Waiting for a Landslide and a New President in 24 Hours

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Back in 2010, I remember Dennis Miller on his radio show sharing a fantasy of his on the eve of election day.  You know, that day when the democrats lost hundreds of seats on both a local and national level to the anger and enthusiasm of the Tea Party.  Dennis said his greatest dream was to awaken on election morning, and find that people were streaming out into the streets in great crowds heading out to vote, their density clearly visible from aircraft above, from traffic helicopters to 747s.  Today, on the eve of election day 2012, I share that same dream for tomorrow.

This weekend my daughter began to ask about making plans with a friend on Tuesday.  Nope, I said.  No plans on Tuesday.  I have been waiting four years for Tuesday.  Many of us, the majority of us I would like to think, have been waiting four years for Tuesday.  As I write this, the loyal members of Obama’s mainstream media propoganda team are making their last-gasp efforts to convince the people who love our nation and our founding principles to stay home.  The race is won, they tell us, and to their messiah go the spoils.  Don’t even bother voting, then, they tell us, thrusting in our faces their ridiculously skewed polls that show even more democrats voting with even more enthusiasm than they had four years ago and ignoring 2010 entirely.  Yet as they crow, we see a clench to their jaws and a shared, rather shifty expression in their eyes, conveying the message that all is not as peachy as they would have us believe.  Meanwhile, the president ignores the suffering in the Northeast and the increasing revelations of what really happened in Benghazi as he urges his followers to vote for “revenge,” while Governor Romney urges us to vote “for love of country.”

And meanwhile several pundits have dared when discussing a Romney/Ryan victory to use the “L-word” — landslide — a word I have been using myself for months now.  As we now approach tomorrow’s tipping point, our Waterloo, here is hoping that tomorrow night, despite the fraud, the lies, the litigation and perhaps even the violence that might occur in the next 24 hours, we will hear a deafening chorus of that word, coupled with a shattering, “I told you so!”  In the meantime, I will be wishing upon the stars on our flag for Dennis Miller’s dream to come true, to see at dawn and throughout the day tomorrow, Americans from coast to coast streaming out their doors, crowding freeways and highways and polling places to take our country back.  We have no choice.

Thank You, Charles Woods, for Speaking Out for Your Son and America

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Philosophers tell us it is a blessing to live in interesting times.  Well, as we endure a presidential campaign that amounts to civil war, as we watch the Northeast torn apart by the storm of the century, as we reel in the wake of a White House coverup of four men killed in Libya, as our American economy lies in shambles from destructive liberal policies, these times in which we currently find ourselves have become far too interesting for my taste.  I long for a new president, and I long for a return to the clear and simple principles that not only make us great, but harbor great healing powers, as well.

Apart from the mass destruction people of the Northeast will deal with in the coming weeks, what I have found most devestating over the past few days is the White House coverup of those deaths in Libya.  Indeed this issue stands as a symbol of the sickness at the heart of our current America.  Though the mainstream media, the president’s personal propoganda mouthpieces, have attempted to ignore it, we are discovering what truly occurred on that horrific September night in Benghazi, when our ambassador was murdered along with three other members of a diplomatic detail, two of them Navy Seals.  Upon hearing the most recent stories floated by the White House on the events of that night, Charles Woods, the father of one of the Seals, Tyrone Woods, broke his silence about how this administration has twisted the narrative of his son’s death — thus emerging himself a hero.

We have learned through Mr. Woods, that when his son’s body was returned to the States, the president would not look him in they eye and shook his hand like a “dead fish,” the secretary-of-state promised to arrest the maker of the video they hoped we the people would believe was the cause of the attack (we don’t), and the vice president made a disgusting joke about the heroism of the grieving father’s slain son.  We have learned that on that night, those in the heart of the fight requested help three times and three times were denied — and no one, including the president, will tell us who denied the help.  And we have learned that these men, true American heroes, defied orders and ran in to help anyway.  We have learned that the live video fed into the White House Situation Room that night permitted all assembled to watch these men, left by their country to fend for themselves, fight and die, and all in real time.  And now we are hearing, as well, that Tyrone Woods may have been killed while he was “painting the target” for backup he believed was on the way, backup that never came because someone gave the order that the backup was to “stand down,” an order that left Navy Seal Tyrone Woods to die.

