Feeling a Romney/Ryan Landslide in My Bones

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I flew this last weekend to western New York — airport security checkpoints, as many here know, often inciting my inner Patrick Henry.   I got through the gauntlet without personal incident, but not without witnessing a tall, attractive would-be supermodel receive an apparently necessary pat-down after the naked picture, and, my favorite, a tiny guy asking his dad why he had to take off his shoes.  “Because they don’t trust us,” said dad with a wink my way.  (And to my fellow true believer on my Phoenix legs, if you read this, I hope you made it back — so sorry I missed you — and remember to track down the footage of Clint and the empty chair.)

I spent these few days in blue New York for a gathering of smart, successful entrepreneurs I have known and loved for years.  Sharing deep concerns for the future of our country, they grilled me on just why I am expecting a Romney/Ryan landslide come November.  The best answer I could muster was simply that I still believe in the heart and soul of this country and I still believe in the American people, even if only half pay taxes and the half that doesn’t, the media tells us, is happy to collect an ever-increasing ration of government goodies.  Anesthetize the masses with bread and circuses, as the ancient Romans taught us, and they never notice the shackles.  But while I still believe the majority of us, the sleeping giant if you will, aspires to more than the bread, the circus, so do I also believe that we have reached the tipping point.

When asked about my gut “landslide” feeling this last weekend, somewhat less than eloquently I pointed to the almost hourly polls that flood us of late,  the pollsters behind them trying so desperately to suppress conservative turn-out by skewing their samples to favor the dems.  Skew away, I say, as I am confident those results fail to reflect the reality we will find come election day.  Clearly many people tend to answer polls one way and vote another, evident most recently in Wisconsin, New Jersey, New York City, North Carolina, the 2010 bloodbath, and even a couple of races in California.  Still, the polls can demoralize, even when pollsters confess to using the 2008 sampling blueprint, despite drastic changes since those rah-rah days in voter enthusiasm; the economy; the electorate; the world stage; and the realities, transformations, scandals and coverups of the Obama administration.  Remember, the man could not fill a football stadium for his DNC acceptance speech two weeks ago, and we have millions of unemployed people — newly minted college grads among them —  who want to be working, not kept.

Now back home on my opposite, equally blue coast, I continue to ponder my optimism.  I am reminded of a discussion that took place shortly after 9/11, when members of a panel that included the late, outspoken writer Christopher Hitchens, were asked, “Will we win the war on terror?”  As his fellow panelists yammered on about 9/11  —  America’s fault…why they hate us…arrogant Americans…need to understand…blah, blah, blah  —  the inimitable Mr. Hitchens squirmed and snorted in his chair like a bull on a chain.  When finally he could take no more, he broke the links of said chain and crushed the panel with, and I paraphrase here, “Of course we will win the war on terror.  The alternative is to succumb to a group of people who would take the entire world back to the 7th century, and that is not going to happen.  But how many lives will be lost and how much blood will be shed along the way, that we can’t know.”

I find comfort in the message of inevitability in Mr. Hitchens’ words (if not the bloodshed), and I find comfort applying it to the most important presidential election of our, and almost any, time in America.  I simply cannot fathom the alternative to a Romney/Ryan victory.  We must win this thing and we must do so with a landslide to nullify the fraud we know will come.  There is no other option.  While we might subscribe to the inevitability of a world safe from being dragged back to the 7th century, we cannot assume the same will hold true for the preservation of our country and our liberties.  Only a short time will tell if America’s sleeping giant will be strong enough to prevent our great and exceptional nation from being dragged into the jaws of tyrants who so recently and proudly declared, “government is the only thing that we all belong to.”  Here’s to the belief that the tyrants’ muscular opponent, that sleeping giant, is far larger, far more powerful, than we think — and, better yet, than they think.


Honor the Heroes of 9/11 and Get Our Nation Back on Track

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I’ve been away from here for a while.  But there is no better day to return than today, the 11th anniversary of that September morning that so suddenly, so violently, changed our America.  I listened today to various radio talk stations that replayed their original broadcasts from that terrible morning.  Their shock, their attempts not to waver, their utter disbelief.  And their words whisked me, and I am sure so many others, back to that terrible morning with them, when, despite our valiant efforts to deny what we were seeing, we knew we would be forever changed.  I just never would have imagined the nature of that change.

