Appeasement and a Lack of Accountability in Ferguson and Beyond

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As many of us did, I listened today to the “morning-after” coverage of last night’s Ferguson announcement and the resulting riots as so-called victimized activists burned businesses and property, primarily minority-owned businesses and property, to the ground.  In addition to wondering just how and why people protest by igniting their homes in flames, I found it amazing, as I hope many of us did, as representatives of Ferguson — and cities that hosted their own sympathy riots — boasted proudly that so few arrests were made on this first and incendiary night.  Not a phenomenon worthy of pride, folks!  And certainly nothing to brag about.

Floods of arrests should have been the upshot of that behavior, that destruction, last night.  The fact that so few occurred, and that morning-after quarterbacks are proud of that….what have we become?  And what are we teaching our children?  Even a 5-year-old can recognize that a lack of arrests was not because the protests were peaceful.  And I’d venture to say that even a 5-year-old can recognize appeasement when he or she sees it.

Vote Tomorrow in Memory of Our Americans Killed in Benghazi

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This last weekend, Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith, one of our four Americans murdered in Benghazi on September 11th, stated, “I believe that Obama murdered my son.  I firmly believe this.”  This grieving mom joins the criticisms of Charles Woods, father of Navy Seal Tyrone Woods, also killed on that terrible September night when he defied orders in an attempt to rescue his fellow Americans.  May they find comfort in the fact that so many of us join them, as well, in their criticism of this administration, waiting for answers that are still not forthcoming.

What has amazed and disgusted me over the weeks following that terrible attack in Libya are the leftwing pundits who have turned the deaths of these men into a partisan issue, circling their wagons around the president, insisting that he is not to be accused or indicted in this incident in any way.  Never mind that he is the commander-in-chief.  Never mind that he refuses to call this or any attack on Americans “terrorism” (evident yet again in interview footage 60 Minutes released today that they had withheld to protect their Obama, footage that joins the damning information that continues to trickle out, implicating this president’s role in failing to protect our people).  And never mind that the president couldn’t be bothered by the attack as it was happening, because he had more pressing campaign matters calling him to Vegas.  He and his found it easier simply to blame it on a YouTube video and trust America to swallow the story without question.

But we didn’t swallow the story, and now, no matter what happens tomorrow, this president and our great nation need to understand that what happened in Benghazi will not be forgotten with election day.  We the people will not forget those four dead Americans, nor, despite what this adminstration and their media propogandists are insisting, will we see their deaths as a conservative issue.  Rest assured that if one of those lost Americans were the child of one of the dems working so hard to insulate this president and hold him blameless, that democrat would instead be calling for information just as loudly as those of us are on the right.  But to those of us demanding that information, to those of us demanding accountability, they are all our children.  We grieve for them and seek the truth about their deaths, no matter who happens to be president, no matter which party is in power — even if that in some way implicates the commander-in-chief whose only job is to keep our nation safe.

So remember those four Americans tomorrow — Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith, Chris Stevens and Glen Doherty — as you cast your ballot.  Remember that there is still so much we don’t know about that night.  We know the events were horrific.  We know there was blood and fear and heroism.  And we know this White House from the first moments has tried to conceal the truth from us.   Armed as we are with this knowledge, we will not stop pursuing that truth, no matter who wins the White House tomorrow.


An Administration Mistreating Americans in Uniform and Diplomatic Service

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Once again, the timing was almost poetic.  There I was fuming last week over the veiled threats being directed toward the author, a Navy Seal, of the new book on the death of Osama bin Laden, No Easy Day.  Defense secretary Leon Panetta (still can’t stomach coupling that name with that title) subsequently made the rounds, whining that though this book divulges nothing that had not already been released/leaked previously by an administration claiming exclusive dibs on the story for its own re-election purposes, such insubordination simply cannot be tolerated.  We may just have no choice, whimpered Panetta.  We may just have to prosecute this Seal, American hero or not, who actually participated in the pulling of the trigger and made Obama’s fondest election dream come true.  So once again the Obama gang promotes a policy — the prosecution of a Navy Seal who took out bin Laden — they assume will naturally resonate with the American people.

Days later we find a second chain of events fueled by yet another policy point this administration assumed would resonate with the rabble.  The 11th anniversary of 9/11….what better time to reach out and disavow those hateful Americans who would dare to “hurt the feelings” of followers of Islam?  And we’ll prove our commitment to this policy, claimed the state department (via both press release and social network), by leaving our embassies in one of the most dangerous regions of the world under-protected or, even better, unprotected altogether.  See, we trust you guys, they pled.  We will even make you responsible for protecting our embassies and our diplomats.  You can like us now!