Like many Americans — most, I hope — I am left in fury at how these men were betrayed by their own country.  Though the media may try and ignore it for the benefit of their man in the White House, the brothers and sisters of our armed forces are out there telling America that only certain individuals can give that “stand down” order, the most likely in this instance being the commander-in-chief.  They, along with Charles Woods, are reminding America that the Seals operate under a profound code of honor, mandating that no one is left behind — a code of honor about which the current commander-in-chief is completely ignorant, and one I doubt he could ever imagine following himself.  In short, Mr. Woods praises his son for being a hero, despite the actions of the “cowards” in this administration.

We who revere Mr. Woods and applaud him for speaking out are left with such words as “dereliction of duty” and “court martial” running through our heads when we conjure the image of commander-in-chief in our imaginations.  Over the last weekend, as Hurricane Sandy began her approach toward the Atlantic Coast, the president’s approval ratings plummeted, no doubt thanks to what was coming to light about the events in Benghazi.  Indeed the truth has a funny way of making itself known.  Let us be thankful that Mr. Woods is doing his best to ensure that truth finds its voice sooner than later.  Let us also acknowledge that if requests for help came in from one of the most dangerous corners of the world, if our heroes’ on the ground were doing what had to be done to protect themselves and their fellow Americans, a President Romney would never dream of ordering “stand down” or refusing them help, nor would those heroes ever need to feel that the White House was hanging them out to dry.


Obama’s Dumbest Moments in the Final Debate

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Count me in as one of the many conservatives who spent the first half hour of Monday’s final presidential debate urging Mitt Romney on to take the bait his opponent Barack Obama kept dangling, then realizing the strategy the GOP candidate was obviously employing.  With the exception of a few moments here and there, this made for a pretty boring debate, but so have I realized that in addition to the Governor getting the “flexibility” punch in early, and giving solid play to the Obama apology tour, it was briliant of him to avoid the fight.  Pundits and commentators spent the entire day yesterday discussing Obama’s gaffes and “misrepresentations,” all the while claiming that though he avoided Libya, Governor Romney appeared every bit a presidential Commander-in-Chief to Obama’s petulant teenager.

In this spirit, I have collected what I deem Obama’s dumbest moments from the debate, some I believe he thought were clever, and some he no doubt thought would trick the American people and save his political career:

1.  Obama kept repeating, insisting, begging us to believe that under his leadership, America is safer and stronger than it has ever been.  Sorry, Mr. President, but as many have commented, people know when they are unemployed and underemployed, just as as they know when their country is safe and strong.  Time to stop underestimating us.  It doesn’t work for those of us who don’t want a free cell phone.

2.  Obama remains ever addicted to hiring teachers, thinking that will fix our failing economy.  Perhaps he truly believes that hiring teachers creates jobs.  Once again he stated tonight — and multiple times at that — that if we hire these teachers, good jobs will magically appear.  Apparently reducing class sizes will have the same result.  This has gotten downright embarrassing.

3.  In the wake of Cuba, Egypt and Iran proudly endorsing Barack Obama for president, and just as the United Nations warns the American people NOT to vote for Mitt Romney, Obama claims that his so-called Obama apology tour was not at all an apology tour.  Even more unbecoming were his pleas to his opponent, his audience and the debate moderator just to ask the reporters and fact checkers if this is true.  They’ll tell you! Just ask them!

4.  Obama stated proudly that steel workers are now selling steel to China.  Again, thanks to his complete lack of work experience, executive and otherwise,  he has no understanding of the middle layer involved in the “selling-the-stuff” process and certainly no respect for those involved in that process.

5.  And of course the granddaddy gaffe of them all, when Obama oh-so-cleverly informed Governor Romney that our military no longer needs bayonets and horses, because “we have these things” called aircraft carriers and submarines.  Needless to say, this snarky comment that proves his own lack of understanding of the military, coupled with his dismissal of the needs of our armed forces, has proven to be a serious mis-step for our so-called current commander-in-chief.

What to Expect Tonight at the Final Presidential Debate

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Earlier this year, before the GOP even had a 2012 presidential candidate, I remember wondering just how Obama would wiggle out of participating in the debates once that GOP candidate was chosen.  For a man who can barely say his own name without a teleprompter, the prospect of facing a competitor who might actually confront him with real questions on his dismal record…I imagine Mr. Obama viewed that a nightmare.