We all seemed so cohesive that morning, and the mornings that followed, sharing our grief and our identity as Americans, united in the wake of an attack that none of us could have imagined when we rose that morning to greet the day.  Eleven years have passed, and now I — and I believe so many of my fellow Americans — find ourselves saddled, for some unfathomable reason, with a president who refuses to use the word “terrorist.”  A president who, as the leader of his party, tries to terrify Americans into voting for him by claiming Americans on the right are hellbent on revoking birth control and the right to vote from American women. A president who, failing to notice a hot mike, promised Russia that once he gets re-elected he can be more “flexible” in his negotiations with other, often hostile, nations.  A president who refuses to meet with the leader of Israel in favor of an appearance on Letterman’s late-night talk show.  A president with no business experience whatsoever — even experience working a cash register at a local fast-food joint.   A president who uses our military as backdrops for photo-ops and whose administration has been riddled with scandalous cover-ups, as well as national-security leaks designed to fuel his re-election.  A president who, as a state senator, voted repeatedly to deny medical care to a baby who happens to survive an abortion.  A president who admits he spent a good deal of his formative high-school years in a drug-induced fog (gotta wonder, then, how he got into all those high-falutin’ schools on his “resume”).  A president who has repeatedly bowed to world leaders and apologized for America….I’m sorry, this list is simply far too lengthy to include here in its entirety, but we all get the drill.

It’s just downright shocking and unbelievable that, given the events of that September morning 11 years ago, we find ourselves in this particular American universe today.  My hopes for change on this September 11th, with the election less than 60 days away, is that we the people will fix all this on November 6th.  That we will right the mis-calculations of the years that followed the shock of 9/11 and get our nation back on the path it is meant to follow.  The path that has been its destiny since our founders risked their lives and the lives of their families by committing the ultimate act of treason, dedicating themselves not to tyranny, but to independence and liberty, creating the most miraculous nation the world has ever known.  Let’s roll.

The Supreme Court Ruling Declares Obama Responsible for the Highest Tax Hike in US History

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Less than an hour ago, the Supreme Court announced as part of its ruling on Obamacare, that the mandate at its heart is a tax.  If you recall, Obama and his congressional minions insisted when shoving this law down our throats that it was not a tax, which, of course, would have made it even more unpopular at the time than it already was.  The Supremes have ruled this morning that Congress cannot compel Americans to make purchases as part of the Commerce Clause; therefore, the funds at the heart of the mandate are taxes.  So look out, America, massive tax increases, with Obama’s blessing and the blessing of every congressional representative who voted for Obamacare, are coming your way.

I personally was crushed when I heard that the mandate was being upheld, but in the subsequent minutes the knee I felt in my back has gradually reduced its pressure.  In a few hours Obama will stand before us crowing about his victory, but I have a feeling his congressinoal minions who stood beside him in pushing this law through, will be sensing something quite different in the days to come.  As many on the right are saying, the sleeping giant has awakened once more, and this time, I sense, far more ferociously than he did when this very unpopular law was originally floated.   In a sense, then, the Supreme Court has handed every conservative candidate running for office this November (hope you’re paying attention, Mr. Romney) a gift, the perfect weapon with which to combat a president and hundreds of congresspeople who have engineered an historic increase in American taxes.  As politicians well know, the “T” word is, and has always been, a dirty word to the American people, and those on the left who have insisted the Tea Party is dead and gone are about to be in for a very rude awakening.

The path to liberty has never been a smooth one, and today’s ruling is simply another obstacle littering that path.  We who love this country must find the silver lining, and I don’t think we have to look far.  As the economy continues in free fall in the wake of this current ruling, democratic candidates facing an election only five months from now, including the current president, must convince voters that they are right in raising our taxes to astronomical levels that destroy families and businesses.  So go ahead and gloat today, Mr. president, but I have a feeling you and yours won’t be so ebullient on the morning of November 7th.

