Guest Post: Abandoned by My Academic Wolf Pack

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in the wake of election day 2012, a GrizzlyMom reader asked if she could post an entry to this site regarding her own thoughts on the election and its consequences.  It is now with great pleasure that I present this heartfelt piece from this young woman (whose name has been changed to protect her from those leftists who make it their life’s work to silence the free expression of their opposition).

Abandoned by My Acadamic Wolf Pack

By Sobree Kay

The wolf is an amazing animal, but it is this supreme predator’s pack structure that has drawn people’s fascination and admiration for so many years.  What’s rather remarkable about the wolf pack is that it reflects the, dare I say it, traditional nuclear family quite accurately.  The pack is led by the mating pair, while their offspring, and perhaps an adopted younger wolf, plus an aunt or uncle or two, make up the rest of the members of the pack.  Usually, when the pups reach young adulthood, they go out on their own to find their own life’s mates and to stake out territories of their own.  If one runs into problems along the way, the lone wolf can return to its original pack, its family, until it is able to go out on its own and try again.

As a recent graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, I can’t help but feel abandoned by my beloved academic Wolf Pack.  Voters aged 18 to 29 made up 19% of the electorate, and a total of 60% of those voters helped to reelect President Obama on November 6th.  In doing so, they stunted our futures in an already suffering society, where joblessness and “moving back home” is now the norm for our generation.

As a part of the now dubbed “Boomerang Generation” (also known, now quite appropriately, as the “Lost Generation”), I am experiencing what the majority of people my age are facing: bleak futures, mountains of debt, and very little of the opportunity that originally made this country what it is.  It took me almost three years after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree to find a job, where I am underpaid and working in a field unrelated to my education.  The fact is that my current position has traditionally been held by high school graduates with little to no higher education.  Was this what I spent years studying for and working toward in college?  I would have been better off looking for a job right out of high school, rather than wasting my time and accruing an enormous amount of student loan debt.

While I am grateful to my own family pack for embracing me once again with open arms, living back in the home of my childhood was not where I had imaged myself by the time I reached my mid-twenties.  This is the reality that other young adult Wolf Pack members will have to come to terms with upon their graduation this winter .  Congratulations to the students with the Hope-Hole bumper stickers plastered on the backs of their cars.  You voted for the guy, now let’s see you find a decent career-type job by this spring.  And don’t come crying to me, or anyone else, when you can’t.


Many Thanks to My Half of America

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On Tuesday night, the members of my family vowed that we would  pay no attention to anything that happened politically for the next, oh, three-and-a-half years or so.  We would follow current events only superficially, but we would not discuss them, argue them, nothing.  As my son has observed repeatedly since, that vow lasted all of about six hours, and most of that was when we were asleep.

I also toyed in those first hours with the idea of abandoning this website, an idea immediately opposed by my near and dear, and it is in that spirit I want to thank those readers who, perhaps reading my mind, have shared with me their own words of encouragement in the wake of election day 2012.  As representatives of the half of America that remembers the last great hope, we need to stick together, and I offer the same words of encouragement back to you.

By the same token, to those who have taken this opportunity to hurl their oh-so-clever insults and slurs at us….we’re used to being battered by those who must resort to namecalling and talking points in the absence of cogent arguments to fortify their support of certain candidates and policies and free goodies.  And to the reader who scolded me, who accused me of wanting to take the country back to the 1950s, who urged me to get with the program….well, while I do confess to an affinity for mid-century retro styles in fashion, design and pop culture, my choice would actually be a trip back, not to the 50s, but to the late 18th century.  What a gift it would be to meet the men and women, armed with their deep sense of liberty and tyranny, who created this once-great nation and drafted the shattering documents that would provide its blueprint.  So, no, sorry, I won’t be getting with any program mandated by the other half of America.  No bandwagons for me, including those being heralded right now by the republican party.  As many of us have said over the last few days about the Tuesday bloodbath, it is what it is — a loss to our family.  We are who we are, and we will mourn that loss, but we won’t change who we are.

So again, many thanks to those who share my sense of loss and my allegiance to half of America.  We’ll see where it all goes from here.