Fast forward to this last weekend, and I wondered again just how Obama might get out of tonight’s debate with Mitt Romney on foreign policy.  For Obama this means facing his own endless array of bowing to world leaders and his whispered promise to Russia that he would be more “flexible” once he was re-elected, coupled with the recent atrocities in Libya that left four unprotected Americans dead and Obama’s abandonment of Israel, as well as the president’s pathetic performances in two previous debates with Governor Romney.

But here we are, it’s Monday, and so far it looks like Barack has found no way to bow out of tonight’s debate with Mitt.  Not a happy day for this president, I’m sure.  Just imagine the scene tonight.  Obama will be forced to sit at a table next to a man he both despises and fears.  And that man, Mitt Romney, comes to that table angry and hot after what occurred at the last debate less than a week ago, angry at the nature of the questions, and angry at the moderator who behaved like Obama’s private personal secretary (“read the transcript, Candy”).

So there Obama will be, only inches away from the alpha male he most despises and fears — an angry alpha male at that.  And as we have witnessed over the past few weeks, Obama has a very difficult time hiding that dislike and fear.  The two men vying for the most important office in the world, will be seated together at a small conference table –essentially a second home to Mitt Romney, who has spent most of his life as an executive seated at conference tables, often in the company of hostile board members and stock holders.

Obama, on the other hand, has spent his life avoiding the intimate conference table and the hostile adversaries, making sure that he would be protected from such settings, such opposition.  He rarely, if ever, even meets with his own cabinet or the countless committees he has established, and certainly never with those who disagree with him.  But at last he has hit a wall he can’t escape in a setting and a subject — foreign policy — that are not at all friendly to this president.  Obama’s record, his republican opponent in this race,  the appeasement that doubles as Obama foreign policy….tonight they’re all his, and escape is not an option.  I, for one, look forward to the storm.

Imagine What Might Have Been If Candy Hadn’t Thrown Her Man Obama the Lifeline

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Oh, if only….

It was such an incredible moment.  Mitt Romney had just turned like a laser on Obama demanding that he clarify his claim that the morning after four Americans were killed in Libya, he, the president, proclaimed it terrorism.  Obama backed away, his tail between his legs (see yesterday’s canine-themed post), made a feeble attempt to meet Mitt’s gaze, and whimpered, pleaded with the Governor to move on.  But alpha male Mitt didn’t move on, he stayed on point, and he kept that laser trained on his opponent.  Such an explosive moment.  Historic, actually.  And we all waited to see just how it would play out.  How would this president, so obviously trapped in his own web, wiggle away.

But then moderator Candy threw her Obama the lifeline, proclaiming at that most electifying moment to a national audience that (and I paraphrase here), “no, really, he did call it terrorism, Mr. Romney.  Really he did!  I know he did,” even though that national audience knew, as Governor Romney said last night, that it took this president two weeks, after a failed campaign to link the violence to a YouTube video, to label the Libya atrocities terrorism.  By throwing herself into that moment, Candy shattered the exquisite tension, and handed Obama the lifeline he so desperately needed.

When it became clear to him that Candy was there to rescue him, a grateful Obama pleaded with her to read the transcript (just why did she have the transcript sitting there in front of her?  And how did Obama know she had it?).   Realizing her error, Candy scrambled to control the damage, stuttering and stammering in an appeal to both men.  Meanwhile, a grateful Obama reveled in his discovery of yet another woman who had stepped in to protect him, another woman throwing herself on a sword for him, another woman behind whom he could hide — a pattern that is becoming all too common with this man.

Most of us know what happened then.  That moment would become a debate all its own, as pundits have spent this entire day after chewing on what Candy did or didn’t do, whether she was justified in doing it, and just what Obama really meant in the Rose Garden that morning in the wake of the murder of four Americans before he jetted off to a fundraiser in Vegas.  Candy herself has admitted “I blew it,” but the leftists have since circled their wagons around her and her dear leader, proclaiming them both heroes in the war for America’s heart and soul.

And me?  I’ll just forever wonder what might have been.  I have a pretty good idea.  At that moment, the president had already backed down, cornering himself on his little stool looking like a frightened deer to Mitt Romney’s laser-like glare.  He had already begged Governor Romney to move on.  For the second time in his life he was being confronted by reality (the first time being the first debate a week-and-a-half ago), his opponent refusing to let him wiggle away, his opponent demanding an answer to him and a national audience.  I like to think he was about to burst in to tears.  But we’ll never know, will we?