With Liberty?

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Tonight we stand on the precipice.  We were shoved on to this place, our knees now bruised and bloody from the fall, when, four years ago our precious nation was turned over to individuals with a shared disdain for the men and women who risked their lives and the lives of their families to create a nation unlike any ever envisioned on this planet.  Shared, too, has been their insatiable hunger for power, a twisted need to control every move made by the masses, whose reverance for this exceptional nation defies the tyrants’ collective comprehension.  What great strides those dark forces have made over these past three-and-a-half years in wresting liberty away from those who hold it so dear, a goal that culminates tomorrow with a decision made by a panel of nine.

So tomorrow we awaken to discover if we are still governed, not by damaged and dictatorial men, but by the set of most eloquent laws we find within our founding documents that ensure our liberty.   These three-and-a-half difficult years have found many of us holding those documents to our hearts, renewing our faith in their principles, begging friends, family, elected representatives, anyone who would listen, to remember them, read them, embrace them — and to honor the blood shed to preserve and keep them.

So are we to awaken tomorrow a free nation?  Or are we to feel a knee in the back, forcing us down on to our bruised and bloodied knees before the tyrants and their rule.  The choice is ours.  Regardless of what verdict the nine send down from their mount in the morning.


Andrew Breitbart Has Left Us

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For literally years now, whenever I would see images of Andrew Breitbart wandering gleefully through crowds of those who hate him; when I would hear his unabashed, angry, signature eloquence taking on those whose goal is to take down the country Andrew loved; when I would hear that he had exposed yet more corruption and lies among those of great power, I would think to myself, “Be safe, Andrew.  We need you.”

Then we awaken this morning to find that he is gone.

We have lost, as so many are saying this morning, a patriot, a warrior, and an American with a purity and a fearlessness we are not likely to see matched anytime soon.  He embodied the same seemingly foolish courage that guided the founders of this country and the people who proceeded, despite unspeakable odds, to build our America.  On this sad and shocking day, here’s hoping that we who share Andrew’s vision for this nation will carry on his work at this very dangerous time in our history.  We owe it to him, we owe it to our founders, and we owe it to our children.

God bless the family Andrew leaves behind.  And God bless the nation he leaves, as well.

So Tired of Feeling Like a Hostage in My Own Country

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It’s getting old, this feeling. This feeling of imprisonment, disbelief and fatigue. For far too many months now, we have lived in a nation held hostage by a gaggle of individuals who have only a sketchy notion of what our country is and hold what little they do know in contempt.

A president travels the country delivering the same tired axioms read with identical cadence from a mechanical device, berating the nation, the people, I love.  Secretly, silently, he grins as rioting leftists demand our nation abandon liberty and capitalism. Meanwhile, the president’s wife travels that same country, pricey entourage in tow, dictating what and how we parents will feed our children  – and mandating what restaurants will and will not serve their customers.

A governor of a southern state suggests we nix elections in 2012 to quell the successful rightwing efforts of an angry electorate, her words simply mirroring ideas the president and his officials have floated themselves. As unemployment skyrockets at breakneck speed, a presidential advisor informs us it is the government’s job to take care of us and provide all we need to live according to what our superiors deem an acceptable level of existence.

The president orchestrates a steady stream of public displays (with military backdrop whenever possible) in his quest for useful campaign photo-ops. That same president orders his minions to intimidate those who oppose him and do whatever they must to make his transformational dreams our nightmare. Meanwhile, we the people hold our collective breath in hopes that the man’s law designed intentionally to gut our health-care system, our bank accounts, and our personal health will be repealed.

As the current administration stands accused of allegedly placing guns in to the hands of drug lords in a neighboring country, people from that and other countries stream across our borders without sanction (presidential relatives among them), knowing that despite such open defiance of our laws, they will be showered with social services and our tax dollars upon their arrival. Meanwhile the narcissism, panic and abandonment issues of the petulant leader of the free world become more evident – and more dangerous – every day.

