.S. jobs has risen only by about 1,000 since the 8.1 percent unemployment number was released a month ago; despite the fact that far too many of the “new jobs” being celebrated are part-time, non-career jobs; despite the fact that millions among us are severely underemployed or have given up the search altogether; despite the fact that manufacturing is down and people are hurting more than ever with crushing gas and food prices — despite all of this, well, what do you know, the unemployment rate has plummeted to 7.8 percent!  Yes, that’s right!  Seven point eight percent!  Below eight.  Got that?  Below eight!  Bring on the ticker-tapes and the champagne.  Happy days are here again!

And miracle of miracle, this announcement is made a mere two days after the president’s historically disastrous performance in his first presidential debate with Mitt Romney.  And, almost as if it were scripted, it occurs exactly as conservative pundits have predicted for months, those pundits having told us in no uncertain terms, almost as an act of collective clairvoyance, that America’s unemployment rate will suddenly fall below 8 percent just a few short weeks prior to election day 2012!  As we might all also have predicted, a jubilant president took the news — the glorious coincidence — and ran with it yesterday, proclaiming “hallelujah” to all the land, shouting above the din of his hand-picked campaign-event audiences that, “You can’t possibly push me out now, or all hope and change will be lost!”

And again Obama takes the American people for a population of fools.  Again he insults our intelligence and assumes that once again we can’t see through the cellophane that seals every phony, choreographed, photo-op ploy he throws at us.  We know his rabid followers, both in his carefully chosen audiences and in the media (who sounded like a chorus of giggling schoolgirls yesterday) will never sway from the light of their dear leader and his games, and, frankly, they’ll vote for him even if the unemployment number released is the more probable 11 to 16 percent.  I still maintain, however, that the vast majority of us see through this dangerous nonsense, distrust any number released from this administration, and will make known our skepticism and our love for our country as it was founded on November 6th.  If I’m wrong, if the majority of us do believe that that manufactured 7.8 is just as genuine as the manufactured republican war on women, then we deserve the third-world banana republic this president and his people are creating for us.

Obama’s “Understanding” of American Business

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The first presidential debate last night in Denver exposed the wannabe emperor as having no clothes, at the same time exposing Clint Eastwood’s prescient brilliance at the republican convention a few weeks back, when he depicted that wannabe emperor as an empty chair.  A record number of Americans tuned in last night to watch Obama shred the portrait that has so meticulously been painted of him by his followers over the past five years, leaving those followers bruised and stunned this morning when they were forced to see what so many of us have seen so clearly for that same half decade.

So as we leave those followers to lick their wounds, I thought, since last night’s debate was all about jobs and the economy, this would be the perfect time to revisit the president’s take on those concepts.

First and foremost, of course, is Obama’s now legendary “you didn’t build that,” an indictment of all those business owners in our United States who worked and risked so much to build their entrepreneurial American Dreams.  And remember “the private sector is doing fine?”  Certainly those familiar with the private sector of American business do — you know, people like Mitt Romney with actual business experience, who see, and are experiencing it, quite differently.  These same business vets would beg to differ, as well, with Obama’s announcement about his jobs strategy to a carefully chosen band of followers that, “We tried our plan, and it worked!”  Not sure what that plan was given the current employment climate in this country, but I have a feeling those with actual business experiences would not cheer those words.

And speaking of business experience, or lack thereof, I remember the speech Obama gave in Las Vegas after his State of the Union earlier this year, where he outlined his understanding of manufacturing operations and the economy.  “On Tuesday,” he told his fawning, hand-picked audience, “I laid out my vision  for how we move forward. I laid out a blueprint for an economy that’s built to  last, that has a firm foundation.  Where we’re makin’ stuff and sellin’ stuff and moving it around and UPS drivers are dropping things off everywhere.  That’s the  economy we want….”

This trite and shallow statement (“stuff?” really?), coupled with what we witnessed last night, certainly fortify Rudy Giuliani’s comment this morning that this debate seemed to feature a teacher (Romney) schooling a student (Obama) on how business operates here in the U S of A.  And the student dutifully took his notes, averting his eyes from the alpha male offering the instruction.  This latter point infuriated devout dem and former Clinton counsel Lanny Davis, who this morning turned his wise counsel to president of the United States, leader of the free world, commander-in-chief of America’s armed forces, Barack Obama.  Channeling his inner Mary Poppins, a livid Lanny scolded Obama for taking those notes like he was studying for mid-terms and commanded his petulant charge to stand up straight and look his opponent in the eye next time!