Blinded by Biden’s Teeth in Last Night’s Debate

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Correction 4:19 pm (PST):  In the wake of the furor that has errupted over Joe Biden’s comment last night about the failure of our diplomats in Libya to ask for greater security, the White House has clarified that the Libyan contingent did indeed ask for increased security, but Obama, Biden and the administration simply had not been told of this.  For some reason, those issuing this clarification believe it somehow remedies the furor.  For some reason, they also think we will believe this clarification.  And for some reason, they don’t understand that either way — whether the powers at the top knew or whether they didn’t — it makes no difference.  They should have known (and most of us believe they did know).  If they didn’t, they need to find a new job.

Original Post 9:30 am (PST):  I’m not quite sure what to make of last night’s vice presidential debate.  Sounds like it will be going down in history as one of those legendary events, known for Biden’s giggle, Biden’s Cheshire-Cat smile, and Biden’s blinding choppers — and all at the most inappropriate moments — but what does it all mean?

Obviously the giggle was part of the brilliant strategy, crafted over the six days when Biden was said to be prepping for his big assignment to repair the damage his boss did last week with his empty-chair debate performance against Mitt Romney.  But it was impossible to gather whatever points the VP might be making, because his giggle and his smile and his inability to gauge when it was appropriate to giggle and smile were such a distraction.  I gather his behavior was designed to belittle his younger, far more intelligent opponent, but it backfired.  All anyone has been able to talk about, including loyalist leftists on his own side, is Biden’s ridiculous drunk-uncle jackass behavior.

As for Paul Ryan, while I wish he would have been a bit more forceful, he comported himself well as a man debating two people — the giggling vice president and the Obama-crony moderator (my favorite comment: “maybe Paul Ryan should invite her to his wedding next time”) — and I applaud him for remaining focused through all the infantile behavior displayed by the man with whom he was sharing the stage.  Paul Ryan emerged the adult of the two, joining his running mate Mitt Romney as the adult ticket, both men having earned our trust as qualified to take that 3am phone call (Obama has already shown us that he is not up to the 3am challenge, and Biden….well, he would probably just giggle or hit the snooze button).

So while Paul Ryan was behaving in an adult manner — and a strong American adult at that — Joe Biden informed us that our diplomats in Libya never asked for extra security.  I trust this comes as a surprise to those from the intelligence community and the State Department who have been testifying and documenting the opposite over the past few days.  Biden also assured us that Iran is nowhere close to becoming a nuclear threat (what a comfort that must be to Israel), and he made these statements with that blinding smile, extending it, as well, to the topics of the safety and security of our embassies, the gutting of our military, the sad state of our economy, and our dead Americans.  He may have found this all very funny.  I would guess the vast majority of Americans, however, do not.

We will see how this all shakes out.  But as one friend said to me after Biden’s standup routine last night, “I have seen more of both these guys, the president and the vice president, in the last week than I ever wanted to see — and if these clowns get re-elected…I don’t know what that says about us.”  Unfortunately, that would speak volumes about what we have become as a country, and where we are doomed to go.  But I continue to keep the faith and believe that we won’t let that happen.  To this end, Biden’s giggle last night and that blinding inappropriate smirk in the midst of one of the most dangerous times of our nation’s history may become legend, but I don’t believe that we as a people will claim his as a path we wish to follow.

Obama’s “Understanding” of American Business

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The first presidential debate last night in Denver exposed the wannabe emperor as having no clothes, at the same time exposing Clint Eastwood’s prescient brilliance at the republican convention a few weeks back, when he depicted that wannabe emperor as an empty chair.  A record number of Americans tuned in last night to watch Obama shred the portrait that has so meticulously been painted of him by his followers over the past five years, leaving those followers bruised and stunned this morning when they were forced to see what so many of us have seen so clearly for that same half decade.

So as we leave those followers to lick their wounds, I thought, since last night’s debate was all about jobs and the economy, this would be the perfect time to revisit the president’s take on those concepts.

First and foremost, of course, is Obama’s now legendary “you didn’t build that,” an indictment of all those business owners in our United States who worked and risked so much to build their entrepreneurial American Dreams.  And remember “the private sector is doing fine?”  Certainly those familiar with the private sector of American business do — you know, people like Mitt Romney with actual business experience, who see, and are experiencing it, quite differently.  These same business vets would beg to differ, as well, with Obama’s announcement about his jobs strategy to a carefully chosen band of followers that, “We tried our plan, and it worked!”  Not sure what that plan was given the current employment climate in this country, but I have a feeling those with actual business experiences would not cheer those words.