In short, we find ourselves trapped in a lawless nation, the perpetrators of our confinement carrying out their tasks openly, brazenly and with unabashed arrogance. And I for one am tired of being their hostage. Until this day, I never believed we as a nation would live to see, let alone tolerate, what now occurs within our great nation almost daily. But, despite my own moments of fatigue, I know in my heart that I am not alone. This nation teems with others, my fellow hostages, who share my love for this country and the resolve to wrest her free from our captors.

Carve away that hard crusty shell of betrayal and tyranny that has encapsulated the Tree of Liberty over these three difficult years, and you will find a moist green pulp still living and breathing at the tree’s heart. Those of us who love this country will continue to nurture that tree, and, like the political prisoners who found their own salvation, their own inspiration, in the words of Ronald Reagan that were smuggled into the frozen Gulag of Siberia years ago, we will wait for that moment when we, too, will at last be liberated from this modern-day tyranny, free to be America once more.

Oprah Just Can’t Understand Why America Does Not Respect Obama’s Authority

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Apparently mistaking the United States of America for a third-world banana republic dictatorship, Oprah Winfrey commented in an MSNBC interview earlier this week, that she is “surprised” that the American people are finding it so easy to criticize her fearless leader, Barack Obama.  Ms. Winfrey is evidently “concerned” about this, because, to paraphrase, the president naturally has “authority” over the American people.  She seems to believe that blessed as we are with such an extraordinary man to rule us, we the people should be grateful and shut our collective mouths.

To her credit she did mention respect for the “office” of the presidency (not necessarily one and the same as the individual holding that office), but perhaps it’s time for Ms. Winfrey to take a course on the United States Constitution and the First Amendment.

In the meantime, Ms. Winfrey, let me inform you that no one has authority over me, my family or anyone blessed with the rights and privileges bestowed upon this country by the men who risked their lives to craft them.  In fact, Ms. Winfrey, were you to investigate those documents, those men, you would discover it is we the people who hold the authority card in this great nation, and the vast majority of us have no intention of handing our liberties over to anyone, including your would-be “authoritarian” friend currently occupying the White House.  Let me remind you that such arrangements came to an end in this country back in the 1860s.

Meanwhile, the man who would be king – the man you, Ms. Winfrey, seem to think a king currently occupying that big house in D.C. – trots the globe bowing and scraping to any and every world leader who will receive him.  While more than comfortable exerting his “authority” over we the people here at home, he willingly subjugates himself to other countries around the world, even those with unsavory designs on our nation and our people.  At the same time, this president has in recent weeks taken to comparing himself to our 40th President, Ronald Reagan, even unabashedly referring to himself as “the gipper,” President Reagan’s nickname taken from one of his famous movie roles.

Were he with us today, I imagine Ronnie would get a good laugh from that ridiculous “gipper” comparison, imitation being the finest form of flattery, but so do I also know that such imitation would not flow both ways.  We would never have seen President Reagan bowing and scraping to other heads of state, knowing as he did that such circumstances are where we the people do wish to see some American presidential authority on display.  Once we have someone who understands this back in the White House again, we trust that individual will enjoy your full and uncritical respect, Ms. Winfrey – even if he or she does not happen to be a liberal, a messiah, or your close personal friend.

Epic Tragedy in Tucson By the Hand of Epic Evil

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 On Saturday a massacre at a town hall gathering in Tucson, Arizona, offered us yet another sad and terrible reminder that evil is alive and well and living among us.

Allegedly embodied this time in the figure of a twisted 22-year-old “loner,” this latest evidence of evil would claim, before it was stopped by heroism from would-be victims in the crowd, the lives of six people, including a 9-year-old girl, a federal judge, a congressional aide and three civic-minded senior citizens. It would leave in its wake, as well, thirteen others seriously injured, including a U.S. Congresswoman, who took a bullet to her head and remains in critical condition.

Within minutes, the left took the tragedy and ran with it, blaming the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, pro-gun interests, conservative policies, and even George W. Bush. Within minutes, bills were prepared to restrict American gun ownership, as though such laws have ever kept weapons of mass destruction out of the hands of twisted, mentally deranged loners intent on decimating human life. Within minutes legislative plans were drafted to protect congressional representatives and federal officials from “threatening” language or public opposition, as though congressional representatives and federal officials are somehow more deserving of protection than a 9-year-old girl or any other American. We can assume, as well, that within minutes, arrangements were made to ensure that the congressional representatives using this tragedy to restrict American gun ownership will continue to enjoy their own armed protection from evil.

