Spoiled Children Become Spoiled Presidents

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I’m thinking Barack Obama must have gotten away with some pretty pathetic behavior when he was a kid.  Now, we know he had some issues, what with being raised by 60s “activists,” failing to show up at class in both high school and college (he has gleefully admitted that himself), being abandoned by his so-called dad at a very young age, etc., and I’m thinking that along the way he was both indulged and excused by those raising him when he failed to behave in a responsible manner.

Just look at what we’re dealing with today in the wake of the president’s oh-so-glorious pronouncement last night.  Almost two weeks ago he was a dealt a stunning blow to his delicate ego.  As leader of his party and god-like entity to his media lapdogs, he hit the campaign trail for democrats, proclaiming that though he was not on the ballot, his policies were there for all to laud.  Well, the voters did not care to laud him, his policies or his fellow dems, and all were crushed at the polls.  The result?  An infuriated president who would, like a villain in a superhero movie, exact his revenge on those who failed to honor and obey him.

Last night he took the first step in avenging his ego, throwing open the floodgates of our nation’s sovereign borders and welcoming those who have broken some of our most sacred laws to reap the bountiful gifts they “deserve” from law-abiding, tax-paying Americans who need to be brought down from their exalted positions.  Then, today, he ignored all those pesky arguments about national security and let loose more prisoners from Guantanamo, despite others so released, who have returned to their terrorist activities.  And this, my friends, is only the beginning of this punishment to which he will subject us, perhaps believing that just as no one — mom, grandma, whoever — stopped him before, no one will stop him now either.  We would all be so better off if only mom, grandma, whoever, had given him a time-out or two during his formative years — and even made him get a job flipping burgers as a teenager so he might gain an appreciation of what it means to work for a living.  Oh, well.  Too late for that, but let’s hope it’s not too late for us.

Epic Tragedy in Tucson By the Hand of Epic Evil

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 On Saturday a massacre at a town hall gathering in Tucson, Arizona, offered us yet another sad and terrible reminder that evil is alive and well and living among us.

Allegedly embodied this time in the figure of a twisted 22-year-old “loner,” this latest evidence of evil would claim, before it was stopped by heroism from would-be victims in the crowd, the lives of six people, including a 9-year-old girl, a federal judge, a congressional aide and three civic-minded senior citizens. It would leave in its wake, as well, thirteen others seriously injured, including a U.S. Congresswoman, who took a bullet to her head and remains in critical condition.

Within minutes, the left took the tragedy and ran with it, blaming the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, pro-gun interests, conservative policies, and even George W. Bush. Within minutes, bills were prepared to restrict American gun ownership, as though such laws have ever kept weapons of mass destruction out of the hands of twisted, mentally deranged loners intent on decimating human life. Within minutes legislative plans were drafted to protect congressional representatives and federal officials from “threatening” language or public opposition, as though congressional representatives and federal officials are somehow more deserving of protection than a 9-year-old girl or any other American. We can assume, as well, that within minutes, arrangements were made to ensure that the congressional representatives using this tragedy to restrict American gun ownership will continue to enjoy their own armed protection from evil.

All of these instantaneous responses were set in motion before it came to light that the alleged perpetrator, currently in custody, counted Hitler’s Mein Kampf and Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto as favorite books (hardly typical Tea Party reading). If indeed it is proven, as has been alleged, that the perpetrator is a “left-wing pothead,” will the media and pundits who rushed to the Tea-Party-Palin-Bush judgment acknowledge that democratic Congresswoman  Gabrielle Giffords was “targeted” for career destruction by their own left-wing blogosphere for her more moderate position on their pet issues? Doubtful.

Now is no time to fling blame or to use such an epic tragedy for a political agenda as is being so disgracefully done. It is time to mourn for the victims of this twisted individual’s actions. And, with those victims and their families in our thoughts and prayers, we must mourn as well for our divided nation that is afflicted by an evil far too many refuse to acknowledge, an evil fed by a culture of alienated souls hungry for infamy they can find readily available on reality TV, YouTube and Facebook. Evil is among us.  Always has been. Always will be. The only way we may fight it is not with knee-jerk, agenda-driven political jockeying, but by recognizing it for what it is and offering it no quarter, no excuse, no whitewash, no sanctuary. Ever.

