Appeasement and a Lack of Accountability in Ferguson and Beyond

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As many of us did, I listened today to the “morning-after” coverage of last night’s Ferguson announcement and the resulting riots as so-called victimized activists burned businesses and property, primarily minority-owned businesses and property, to the ground.  In addition to wondering just how and why people protest by igniting their homes in flames, I found it amazing, as I hope many of us did, as representatives of Ferguson — and cities that hosted their own sympathy riots — boasted proudly that so few arrests were made on this first and incendiary night.  Not a phenomenon worthy of pride, folks!  And certainly nothing to brag about.

Floods of arrests should have been the upshot of that behavior, that destruction, last night.  The fact that so few occurred, and that morning-after quarterbacks are proud of that….what have we become?  And what are we teaching our children?  Even a 5-year-old can recognize that a lack of arrests was not because the protests were peaceful.  And I’d venture to say that even a 5-year-old can recognize appeasement when he or she sees it.

Many Thanks to My Half of America

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On Tuesday night, the members of my family vowed that we would  pay no attention to anything that happened politically for the next, oh, three-and-a-half years or so.  We would follow current events only superficially, but we would not discuss them, argue them, nothing.  As my son has observed repeatedly since, that vow lasted all of about six hours, and most of that was when we were asleep.

I also toyed in those first hours with the idea of abandoning this website, an idea immediately opposed by my near and dear, and it is in that spirit I want to thank those readers who, perhaps reading my mind, have shared with me their own words of encouragement in the wake of election day 2012.  As representatives of the half of America that remembers the last great hope, we need to stick together, and I offer the same words of encouragement back to you.

By the same token, to those who have taken this opportunity to hurl their oh-so-clever insults and slurs at us….we’re used to being battered by those who must resort to namecalling and talking points in the absence of cogent arguments to fortify their support of certain candidates and policies and free goodies.  And to the reader who scolded me, who accused me of wanting to take the country back to the 1950s, who urged me to get with the program….well, while I do confess to an affinity for mid-century retro styles in fashion, design and pop culture, my choice would actually be a trip back, not to the 50s, but to the late 18th century.  What a gift it would be to meet the men and women, armed with their deep sense of liberty and tyranny, who created this once-great nation and drafted the shattering documents that would provide its blueprint.  So, no, sorry, I won’t be getting with any program mandated by the other half of America.  No bandwagons for me, including those being heralded right now by the republican party.  As many of us have said over the last few days about the Tuesday bloodbath, it is what it is — a loss to our family.  We are who we are, and we will mourn that loss, but we won’t change who we are.

So again, many thanks to those who share my sense of loss and my allegiance to half of America.  We’ll see where it all goes from here.

Now I Understand My Misunderstanding of the New America

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This has been a difficult night for me, and I knew it would be.  It was not only the tipping point for our nation where we would decide as never before the direction we would go as a country, but so would it also be a tipping point in my understanding of my country and what it has become.  How very painful to understand that the country I have known all my life, the country I have loved and understood as part of my being all my life, is gone.  And I will never be the same.

Forgive me if I have wasted your time, celebrating my love for this country as it was founded, a country like no other where the safety net was not a monthly check, but our God-given liberties and unbridled opportunity for anyone with a dream.  But now I understand the new America, a country that looks to the socialist countries of Europe and yearns to be just like them.  A country that hungers for socialized medicine that will restrict accessibility to proper and timely tests, topflight physicians and the latest in medical research advancements (all of which will still be available of course to our aristocracy, as they are exempt from such socialized restrictions).  We are a nation where the majority of women are more concerned with free birth control and abortion than they are with strong families, a healthy economy and dignity as human beings.  We have forteited the need to inspire our children to strive toward whatever dreams they dare to dream.  Where once we told them they could do anything, now, in our new America, we know it would be cruel to mislead them so.

