Will General Petraeus Honor the Parents of Those Who Serve, and Tell the Truth?

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Imagine you have a son or a daughter in the military.  Some reading this don’t have to imagine, but I want us all to place ourselves in the shoes of the parent whose child makes the ultimate sacrifice to defend the United States with his or her life if necessary.  This can be a difficult, though noble, prospect for mom and dad.  But you, as a parent, find comfort in our traditions and our heritage, trusting that the life of your child will be honored by those in command.

Then you learn that those in command are not quite as engaged as you had expected.  You learn of their distractions.  Four Americans are dead and stories begin to seep through the crevices of what is fed to us by the White House and its conspiratorial media cohorts.  Stories of cries for help that are denied.  Stories of courage and a defiance of orders to rescue those crying for help.  Stories of painted targets and backup that never comes.  And, worse yet, stories of political agendas.

And then come the stories of commanders — commanders of armed forces and intelligence agents — assigned the duty of protecting the lives of Americans in harm’s way and the treacherous missions they are assigned.  Commanders mandated to remain focused on the strategy, the chaos, the Plans B, and, yes, on those traditions that have provided the backbone of our armed forces since bands of colonial farmers wrested control of this land from skilled soldiers in red more than two centuries ago.  The stories continue to flow, now including in their casts of characters besotted FBI agents (with or without shirts); buxom, self-indulgent socialites; and so-called journalists with affinities for men in uniform (and, of course, so-called journalists equally smitten with a spindly commander-in-chief draped in Armani).

And you, the parent, you are left to wonder if this same sloppy lack of attention has extended, as well, to the battlefields that comprise our current-day theaters of war.  Those commanders entrusted with your child’s safety and proper cover, were they instead tweeting those buxom socialites, leaking the nation’s security secrets to journalists in exchange for affection, and engaging themselves in the personal lives of relatives of their extramarital crushes?  In this new and twisted America, I would say such suspicions would be justified as we see the institutions we once revered as so stable, so solid, so American, crumble before our very eyes.

I think of one such parent, Charles Woods, father of slain Navy Seal Tyrone Woods, who was lost this last September, the truth about his son’s death now clouded in a fog of lies swirling around the highest levels of the government.  While most of us can only imagine Mr. Woods’ pain, we must also wonder what must he be thinking now after very publicly shaming the president and his secretary-of-state for their treatment of his son and the coverup that followed his death.  Mr. Woods must now endure tales of disgraceful behavior on the part of leaders of a military to which his son dedicated his life.  He hears a president refusing to answer questions or even address the need for truth.  He witnesses that president continue to cling to the story that an internet video is to blame for the death of four Americans.  And he listens as that president berates with artificial outrage those who would question the logic of sending a UN ambassador to speak for an event that, according to the president himself, she “had nothing to do with.”

Yet tomorrow investigators are set to hear testimony from someone who, though distracted, was ostensibly on duty that night in Benghazi.  Tomorrow, behind closed doors, newly resigned CIA Director, General David Petraeus, will be testifying about the deaths of the four Americans we lost that night.

Seems encouraging, but we’ll see.  Given all that has occurred in this country over the last four years, I will not be surprised by whatever we learn from David Petraeus, a man who boasts 40 years of experience in the U.S. military, much of that as a commander of men and women, trusted by those men and women to do what’s right by them.  Will this man, a war hero, now potentially infected like so many others by a newly re-elected administration with transformation and destruction in its sites, will this man throw away his respected career, his reputation, his accomplishments, the very core of his being, for a lie?  Though I pray he offers up the truth we already know, living as we are in this new and twisted America, I will not be surprised if the lie and those who support it emerge victorious.

General Petraeus Becomes a “Bump in the Road” Just in Time for Veteran’s Day

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Late last Friday afternoon we learned that General David Petraeus, former commander of our armed forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan and currently the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, has resigned from his post because of an extramarital affair.  In the wake of his announcement, the White House was quick to float the news, as well, that thanks to this resignation, the general will not be testifying in the investigation into the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi two months ago.

As anyone with eyes and ears is aware, the murky story about the events of that terrible night back in September has swirled violently from one ridiculous, infuriating story arc to the next, morphing into one of the most disgraceful coverups in America’s history.  The plot now thickens with the timely destruction of a respected warrior who was linked to the announcement a few days before election day 2012 that no one in his agency is responsible for the orders that resulted in the death of a Navy Seal who had defied orders to save Americans left attacked and unprotected in a remote and dangerous outpost.  In other words, the current powers that be tell us, the people of America will not be hearing from a man who poses a threat to this newly re-elected administration, a man who has now been undermined by a “coincidentally” timed scandal designed to silence him and render him, and anything he might say, inconsequential.