And so this adminstration overtly invited the anti-American violence that has since errupted and escalated in said dangerous region and beyond for days now, resulting so sadly in senseless American casualties.  We watch daily now as our flag is burned and desecrated throughout the world, we hear daily of the Israel/Iran fuse growing shorter and shorter, and we witness daily a president who could not be farther in over his head as he, a latter-day Nero, grins and struts and campaigns while his nation and its global outposts burn.  And that illustrious president’s adminstration continues to lay the blame on an internet video and coincidence, denying premeditation, coordination or any notion that this could possibly be the result of its own pathetic, weak and wobbly policies.  Once again, under the Obama administration, Americans die, and the resulting cover-ups fly at a dizzying pace.

The day after the brutal death of the four Americans in Libya — September 12, by “coincidence,” — the mother of ambassador Chris Stevens stated that at least her son died doing something he loved.  Hmm.  My response would have been quite different.  Her son should never have been doing that work he loved without proper American fire power protecting him, his staff, and yes, the lives of those doing the protecting, as well.  Details trickling out of the war zone have  stunned us Americans who believe in peace through strength, Americans who condemn appeasement in all forms, Americans who want our forces armed to the teeth, especially when guarding with their lives the highest-risk corners of the globe.  By the same token, we the people do not care to see members of our armed forces prosecuted for risking their lives to protect us either.  Got that, Mr. Panetta?  Four years in, and this adminstration once again reveals to us who they really are, and I do not happen to believe that theirs is a message that resonates.  I guess we’ll know in a couple of weeks.


Thank You, Governor Romney, for Refusing to Bow

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Yesterday, as many of us commemorated the events of September 11th, a day that lives in infamy, an act of war was perpetrated against our nation when our diplomatic enclaves in Egypt and Libya were attacked, leaving four Americans dead.  The president and his secretary of state subsequently referred to these attacks as acts of “senseless violence,” but we the people know better.

And Mitt Romney knows better, too.  It was downright embarrassing to listen to the Obama mainstream media propoganda team struggle so stridently this morning to protect their president from his own incompetence and dangerous policies.  You see, Governor Romney, the republican nominee for the office of President of the United States, dared to step out and condemn the attacks and the current administration’s attempt pre-emptively to appease those who wish to hurt us.  The gist: that it is inappropriate for an administration to apologize for America and her people — in other words, to bow — to people who would destroy what is American territory, desecrate our flag and murder our people.  Desperate in their compulsion to protect the president who heads this administration, the media lapdogs came out in collective force (joined later by the trusty republican establishment) to discredit Governor Romney, squealing that these events are none of his business, painting him as a political opportunist.  And all because he, unlike their fearless leader, refused to bow.

I, on the other hand, hope and believe I speak for many when I say thank you, Mr. Romney, for your words and for your steely spine.  And thanks to those Americans who yesterday perished senselessly as casualties of acts of war against America.  As many have noted today, American diplomats who accept posts in the most dangerous corners of the world are every bit in danger as those in our military who man the front lines.  If apologies are in order, I’d say it would be from this adminstration and its state department, which failed to acknowledge evil and place our outposts throughout the world on high alert —  on September 11th and every other day of the year.

Inconvenient Timing for Barack Obama’s “Surprise” Visit to Afghanistan

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As we know, Barack Obama is all about the show (think white-coated doctors in the Rose Garden and a memorial/pep-rally in Tucson), so there was no way he would pass up the chance on this first anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s death to make a “surprise” trip to Afghanistan to take credit for both Bin Laden’s demise and what he has called the end of the war on terror.  (How better, too, for Obama to deflect attention away from this May Day and the Occupy movement he has so publicly and unpopularly embraced?)

Indeed the president probably thought the timing perfect for such a dramatic commemoration of his only true success as president: giving the Navy Seals the go-ahead to take out Bin Laden.  But upon closer examination, it would appear the timing is proving rather inconvenient.  How inconvenient for Obama, for example, that Jose Rodgriguez, head of the post-9/11 enhanced interrogation of the vicious souls responsible for that terrible day, has chosen this same moment in time to broadcast how critical those enhanced techniques were for locating Bin Laden and for the ongoing safety of our nation.  With a fearlessness Obama can only imagine, Mr. Rodgriquez has made it clear that these techniques have been repeatedly denounced by this president and his followers, yet they have saved thousands of American lives in our post-9/11 world.  Mr. Rodgriguez has made clear who the true heroes of this story are, and a gloating, showboating president is not one of them.