We are a nation where we choose leaders who strive to weaken us on the world stage and fail to worry about threats from those who would destroy us — and have proven repeatedly their ability to do so.  We are a nation where journalists act at their chosen leaders’ bidding, hiding truth from the people, even when Americans are killed.  Where once we were a nation that valued truth and justice, we no longer find such antiquated concepts valuable, and we will willingly cast votes for candidates who lie about who and what they are.  We are no longer a nation that reveres hard work, dedicated to innovation, risk and opportunity, apparently content in this new America of ours to allow government bureaucrats to take care of us, unconcerned when millions of us are out of work.  That, as we learned tonight, is the new American way.  We are a nation that allow our superiors to determine what cars we will drive, what lightbulbs we will use, and what and how much food we will eat, and we will willingly pay whatever is demanded of us for those everyday necessities.  And, despite the battles born by our founders, despite their opposition to taxation without representation, we are a nation that is willing to pay as much as our leadership demands of us in taxes, as that has also apparently become the new American way.

So forgive me, please, for so severely misunderstanding my country and believing that the majority of us shared my conviction.  I have lived in a fantasy of a country that is no more, a country I have known and trusted since the day I was born, and now I must adjust to this new America, content to tell my children, and someday my grandchildren, stories about the nation I once knew.  I must try and let go of that great nation forged by founders who risked their lives to create what would be the last great hope for men and women on earth, a nation defended fiercely by men and women who gave their lives and their blood to ensure that we would live in liberty.

Indeed Ronald Reagan was so very correct when he told us that, “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”  And Abraham Lincoln was so very prescient when he said that “if this nation is ever destroyed, it will not be from without but from within.”  This is probably the very saddest day of my life, and I say to the people who brought us to this new America: What have you done?

Discussing Truthful “Gaffes” at the Dinner Table

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Ronald Reagan once said, “All great change in America begins at the dinner table.”

Now, I have sat at plenty of dinner tables in my time, and plenty of these highlighted by passionate, often heated, multi-generational political discussions, so I understand full well President Reagan’s meaning.  I would also venture to guess that this trend has increased exponentially over the past four years or so, along with an increase in the decibel levels of those dinner conversations — the decibels rising even, as I have experienced, when everyone at the table agrees with each other.

This leads me, then, to wonder why such outrage over the newly released video of Mitt Romney’s comments last spring about 47 percent of people supposedly supporting Obama because they want the handouts?  Haven’t similar statements been made at dinner tables all across the country over these difficult “transformational” years of Obama’s reign?  Haven’t we who are concerned about the endurance of our great nation expressed repeatedly our concerns that we might fall victim to those who have exchanged America exceptionalism for government-issued TVs or cell phones?  I have certainly been involved in that dinner conversation in a variety of homes from east to west, and I  know mine were not isolated experiences.

So this video of Mitt stating the unforgivable goes viral, the left and the RINO establishment predictably pile on with their “how-dare-he!” caterwauling, and we are urged to run to daddy Obama for protection from the big, bad, mean republican who would snatch food from the mouth of a hungry child and just say NO! to an injured warrior returning from Iraq.  Never mind that two minutes of the video in question were apparently edited out, so who knows what Mitt really said and in what context, but it doesn’t matter.  He didn’t say anything that millions of Americans have not been saying themselves, at their own dinner tables, for years now.

Of course “you-didn’t-build-that” Obama has also certainly been gist for those tables himself, most recently thanks to his dismissal of the national debt as nothing to worry about; his choosing to hobnob with slobbering show-biz types rather than address (or even show concern over) the deaths by terrorists of Americans abroad; and his own recently released 1998 speech, where a then-senator Obama stated that government knows best and that we must “pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution because I actually believe in redistribution.”  He doubled down on his allegiance to socialistic practice during his 2008 presidential bid, when he told the regular guy on the street who would become “Joe the Plumber” that “we need to spread the wealth around.”

