Coming Home to GrizzlyMom

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When I first started this site however many summers ago it was now, I never dreamed that I would be spending so much time, so much rage, so many words, writing about the man currently occupying the White House.  That was not the intent, but he, and those who have enabled him for all these years, left me choice.

Then, in November of 2012, my country — well, half my country — disappointed me as never before, when they again granted this man permission to crush our Constitution, our liberties, our families, our history, and our common sense.  I needed to take a break.

GrizzlyMom readers asked if I had quit.  No, never.  I still seethed, still composed, as did we all, as scandal after scandal, weakness after weakness, lie after lie, insanity after insanity continued to emerge, to the point where so many of us (more than half I’d venture to say now) don’t even recognize our great nation anymore.  And now, as we stand on this unrecognizable precipice,  I have decided it’s time to come home to GrizzlyMom.

I have no idea what awaits our nation in the next two years.  I expect the worst as we see a president, more distant and desperate than ever, using our military as his own private band of toy soldiers (or, as some in the military have said, his private taxi service); a Congress running amok, rabid to feed their own egos and coffers without thought of Constitutionally mandated checks and balances; politically correct divisive nonsense spinning around us like a hurricane; and terrorists waking suddently to a world of opportunity about which they could previously only dream.  Now back, I plan to keep my posts short and newsy, focused, as I originally intended on the need for Americans to reclaim their strength, their voices, and their liberties in the spirit of “protecting home, family, cubs and country.”  I hope you’ll join me.

Feeling a Romney/Ryan Landslide in My Bones

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I flew this last weekend to western New York — airport security checkpoints, as many here know, often inciting my inner Patrick Henry.   I got through the gauntlet without personal incident, but not without witnessing a tall, attractive would-be supermodel receive an apparently necessary pat-down after the naked picture, and, my favorite, a tiny guy asking his dad why he had to take off his shoes.  “Because they don’t trust us,” said dad with a wink my way.  (And to my fellow true believer on my Phoenix legs, if you read this, I hope you made it back — so sorry I missed you — and remember to track down the footage of Clint and the empty chair.)

I spent these few days in blue New York for a gathering of smart, successful entrepreneurs I have known and loved for years.  Sharing deep concerns for the future of our country, they grilled me on just why I am expecting a Romney/Ryan landslide come November.  The best answer I could muster was simply that I still believe in the heart and soul of this country and I still believe in the American people, even if only half pay taxes and the half that doesn’t, the media tells us, is happy to collect an ever-increasing ration of government goodies.  Anesthetize the masses with bread and circuses, as the ancient Romans taught us, and they never notice the shackles.  But while I still believe the majority of us, the sleeping giant if you will, aspires to more than the bread, the circus, so do I also believe that we have reached the tipping point.

When asked about my gut “landslide” feeling this last weekend, somewhat less than eloquently I pointed to the almost hourly polls that flood us of late,  the pollsters behind them trying so desperately to suppress conservative turn-out by skewing their samples to favor the dems.  Skew away, I say, as I am confident those results fail to reflect the reality we will find come election day.  Clearly many people tend to answer polls one way and vote another, evident most recently in Wisconsin, New Jersey, New York City, North Carolina, the 2010 bloodbath, and even a couple of races in California.  Still, the polls can demoralize, even when pollsters confess to using the 2008 sampling blueprint, despite drastic changes since those rah-rah days in voter enthusiasm; the economy; the electorate; the world stage; and the realities, transformations, scandals and coverups of the Obama administration.  Remember, the man could not fill a football stadium for his DNC acceptance speech two weeks ago, and we have millions of unemployed people — newly minted college grads among them —  who want to be working, not kept.