The General, then, becomes yet another “bump in the road.”  And just in time for Veteran’s Day, that day every November when we honor the men and women who have risked their lives to protect the people of America and the founding principles that, until last Tuesday, have made this country the greatest testament to liberty and human dignity the world has ever known.

If the adminstration thought this would end both the General’s “not optimal” testimony in the ongoing coverup, as well as the population’s desire for the truth, it was wrong.   While half of America may be willing to swallow the nonsense the powers that be have fed them, we members of the other half, the half that believes in truth and the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform, are only more inflamed and angered by the latest wrinkle in the Benghazi scandal/coverup.

The theories behind the transparent timing of this “coincidence” are spreading like wildfire.  My favorite, the one my weary heart is depending on, holds that “someone” attempted to urge the General to fall in line and be a good little boy.  Tell the investigators what we want you to tell them, says the someone, and we won’t release this pesky information about your unbecoming conduct with a woman not your wife.  I like to think the General, a 37-year veteran of battlefield strategy, launched in turn a surprise attack.  He resigned.  In so doing, he becomes a private citizen, one faced with serious private issues at home to be sure, but one faced, as well, with the liberty to say whatever he cares to say to a panel of investigators looking in to the death of four Americans.  Despite the scandal that currently stains his character, our half of America now depends on him to embrace the military traditions of honor and courage, especially on this very symbollic day.

And once again, our half of America waits for a message that our ideals and principles and the courage that molded them are not dead.  Defy the orders, General, we plead, just like Navy Seal Tyrone Woods did on that terrible September night.  Speak for us, and speak for him.  Indeed half of our America is praying that the General will honor his own service, the men and women who served with him, and those who came before him and defend the sacrifices and traditions of his calling that are today being trashed and betrayed.  Will he be a hero and speak what he knows?  Or will he remain silent and thus nullify all the good he has done in the past.  My half of America, today of all days as we honor those who have risked and sacrificed their lives for us, wait for him to bring the truth to light.

Thank You, Charles Woods, for Speaking Out for Your Son and America

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Philosophers tell us it is a blessing to live in interesting times.  Well, as we endure a presidential campaign that amounts to civil war, as we watch the Northeast torn apart by the storm of the century, as we reel in the wake of a White House coverup of four men killed in Libya, as our American economy lies in shambles from destructive liberal policies, these times in which we currently find ourselves have become far too interesting for my taste.  I long for a new president, and I long for a return to the clear and simple principles that not only make us great, but harbor great healing powers, as well.

Apart from the mass destruction people of the Northeast will deal with in the coming weeks, what I have found most devestating over the past few days is the White House coverup of those deaths in Libya.  Indeed this issue stands as a symbol of the sickness at the heart of our current America.  Though the mainstream media, the president’s personal propoganda mouthpieces, have attempted to ignore it, we are discovering what truly occurred on that horrific September night in Benghazi, when our ambassador was murdered along with three other members of a diplomatic detail, two of them Navy Seals.  Upon hearing the most recent stories floated by the White House on the events of that night, Charles Woods, the father of one of the Seals, Tyrone Woods, broke his silence about how this administration has twisted the narrative of his son’s death — thus emerging himself a hero.

We have learned through Mr. Woods, that when his son’s body was returned to the States, the president would not look him in they eye and shook his hand like a “dead fish,” the secretary-of-state promised to arrest the maker of the video they hoped we the people would believe was the cause of the attack (we don’t), and the vice president made a disgusting joke about the heroism of the grieving father’s slain son.  We have learned that on that night, those in the heart of the fight requested help three times and three times were denied — and no one, including the president, will tell us who denied the help.  And we have learned that these men, true American heroes, defied orders and ran in to help anyway.  We have learned that the live video fed into the White House Situation Room that night permitted all assembled to watch these men, left by their country to fend for themselves, fight and die, and all in real time.  And now we are hearing, as well, that Tyrone Woods may have been killed while he was “painting the target” for backup he believed was on the way, backup that never came because someone gave the order that the backup was to “stand down,” an order that left Navy Seal Tyrone Woods to die.

