What to Expect Tonight at the Final Presidential Debate

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Earlier this year, before the GOP even had a 2012 presidential candidate, I remember wondering just how Obama would wiggle out of participating in the debates once that GOP candidate was chosen.  For a man who can barely say his own name without a teleprompter, the prospect of facing a competitor who might actually confront him with real questions on his dismal record…I imagine Mr. Obama viewed that a nightmare.

Fast forward to this last weekend, and I wondered again just how Obama might get out of tonight’s debate with Mitt Romney on foreign policy.  For Obama this means facing his own endless array of bowing to world leaders and his whispered promise to Russia that he would be more “flexible” once he was re-elected, coupled with the recent atrocities in Libya that left four unprotected Americans dead and Obama’s abandonment of Israel, as well as the president’s pathetic performances in two previous debates with Governor Romney.

But here we are, it’s Monday, and so far it looks like Barack has found no way to bow out of tonight’s debate with Mitt.  Not a happy day for this president, I’m sure.  Just imagine the scene tonight.  Obama will be forced to sit at a table next to a man he both despises and fears.  And that man, Mitt Romney, comes to that table angry and hot after what occurred at the last debate less than a week ago, angry at the nature of the questions, and angry at the moderator who behaved like Obama’s private personal secretary (“read the transcript, Candy”).

So there Obama will be, only inches away from the alpha male he most despises and fears — an angry alpha male at that.  And as we have witnessed over the past few weeks, Obama has a very difficult time hiding that dislike and fear.  The two men vying for the most important office in the world, will be seated together at a small conference table –essentially a second home to Mitt Romney, who has spent most of his life as an executive seated at conference tables, often in the company of hostile board members and stock holders.

Obama, on the other hand, has spent his life avoiding the intimate conference table and the hostile adversaries, making sure that he would be protected from such settings, such opposition.  He rarely, if ever, even meets with his own cabinet or the countless committees he has established, and certainly never with those who disagree with him.  But at last he has hit a wall he can’t escape in a setting and a subject — foreign policy — that are not at all friendly to this president.  Obama’s record, his republican opponent in this race,  the appeasement that doubles as Obama foreign policy….tonight they’re all his, and escape is not an option.  I, for one, look forward to the storm.

Imagine What Might Have Been If Candy Hadn’t Thrown Her Man Obama the Lifeline

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Oh, if only….

It was such an incredible moment.  Mitt Romney had just turned like a laser on Obama demanding that he clarify his claim that the morning after four Americans were killed in Libya, he, the president, proclaimed it terrorism.  Obama backed away, his tail between his legs (see yesterday’s canine-themed post), made a feeble attempt to meet Mitt’s gaze, and whimpered, pleaded with the Governor to move on.  But alpha male Mitt didn’t move on, he stayed on point, and he kept that laser trained on his opponent.  Such an explosive moment.  Historic, actually.  And we all waited to see just how it would play out.  How would this president, so obviously trapped in his own web, wiggle away.

But then moderator Candy threw her Obama the lifeline, proclaiming at that most electifying moment to a national audience that (and I paraphrase here), “no, really, he did call it terrorism, Mr. Romney.  Really he did!  I know he did,” even though that national audience knew, as Governor Romney said last night, that it took this president two weeks, after a failed campaign to link the violence to a YouTube video, to label the Libya atrocities terrorism.  By throwing herself into that moment, Candy shattered the exquisite tension, and handed Obama the lifeline he so desperately needed.

When it became clear to him that Candy was there to rescue him, a grateful Obama pleaded with her to read the transcript (just why did she have the transcript sitting there in front of her?  And how did Obama know she had it?).   Realizing her error, Candy scrambled to control the damage, stuttering and stammering in an appeal to both men.  Meanwhile, a grateful Obama reveled in his discovery of yet another woman who had stepped in to protect him, another woman throwing herself on a sword for him, another woman behind whom he could hide — a pattern that is becoming all too common with this man.

Most of us know what happened then.  That moment would become a debate all its own, as pundits have spent this entire day after chewing on what Candy did or didn’t do, whether she was justified in doing it, and just what Obama really meant in the Rose Garden that morning in the wake of the murder of four Americans before he jetted off to a fundraiser in Vegas.  Candy herself has admitted “I blew it,” but the leftists have since circled their wagons around her and her dear leader, proclaiming them both heroes in the war for America’s heart and soul.