Now back home on my opposite, equally blue coast, I continue to ponder my optimism.  I am reminded of a discussion that took place shortly after 9/11, when members of a panel that included the late, outspoken writer Christopher Hitchens, were asked, “Will we win the war on terror?”  As his fellow panelists yammered on about 9/11  —  America’s fault…why they hate us…arrogant Americans…need to understand…blah, blah, blah  —  the inimitable Mr. Hitchens squirmed and snorted in his chair like a bull on a chain.  When finally he could take no more, he broke the links of said chain and crushed the panel with, and I paraphrase here, “Of course we will win the war on terror.  The alternative is to succumb to a group of people who would take the entire world back to the 7th century, and that is not going to happen.  But how many lives will be lost and how much blood will be shed along the way, that we can’t know.”

I find comfort in the message of inevitability in Mr. Hitchens’ words (if not the bloodshed), and I find comfort applying it to the most important presidential election of our, and almost any, time in America.  I simply cannot fathom the alternative to a Romney/Ryan victory.  We must win this thing and we must do so with a landslide to nullify the fraud we know will come.  There is no other option.  While we might subscribe to the inevitability of a world safe from being dragged back to the 7th century, we cannot assume the same will hold true for the preservation of our country and our liberties.  Only a short time will tell if America’s sleeping giant will be strong enough to prevent our great and exceptional nation from being dragged into the jaws of tyrants who so recently and proudly declared, “government is the only thing that we all belong to.”  Here’s to the belief that the tyrants’ muscular opponent, that sleeping giant, is far larger, far more powerful, than we think — and, better yet, than they think.


With Liberty?

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Tonight we stand on the precipice.  We were shoved on to this place, our knees now bruised and bloody from the fall, when, four years ago our precious nation was turned over to individuals with a shared disdain for the men and women who risked their lives and the lives of their families to create a nation unlike any ever envisioned on this planet.  Shared, too, has been their insatiable hunger for power, a twisted need to control every move made by the masses, whose reverance for this exceptional nation defies the tyrants’ collective comprehension.  What great strides those dark forces have made over these past three-and-a-half years in wresting liberty away from those who hold it so dear, a goal that culminates tomorrow with a decision made by a panel of nine.

So tomorrow we awaken to discover if we are still governed, not by damaged and dictatorial men, but by the set of most eloquent laws we find within our founding documents that ensure our liberty.   These three-and-a-half difficult years have found many of us holding those documents to our hearts, renewing our faith in their principles, begging friends, family, elected representatives, anyone who would listen, to remember them, read them, embrace them — and to honor the blood shed to preserve and keep them.

So are we to awaken tomorrow a free nation?  Or are we to feel a knee in the back, forcing us down on to our bruised and bloodied knees before the tyrants and their rule.  The choice is ours.  Regardless of what verdict the nine send down from their mount in the morning.


Andrew Breitbart Has Left Us

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For literally years now, whenever I would see images of Andrew Breitbart wandering gleefully through crowds of those who hate him; when I would hear his unabashed, angry, signature eloquence taking on those whose goal is to take down the country Andrew loved; when I would hear that he had exposed yet more corruption and lies among those of great power, I would think to myself, “Be safe, Andrew.  We need you.”

Then we awaken this morning to find that he is gone.

We have lost, as so many are saying this morning, a patriot, a warrior, and an American with a purity and a fearlessness we are not likely to see matched anytime soon.  He embodied the same seemingly foolish courage that guided the founders of this country and the people who proceeded, despite unspeakable odds, to build our America.  On this sad and shocking day, here’s hoping that we who share Andrew’s vision for this nation will carry on his work at this very dangerous time in our history.  We owe it to him, we owe it to our founders, and we owe it to our children.

God bless the family Andrew leaves behind.  And God bless the nation he leaves, as well.

Patriotism Is in the Details

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In January, 2010, I wrote about my attempts to cancel my subscription to Golf Digest when they decided to feature Tiger Woods and Barack Obama on their cover. The issue in question accosted readers, from said cover to pages and pages inside, with ridiculous images of Obama coaching golfer Woods on the fine art of posing for a camera – an activity in which the current president of the United States has spent far too much time.  While Woods, despite his troubles, is a golfer and would belong in a golf magazine, Obama….not appropriate on so many levels.