Like many Americans — most, I hope — I am left in fury at how these men were betrayed by their own country.  Though the media may try and ignore it for the benefit of their man in the White House, the brothers and sisters of our armed forces are out there telling America that only certain individuals can give that “stand down” order, the most likely in this instance being the commander-in-chief.  They, along with Charles Woods, are reminding America that the Seals operate under a profound code of honor, mandating that no one is left behind — a code of honor about which the current commander-in-chief is completely ignorant, and one I doubt he could ever imagine following himself.  In short, Mr. Woods praises his son for being a hero, despite the actions of the “cowards” in this administration.

We who revere Mr. Woods and applaud him for speaking out are left with such words as “dereliction of duty” and “court martial” running through our heads when we conjure the image of commander-in-chief in our imaginations.  Over the last weekend, as Hurricane Sandy began her approach toward the Atlantic Coast, the president’s approval ratings plummeted, no doubt thanks to what was coming to light about the events in Benghazi.  Indeed the truth has a funny way of making itself known.  Let us be thankful that Mr. Woods is doing his best to ensure that truth finds its voice sooner than later.  Let us also acknowledge that if requests for help came in from one of the most dangerous corners of the world, if our heroes’ on the ground were doing what had to be done to protect themselves and their fellow Americans, a President Romney would never dream of ordering “stand down” or refusing them help, nor would those heroes ever need to feel that the White House was hanging them out to dry.


Obama’s Dumbest Moments in the Final Debate

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Count me in as one of the many conservatives who spent the first half hour of Monday’s final presidential debate urging Mitt Romney on to take the bait his opponent Barack Obama kept dangling, then realizing the strategy the GOP candidate was obviously employing.  With the exception of a few moments here and there, this made for a pretty boring debate, but so have I realized that in addition to the Governor getting the “flexibility” punch in early, and giving solid play to the Obama apology tour, it was briliant of him to avoid the fight.  Pundits and commentators spent the entire day yesterday discussing Obama’s gaffes and “misrepresentations,” all the while claiming that though he avoided Libya, Governor Romney appeared every bit a presidential Commander-in-Chief to Obama’s petulant teenager.

In this spirit, I have collected what I deem Obama’s dumbest moments from the debate, some I believe he thought were clever, and some he no doubt thought would trick the American people and save his political career:

1.  Obama kept repeating, insisting, begging us to believe that under his leadership, America is safer and stronger than it has ever been.  Sorry, Mr. President, but as many have commented, people know when they are unemployed and underemployed, just as as they know when their country is safe and strong.  Time to stop underestimating us.  It doesn’t work for those of us who don’t want a free cell phone.

2.  Obama remains ever addicted to hiring teachers, thinking that will fix our failing economy.  Perhaps he truly believes that hiring teachers creates jobs.  Once again he stated tonight — and multiple times at that — that if we hire these teachers, good jobs will magically appear.  Apparently reducing class sizes will have the same result.  This has gotten downright embarrassing.

3.  In the wake of Cuba, Egypt and Iran proudly endorsing Barack Obama for president, and just as the United Nations warns the American people NOT to vote for Mitt Romney, Obama claims that his so-called Obama apology tour was not at all an apology tour.  Even more unbecoming were his pleas to his opponent, his audience and the debate moderator just to ask the reporters and fact checkers if this is true.  They’ll tell you! Just ask them!

4.  Obama stated proudly that steel workers are now selling steel to China.  Again, thanks to his complete lack of work experience, executive and otherwise,  he has no understanding of the middle layer involved in the “selling-the-stuff” process and certainly no respect for those involved in that process.

5.  And of course the granddaddy gaffe of them all, when Obama oh-so-cleverly informed Governor Romney that our military no longer needs bayonets and horses, because “we have these things” called aircraft carriers and submarines.  Needless to say, this snarky comment that proves his own lack of understanding of the military, coupled with his dismissal of the needs of our armed forces, has proven to be a serious mis-step for our so-called current commander-in-chief.

Our Heroes as Fodder for the Obama/Clinton PR Machine

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UPDATE 11:26 pm PST:  This just in….Hillary Clinton went off prompter and told reporters earlier today that “what happened in Benghazi was a terrorist attack,” adding that the four Americans were murdered by “terrorists.”  Those following this story know that the administration has mandated a “senseless violence caused by a video” story line.  Wonder if she cleared this latest comment with her boss.