How inconvenient for Obama, as well, to have his most recent desperate campaign tactic against Mitt Romney fly back in his face.  You know the one: his campaign ad starring himself and Bill Clinton, claiming that probable republican candidate Romney would not have given the order to take out Bin Laden.  And how inconvenient for the president that Governor Romney would so easily dismiss the charge as ridiculous, claiming that “even Jimmy Carter would have given that order.”

And finally, how inconvenient for Obama’s theatrics to be overshadowed by Navy Seals, retired and current, who have chosen this same moment in time to denounce the president’s opportunistic boasting of his own success in this mission, a mission, they remind us, that was carried out, not by Obama, but by their Seal brethren.  The Seals have gone on to suggest that perhaps the president is fudging a bit when detailing his role in the mission, knowing he can because those active in the armed forces are not allowed to speak out against their commander-in-chief.  But as retired Seal Sniper Chris Kyle has said, someday the truth will come out, as the truth always does, and it’s not likely to match what the president has told us for the past year from various podiums, various stages, both foreign and domestic.  When that truth does make its appearance, I have a feeling most of us will find it just as “surprising” as we found the president’s carefully orchestrated “surprise” visit to Afghanistan today.

Let the Spin Begin

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What a difference a day makes. One day, leftwingers who for almost a decade vilified George W., his “fictitious” war on terror, and his methods and policies are rejoicing that the spiritual leader at the root of that “fictitious” war is dead. America, they assume, will ignore that those vilified Bush-era methods and policies helped lead to said terrorist’s demise. We just won’t think about that, they say. And no one else will either, right?


Within hours of their beloved’s announcement that he pulled the trigger, an avalanche of information and conspiracy theories came tumbling down upon the heads of smirky leftists. They thought it would be so easy. Ding, dong, Bin Laden is dead. This president got Bin Laden. Yay, Obama! Let’s all fall in behind him. Happy days are here again.

They never expected the blowback….

….He’s not really dead! Yes he is! We saw the pictures, proclaim the senators. Trust us. Oops. Nope. Those were faked. But he’s still dead! Yes, says the CIA chief, still dead, and you will all see the pictures. Oh no you won’t, says the president. You can’t handle the truth. And we can’t spike the football. What would we think if they posted pictures of the Americans they kill. Oh. Daniel Pearl. And so many others….He used a woman as a human shield. Oh no he didn’t. He wouldn’t. But a woman was shot and killed. No, not killed. Shot, not killed. Whew!….He had a gun. No, he didn’t. But that’s okay, squeals the White House. Isn’t it? Still okay to shoot him, wasn’t it? The Han Solo moment. Han shot first, at least before the politically-corrected version of the film he did. It’s okay then, isn’t it? That we shot first? And without a warrant. Say it’s okay!….Without waterboarding we wouldn’t have gotten him. No! cry the dems. Say it ain’t so! I saw the intel myself, bleats the senator. None of it came from that. Did it? So, Madam Senator, you won’t act when and if the intel does come from that? When American lives are at stake? Now that will surely resonate with America….

Shame on you people! the left shouts now in panic as they scramble for a position in this unexpected aftermath. A man is dead and you are celebrating! They lash out. At us. For recognizing their hypocrisy. For defying the narrative and refusing their leader a big bump in the polls. And for continuing to demand an election in 2012.

And today their candidate visits Ground Zero. Never has as president. Not in two-and-a-half years. Symbolic place, that Ground Zero. The perfect backdrop for this grand-daddy of all photo-ops now that the most-wanted is dead. Shanksville isn’t sexy. And the Pentagon….well, come on, it’s the Pentagon. But this…Ground Zero…yes! Especially now. So find a mirror and perfect that furrowed brow. And ask your predecessor to join the party. What’s that? He declines the invite. Smart move, President Bush. The right move. Ever the class act you are. And undeniably authentic, something we haven’t seen in a very long time.

Seeing Clearly Bin Laden’s End and Continued Threats to America

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Yesterday morning, in the wake of Osama Bin Laden’s announced death, a gentleman called a local talk-radio host to express how grateful he is to know that his son, who has served several tours in Iraq, did not serve in vain. What I urge this man to remember, what I urge us all to remember, is that even if Bin Laden was never found, never killed by our Navy Seals, none of our service men and women protecting our nation over the past 10 years has served in vain. We have remained safe for the past 10 years because of their sacrifice, and because of the controversial foresight of our former President, who stayed the course in this mission, despite efforts led by the mainstream media, leftwing politicos and Hollywood types, and our current president to appease our enemies.

While we celebrated yesterday, so did we also witness those leftwing minions genuflecting at the alter of their messiah. Don’t even bother holding a 2012 presidential election, they shouted from the rooftops, virtually ignoring the fact that it was U.S. Navy Seals who actually carried out the mission (ignoring, as well, that many on the left have for almost a decade chalked 9/11 up to an evil plan perpetrated by George W.).