And me?  I’ll just forever wonder what might have been.  I have a pretty good idea.  At that moment, the president had already backed down, cornering himself on his little stool looking like a frightened deer to Mitt Romney’s laser-like glare.  He had already begged Governor Romney to move on.  For the second time in his life he was being confronted by reality (the first time being the first debate a week-and-a-half ago), his opponent refusing to let him wiggle away, his opponent demanding an answer to him and a national audience.  I like to think he was about to burst in to tears.  But we’ll never know, will we?


A Curious Collection of Super Bowl Commercials

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Amazing Super Bowl tonight.  A nailbiter until the very last moment when the Giants claimed the ring and the Lombardi trophy.  But, sad to say,  I found the journey to that last moment rather disconcerting.

It’s no secret that many watch the big game for the commercials.  From coast to coast, viewers gather to see what amazing, not to mention pricey, creations the ad agencies have concocted to wow America while the players take a breather.  Today we did indeed witness some clever moments that will no doubt be discussed around America’s water coolers tomorrow, but what I found disconcerting, and I hope others did, too, was what wasn’t represented.

Most notably, our nation’s ailing economy seemed to be on display in the limited number of companies that shelled out the big bucks for those coveted Super Bowl minutes.  It would appear that only one beer company could afford those slots, but even more jarring were the lack of car companies who could.  The game seemed like one giant commecial — wall to wall — for the company the cynics among us now refer to as “Government Motors.”  It’s amazing what an entity can purchase when it has a bottomless bailout (taxpayer) slush fund at its disposal for commercial time, and the game tonight proved the ultimate showcase for such excess.

The capper was a dark and endless tearjerker presented by thought-he-was-a-conservative Clint Eastwood, a treatise that lamented (and I paraphrase here) the fact that we are hurting, but because we’re America we all got together to do the right thing and bail out a car company and turn it over to the government and the unions, because, you see, “it’s half-time in America.”  Really?  Aside from a shameful rip-off of President Reagan’s iconic “morning in America,” I don’t remember being asked to “do the right thing” and turn over my tax money for a government/union take over of a private corporation.  Let me say, as well, that I would be royally furious right now if I were the powers-that-be at Ford Motor Company — a car company that refused the bailout — which was bashed by name in one of the Government Motors spots.  As a taxpayer, and an American, I’m royally furious for them — and for myself.

Other than that, many thanks to the Giants and the Patriots for a great game, and may we all be thankful that though commercial time was dominated by the left’s propoganda, at least this year the president did not interrupt the festivities with one of his customary Super Bowl campaign lectures.  Count our blessings for that, and have a nice night.


Oprah Just Can’t Understand Why America Does Not Respect Obama’s Authority

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Apparently mistaking the United States of America for a third-world banana republic dictatorship, Oprah Winfrey commented in an MSNBC interview earlier this week, that she is “surprised” that the American people are finding it so easy to criticize her fearless leader, Barack Obama.  Ms. Winfrey is evidently “concerned” about this, because, to paraphrase, the president naturally has “authority” over the American people.  She seems to believe that blessed as we are with such an extraordinary man to rule us, we the people should be grateful and shut our collective mouths.

To her credit she did mention respect for the “office” of the presidency (not necessarily one and the same as the individual holding that office), but perhaps it’s time for Ms. Winfrey to take a course on the United States Constitution and the First Amendment.

In the meantime, Ms. Winfrey, let me inform you that no one has authority over me, my family or anyone blessed with the rights and privileges bestowed upon this country by the men who risked their lives to craft them.  In fact, Ms. Winfrey, were you to investigate those documents, those men, you would discover it is we the people who hold the authority card in this great nation, and the vast majority of us have no intention of handing our liberties over to anyone, including your would-be “authoritarian” friend currently occupying the White House.  Let me remind you that such arrangements came to an end in this country back in the 1860s.

Meanwhile, the man who would be king – the man you, Ms. Winfrey, seem to think a king currently occupying that big house in D.C. – trots the globe bowing and scraping to any and every world leader who will receive him.  While more than comfortable exerting his “authority” over we the people here at home, he willingly subjugates himself to other countries around the world, even those with unsavory designs on our nation and our people.  At the same time, this president has in recent weeks taken to comparing himself to our 40th President, Ronald Reagan, even unabashedly referring to himself as “the gipper,” President Reagan’s nickname taken from one of his famous movie roles.