All of these instantaneous responses were set in motion before it came to light that the alleged perpetrator, currently in custody, counted Hitler’s Mein Kampf and Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto as favorite books (hardly typical Tea Party reading). If indeed it is proven, as has been alleged, that the perpetrator is a “left-wing pothead,” will the media and pundits who rushed to the Tea-Party-Palin-Bush judgment acknowledge that democratic Congresswoman  Gabrielle Giffords was “targeted” for career destruction by their own left-wing blogosphere for her more moderate position on their pet issues? Doubtful.

Now is no time to fling blame or to use such an epic tragedy for a political agenda as is being so disgracefully done. It is time to mourn for the victims of this twisted individual’s actions. And, with those victims and their families in our thoughts and prayers, we must mourn as well for our divided nation that is afflicted by an evil far too many refuse to acknowledge, an evil fed by a culture of alienated souls hungry for infamy they can find readily available on reality TV, YouTube and Facebook. Evil is among us.  Always has been. Always will be. The only way we may fight it is not with knee-jerk, agenda-driven political jockeying, but by recognizing it for what it is and offering it no quarter, no excuse, no whitewash, no sanctuary. Ever.

TSA Security: A Dream Job for Pedophiles?

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It appears a rebellion is brewing at America’s airports, and just as we enter the holiday-travel season.  The Napolitano/Obama Department of Homeland Security has mandated that air travelers will have two security options from which to choose if they are to be deemed safe for travel: Submit to radiation photography and add to Janet Napolitano’s naked picture collection (four images evidently being equivalent to a chest x-ray), or permit the TSA to perform a full-body pat-down of your full body and all its nooks and crannies (images of 1950s womens’ prison movies come to mind).

In response, airline pilots, who must also make the choice, are rightly incensed, Muslim organizations are demanding exemption on religious grounds and instructing their burka-clad women to allow only a pat-down of their heads and necks (now that exemption would certainly be ironic, wouldn’t it?), and travelers in general are just saying “No!”

I don’t know how it will shake out, although I must say I personally am not looking forward to my own upcoming holiday air travels.  I think back to my family’s flights across the country three months after 9/11, when, for some reason, my 5-year-old son was labeled a potential terrorist, a label that would stay with him for several years until he reached middle school.  Every time we would travel, and I mean every time, we would traverse the security gauntlet, and the TSA official would invariably say “Which one of you is…”  We would interrupt the official mid-sentence with “this is who you’re looking for,” as we pointed down at the young child beside us with tousled sandy hair and a t-shirt that we made sure featured an eagle and an American flag.

It became a joke, both for our family and for the rugged National Guardsmen whose job it was to stand guard over my son as he was checked for weapons and explosives.  My son started to look forward to that moment when a big, burly Guardsman, machine gun in hand, would say with a grin, “Come on over here, buddy,” and usher him aside for further inspection.  On many occasions, the Guardsmen would even let their young suspect examine their weapons, the likes of which were found nowhere on my son’s person, but surely contributed to his fascination with weapons today.

In time the federal government apparently realized that my son posed no threat to national security, and he has not been targeted for several years now.  But given the current state of airport security practices and the privacy-violating choices facing American air travelers in this age of non-profiling political correctness, my son’s years as a potential threat got me thinking.  Wouldn’t TSA security be today’s dream job for a pedophile?  Think about it.  The day consists either of taking naked pictures of children or patting them down physically.  What more could the garden-variety pedophile ask for?  And all with the stamp of approval from the U.S. Government’s Napolitano/Obama Department of Homeland Security.  I know I certainly feel safer.

The First Step Toward Our Great Nation’s Rescue

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It’s morning in America, and on this fine morning we may at last breathe a great sigh of relief.