And what of Obama’s comments in San Francisco back in 2008 when he evoked and chastised those “bitter” Americans who cling to their guns and their religion.  Well, as a proud bitter clinger myself, I would like to thank this president for providing such a rich supply of material for my own dinner conversations over the past few years — material that I am confident will lead to the “great change” to which President Reagan referred –you know, that great change of January 2013.

Wishing We Could Fight the War on Women the Old-Fashioned Way

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The war against women rages on.  The media propogandists continue to carry the water for the president, his democrats, and all his leftwing minions, but it hasn’t gone precisely as they had all hoped.  When the whole ridiculous contraception business failed, they found themselves having to defend their own vicious name-calling against the likes of Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann — and, by extension, any and all women with conservative leanings.  The president even threw together a last-minute “conference” of so-called experts on women, designed to convince the American people that we of the right, indeed anyone who opposes Obama, socialized medicine, socialism, gun control, global warming, electric cars, voter fraud, or our families’ responsibilty to pay for a college student’s contraception  —  we all hate women.  At the same time, the president of the United States complimented the activist law student who started the manufactured contraception brouhaha, telling us he hopes that one day his own daughters will model themselves after her (thus convicing this mom that his idea of good parenting and behavior worthy of parental pride differs vastly from my own).

The tactic has failed.  We know cow manure when we see it.  But the left has had no choice but to stay the course, next setting their sites on Ann Romney, the wife of probable republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  As a a stay-at-home mom, she — and, by extension, all stay-at-home moms — they have claimed, can’t possibly understand the pressures of economic instability and life beyond the front door (never mind that their guy is responsible for that economic instability and the obstacles designed to maintain it).  Indeed the name-calling continues, ever the sign that the namecallers have no cogent arguments in their arsenal.

This has all left me wishing we could settle this score the old-fashioned way and be done with it.  The trips down memory lane over the past weeks to those moments when unspeakable names were repeatedly hurled at conservative women (and their children), have me wondering if perhaps it’s time to let loose the men in the lives of the women and children being used as fodder for the liberal agenda/comedy act.  I would presume that many of those men — husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, uncles — strain at their leashes every time their women and children are described in unrepeatable terms, all to the delight of the gleeful, giggling audiences of leftwing talk-show hosts, politicians and so-called comedians.

So imagine, if you will, Maher, Letterman, one of them, again spouting some trashy, anatomy-laced anecdote about, say, Sarah Palin and her youngest daughter, the rant met with wild applause from a carefully chosen audience.  Not this time, pal! shouts Sarah’s hubby, Todd.  With Sarah’s dad and oldest son in tow, Todd treks to New York, coldcocks the perpetrating funnyman a good one in the jaw, and informs him that he will heretofore cease and desist in describing Todd’s family, the people he loves, in such a base and degrading manner.  Would love to see that.  Wouldn’t you?

Of course, the men in the lives of left-leaning women are welcome to defend their own loved ones in like fashion, if, of course, those men have the muscle and wherewithal to back up such efforts (the men mentioned here — Letterman, Maher, the president…eh, probably not).  Back in the day such manly behavior would not only be expected, it would be applauded.  And today?  Well, litigated, of course.  But we can dream, can’t we?

A Union Wages War Against Americans, and the White House Swoons

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 Think back, if you will, to that terrible day in January of this year when a gunman of questionable sanity left dead or injured more than a dozen people who had gathered for an event in Tucson, Arizona, headlined by their local congresswoman. Within minutes of the shooting, the nation’s democrats took ownership of the tragedy, blaming conservatives for the shooting and demanding that those on the right from now on conduct themselves with only the highest level of civility and obedience.

In keeping with this commandment, Obama, using the event himself to launch his 2012 reelection campaign, headlined the ensuing “memorial”/pep rally to lecture us once again, like a finger-wagging schoolmarm, that we the people (of the right, of course) were responsible for the tragedy in Tucson and we must “be better.”

So now let’s take stock, shall we, of how well this lopsided call for civility has fared since its inception.