I Believe in Half of America

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I was so hoping two nights ago to be able to take a deep breath after four difficult years of waiting, hug my family, and say, “I believe in America.”

But then, the Obamaphone won.  And with it, tyranny won, as well.

So I had to take a break.  I spent the day after working hard around my house and focusing on those I love.  Like most conservatives did that day, I imagine.  I then spent a good chunk of yesterday online and with fellow conservatives, all of us, I believe, relieved and comforted to find that we are not alone.  We knew that already, but there is great comfort seeing your own heart relected almost identically in the words and hearts of so many others.  Half of America actually.  Also encouraging was the personal nature of it.  It seemed we regular people out here are more concerned with how this terrible Tuesday affects our families and our lives, ignoring the panic of so-called party leaders and pundits yammering on about amnesty, reaching out, campaign strategies, the woman problem, blah, blah, blah.  You know what?  We don’t care.

Tuesday was our wake-up call about who we are as a country and who we are as a people.  For far too many of us, the conservatives who just a few short days ago believed in the last great hope, Tuesday shattered our foundation.  Maybe the country will recover.  Maybe it won’t.  We can’t care anymore.

We can’t care about the “flexibility” this re-elected president has promised to countries that salivate openly at the sight of our exposed jugular.  We can’t care about the small businesses that will evaporate before our very eyes, and the skyrocketing numbers of unemployed Americans — some who still want to work and, apparently, so many others who don’t.  We can’t care about the college kids who can’t find jobs after powering through their chosen curricula with dreams, not of Obama’s father, but of their own families they hoped to nuture one day and the opportunities they presumed would be waiting.  We are wise to stop caring, as well, about the Americans who were murdered in the line of duty almost two months ago, because we know that now, all the scandals that have tainted this newly re-anointed administration will be forgotten.  We can’t care about the financial cliff that looms, the crippling tax burdens, the record-setting gas prices or the tenacles of socialized medicine that will at last break the spine of this country — all of which are this week being celebrated and endorsed by half of an America we thought we knew.

Of course those of us mourning the loss of our country — not of power, mind you, but country — we can’t help it.  We will still care.  But now, unlike before, we will be selective about it.

Today we believe in half of America.  As the United Nations and Iran and those who see America as nothing but an ATM machine with endless cash, we who have opposed tyranny will save our concerns for the military families who this week now fear for their loved ones as never before; for Israel which finds itself alone; and for the half of the nation who mourns a country set for destruction by the other half earlier this week.  To that other half, who today continue to gloat and giggle and call us names, I say be careful what you wish for.  You have actually set the rest of us free.  Atlas is shrugging, and soon you will see what happens when we who once cared are no longer invested.


Working to Take Our Country Back in these First Hours of Election Day 2012

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Well, so far what little anecdotal evidence is beginning to trickle out is indicating that despite chilly temperatures and long lines, Romney/Ryan seem to be enjoying an early lead, fueled, apparently, by the enthusiasm of republican, independent and perhaps even previously ignored Romney democrats.

To those who happen to know Americans who claim to be too tired or too undecided to vote, remind them of our four dead Americans in Benghazi, whose deaths have been covered up by the current administration and their comrades in the mainstream media propoganda brigade.  Remind them of the millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans, many of them recent college grads, who cannot find proper employment.  Remind them of the millions of Americans who have joined the food-stamp rolls, and the glee the current president takes in dividing the people of our great nation.  Remind them of the crushing tax burdens that await us come 2013, compounded by the nightmare that awaits us both financially in the cost, accessibility and quality of care we will receive once our health care system is replaced by Obama’s prized socialized medicine program (and remind them that Congress and certain selected Obama minions are exempt from that nightmare).  Remind them of the skyrocketing prices we are paying for gas and the valiant efforts this president has made to keep those prices high.  Remind them, too, of the terrible toll this administration’s policies have taken on our nation’s small businesses, which provide the financial backbone, and the majority of jobs in our country.

And finally, while there is still time, sit them down and ask that they watch Dinesh D’Souza’s brilliant 2016: Obama’s America.   That will tell them all they need to know — and convince them that we are never too tired or too undecided to take our country back from the brink of destruction.  God bless those doing that work today, and may we be rewarded with good news tonight!