And speaking of business experience, or lack thereof, I remember the speech Obama gave in Las Vegas after his State of the Union earlier this year, where he outlined his understanding of manufacturing operations and the economy.  “On Tuesday,” he told his fawning, hand-picked audience, “I laid out my vision  for how we move forward. I laid out a blueprint for an economy that’s built to  last, that has a firm foundation.  Where we’re makin’ stuff and sellin’ stuff and moving it around and UPS drivers are dropping things off everywhere.  That’s the  economy we want….”

This trite and shallow statement (“stuff?” really?), coupled with what we witnessed last night, certainly fortify Rudy Giuliani’s comment this morning that this debate seemed to feature a teacher (Romney) schooling a student (Obama) on how business operates here in the U S of A.  And the student dutifully took his notes, averting his eyes from the alpha male offering the instruction.  This latter point infuriated devout dem and former Clinton counsel Lanny Davis, who this morning turned his wise counsel to president of the United States, leader of the free world, commander-in-chief of America’s armed forces, Barack Obama.  Channeling his inner Mary Poppins, a livid Lanny scolded Obama for taking those notes like he was studying for mid-terms and commanded his petulant charge to stand up straight and look his opponent in the eye next time!

History was made last night, from the comments made to and by a president, who for the first time in his life had to address real questions and defend his own record — and all without benefit of a teleprompter.  He took a serious hit to the bow, and, as Marco Rubio said in the aftermath, this campaign will never be the same.  For me, that changed campaign was forever personified in a weary, aggitated Obama, after being schooled by Mitt Romney on American Business 101, pleading with the debate moderator to move on to another subject.

This president has told us with a wink and a giggle that he spent much of his high school and college years under the influence of illegal substances.  At about 9:25 EST or so last night, I have a feeling he was probably wishing he had taken his formative education a bit more seriously.  Indeed some basic knowledge of economics and history might have provided a valuable crutch in the clutch last night.  No doubt trying to forget the brutal defeat he sustained yesterday, the president today sought refuge where he has always found it: highly choreographed campaign events, carefully chosen audiences ready to fawn, the glow of the teleprompter loaded with vague anecdotes, spin and platitudes — and absolutely no questions!

Next up: the VPs a week from today.  Ryan versus Biden.  And that will be must-see TV.  Can’t wait!

The Mainstream Lapdogs Have Probably Already Written Their Stories About the First Debate on Wednesday

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The first presidential debate is two days away and  is dominating the headlines, the talking heads blabbering incessantly about who will win, how will the debate compare to past performances, what will be asked, what will the candidates wear, blah, blah, blah.

I, however, am wondering just why all the the conjecture?  Odds are those set to report on Wednesday’s event already have their stories written, in the can, set to print, the TV people perhaps having already even taped their reports.  We all know what to expect, don’t we?  Headline:  “Obama wins first debate by a landslide!  The election is over.”  Of course he does.  And of course it is.  But that will be only the beginning.  The stories will tell of a man, a president, who offers up a debate performance unmatched by any ever recorded, his oratory skills exceeding those of the likes of Clarence Darrow, Socrates, Aristotle…again, any human in any age of history.

And the questions?  Why wonder about those either?   Simply look to the past when Obama was asked, “What enchants you?”  Since that has already been answered, I would imagine we can expect from yet another of one of the interchangeable slobbering “moderators” the following”:  “President Obama, you have been a gift to this nation like no other.  On this day, I then am most humbled, most honored, most privileged to ask you, what is your favorite color?”

And for Governor Romney:  “So why did you kill that guy’s wife?”

A word of caution to those reporting on this show, just be careful not to release their stories before 8:55 pm, EST, Wednesday.  Or, better yet, go ahead.  Release them today.  We won’t mind.


The Last Two Weeks Reveal a Democratic Campaign in Freefall

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I don’t ever remember such chaos and tumult in the run-up to a presidential election — and all, it seems, stemming from the democratic side (rooted, perhaps, in an incumbent president who is acting so un-presidential).  We are witnessing, I think, a meltdown of desperate proportions, and it’s getting impossible even to keep up simply with what has happened over the last two weeks.  For those who haven’t, here’s a rundown:

The president refuses to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but he scampers off to meet with David Letterman and those wacky gals on The View, knowing the leftist talk hosts will offer him all the warm fuzzies that a man of his temperament can handle, all a man of his temperament craves.