A Christmas Miracle Update on the Update

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Yeehaa!  It’s a Christmas miracle.  Just when we thought Harry Reid and his gang were going to grant amnesty to illegal aliens in a despicable lame-duck weekend session, the so-called Dream Act has died in the Senate.

Just another sign, I’d say, of the failure of twisted democratic strategies designed to fool the American people — in this case a strategy where the dems work their dark magic when they think we aren’t looking (weekends, the wee hours of the morning, and the ever-popular Christmastime).  But we have made it clear we are looking, and we won’t tolerate them treading on us anymore. God bless us, everyone!

Update on the Lame-Duck Congressional Tantrum

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Much has changed over the last 24 hours or so since I wrote about the current lame-duck congressional tantrum, and, if the democrats have their way, even more is set to change in the next 48, as well.

Since my original post on the lame-duck congressional tantrum, the Senate voted to extend the Bush tax rates (much to the chagrin of the leftist democrats), and Obama signed it (again, the chagrin – and, despite the signature, that includes Obama’s, as well). And, in what some have heralded a surprise move, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-NV),  shelved the godawful, earmark-laden, trillion-something omnibus spending bill. A good thing, yes, but, as we now see, done only to clear the way for other wildly vilified pet projects of this flock of hysterical lame ducks.

In keeping with their tradition of jamming through those wildly vilified, not to mention unconstitutional, laws and policies during weekends, holidays (particular Christmas), and in the middle of the night, the democrat majority in the U.S. Senate is positioned on this fine December Friday to use the coming weekend to grant amnesty to illegal aliens and, time permitting, fiddle around with the military “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.  Don’t be surprised if they tackle the START Treaty, as well, which would strip Eastern Europe of American missile defense: a Christmas gift for Russia, a lump of coal for the likes of Poland and the Czech Republic.

It would seem, then, that this lame-duck Senate has its work cut out for it. The Senators intend to use the next two days to label “legal” millions of people who have violated our laws on local, federal and Constitutional levels, for no other reason than their ability to bypass the fabric and foundation of our nation that our founders put in place, and that those in our armed forces have shed blood to preserve and protect.  Should these so-called “representatives” decide to entertain START, as well, it’s a safe bet the material will go largely unread since a big chunk of it is reportedly written in Russian.  Of course, they admit never reading what they sign anyway, so what difference does it make?

What a disgrace for a gaggle of anti-military leftists to make earthshattering policies on national defense and strategy – or earthshattering policies on anything — during a rushed lame-duck session hours before Christmas.  But if we the people are to be properly punished, it must be done.  Just keep in mind that we the punished (and enraged) will not forget.

Congress and Obama in the Throes of a Final Tantrum

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In a flurry of legislative hysteria matched only by the desperation we witnessed when they jammed Obamacare down our throats earlier this year, the members of the democrat majority in the current U.S. Congress are at this moment voting with ignorant abandon on anything and everything that strikes their collective fancy before 2010 comes to an end. Never mind how their constituents, let alone the American people at large, feel about it. Their clock is ticking. They have only a handful of hours left to inflict as much damage as they can before they are shown the door.

Every hour, on the hour, a new vote, a new breathless announcement, including the first vote for amnesty for illegal aliens (though known in the touchy-feely world as the “Dream Act,” it’s the “Nightmare Act” for those of us who believe in the rule and law and see this as simply a ploy to anoint a fresh influx of new democratic voters); a monstrous spending bill with a price tag exceeding the trillion-dollar mark; Michelle Obama’s tell-parents-what-their-kids-can-and-cannot-eat bill; and earmarks, earmarks, earmarks.

It began with the debate over Obama’s sudden and desperate pet project — the infamous bill to extend the Bush tax rates – which Obama hopes America will use as a prism through which to see his pretended centrist and concerned- about-America side. “Boo, hoo!” the leader of the free world whimpered to his leftwing congressional minions.  If you don’t pass this tax bill, my presidency is over! This pathetic plea was preceded by a press conference last weekend, during which we witnessed Obama’s most dramatic show of weakness to date, when he shared an official presidential podium with the last dem to hold his office, Bill Clinton.

Obama quickly acknowledged his defeat in this ultimate clash of the narcissists, when he retreated, his tail between his legs, claiming in so many words that his wife would bust his you-know-what for keeping her waiting – an embarrassing, cringe-worthy moment for America, a glorious moment for Bill Clinton. And a glorious moment for the members of the Washington press corps, so giddy were they to have good old Bill standing at that podium once more before the great seal of the President of the United States – and without a teleprompter.