Yet certain tidbits of information nevertheless trickled out into the light of day, as tidbits always do. The intel, for one, that led to Bin Laden’s ultimate demise, apparently came from extreme interrogation methods carried out under the former administration’s watch — the same methods the left, including the current president, have fought valiantly to render obsolete. And apparently the Navy Seals who took out the world’s most wanted terrorist were members of an elite force referred to derisively by the left when they operated under a different administration, as Dick Cheney’s “Assassination Ring.”

The information I find most troubling, however, relates to the fact that Bin Laden was buried at sea almost instantly after he was killed. We can’t let his burial place become a shrine, we were told. That’s all well and good, but why was he dispatched so quickly? And, even more importantly, why was he given full Islamic funeral rites before the burial? No legitimate justification has been offered to answer this latter question, and, frankly, there is none.

What I have not heard floated is the idea that perhaps this administration mandated the sacred/speedy burial in an attempt to play both sides: “Sorry guys,” they may have been telling the Islamic world, “you know we had to take him out, but, hey, look, we are honoring him according to your rituals so you’ll like us!” Already we are hearing noisy grumbles over this from so-called “average” Americans (or “slugs,” as our president allegedly called us several days ago at one of his pricey campaign fundraisers). Expect those grumbles to become louder in the days, weeks, even months ahead.

While yesterday was a day of celebration, we must today remember that the war on terror continues, and it is just that: a war on terror, not a series of “manmade disasters” or “cultural misunderstandings” or whatever foolish euphemism this administration has mandated it be called. While we may thank this president for defying his own documented opposition to the war on terror and giving the order this last weekend, given what we have experienced over the last two-and-a-half years, I have come to regard with suspicion and skepticism anything that emanates from this White House. So much theater. So many photo-ops. So much trite and artificial symbolism. And always such “coincidental” timing. Indeed how provident that this president would announce that he took out Bin Laden on the anniversary of the day the American people learned Adolf Hitler was dead — and, lo and behold, eight years from the day that George W. made his much-vilified “mission accomplished” speech.

Providence? Coincidence? You be the judge. But amid the careful timing and the theatrics (lab-coated doctors in the Rose Garden, a fake Parthenon in Denver), let us not forget this Thursday, when Obama accepts his accolades at Ground Zero for “getting” Bin Laden, that if he had had his way, there would have been no critical intel gathered by methods this president and his ilk have vehemently opposed.  There would have been no Navy Seals in Pakistan to pull the trigger on the spiritual leader of Al Qaeda. And if he has way, the end of Bin Laden and his own golden words will blind the fawning masses, the slugs, to the crushing debt facing our country; to gas, and, thus, ultimately food, prices that threaten to grind our nation to a halt; and to unemployment rates skyrocketing as fast as our taxes into the stratosphere.

I, for one, do not intend to ignore the current state of our nation. Today, and every day, I will pray that we the people will continue to maintain our vigilance, as our founders urged, toward all, both foreign and domestic, who seek to harm our nation and blind us to the threat.

The Navy Seals Take Out Osama Bin Laden

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A great day for America. Osama Bin Laden is dead. Almost 10 years after that terrible day in September of 2001, our U.S. Navy Seals, in a mission seemingly scripted for an over-the-top action/adventure flick starring Bruce Willis or Sylvester Stallone, shot the 9/11 mastermind in a protected compound in Pakistan, took his body, and escaped the scene without a single American casualty.

My heart and thanks go out to the Navy Seals who made this happen; to our U.S. troops who serve so courageously in this most treacherous corner of the world (and, of course, to their families); to the American intelligence network that has stayed the course despite a precarious political landscape on the homefront; and to George W. Bush, who, amid the ravenous vitriol sent his way while he occupied the White House, ensured our military presence remained a strong foundation in the Middle East for the protection of us here at home.

As we celebrate this momentous day, let us remember that this war is not over. The Navy Seals who carried out this mission this weekend and our troops who keep us safe know this. And we must know it, too.

Lessons Learned: Beware of Arbitrary, Undefined “Change”

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To all who were lured into the touchy-feely belief two years ago or so that change for change’s sake is a goal to which we all should aspire, I would imagine, and hope, most of you are having second thoughts by now.

Those not so easily swayed know now, just as they (we) knew then, that in its most simplistic terms, change can be good, and change can be bad. To sign on haphazardly to arbitrary, undefined “change,” is to enter dangerous territory for yourself, your family, and, as we have witnessed firsthand, your country.