And speaking of The View appearance, the leader of the free world, the commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces, refers to himself as “eye candy” to the delight of the giggling “biddies” (as political humorist Greg Gutfeld calls the women of The View).  This comes after his wife quips that her husband had a few minutes free in his schedule for the appearance (yeah, we know).

And speaking of Obama’s wife, she applauds “our great grandparents” in a recent speech who “rode that underground railroad.”  Wow.  She must be much, much, much older than I thought if she speaks from personal experience about great grandparents that were alive and well during the 1860s (or even before).  Of course neither Obama has ever been lauded for knowledge and understanding of America’s history.

We find that despite Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s claims to the contrary, Mitt Romney has indeed been paying taxes, and quite heavily.  In addition, Governor Romney has donated more to charity than Obama and Biden combined — but then, most conservatives, indeed most Americans, have done the same.  Still waiting for Reid’s retraction.

A week-and-a-half ago four Americans were murdered in Libya by terrorists.  Hours after the attack, Obama finally makes a statement, claiming the murders were a natural reaction to a hurtful YouTube video and apologizes for said video.  Didn’t hear much from him about the escalating anti-American violence around the world until today, when he addressed the United Nations and again apologized and informed them most ardently that he is not to blame for the death of our ambassador to Libya.

Obama refers to the troubles in the Middle East over the past two weeks as “bumps in the road.”  Navy Seals who lost two of their brothers during that Libyan attack on September 11th inform the president in response that the Navy Seals are not “bumps in the road.”  Perhaps this president needs to be reminded that a slain ambassador is not a bump in the road either.

Apparently working off of shared talking points, both Obama and Iranian president Ahmadinejad dismiss Israel’s concern over Iran’s nuclear proliferation as “noise,” the latter further proclaiming the pending elimination of Israel, the former offering no opinion on the latter’s proclamation.

Obama’s mainstream media propoganda team heralds the biggest Obama campaign event yet: 19,000 people showed up!  Yay!  Never mind that the venue only holds 5,000.  Ooops!  Better check the numbers next time, mainstream media propoganda team, before you release your bogus stories.

Rumors fly that the Obama administration intends to release a third of Gitmo inmates (perhaps in hopes that they’ll vote for him), and that the “blind Sheikh” may be up for release, as well, all forgiven apparently for his spearheading the first (unsuccessful) attack on the World Trade Center.  Just wondering who thinks these actions will resonate with the American people.

And speaking of the word “resonate”….it has become a favorite of mine.  When I see what is transpiring in the Obama campaign, when I hear of how the president and his adminstration are handling (or not handling) the current world situation, when I hear the statements and comments eminating from Obama supporters from Hollywood and beyond, just gotta wonder how this all flies with the so-called “regular” Americans.  Do the messages coming out of this campaign resonate with you, all you feel-good Obama voters?  I just can’t believe it does.  And if it does, if it truly, genuinely does, well folks, our nation as we have known it, we are toast.

Update: A Shameless Obama Jokes About the Taste of Pitbull

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Two days ago, I commented here, in regard to Barack Obama’s experience eating dog meat as a child, that this illustrates perfectly this president’s lack of understanding of America and her people.

Well, last night at the White House Correspondents Dinner in D.C., a slobbering display where mainstream media lapdogs and Hollywood hacks assemble to bow en masse to their dear leader, Obama decided to fortify my take on the true significance of his culinary adventures in canine by peppering his stand-up comedy act with a joke about his familiarity with the taste of pitbull.

The fact that Obama chose to boast about this event in the first place was bad enough, but now to joke about it….he just does not get it.  Never has, never will.  And his audience of simpering minions, many of them Hollywood types who beg the masses for donations to animal-welfare organizations they supposedly support, they did the man’s bidding, laughing on cue, clapping on cue, anything to rescue their dear leader from the jaws of embarrassment.  Those minions have worked mightily for years to cover for him —  no matter the troubling nugget leaked from his mysterious past, no matter the gaffe uttered into a hot microphone  —  and they obeyed once more last night in lockstep obedience.  As for me?  I’m not laughing.  Never have.  Never will.