While Clinton beamed, Obama blanched, his retreat painting him symbolically and officially as the weakest President in our history. We could see this in his body language and his expression, the same expression no doubt clouding the mugs of all those multi-decade career Representatives and Senators at this moment voting with such abandon on Capitol Hill. Shirking their responsibilities to their representative democracy, their people and their Constitution, these hacks know that their furious votes, designed as they are to punish the American people for November 2nd, will be their last. They know that come January, the reign of this Congress and their democrat majority comes to an end.  It would appear Mr. Obama knows that, for all practical purposes, his reign is over, too.

Justice Prevails for Three Navy Seals

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On December 7th of last year, a date we know historically as “a day of infamy,” I wrote of the disgrace of seeing three of our Navy Seals being court martialed for their alleged aggression in their capture of terrorist Ahmed Hashim Abed. Never mind that this terrorist (yes, I said terrorist) is considered the mastermind behind the murder and desecration of four American contractors working in Iraq. Not surprisingly, our current administration remains unconcerned about that aspect of the case. Their concern, their fearless leader included, is that in the process of this capture, these three Seals allegedly gave Abed a fat lip or called him a name or stepped on his toe or some such nonsense.

But such ridiculous (treasonous) foolishness aside, May 6th of this year marks another day of infamy, for on this day, the last of our Seals being forced to face this ultimate betrayal from the nation they have sworn to defend and protect, was found not guilty. In other words, for Matthew McCabe, Julio Huertas and Jonathan Keefe, justice has prevailed. And we may all sleep more peacefully for it.

These heroes followed their sense of honor. The can take comfort tonight, not only in their ongoing knowledge that they did nothing wrong — and indeed they insisted on going to trial when they could have struck a deal and avoided the circus — but also in the fact that the vast majority of Americans are rejoicing in their exoneration. In other words, we the people have all along supported and honored them for bringing to justice a terrorist who wants to destroy us, and our thoughts and prayers stayed with them throughout their ordeal. I, of course, speak here only for “we the people” who, like them, revere our Constitution, not the clowns in this adminstration who desecrate that sacred document — and who made this court martial all possible.

Speaking of the clowns, given the outcome of these court martials, I have a question for we the people. Faced with the threats of those who want to kill us — and who make this desire quite clear every few weeks or so on our own soil and in our own airspace — just who would you like out there on the front lines ensuring that our children and our nation remain safe and secure? The namby-pamby elitist intellectual throwbacks to the 60s now wobbling through the halls of the White House and its environs and reading terrorists their rights? Or the likes of Matthew McCabe, Julio Huertas and Jonathan Keefe? I think you know my answer to this question. And I think I know yours, as well.

Words of Warning from One of Our Founders

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March 1, 2010 | Comments

I ran across these words of warning today from 4th President of the United States, James Madison:

It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood.

Seems President Madison foresaw that we the people of 2010, in his beloved United States, would be faced with 2400 pages of health-care legislation that would not only be impossible to understand, but would also severely curtail the liberties for which he and his colleagues fought so hard. Thank you for thinking of us, Mr. President!

Betsy Siino | Comments

A Day of Infamy

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December 7, 2009 | Comments

On December 7, 1941 – sixty-eight years ago today – Japanese forces launched a surprise attack on the American naval fleet in Pearl Harbor. Then-President Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed that day to be a “day of infamy,” as America was ushered into World War II.

Today we witness another day of infamy, a day when two of our Navy Seals, whose heroic efforts led to the capture of Ahmed Hashim Abed last September, were arraigned in a court martial proceeding in Virginia. This thus becomes not just a day of infamy, but a day of disgrace for our country, and a day of betrayal for our military.

You see, Ahmed Hashim Abed is the alleged mastermind behind the barbaric slaughter of four Blackwater contractors – security guards – in Iraq in March, 2004. The four men were ambushed, brutally murdered, then dragged through the streets of Fallujah, two of them hung over the Euphrates River. I remember the images. You probably do, too.