Well, I am happy to announce that after a year of my repeated cancellation efforts, Golf Digest has finally cancelled this subscription.  We weren’t even paying for it anymore, the freebee no doubt their acknowledgement of a mistaken decision that I have a feeling cost them quite a few subscribers. But I persisted (and let them know why), just as everyday Americans are persisting all over the country, performing small acts of revolt – the small details — that are fueling the rising tide of patriotism we are seeing everywhere.

Beyond the election results, the Tea Party events and the town-hall meetings that have sent elected officials hiding under rocks over the past two years, we find testament to the fact that Americans do not intend to see their nation go softly into the dark night of the left’s efforts to “transform” this country in the details. A few examples:

  • Record sales of guns and ammunition, resulting in Barack Obama being repeatedly named “gun salesman of the year” (and probably the century).
  • Flash mobs spontaneously erupting at Christmastime, with thousands of people singing undeniably Christian Christmas songs – so many thousands that one mall even had to be closed because of the threat to the building’s foundational structure.
  • Thousands of seniors cancelling their memberships with AARP because of that organization’s support of Obamacare with its blue pills and bureaucratic “death panels” that spell doom for America’s elderly.
  • Enraged parents (myself included) contacting the Disney Channel for repeatedly featuring Michelle “let-them-eat-cake/do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do/for-the-first-time-I’m-proud-of-my-country” Obama and her lectures to the peasants about what and how much to feed our children.
  • Car buyers shying away from companies that are owned by a partnership of the United States government and labor unions.
  • Air travelers happily giving their seats on overbooked flights to men and women in uniform flying home to see their families.

Also pervasive in my own life – and in many other American lives as I have discovered – is the effect the current political climate has had on my choice of the movies I see. I am and always have been a profound lover of movies, back in the day attending once a week or more. All that changed post-9/11 when Hollywood’s true colors emerged as never before. From that time forward, I have found it impossible to see past the virulent anti-American, hypocritical rants of certain Hollywood players, despite their lacking expertise in military strategy, economic theory, historical context, or, I suspect, even high-school diplomas — no matter how great their performances on the silver screen.

Show me a trailer featuring one of these nimrods, and my kids roll their eyes, waiting for my own rant to begin, knowing that here is yet another film to be stricken from the list of those for which I would be willing to shell out cash to see. Ignorance being bliss, I carefully guard the names of those performers I love who have not yet to my knowledge spouted off about how our nation should be run into the ground.

What fuels my optimism is knowing I am not alone in my own small acts of revolt, and I encourage those who believe in this country to keep up the good work. Make decisions for the future of our nation, and let those who stand to profit or lose from those decisions know about it. God is in the details, and so is patriotism and the salvation of our country.

Thanking President Reagan for Being Here When We Needed Him

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It seems somehow poetic as we commemorate the weekend that would have marked Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday, that we find our nation and our world desperate for a man of President Reagan’s strength, determination, and fearless belief in America and her founding principles.

As Egypt explodes, as the American economy continues in freefall, and as the security of our nation teeters precariously on the precipice, a left-wing media that abhorred Ronald Reagan during his tenure as president, now desperately and pathetically tries to convince the masses that the man currently occupying the White House is none other than the second-coming of the man who called that house “home” throughout most of the 1980s. (Just check out the recent cringeworthy cover of Time Magazine depicting Ronny gleefully embracing Obama as partner in patriotism!) Of course such comparisons fall on deaf ears, just as those of us who revere our 16th president never bought those ridiculous comparisons of Obama to Abraham Lincoln, either. 