Were he with us today, I imagine Ronnie would get a good laugh from that ridiculous “gipper” comparison, imitation being the finest form of flattery, but so do I also know that such imitation would not flow both ways.  We would never have seen President Reagan bowing and scraping to other heads of state, knowing as he did that such circumstances are where we the people do wish to see some American presidential authority on display.  Once we have someone who understands this back in the White House again, we trust that individual will enjoy your full and uncritical respect, Ms. Winfrey – even if he or she does not happen to be a liberal, a messiah, or your close personal friend.

When Pampered News Anchors Venture in to the War Zone

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 Within the past couple of weeks, several network news anchors experienced a collective brain cramp and decided it would be wise  – and good for ratings – to catch a flight to Cairo and set up their microphones amid Egypt’s current, and very violent, revolutionary chaos.

Katie Couric, Brian Williams, and far too many other high-profile TV news personalities made the trip, mistaking themselves for the hard-boiled, unshaven, wartime field correspondents who have historically risked their lives to cover the World Wars, as well as the wars in Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan. Such a vocation requires a certain type of animal.  A perky, desperate-for-ratings Katie, as well as NBC’s Brian Williams (featured recently in some insipid women’s magazine, engaging oh-so-urgently in the heated controversy of pleats versus plain in men’s slacks), are not those animals.

We all recognize the true die-hard field reporter when we see one – and we have seen plenty of them in recent years, thanks to those reporters who were embedded with our troops in the early days of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.  Fox’s Rick Leventhal quickly emerged as my personal favorite, transforming almost overnight into one of those hard-boiled field reporters, who might just as well have been posting stories from Normandy Beach in June, 1944.  Rick’s respect and reverence for those with whom he was embedded was undeniable, reflected in the meat and nature of his reporting.  Even now, when I see him reporting stateside from the White House or similar venue, I get the feeling he would trade the jacket and tie for a flak jacket, helmet and sunburn in a heartbeat.

As for Katie and Brian and their more soft-boiled brethren, those who have been rioting, pillaging, overthrowing, and destroying Egypt’s ancient national treasures in Cairo, have not been at all impressed by the network pampered pets who swept into town with their cameras, microphones, makeup teams and personal assistants.  The reports of injured news personalities emerging from the chaos have not only been staggering in number, but devastating in nature, featuring abductions, head injuries and threats of beheading.

The experience has surely served as a profound wake-up call to television “journalists” forced to realize that terrorists and their ilk are not just misunderstood activists, and that they themselves are talented teleprompter readers, not field reporters (the latter of whom know the story isn’t about them, the former holding the opposite opinion).  Most of the pampered pets have since come running home – fortunately before we had to send our troops in to risk their lives to rescue them.

Despite an Irritating Guest, Sarah’s Family Sparkles in the Last Frontier

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Several people (you know who you are) insisted that I check out a recent episode of Sarah Palin’s reality show on the TLC cable network. The episode in question features a guest appearance by the irritating Kate Gosselin, “star” of another TLC “reality” show — “Kate Exploits 8,” or whatever it’s called – which finds her shamelessly using her children for her own self-aggrandizement.

Though I followed this directive, allow me first to say that I have tried to ignore the existence of Sarah’s show, her appearance in such a project a disappointment to me. But I watched anyway, and though Gosselin’s disgraceful “performance” had me praying even more fervently for the end of her 15 minutes of inexplicable fame, I was pleased to see Sarah and her clan emerge so lovable and “genuine,” in keeping with the alleged mission of so-called “reality” shows, most of which are anything but.

Indeed Sarah and her family sparkled, from Sarah’s dad, a retired biology teacher who mesmerized the kids (and the TV audience) with his house, a residential natural history museum; to Sarah’s hubby Todd, who escaped the guest star’s nonsense to go fishing alone, leaving his wife envious of said escape; to Sarah’s kids who were disgusted by the guest star’s failure even to try and enjoy an Alaskan camping trip; to the guest star’s exploited children, who were in seventh heaven spending time with the Palins in the Alaskan wilderness.