After years of unsuccessful attempts, three Navy Seals, two of whom – Matthew McCabe and Julio Huertas – were arraigned today (the third will be arraigned later), succeeded in at last capturing the man assumed to be responsible for this brutality committed against American citizens. But it would seem their methods were a little too rough in our new politically correct world. Or at least that is what is being charged. The Seals could have accepted a non-judicial reprimand for being mean to the terrorist, but they chose instead a trial to clear their names – and, perhaps, to set a precedent for their brethren who commit heroic acts in the future.

Not surprisingly, these Seals have garnered a massive outpouring of support from the public. We have, in turn, been urged by government and even military voices to reserve judgment until all the facts have been revealed. But you know what? I think I speak for the great majority of those supporting the Seals, when I say, we don’t care.

We frankly don’t care what facts you may have that you think will change our minds. We don’t care how much force may have been used. Yes, we are Americans, so by definition we are the most compassionate people on earth, but our compassion lies with the victims of these heinous acts who suffered so terribly, with their families they left behind, and with the courageous men and women who work to bring the perpetrators of such acts to justice. Case closed.

So instead of mourning this day of infamy, let us rejoice in the heroism of these young men. Despite what the current government may think of you young heroes, despite even what your own possibly confused military may be thinking under this government’s spell, we the people are behind you. And they won’t be changing our minds.

Betsy Siino | Comments

To Protect and To Serve

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July 30, 2009 | Comments

What a ridiculous day to be an American.

It began on Tuesday with the image broadcast on every news channel of a lone picnic table sitting next to the White House swing set. This was the lucky picnic table chosen as the site of the illustrious “beer summit,” to be hosted by none other than the President of the United States, the celebrated leader of the free world. The camera doesn’t move. The media swoons. Press secretaries and reporters alike report on the beer choices likely to make appearances on the picnic table as seriously as if they are discussing the latest death toll in Afghanistan.

And the world watches. The world laughs. Today we are their fools. Again.

By now we are all plenty familiar with the events that led to this day: Witness sees two men seeming to break into a Cambridge home, witness calls 911, police answer call, police ask for identification from one alleged perpetrator who is a Harvard professor, professor (an African-American) lives in the house, professor cries racism, professor berates police, police officer (not African-American) arrests professor for disorderly contact, charges are dropped, reporter asks question at presidential press conference, president states the police acted “stupidly,” president calls it an obvious example of racial profiling, police cry foul and support sergeant, public cries foul and doesn’t support president….like I said, we all know the story.

So things just got a little out of hand in Cambridge that night, the political/PR/media machine tells us now.  Okay.  But today we made it all better, right? The three men, equally at fault (according to the president and the media, so no apologies necessary, none offered), sat down at what was changed from picnic table to cheesy white patio furniture and have a beer. The president was awarded his much-coveted photo opportunity, the professor footage he can use someday for lectures or documentaries or whatever. The president showed us what a regular guy he is, just having a beer with three other guys (VP Joe joined in, too). He got that regular-guy moment captured on camera, simultaneously mending race relations for all time. I just don’t happen to think the real regular guys out here are going to buy it.

Indeed we “regular guys” have been awarded embarrassment as we witness this lame attempt to mend what has become the president’s personal public-relations nightmare. How I wish Officer Crowley had politely declined the invitation to participate in this awkward spectacle – or at least received an apology. The officer was simply doing his job that night. I trust he left that day for his shift just as he and his brethren do every day, hoping and praying that at the end of the night he would return home, alive and well, to the family waiting for him.

When I was quite young and living in California’s San Fernando Valley, a neighbor came home late one night and saw a suspicious car parked in front of my family’s house. She called the police. When the police arrived the suspicious car took off, as did a suspicious someone who had apparently been hiding in the bushes near the house. I am forever grateful to that neighbor and to the LAPD, and any PD, to whom I would gladly shown my ID if asked. But now in the wake of what the president has called a “teachable moment,” maybe I won’t be asked. Maybe the 9-1-1 call will never even be made in the first place.

And that, perhaps is what we have learned from the president’s “teachable moment,” a term implying we are children, waiting at the hem of his robes for the pearls of wisdom only he can provide. We now know that the president has no intention of admitting that, though he knew nothing of the facts, maybe he had no business injecting himself into local police business. We have also learned to think twice before calling 9-1-1, but I’m still rather unclear about who is doing the teaching here, and who the learning. Explain that to me, would you please. Or, better yet, please don’t. I already know what I need to know.

Betsy Siino | Comments