The very existence of such idiotic comparisons (some shamelessly made by Obama himself) is evidence that many of Obama’s own lapdogs on the left have recognized not only the need for fearless leadership in these treacherous times, but also the weakness of the man we currently call president.  The sudden chaos in Egypt has provided a clear wake-up call to all of us, leaving even those we would least expect to do so, saying, “Reagan would know what to do” – or, even “George W. would know what to do.” Yes, they would. And the guy in charge now? Not so much. Faced as he is with such monumental challenges and failures, he’s looking weaker by the minute, and don’t think those who oppose us in this world aren’t noticing.

While individual Americans may have disagreed with President Reagan on individual issues, not to be denied by anyone was the man’s fierce love of America and her special brand of liberty, opportunity and goodness unique to all the world. So let us celebrate his life today and every day, and be grateful he was here when we needed him, willing to do the heavy lifting to preserve and protect our great nation and her people. May his courage and devotion serve to inspire others to be here when we need them, as well….in 2012 and beyond.  Like President Reagan himself, I intend to remain optimistic. As he well knew, where America is concerned, there is no other option.

California Conservatism on the Eve of 2011

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Made it back to New York from California on this eve of 2011, and it was a rewarding journey all around. The highlight: nine airports all over the western United States in as many days, and not a single body scan, not a single pat-down. I’d like to think it’s because my little clan exudes a don’t-tread-on-me vibe, but I don’t think so. Let’s just say I thank the TSA for profiling, and I thank them for treating us with dignity.

I was equally pleased throughout my journey from the results of my completely non-scientific survey of bumper stickers observed on the many freeways I traversed throughout the state of California, north to south and back again. Though I spent time in the San Francisco Bay Area, I saw only one Obama sticker. One. And that one was the only liberal-leaning message I would see on those West Coast cars throughout those nine days.

Indeed even more stunning than the lack of Obama/Pelosi/leftist accolades in my completely unscientific survey, was the overwhelming avalanche of conservative-minded comments people had slapped on their cars.  Many of those cars were big, gas-guzzling SUVs, including the one sporting a “Capitalist” sticker, the answer to the politically correct “Coexist” message liberals like to paste to their tiny, tinny, death-trappy “smart” cars.

Yes, throughout those California freeways, from north to south and back again, I found drivers proclaiming proudly their belief in Tea Party patriotism; the hope of Election Day, November 2012; the radicalism of our nation’s founders; the Don’t-Tread-on-Me mindset; and anything and everything to do with gun rights; as well as the command that this administration “Change it Back!” And not a single one of these vehicles appeared to have been keyed or vandalized in any way.

Now I realize California disappointed us mightily back on Election Day 2010 – though I still believe part of that blame rests with the “mainstream” republican party that was, and perhaps still is, trying to play nice-nice with the left. Nevertheless, on this eve of 2011, my own completely unscientific survey left me feeling pretty hopeful that perhaps California – and that misguided republican party – will change its course in the next couple of years.

Don’t let us down next time, California (and misguided mainstream republican party). As your economy plummets toward bankruptcy, thanks to the liberal policies and the greedy politicians that guide them, take note of those little signs on your freeways. I, in the meantime, will be thinking positively for our country as a whole on this eve of 2011, hoping and believing that what we witnessed during the bloodbath that was Election Day 2010, was only the spark for what lies ahead in the next two years.  Happy 2011, everyone. Keep the faith.

Pearl Harbor, a High School Debate, and Arming Our Daughters

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Sixty-nine years ago today, Japan ushered our nation into World War II with an early morning decimation of our Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor.  Imagine sitting in a typical American living room on that day of infamy, 1941, gathered with the family around the large domed ratio, listening to words from the tinny speakers almost too shocking to believe. Though I was not around in 1941 to have shared that moment, I, along with anyone reading this now, was alive and well on a terrible day in September 60 years later, when another early morning attack would, like Pearl Harbor, shake us to our core and usher us into a war with those hellbent on destroying our great nation.