After what seemed a lifetime of watching Hillary Clinton cover for her husband, trashing his conquests and squawking about that “vast right-wing conspiracy,” I have always wondered just how she can look at herself in the mirror at the end of the day.  And now, in the wake of the anti-American fury that has ignited in the Middle East and beyond under her watch, here she is again, covering for a man in the White House.

This time that man is Barack Obama.  He and his Hillary are two peas in a pod, their quest for a weak America having now led to where they are today, sharing the blame for the unstoppable chaos and violence spreading throughout Europe and the Middle East.  What ignites my own fury on this day, however, are the deaths of the Americans we have lost thanks to Obama’s and Clinton’s commitment to our nation’s weakness.  The blood of those Americans is on their hands, and I would hope that perhaps they are finding the tug of that blood just a little bit uncomfortable as it dries.

I myself am haunted by the faces of those men who died on that horrific day less than two weeks ago: a well-meaning ambassador sent out to play nice in a dangerous global hot spot, an information officer who served in the United States Air Force, and two former Navy Seals who lost their lives doing what came naturally to them.  We’re told the Seals were not assigned on the night of the initial attack to protect the ambassador, but they ran headlong in to the fire, because that is what Seals do.  Indeed that is what Americans do.  We see that same fortitude in the face of slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, another victim of dangerous, inept Obama policies that have taken from us men we owe for protecting us — despite an adminstration’s attempts to undermine their ability to carry out their duties safely and effectively.

What we see, then, are the faces of Americans placed in harm’s way by politicians who say and do whatever it takes to siphon off this nation’s power to inject it into their own coffers.  Watch as these politicians claim the troubles abroad are simply a justified reaction to an internet video.  We’re sorry, they cry, begging the mob to forgive them via TV commercial.  It’s their fault, they continue, fingering the hateful, foolish Americans they are sworn to represent in the nation that last most of us heard still boasted a God-given right to freedom of expression.

No, I’ll stick with our Seals, our veterans, and the people protecting our borders.  They are America.  And I will honor those we have lost and those who remain on the front lines.  May the blood forever stain the hands of those who stack the odds against them.

An Administration Mistreating Americans in Uniform and Diplomatic Service

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Once again, the timing was almost poetic.  There I was fuming last week over the veiled threats being directed toward the author, a Navy Seal, of the new book on the death of Osama bin Laden, No Easy Day.  Defense secretary Leon Panetta (still can’t stomach coupling that name with that title) subsequently made the rounds, whining that though this book divulges nothing that had not already been released/leaked previously by an administration claiming exclusive dibs on the story for its own re-election purposes, such insubordination simply cannot be tolerated.  We may just have no choice, whimpered Panetta.  We may just have to prosecute this Seal, American hero or not, who actually participated in the pulling of the trigger and made Obama’s fondest election dream come true.  So once again the Obama gang promotes a policy — the prosecution of a Navy Seal who took out bin Laden — they assume will naturally resonate with the American people.

Days later we find a second chain of events fueled by yet another policy point this administration assumed would resonate with the rabble.  The 11th anniversary of 9/11….what better time to reach out and disavow those hateful Americans who would dare to “hurt the feelings” of followers of Islam?  And we’ll prove our commitment to this policy, claimed the state department (via both press release and social network), by leaving our embassies in one of the most dangerous regions of the world under-protected or, even better, unprotected altogether.  See, we trust you guys, they pled.  We will even make you responsible for protecting our embassies and our diplomats.  You can like us now!

And so this adminstration overtly invited the anti-American violence that has since errupted and escalated in said dangerous region and beyond for days now, resulting so sadly in senseless American casualties.  We watch daily now as our flag is burned and desecrated throughout the world, we hear daily of the Israel/Iran fuse growing shorter and shorter, and we witness daily a president who could not be farther in over his head as he, a latter-day Nero, grins and struts and campaigns while his nation and its global outposts burn.  And that illustrious president’s adminstration continues to lay the blame on an internet video and coincidence, denying premeditation, coordination or any notion that this could possibly be the result of its own pathetic, weak and wobbly policies.  Once again, under the Obama administration, Americans die, and the resulting cover-ups fly at a dizzying pace.