Failing to sparkle in any way was guest-star Gosselin, who lasted only a couple of hours on the camping trip, after which she guilted/threatened her kids to leave with her in her wimpy, whiny retreat. How sad for those kids, who, understandably, wanted to stay with the mama grizzly, the grandpa grizzly, and their clan. I don’t even want to think of what awaits those kids when puberty hits – and when their mom’s 15 minutes does finally come to a much deserved end.

Of course, Kate seems to believe that those 15 minutes will last forever.  Before she humiliated herself in the Last Frontier, she whined to Sarah that they are two peas in a pod because they both understand the slings and arrows of media scrutiny. Sorry, Kate, you are nothing like Sarah, whose media scrutiny arises from the profound and genuine threat she poses to the twisted, leftist power base of the United States. Kate also failed to mention that whenever her own media scrutiny begins to wane, she does anything she can to get it back – posing for some cheesy magazine in a bikini, crying on insipid women’s talk shows, trotting out the kids, being surgically enhanced – whatever it takes.

As the show ended, I was left lamenting the missed opportunity I had just witnessed. Before embarking on the camping trip, the Palins thought Gosselin might need some training in grizzly-country safety. Having had extensive training myself in this area, I couldn’t help but imagine a scene where the bear expert advises guest-star Kate that if she should stumble upon a lone grizzly cub out in the wilderness, by all means pick the little guy up, cuddle him and hug him, tickle his tummy, and feed him crackers and M&Ms. Little grizzly cubs just love this – especially when mama is nearby. To those of you who know what I’m saying here, well, those 15 minutes….over. Yep, sadly, a lost opportunity. Sigh. (Just kidding. Sort of.)

Mythical Obama Set to Appear on Mythbusters

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UPDATE (10/20/10):  In his grand mission to appear as unpresidential as is humanly possible, Barack Obama, it was just announced, will be appearing on The Daily Show on Comedy Central, as well.  What’s next?  Guest appearances on Jersey Shore and Dancing with the Stars?  This man has made a laughingstock of our great nation, and rest assured that those who oppose us are watching.  And salivating.

So I see that Barack Obama is taking leave yet again from his duties as leader of the Free World to appear on yet another television show.  This time he will be gracing the set of Mythbusters, a cable program that dispels urban legends, to promote the educational importance of math and science.

Just one question: What the heck does Barack Obama know about math and science? Indeed my son, who is buried daily under mounds of math and science homework, asked that very question when he heard that Obama would be appearing on a show he once respected until today.

 Surrounded as I am in my family by crowds of people who are extremely well educated and degreed in these subjects (not me, mind you), I would venture that these family members, as well as my high-school-aged son and his friends, would be far more qualified to discuss this topic than a man whose legendarily thin, non-mathematical, non-scientific, non-work-experience-of-any-kind resume has been the topic of great debate for months now.

But this President is in panic campaign mode right now, traveling the country making his increasingly shrill and strident speeches, while finding it all far less gratifying than it was back in the glory days of 2008 when he was regarded a god. While he seems to have decided he’ll have better luck on TV, the results of this have been lackluster at best.

In the meantime, I urge the Mythbuster guys to keep their radar sharp, ever focused on their mission to debunk myths and mythical creatures, especially mythical creatures that happen to wander in front of their cameras. I urge them, as well, to remember that their own credibility could be at stake if they play patty-cake too enthusiastically with this White House.

Tonight on Discovery: Man vs. Metrosexual

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The attack this past week on the Discovery Channel headquarters by an environmental activist who was inspired by Al Gore and his “documentary,” An Inconvenient Truth, got me thinking about a trend – a convenient truth — I have been noticing this summer. In a nutshell: Men are alive and well, and we still like having them around.

I recognized this trend, this truth, while, at the behest of my son, I was watching Discovery’s reality shows that showcase the fine art of survival, either on the job (Deadliest Catch) or in the wild (Man vs. Wild, Dual Survival, etc.) . These shows are wildly popular, their key players — from captains of ice-encrusted boats seeking Arctic crab, to military-trained experts demonstrating survival tips in case of wilderness isolation or apocalypse — becoming household names coast to coast. Like I said, alive and well.

Which tells me something, too, about all those soft, non-threatening, oh-so-celebrated metrosexuals that grace most of America’s magazine covers: George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and, of course, the illustrious Barack Obama. Sing their praises if you must, but obviously there are still plenty of Americans, men and women alike, who revere the masculinity, self-sufficiency, independence, resourcefulness and virility at the core of the Discovery guys’ popularity (and, in a sense, at the core of America itself).