While there are far too many examples to cite, we the people of the right continue to hear ourselves referred to as “Nazis,” an accusation the left might abandon if they cared to get their noses into a genuine history book or two.  They then might grasp an understanding of America (including our proper number of states), as well as the fact that the Nazis where the poster children for leftwing fascism.

On a related note, we continue to hear that familiar chestnut “racist” hurled at anyone who dares to criticize this president or any leftist cause, from global warming to tax reform to illegal immigration to gun restrictions, thus rendering it the most trite and meaningless word in the English language. Meanwhile, as congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) condemns the Tea Party “to hell,” vice president Joe Biden refers to those who comprise the Tea Party as “terrorists.” I question the wisdom of Biden’s accusation, coming as it does on the eve of the tenth anniversary of the day when genuine terrorists took more than 3,000 American lives in a well-orchestrated attack on American soil.

But the crowning glory of the left’s definition of civility occurred this last weekend, when a prominent union leader pledged his organization’s allegiance to the president. “President Obama,” declared the commander of the Teamster’s Union, “this is your army. We are ready to march….let’s take these son-of-a-bitches out!” (the SOBs in question being the right, the republicans, the Tea Party….you know the drill).

What has been most chilling about this diatribe is the failure of Obama, the President of the United States, to condemn this blatant lack of civility, let alone its outright call for violence against American citizens. This is not surprising, though, really, considering we have a president, who for decades listened to his family minister damn America, and who has himself called loyal thugs to do his bidding. “Bring a gun to a knife fight,” he has been known to command his minions. “Punish” our “enemies,” and “get in the faces” of those who oppose this administration. And now, with this most recent and deafening vow of silence, Obama brings once again new meaning to the word “unpresidential.”

So as this president and his followers continue to make clear that they are as exempt from an expectation of civility as they are exempt from the blue pills and life-threatening restraints of Obamacare, we the people will continue to work toward bringing someone back to the White House who not only understands the office of the Presidency, but who also understands the greatness of our nation.  Keep the faith, America.

The Secret Longings of Useful Liberal Men

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As someone constantly recognizing connections in the events that shape this world, I couldn’t help but find some rather illuminating links between news stories from the last few weeks.

The first involved Michelle Obama as she and her husband enjoyed their regal sojourn across the British Isles. The press followed the wannabe royals with slobbering idolatry, chronicling with mad, obsessive detail everything their beloveds ate, wore and said, all the while heralding them as legendary scions of style and intellect.

What captured my attention, however, was not the fabric that may or may not have adorned the first lady’s much-lauded arms and waistline, but rather comments she made to the young students at a girls’ school somewhere in Britain. In a nutshell, she confided to these impressionable young ladies that when she met her husband – to whom she said she was ordered to “mentor” – she got the feeling that he might be “useful” someday.

And that, in a related nutshell, sums up my personal perception of the liberal female view of men. Men are, after all, the root of all evil and, no doubt, the source of every awful event liberal women have ever experienced in their own personal liberal lives. But should a man pledge his allegiance to the most extreme liberal tenets and prove himself willing to sacrifice any hint of testosterone in favor of a progressive and feminized/metrosexual agenda, then that guy may just earn his way into the graces of liberal women, “useful” to their cause. Michelle here reminds us most brazenly of her own allegiance to the likes of Hillary, Janet, the Supreme Court’s Sonia, and the politically paralyzed/blinded National Organization of Women.

Think a moment about our nation’s current political climate. As entrenched and trembling republican men struggle to find their way through an angry American right, staunchly conservative women, such as Sarah Palin, Jan Brewer, Michele Bachmann, Dana Perino, Laura Ingraham, Liz Cheney and Ann Coulter are out there roaring from the rooftops, reminding Americans what this nation was and is meant to be.