The day after the brutal death of the four Americans in Libya — September 12, by “coincidence,” — the mother of ambassador Chris Stevens stated that at least her son died doing something he loved.  Hmm.  My response would have been quite different.  Her son should never have been doing that work he loved without proper American fire power protecting him, his staff, and yes, the lives of those doing the protecting, as well.  Details trickling out of the war zone have  stunned us Americans who believe in peace through strength, Americans who condemn appeasement in all forms, Americans who want our forces armed to the teeth, especially when guarding with their lives the highest-risk corners of the globe.  By the same token, we the people do not care to see members of our armed forces prosecuted for risking their lives to protect us either.  Got that, Mr. Panetta?  Four years in, and this adminstration once again reveals to us who they really are, and I do not happen to believe that theirs is a message that resonates.  I guess we’ll know in a couple of weeks.


America Rendered Unrecognizable Once More

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I have been gone from here for a while, and I want to thank those of you who have wondered why. I have spent the last weeks overseeing my clan’s move from the northeastern corner of the United States back to our original home turf in the west, and I apologize for offering no warning. But it’s done now, and here I am.

I return now amid a national climate once again made unrecognizable by recent events from that of our nation four years ago, let alone two months ago when I last tended to these pages. Within these last weeks we have witnessed our nation’s economy downgraded for the first time in our history. We have witnessed a roller coaster in our stock market that back in 1929 would have sent investors flinging themselves from high-rise windows. We witnessed the devastating destruction of members of our beloved Seal Team 6, as well as the courage and conviction of their family members, who, in the grief-filled aftermath of their loss, made clear the family character that results in the rearing of true national heroes.

We have witnessed a president content, like a modern-day Nero, to attend campaign fundraisers and hip-hop birthday festivities as he continues to pursue the leftwing socialist agenda he promised when he campaigned for the highest office of our land back in 2008. We have witnessed this same president, announce between tee-offs, that he will suspend the deportation of illegal aliens and thus provide amnesty for said lawbreakers, despite the overwhelming majority of Americans who oppose this policy. And we have witnessed the Tea Party, not only blamed for the ills of all the world, but also called “terrorists” by the left, as well as by increasingly hysterical mainstream media lapdogs and certain entrenched Beltway republicans who somehow believe they are immune from the anger of an enraged electorate.

But so have we also witnessed the rise of individuals who have led us to believe that there just might be true conservatives in our midst set to grapple the office of the American presidency away from the current holder of that office. Indeed I venture to say that we on the right just may be starting to see our own homegrown glimmer of hope and change on the horizon. We know from attempts by certain leftwing publications to smear these newly minted candidates with lies, incendiary headlines, namecalling, and uncomplimentary magazine cover shots that we are on the right track. So keep the faith. There is still time to make America right once more.

We Won’t Forget You

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As some readers have noticed, access to this site has been limited of late.  In the immediate wake of my recent mention that I was a voice recently targeted for silencing, the site was slammed by a crippling onslaught of spam. The problem is being addressed, we are back up and running again, and I will view this as a badge of honor that comes from hitting a chord.

One of my readers who had difficulty getting through wanted to make sure her tribute to the fallen who made this country great would be posted.  I will thus let her eloquent words speak for this week’s commemoration of  the men and women who have died in service to this country, for this country:

“My father is a WWII Marine – 6th Division, China, South Pacific – he is now 86 years old and I am as proud of him today as I was when I was a little girl. I am proud of all our Marines: past, present, future!!! May GOD Bless All of YOU!!!  To ALL of our Soldiers, Veterans, and Fallen Heros – Thank you for your service to our country and for your ultimate sacrifices to keep my sons, our country, and me safe and free!!! God Bless You – All Our Heros and Our Great Country – The United States of America!! Thank You!”

And thank you all for your patience, and for your perseverence in getting this country back on track once more as the last great hope of man on earth.

Seeing Clearly Bin Laden’s End and Continued Threats to America

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Yesterday morning, in the wake of Osama Bin Laden’s announced death, a gentleman called a local talk-radio host to express how grateful he is to know that his son, who has served several tours in Iraq, did not serve in vain. What I urge this man to remember, what I urge us all to remember, is that even if Bin Laden was never found, never killed by our Navy Seals, none of our service men and women protecting our nation over the past 10 years has served in vain. We have remained safe for the past 10 years because of their sacrifice, and because of the controversial foresight of our former President, who stayed the course in this mission, despite efforts led by the mainstream media, leftwing politicos and Hollywood types, and our current president to appease our enemies.