A quick look at history is all we need to see where that dangerous territory can lead. Hitler wanted “change.” Remember? And he made it happen.  Mao, Castro and Lenin wanted “change.”  And they made it happen.  Indeed just about every tyrant and dictator in human history has wanted change – sometimes defined for the masses, sometimes not – and with long-term, often damning consequences. On the flip side, our nation’s founders wanted change, too — clearly defined, clearly documented change — and they made it happen. Tyrants and dictators of the world (including those within our own nation’s capitol) no doubt view the success of the American experiment “dangerous,” and indeed it is for those who hunger for unbridled power and control of we the people.

And today the mainstream lapdog media, the United States president, and various pundits with undefined qualifications but clearly defined agendas, are singing the praises of change in Egypt after several weeks of undefined Egyptians demonstrating and causing mass destruction in the streets of Cairo. I won’t pretend to understand precisely what is going on in Egypt, but we all know that the Egyptian president Mubarak has stepped down, it appears the military has stepped in (the word “coup” being somewhat avoided), and the Egyptian parliament is being dissolved.  Our president, in turn, using these events to court college students in his bid for reelection in 2012, is congratulating those who have made these dreams a reality, insisting that such undefined, revolutionary “change” is what the slobbering college students are all about.

Because I am no expert, I will look to Israel, rather than the current U.S. president, for clues as to the true significance of the events in Egypt. Said U.S. president has not been what we might call supportive of Israel, so I will assume that his support for the undefined change in Egypt does not necessarily bode well for the Jewish State. Israel, in turn, has hardly been rejoicing over the events in a nation that has been the closest they have to an ally in their shared and very volatile region of the world. I also personally don’t find comforting the words “Sharia Law” and “Muslim Brotherhood” as potential consequences of the Egyptian rebellion.

Meanwhile, our president stands smiling before those cheering, maybe hungover, college students, taking credit for that rebellion, which has thus far resulted in a military coup, the loss of a parliament, and the opening of floodgates to other nations in the region who seek to destroy Israel.  But fear not, America, one of this administration’s top security officials is out there smoothing the feathers of skeptical Americans by insisting that the Muslim Brotherhood, mild and moderate “secular” organization that it is, is nothing to fear.

Sorry, this skeptical American intends to remain so.  In an era of undefined, arbitrary change, only a fool signs on without thought of consequence. Whether we’re talking light bulbs, portion control at restaurants, tin-can death-trappy “smart” cars, or national security and stability, the consequence of change for the sake of change, arbitrary and undefined, can be, and usually is, tyranny.

We Will Never Forget

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“Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day?”

I awoke this morning with these words from Alan Jackson on my radio, my country station featuring such songs as Jackson’s “Where Were You” to commemorate this day, September 11th.

I know where I was. We all know where we were. And though there are some in this country with screeching voices and amplified microphones who would rather we forget, we won’t. Ever.

And that is why the vast, vast majority of Americans, all Americans, never dreamed that nine years after that September day, we would be arguing not over the design of the buildings that should replace the Twin Towers, but the building of a mosque upon the sacred ground where the Twin Towers once stood.

The opposition hurls names at this majority of Americans who wish to keep that ground, and the remains of the thousands of souls lost on that ground, sacred. They scream that we are anti-this, anti-that, phobic-this, phobic-that, and, most laughably, they claim we are un-American. For this instance and this instance only, the fundamentally frightened appeasers haul out the Constitution, claiming we who oppose the plan are defying our founders’ intent – and, most importantly, placing ourselves in grave danger.

From politicians to media hacks to talk show hosts, the politically correct ignore pleas to investigate the shady funding behind the project (which, if terror-rooted, would throw the whole “freedom of religion” argument out the window), pleading instead in so many words that if we don’t do this, if we don’t obey, they’ll hurt as again. And indeed, more than one imam has declared publicly, one on national television: If you don’t build it on that site, on that ground, where we say it must go, more attacks will follow.

The left, including the President of the United States, has heeded such threats, and, with the help of New York City’s mayor, New York’s leading candidate for Governor, various New York Congresspeople, leftwing media outlets and formerly funny late night talk-show hosts, they are trying desperately to obey the edict.

The only trouble is, we the people are not so obedient. We know conquest when we see it. We know that the same people pleading the mosque’s case would be singing a different tune if the targets on that September day had instead been Rockefeller Center or the Ed Sullivan Theater. We also happen to be far more familiar than they with our Constitution and our founders’ intent. We believe good and evil exist in this world, we believe in right and wrong, and, above all, we remember where we were when the world stopped turning on that September day. So, no, we won’t obey. And we won’t forget. Ever.