It’s not that difficult to figure out. Our culture may have been subverted in recent decades by radical feminists who would label men “scum” yet insist that women are their equal, and politically correct philosophies and policies that mandate there is no evil, no right, no wrong, but that does not change who we are fundamentally as animals. When faced with danger and those who would hurt our homes and families, most of us, like our non-human brethren, still look up to those who know how to keep us warm, keep us fed, keep us safe, and keep us alive.

If my family were stranded in the tundra, left to our own devices in the aftermath of a natural disaster, or threatened by the consequences of a lawless society, some guy whose skill set consists solely of mugging for a camera lens, reading a teleprompter and matching a silk tie to an Italian suit would be of no value whatsoever. On the other hand, a man who can navigate a ship through a blizzard on an icy sea; who can find water and shade in Death Valley; who would take down a plane hijacked by terrorists before it reaches DC; or who can use a gun and a blade for food, shelter and self-protection.…I’ll stick with him, thank you very much.  It’s a safe bet most of the rest of us would too.

Life in this Bizarro World

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For months now I have felt like I’ve been living in one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes, “The Bizarro Jerry.” Elaine falls in with a “bizarro” opposite crowd, where the guy pals read books, they lock their apartment doors, they give money to charity, and they treat each other with respect.

In our own current bizarro world, the United States government has waged war against our liberties, shredded our Constitution; gobbled up private industries; promoted policies that have left millions of Americans jobless; treated foreign-born terrorists like American citizens; spent us into oblivion; cut corrupt backroom-esque deals in full view of the public with unions and legislators (and threatened those that don’t comply); and, most notably, launched a full-blown attack on the American health-care system to place it under government control, ration care, and control every aspect of our lives. Meanwhile, a lapdog media rubber stamps each of these efforts, fighting any attempt made to illuminate truth and preserve our liberty.

The public response has surprised those seeking to destroy and transform America. With each attack, we have witnessed the awakening of the legendary sleeping giant, the American people, who have refused to go quietly into that insidious corrupt night. We may awaken each morning to an America we hardly recognize anymore, but most of us see it for what it is: just another challenge to the grand experiment that is this nation — a challenge we will overcome.

In keeping with the bizarro nature of our America right now, I discovered a curious piece of inspiration where I least expected to find it: the Showtime drama Dexter. Think what you will of this story of a serial killer who targets only those who have committed heinous acts and escaped justice (we’re talking bizarro America here, remember?), but the words of Dexter’s adopted father Harry, a police officer, apply just as pertinently to his fictional TV world as they do our unfortunately very real bizarro one: 

“The world can always be set right again.”

I’ll be keeping that one. Though I personally believe our current chaos will get worse before it gets better, “the world can always be set right again.” It can. And ours will. There is no other option.

Stupid Commercial for Financial Irresponsibility

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March 2, 2010 | Comments

The camera opens on an attractive, well-dressed, well-spoken couple with expensive hair. They sit chatting in what appears to be the kitchen in a bright, airy, well-appointed contemporary home (theirs, I presume).

Their topic on this fine, sunny morning? The high service charges levied upon them when they cash their weekly paychecks, government checks, whatever checks they say they are regularly cashing. It seems these attractive people don’t have a bank account – not even a small savings account that would earn them check-cashing privileges. Poor things. So they apparently have to cash their checks with the shark on the corner, and it’s costing them far too much.

But today they share the great news: Walmart’s check-cashing charges are much cheaper than what they have been paying! Oh, happy day! And it gets better. Once they figure these reduced charges will save them as much as $200 a year, they gleefully agree to put that sweet savings to good use and buy a new flat-screen TV! Oh, happy day again!

Now, if this is indeed a valid portrait of Americans faced with economic challenges today, it’s no wonder households across the nation are in such dire straits financially. I also have to wonder just who Walmart is targeting with this message? Perhaps the woman I saw at Best Buy the other day fits the audience profile. Denied her attempt to purchase a laptop computer with food stamps, she stomped out of the store and bee-lined in a huff to her Lexus parked in a handicapped spot outside the door. I guess she has been cashing her checks at Walmart.

As for you, commercial couple, how about taking that $200 and opening a savings account. You’ll likely find that family security trumps new toys any day.

Betsy Siino | Comments