While we celebrated yesterday, so did we also witness those leftwing minions genuflecting at the alter of their messiah. Don’t even bother holding a 2012 presidential election, they shouted from the rooftops, virtually ignoring the fact that it was U.S. Navy Seals who actually carried out the mission (ignoring, as well, that many on the left have for almost a decade chalked 9/11 up to an evil plan perpetrated by George W.).

Yet certain tidbits of information nevertheless trickled out into the light of day, as tidbits always do. The intel, for one, that led to Bin Laden’s ultimate demise, apparently came from extreme interrogation methods carried out under the former administration’s watch — the same methods the left, including the current president, have fought valiantly to render obsolete. And apparently the Navy Seals who took out the world’s most wanted terrorist were members of an elite force referred to derisively by the left when they operated under a different administration, as Dick Cheney’s “Assassination Ring.”

The information I find most troubling, however, relates to the fact that Bin Laden was buried at sea almost instantly after he was killed. We can’t let his burial place become a shrine, we were told. That’s all well and good, but why was he dispatched so quickly? And, even more importantly, why was he given full Islamic funeral rites before the burial? No legitimate justification has been offered to answer this latter question, and, frankly, there is none.

What I have not heard floated is the idea that perhaps this administration mandated the sacred/speedy burial in an attempt to play both sides: “Sorry guys,” they may have been telling the Islamic world, “you know we had to take him out, but, hey, look, we are honoring him according to your rituals so you’ll like us!” Already we are hearing noisy grumbles over this from so-called “average” Americans (or “slugs,” as our president allegedly called us several days ago at one of his pricey campaign fundraisers). Expect those grumbles to become louder in the days, weeks, even months ahead.

While yesterday was a day of celebration, we must today remember that the war on terror continues, and it is just that: a war on terror, not a series of “manmade disasters” or “cultural misunderstandings” or whatever foolish euphemism this administration has mandated it be called. While we may thank this president for defying his own documented opposition to the war on terror and giving the order this last weekend, given what we have experienced over the last two-and-a-half years, I have come to regard with suspicion and skepticism anything that emanates from this White House. So much theater. So many photo-ops. So much trite and artificial symbolism. And always such “coincidental” timing. Indeed how provident that this president would announce that he took out Bin Laden on the anniversary of the day the American people learned Adolf Hitler was dead — and, lo and behold, eight years from the day that George W. made his much-vilified “mission accomplished” speech.

Providence? Coincidence? You be the judge. But amid the careful timing and the theatrics (lab-coated doctors in the Rose Garden, a fake Parthenon in Denver), let us not forget this Thursday, when Obama accepts his accolades at Ground Zero for “getting” Bin Laden, that if he had had his way, there would have been no critical intel gathered by methods this president and his ilk have vehemently opposed.  There would have been no Navy Seals in Pakistan to pull the trigger on the spiritual leader of Al Qaeda. And if he has way, the end of Bin Laden and his own golden words will blind the fawning masses, the slugs, to the crushing debt facing our country; to gas, and, thus, ultimately food, prices that threaten to grind our nation to a halt; and to unemployment rates skyrocketing as fast as our taxes into the stratosphere.

I, for one, do not intend to ignore the current state of our nation. Today, and every day, I will pray that we the people will continue to maintain our vigilance, as our founders urged, toward all, both foreign and domestic, who seek to harm our nation and blind us to the threat.

The Navy Seals Take Out Osama Bin Laden

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A great day for America. Osama Bin Laden is dead. Almost 10 years after that terrible day in September of 2001, our U.S. Navy Seals, in a mission seemingly scripted for an over-the-top action/adventure flick starring Bruce Willis or Sylvester Stallone, shot the 9/11 mastermind in a protected compound in Pakistan, took his body, and escaped the scene without a single American casualty.

My heart and thanks go out to the Navy Seals who made this happen; to our U.S. troops who serve so courageously in this most treacherous corner of the world (and, of course, to their families); to the American intelligence network that has stayed the course despite a precarious political landscape on the homefront; and to George W. Bush, who, amid the ravenous vitriol sent his way while he occupied the White House, ensured our military presence remained a strong foundation in the Middle East for the protection of us here at home.

As we celebrate this momentous day, let us remember that this war is not over. The Navy Seals who carried out this mission this weekend and our troops who keep us safe know this. And we must know it, too.