History was made last night, from the comments made to and by a president, who for the first time in his life had to address real questions and defend his own record — and all without benefit of a teleprompter.  He took a serious hit to the bow, and, as Marco Rubio said in the aftermath, this campaign will never be the same.  For me, that changed campaign was forever personified in a weary, aggitated Obama, after being schooled by Mitt Romney on American Business 101, pleading with the debate moderator to move on to another subject.

This president has told us with a wink and a giggle that he spent much of his high school and college years under the influence of illegal substances.  At about 9:25 EST or so last night, I have a feeling he was probably wishing he had taken his formative education a bit more seriously.  Indeed some basic knowledge of economics and history might have provided a valuable crutch in the clutch last night.  No doubt trying to forget the brutal defeat he sustained yesterday, the president today sought refuge where he has always found it: highly choreographed campaign events, carefully chosen audiences ready to fawn, the glow of the teleprompter loaded with vague anecdotes, spin and platitudes — and absolutely no questions!

Next up: the VPs a week from today.  Ryan versus Biden.  And that will be must-see TV.  Can’t wait!

Obama Voters Get the Gas Prices They Voted For

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Congratulations to those voters who cast their ballots for Barack Obama four or so years ago.  They watched the campaign, they reveled euphorically in the rhetoric and the undefined catchphrases, they ignored the glaring facts, and when that fateful November day dawned, they weighed in for a man who, without hesitation or shame, stated that, as president, he would like to see gas prices rise above $4 a gallon and beyond.  Now as we watch those prices shoot into the stratosphere, I trust those voters are dancing in the streets as they see this particular campaign promise become a reality.

In this spirit, I would like to remind those who voted for Barack Obama that the man is doing exactly what he said he would do – long before you cast your votes.  Meanwhile, we who did not vote as you did, we who listened to what he said before November 2008 and from the get-go viewed his anti-American agenda and his non-existent resume with suspicion, we, unlike you, resent his $4-plus-per-gallon price tag.  Plenty of us also happen to believe that all of this is happening by design, right according to plan – you know, the plan to “transform” America by destroying all that has made America the greatest nation the world has ever known.

So, those of us who count ourselves as pro-American, pro-liberty, we ask that you who forced this man upon us resist the urge to complain about the toll your president’s policies are taking on your bank accounts – and the future bank accounts of your children and grandchildren.  We ask, too, that you resist the urge to complain as you find yourself pumping this week’s grocery money, as well as the kids’ college fund, into your gas tank.  And please don’t bother telling us that you now regret your vote that November.  You knew exactly what you were voting for, but you have left the rest of us to join in paying for what you did.  Whether it can be fixed remains to be seen.


A Curious Collection of Super Bowl Commercials

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Amazing Super Bowl tonight.  A nailbiter until the very last moment when the Giants claimed the ring and the Lombardi trophy.  But, sad to say,  I found the journey to that last moment rather disconcerting.

It’s no secret that many watch the big game for the commercials.  From coast to coast, viewers gather to see what amazing, not to mention pricey, creations the ad agencies have concocted to wow America while the players take a breather.  Today we did indeed witness some clever moments that will no doubt be discussed around America’s water coolers tomorrow, but what I found disconcerting, and I hope others did, too, was what wasn’t represented.

Most notably, our nation’s ailing economy seemed to be on display in the limited number of companies that shelled out the big bucks for those coveted Super Bowl minutes.  It would appear that only one beer company could afford those slots, but even more jarring were the lack of car companies who could.  The game seemed like one giant commecial — wall to wall — for the company the cynics among us now refer to as “Government Motors.”  It’s amazing what an entity can purchase when it has a bottomless bailout (taxpayer) slush fund at its disposal for commercial time, and the game tonight proved the ultimate showcase for such excess.

The capper was a dark and endless tearjerker presented by thought-he-was-a-conservative Clint Eastwood, a treatise that lamented (and I paraphrase here) the fact that we are hurting, but because we’re America we all got together to do the right thing and bail out a car company and turn it over to the government and the unions, because, you see, “it’s half-time in America.”  Really?  Aside from a shameful rip-off of President Reagan’s iconic “morning in America,” I don’t remember being asked to “do the right thing” and turn over my tax money for a government/union take over of a private corporation.  Let me say, as well, that I would be royally furious right now if I were the powers-that-be at Ford Motor Company — a car company that refused the bailout — which was bashed by name in one of the Government Motors spots.  As a taxpayer, and an American, I’m royally furious for them — and for myself.

Other than that, many thanks to the Giants and the Patriots for a great game, and may we all be thankful that though commercial time was dominated by the left’s propoganda, at least this year the president did not interrupt the festivities with one of his customary Super Bowl campaign lectures.  Count our blessings for that, and have a nice night.