What perplexes the left, particularly the men of the left, is that these women roar with a smile and a fearlessly feminine sparkle, extolling the virtues of joyful patriotism, love of country, and, yes, even a love of men.  Such messages simply cannot be lost on those useful left-wing male reporters sent out to vilify and destroy them. Following obediently the directive, do these men wonder beneath the vitriol slung by their side, what it might be like to enjoy the good graces of women who might actually value and respect the masculine for its own sake? Women who see men as more than simply “useful” servants? In their quiet moments, do they think back to a moment when, ignored or rebuffed by smart, confident, patriotic and right-minded girls in high school and college, they pledged instead to become “useful” to those other women? Do they ever regret the sacrifice? I don’t know, of course. Just a thought.…

As I have pondered these connections and the possible secret longings of liberal men, Doug Giles, conservative author of the book Raising Righteous and Rowdy Girls has posted another of his brilliant articles on the need for young women to learn to defend themselves to the death (an assailant’s death, of course). This time his inspiration is the alleged attack by the avowed socialist and “useful” French International-Monetary-Fund president on a hotel maid in New York City, resulting in Mr. Giles’ article, “Preferred Headline: IMF CEO Killed by Rape Victim.”

Whenever Mr. Giles writes about his passionate belief that young women should be trained as both expert martial artists and expert marksmen, I am inevitably drawn to the commentary that follows. The vast majority of his readers sing his praises, but far too many ignore the message in favor simply of blasting Mr. Giles for even suggesting that young women learn to fight off attempted rapists and murderers.

That women in general — or parents of either girls or boys — would oppose Mr. Giles’ belief in self-protection….well, I don’t know what to make of that and I won’t even venture a guess. But that liberal men would find female self-protection repulsive and unacceptable….perhaps that reveals a deeply rooted psychological phenomenon deserving of study. I’m no psychiatrist, but perhaps liberal men who have allowed themselves to be subjugated as “useful” to liberal women relish secretly, subconsciously, the notion of such women rendered weak and helpless. Perhaps it is simply that hobbled testosterone making one last gasp of protest. I’m no psychiatrist, but you never know.

Let the Spin Begin

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What a difference a day makes. One day, leftwingers who for almost a decade vilified George W., his “fictitious” war on terror, and his methods and policies are rejoicing that the spiritual leader at the root of that “fictitious” war is dead. America, they assume, will ignore that those vilified Bush-era methods and policies helped lead to said terrorist’s demise. We just won’t think about that, they say. And no one else will either, right?


Within hours of their beloved’s announcement that he pulled the trigger, an avalanche of information and conspiracy theories came tumbling down upon the heads of smirky leftists. They thought it would be so easy. Ding, dong, Bin Laden is dead. This president got Bin Laden. Yay, Obama! Let’s all fall in behind him. Happy days are here again.

They never expected the blowback….

….He’s not really dead! Yes he is! We saw the pictures, proclaim the senators. Trust us. Oops. Nope. Those were faked. But he’s still dead! Yes, says the CIA chief, still dead, and you will all see the pictures. Oh no you won’t, says the president. You can’t handle the truth. And we can’t spike the football. What would we think if they posted pictures of the Americans they kill. Oh. Daniel Pearl. And so many others….He used a woman as a human shield. Oh no he didn’t. He wouldn’t. But a woman was shot and killed. No, not killed. Shot, not killed. Whew!….He had a gun. No, he didn’t. But that’s okay, squeals the White House. Isn’t it? Still okay to shoot him, wasn’t it? The Han Solo moment. Han shot first, at least before the politically-corrected version of the film he did. It’s okay then, isn’t it? That we shot first? And without a warrant. Say it’s okay!….Without waterboarding we wouldn’t have gotten him. No! cry the dems. Say it ain’t so! I saw the intel myself, bleats the senator. None of it came from that. Did it? So, Madam Senator, you won’t act when and if the intel does come from that? When American lives are at stake? Now that will surely resonate with America….

Shame on you people! the left shouts now in panic as they scramble for a position in this unexpected aftermath. A man is dead and you are celebrating! They lash out. At us. For recognizing their hypocrisy. For defying the narrative and refusing their leader a big bump in the polls. And for continuing to demand an election in 2012.