Driven as I am always to find connections, I think, as well, today about a great debate that erupted organically in my son’s high school social studies class a week or so ago.  The topic: the necessity of war. As expected, many in the class regurgitated the tired liberal – fatally pre-programmed — axiom: War is never the answer. My son and his best friend held the opposing view – a view that will one day in such a setting earn them the title of “warmonger” or similar tired liberal labels. But they may take comfort from the countless souls in this world, past and present, who, in times of unspeakable circumstance and evil, are and would be forever grateful to those men and women who recognized when war was truly the only answer.

So I say to those who believe otherwise, go ahead and cling to your “war is never the answer” cliché. Ignore the suffering and salvation of victims and survivors of the Holocaust.  Ignore the suffering and salvation of men and women shackled and punished under despotic and primitive rules of “law.” And ignore the suffering and liberation of people throughout the world held as slaves and/or sentenced to the wonton cruelties and absurd policies of tyrants. Only then can you truly embrace the notion that “war is never the answer.” But for many, if not most of us, the enormity of the human suffering that has been relieved when one side takes up arms against another proves too powerful to ignore.

Which brings me to yet another connection: an article I stumbled upon yesterday on the Town Hall website entitled “Girls Just Want to Have Guns.” Here author Doug Giles discusses in graphic detail the atrocities committed against young women in our so-called feminist society – a sad and despicable state of affairs that could be averted if we only prepared our girls to declare war on the perpetrators with martial arts and weapons training.

Though the response to Mr. Giles’ piece was overwhelmingly supportive from people who obviously do wish to see their daughters, wives, moms, sisters and friends protected and prepared to fight when necessary, peppered throughout, as well, were the typical wimpy, worn anti-gun, kumbaya liberal “self-defense is never the answer” gibberish.

So once again the liberals tell us it’s just dandy to ignore a fascist dictator who is destroying an entire population with gas and ovens, because, you see, war is never the answer. Once again the liberals tell us they are perfectly content to allow tyrants to torture, maim and murder in a demented quest for power and entertainment, because, you see, war is never the answer. Indeed the morally and intellectually superior liberal types find it both commendable and necessary to accept rape, home invasion and indiscriminant murder, even against members of one’s own family, one’s own children, because, you see, war, guns, martial arts, knives, self-defense and self-protection are never the answer.

Pretty twisted viewpoint, if you ask me.  I’ll stick with those among us – the majority, I believe – who know that sometimes war is the only answer, whether that be war between nations or war waged by criminals and terrorists against our families on the homefront. And on this day, an infamous December 7th, I thank those men and women who gave their lives in Pearl Harbor that day, and every day before and after that day to keep our nation, our families and our children safe.

Making Every Day Veterans Day

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Today we as a nation honor the men and women of America’s armed forces who have ensured that our America remains what President Ronald Reagan referred to as “the last best hope of man on earth.”

In contemplating the sacrifices of our country’s veterans and those of their families, I believe a great many of us in a sense view every day as Veterans Day, perhaps without even realizing it.  Not a day goes by when we don’t give a thought and our thanks to our veterans for what they do for us, for what they have done for us, since the earliest days of our great nation. 

We wouldn’t be here, we wouldn’t be who we are, without our veterans.  So on this November 11th, in honor of our nation’s true heroes, I vote we make every day Veterans Day, offering our thoughts and thanks to those courageous Americans, who, from the front lines, have kept us safe and kept us free.  May our efforts in turn remind our veterans that their sacrifice for our nation and our families will not have been in vain.

The First Step Toward Our Great Nation’s Rescue

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It’s morning in America, and on this fine morning we may at last breathe a great sigh of relief.

We might say that Election Night, November 2010, was an evening of miracles, but when we consider the character of our nation and her people, there was nothing miraculous about the outcome.  After four years in the desert, which found many, including many on the right, claiming that the age of conservatism is over, the Republicans have recaptured the House of Representatives by more than 60 seats with a message of conservative principals.  We the people have finally been able to express our adamant opposition to this administration and its radical agenda, and yesterday we took the first step toward salvaging our great nation before she is maimed beyond all recognition.