We might say that Election Night, November 2010, was an evening of miracles, but when we consider the character of our nation and her people, there was nothing miraculous about the outcome.  After four years in the desert, which found many, including many on the right, claiming that the age of conservatism is over, the Republicans have recaptured the House of Representatives by more than 60 seats with a message of conservative principals.  We the people have finally been able to express our adamant opposition to this administration and its radical agenda, and yesterday we took the first step toward salvaging our great nation before she is maimed beyond all recognition.

But this is only the beginning, and Republicans, both the newly elected and the remaining entrenched, are wise to hear the message.  Many of the candidates who won last night, unseating powerful Congress members who have been in DC for decades, did so with the backing of the Tea Party and a conservative constituency that refuses to tolerate the repeated attacks any longer.  Newly minted Republican Florida Senator-Elect Marco Rubio said it best in his victory speech: “We make a great mistake if we believe that tonight these results are somehow an embrace of the Republican party.  What they are is a second chance, a second chance for Republicans to be what they said they were going to be not so long ago.”

The Republicans did not take the Senate, although they did make progress in that area – Barack Obama’s Illinois Senate seat, for one, going Republican.  Several Democrat strategists and pundits actually confessed that they wished the Republicans had claimed a Senate majority, so that the Democrats would not have to take responsibility for anything that occurs in the months ahead. (Indeed as many discovered tonight, taking responsibility for one’s actions – such as a vote for nationalized health care — can be quite painful.)

The highlights of an evening filled with highlights included:

  • The staggering number of Republicans who claimed the governorships of states throughout the nation – even in Ohio and Michigan  — which will prove detrimental to the Dems as the 2012 presidential election process heats up.
  • Disgraceful Florida Congressman Alan “the Republicans want you to die quickly” Grayson is out, and it looks like his fellow caught-on-tape-arrogant-whackjob colleague, Bob Etheridge (D-NC), is gone, too, the latter having fallen to his opposition, a nurse named Renee Elmers.
  • Right-wing victory speeches were rich with evocation of American exceptionalism and the beauty of our founding documents.  How long it has been since we have heard those touted and celebrated so vigorously.  Congressman John Boehner (R-OH), the presumptive Speaker-of-the-House come 2011, choked up with genuine emotion when he reflected on what occurred on this night.  It was lovely to behold (as was the lack of teleprompters across the board).
  • And, finally, no more Speaker-of-the-House Nancy Pelosi!  

Of course, not all went our way last night.

New York and California both chose to stay their course toward complete economic collapse, casting aside candidates with proven business acumen in favor of Governors, U.S. Senators and Congressional Representatives superglued to punishing tax-and-spend policies, self-serving special-interests, and the White House.  Look to New York and California, and you will find elected officials in lockstep with the Obama administration and anything their dear leader mandates.  Especially infuriating was California’s re-election of dim-witted Senator Barbara Boxer, whose track record includes repeated insults against our military and against successful black businesspeople who refuse to remain in what she considers their “place.”

Of equal, if not greater, disappointment, however, was the re-election of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).  That said, it would have been difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to beat the “incentives” (food, gift cards, free flights to polling places) he and his union supporters used to inflate his numbers.  Nevertheless, he has been defanged, as have his fellow conspirator Nancy, now relegated to non-Speaker status, and his dear Obama in the White House.

Speaking of Mr. Obama — and his wife — I would guess there is much anger permeating the halls of the White House this morning.  This First Couple does not deal well with opposition, and I imagine their hostility toward America has mushroomed exponentially over the last 24 hours.  Much was speculated last night about Obama coming out today in a contrite move to the center, complete with brilliant words about compromise and bipartisanship — which anyone would be a fool to believe, let alone embrace.  I personally doubt he has that in him in any genuine sense, and, frankly, I would prefer to see him remain as radical and hostile toward America as ever – in other words, remain true to who you are, Mr. Obama.  Stay the course.

As for the new influx of Republicans who will be flooding DC come 2011, they need to stay their course, as well.  We the people have sent them a clear message.  We the people have had enough of the nonsense that has come for far too long from both sides of the aisle in our nation’s capitol.  Will they take that to heart?  Only time will tell.  But now, we will be watching.