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The primary purpose of this website is a conservative blog on America and her development and challenges as a nation in a changing global world. The vast majority of this blog is written by its owner. On occasion, we will accept collaborative articles. These collaborative articles will be identified as such. Please see our “Contact Us” page to contact us regarding any questions related to these policy statements.

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We reserve the right to post emails we receive that specifically discuss our Blog subject matter and other topics related to our views or this site.

Access to Minors:

We strictly adhere to the FTC Title XIII-Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998. This site will not discuss or display pornographic material or other material of extreme adult content. This site will not gather private information on our visitors. However, this site presents itself as a conservative blog on America and her development and challenges as a nation in a changing global world, and as such, possible topics on war, sexuality, terrorism, world politics and others are possible. We do not recommend this site for minors.

Access to our Content:

Yes :) – content free access with copyright notation & hyperlink (first, thank you for honoring us with your interest in reprinting our work):

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b) To receive permission for full blog articles (and segments greater than 250-words) please contact us. The same requirements for a simple hyperlink and copyright notation will be necessary and we will be happy to accommodate your request. In fact, we can email you the full article in more convenient formats.

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