But this is only the beginning, and Republicans, both the newly elected and the remaining entrenched, are wise to hear the message.  Many of the candidates who won last night, unseating powerful Congress members who have been in DC for decades, did so with the backing of the Tea Party and a conservative constituency that refuses to tolerate the repeated attacks any longer.  Newly minted Republican Florida Senator-Elect Marco Rubio said it best in his victory speech: “We make a great mistake if we believe that tonight these results are somehow an embrace of the Republican party.  What they are is a second chance, a second chance for Republicans to be what they said they were going to be not so long ago.”

The Republicans did not take the Senate, although they did make progress in that area – Barack Obama’s Illinois Senate seat, for one, going Republican.  Several Democrat strategists and pundits actually confessed that they wished the Republicans had claimed a Senate majority, so that the Democrats would not have to take responsibility for anything that occurs in the months ahead. (Indeed as many discovered tonight, taking responsibility for one’s actions – such as a vote for nationalized health care — can be quite painful.)

The highlights of an evening filled with highlights included:

  • The staggering number of Republicans who claimed the governorships of states throughout the nation – even in Ohio and Michigan  — which will prove detrimental to the Dems as the 2012 presidential election process heats up.
  • Disgraceful Florida Congressman Alan “the Republicans want you to die quickly” Grayson is out, and it looks like his fellow caught-on-tape-arrogant-whackjob colleague, Bob Etheridge (D-NC), is gone, too, the latter having fallen to his opposition, a nurse named Renee Elmers.
  • Right-wing victory speeches were rich with evocation of American exceptionalism and the beauty of our founding documents.  How long it has been since we have heard those touted and celebrated so vigorously.  Congressman John Boehner (R-OH), the presumptive Speaker-of-the-House come 2011, choked up with genuine emotion when he reflected on what occurred on this night.  It was lovely to behold (as was the lack of teleprompters across the board).
  • And, finally, no more Speaker-of-the-House Nancy Pelosi!  

Of course, not all went our way last night.

New York and California both chose to stay their course toward complete economic collapse, casting aside candidates with proven business acumen in favor of Governors, U.S. Senators and Congressional Representatives superglued to punishing tax-and-spend policies, self-serving special-interests, and the White House.  Look to New York and California, and you will find elected officials in lockstep with the Obama administration and anything their dear leader mandates.  Especially infuriating was California’s re-election of dim-witted Senator Barbara Boxer, whose track record includes repeated insults against our military and against successful black businesspeople who refuse to remain in what she considers their “place.”

Of equal, if not greater, disappointment, however, was the re-election of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).  That said, it would have been difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to beat the “incentives” (food, gift cards, free flights to polling places) he and his union supporters used to inflate his numbers.  Nevertheless, he has been defanged, as have his fellow conspirator Nancy, now relegated to non-Speaker status, and his dear Obama in the White House.

Speaking of Mr. Obama — and his wife — I would guess there is much anger permeating the halls of the White House this morning.  This First Couple does not deal well with opposition, and I imagine their hostility toward America has mushroomed exponentially over the last 24 hours.  Much was speculated last night about Obama coming out today in a contrite move to the center, complete with brilliant words about compromise and bipartisanship — which anyone would be a fool to believe, let alone embrace.  I personally doubt he has that in him in any genuine sense, and, frankly, I would prefer to see him remain as radical and hostile toward America as ever – in other words, remain true to who you are, Mr. Obama.  Stay the course.

As for the new influx of Republicans who will be flooding DC come 2011, they need to stay their course, as well.  We the people have sent them a clear message.  We the people have had enough of the nonsense that has come for far too long from both sides of the aisle in our nation’s capitol.  Will they take that to heart?  Only time will tell.  But now, we will be watching.