And today their candidate visits Ground Zero. Never has as president. Not in two-and-a-half years. Symbolic place, that Ground Zero. The perfect backdrop for this grand-daddy of all photo-ops now that the most-wanted is dead. Shanksville isn’t sexy. And the Pentagon….well, come on, it’s the Pentagon. But this…Ground Zero…yes! Especially now. So find a mirror and perfect that furrowed brow. And ask your predecessor to join the party. What’s that? He declines the invite. Smart move, President Bush. The right move. Ever the class act you are. And undeniably authentic, something we haven’t seen in a very long time.

Imagined Reflections on a Memorial in Tucson

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He kissed her good-bye that morning. Gave her a hug and told her to have fun. Then he began his Saturday work around the house.

The phone rang. He picked it up. Yes, speaking. What? No, he hadn’t heard. Terrible. No. What?

Oh, God.

The next days were fog, thick and blinding. The shock. The pain. The casseroles. He didn’t know where he was. He barely knew who he was. He heard familiar voices around him, he heard their pain, but he didn’t register faces. The only face he wanted was hers.

Wednesday. A memorial. You need to be there, they told him. It will help. Closure. You need closure, they said. It’s too soon, he told himself. But he needed to be there, they told him. So he would be. For her.

They arrived. Right on time. Just as they were told.  Along with all the others. Right on time. Here? he wondered. A smiling young blond ushered him, them, in to the arena. An arena? he wondered. Didn’t seem right.

Someone handed him a t-shirt. No, not right at all. “No,” he muttered, shaking his head, pushing the item away. “Okay,” the someone said. “If you’re sure…” He was. He walked to the next usher. The next handler. The next smiling young blond. Here. Sit here. The front row, she said. That’s right. Perfect. “So exciting,” he heard her whisper to another.

He closed his eyes. Took a breath. And he waited. As the place grew louder with voices. Distant giggles. Shouts. A rumbling din. What you hear while waiting for a basketball game. At an arena.

Time passed. He opened his eyes. Crowds still streamed in. Smiling faces. Tens of thousands. Not one known to him. He waited. Until the applause signaled him to attention. And the cheering. It had begun. This memorial.

Enter the parade. A medicine man. Some music. Faces from television, from the news, from the nation’s capitol. He didn’t know them. They didn’t know her. They spoke. And they would point at him, smile at him. And the tens of thousands would cheer. More words. A disjointed blur. A disjointed slur. Thanks for coming…a great university…the creator…a letter from Paul…be civil…such a tragedy…be civil…be better. And they would applaud. Those tens of thousands. Applauding. Cheering. Whistling. So exciting.

And deafening. Pounding in his head. Echoing, vibrating from the seats high above. So exciting. And now they were standing. He guessed he should too. Right? More words. More applause. More standing. More whistles and cheers. He heard her name. And they were clapping. And looking at him, smiling. And crushing his ribs.

They stood again. It was over. Done. This memorial. You need to be there, they had told him. It will help. He followed them out. Those tens of thousands. Back to the car. Back to his home.

He walked inside. He looked around. She would not be waiting there. Now, or ever again. He looked at the faces around him. Faces known to him. And to her. Voices familiar. How wrong they had been. “What was that?” he asked. They had no answers this time. All they could do was shrug and shake their heads.

Merry Christmas, 2010

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Here’s wishing all a very merry Christmas on this 25th day of December.  As the pastor said at the mass I attended this morning, may we all be grateful for our blessings – remembering today what we have, not what we don’t have.

In this spirit, may we also remember our men and women in the armed forces who are today far from their homes and families, sacrificing what they have to protect us and our freedoms.  Not a day goes by that I am not thankful to them for that great sacrifice, which is, and always has been, the heart and soul of America.  I pray they will know that the vast majority of us here on the homefront of this great nation we love, are grateful not only for that nation, but for them and their families, as well – on Christmas day and every day.