Waiting for a Landslide and a New President in 24 Hours

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Back in 2010, I remember Dennis Miller on his radio show sharing a fantasy of his on the eve of election day.  You know, that day when the democrats lost hundreds of seats on both a local and national level to the anger and enthusiasm of the Tea Party.  Dennis said his greatest dream was to awaken on election morning, and find that people were streaming out into the streets in great crowds heading out to vote, their density clearly visible from aircraft above, from traffic helicopters to 747s.  Today, on the eve of election day 2012, I share that same dream for tomorrow.

This weekend my daughter began to ask about making plans with a friend on Tuesday.  Nope, I said.  No plans on Tuesday.  I have been waiting four years for Tuesday.  Many of us, the majority of us I would like to think, have been waiting four years for Tuesday.  As I write this, the loyal members of Obama’s mainstream media propoganda team are making their last-gasp efforts to convince the people who love our nation and our founding principles to stay home.  The race is won, they tell us, and to their messiah go the spoils.  Don’t even bother voting, then, they tell us, thrusting in our faces their ridiculously skewed polls that show even more democrats voting with even more enthusiasm than they had four years ago and ignoring 2010 entirely.  Yet as they crow, we see a clench to their jaws and a shared, rather shifty expression in their eyes, conveying the message that all is not as peachy as they would have us believe.  Meanwhile, the president ignores the suffering in the Northeast and the increasing revelations of what really happened in Benghazi as he urges his followers to vote for “revenge,” while Governor Romney urges us to vote “for love of country.”

And meanwhile several pundits have dared when discussing a Romney/Ryan victory to use the “L-word” — landslide — a word I have been using myself for months now.  As we now approach tomorrow’s tipping point, our Waterloo, here is hoping that tomorrow night, despite the fraud, the lies, the litigation and perhaps even the violence that might occur in the next 24 hours, we will hear a deafening chorus of that word, coupled with a shattering, “I told you so!”  In the meantime, I will be wishing upon the stars on our flag for Dennis Miller’s dream to come true, to see at dawn and throughout the day tomorrow, Americans from coast to coast streaming out their doors, crowding freeways and highways and polling places to take our country back.  We have no choice.

The Last Two Weeks Reveal a Democratic Campaign in Freefall

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I don’t ever remember such chaos and tumult in the run-up to a presidential election — and all, it seems, stemming from the democratic side (rooted, perhaps, in an incumbent president who is acting so un-presidential).  We are witnessing, I think, a meltdown of desperate proportions, and it’s getting impossible even to keep up simply with what has happened over the last two weeks.  For those who haven’t, here’s a rundown:

The president refuses to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but he scampers off to meet with David Letterman and those wacky gals on The View, knowing the leftist talk hosts will offer him all the warm fuzzies that a man of his temperament can handle, all a man of his temperament craves.

And speaking of The View appearance, the leader of the free world, the commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces, refers to himself as “eye candy” to the delight of the giggling “biddies” (as political humorist Greg Gutfeld calls the women of The View).  This comes after his wife quips that her husband had a few minutes free in his schedule for the appearance (yeah, we know).

And speaking of Obama’s wife, she applauds “our great grandparents” in a recent speech who “rode that underground railroad.”  Wow.  She must be much, much, much older than I thought if she speaks from personal experience about great grandparents that were alive and well during the 1860s (or even before).  Of course neither Obama has ever been lauded for knowledge and understanding of America’s history.

We find that despite Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s claims to the contrary, Mitt Romney has indeed been paying taxes, and quite heavily.  In addition, Governor Romney has donated more to charity than Obama and Biden combined — but then, most conservatives, indeed most Americans, have done the same.  Still waiting for Reid’s retraction.

A week-and-a-half ago four Americans were murdered in Libya by terrorists.  Hours after the attack, Obama finally makes a statement, claiming the murders were a natural reaction to a hurtful YouTube video and apologizes for said video.  Didn’t hear much from him about the escalating anti-American violence around the world until today, when he addressed the United Nations and again apologized and informed them most ardently that he is not to blame for the death of our ambassador to Libya.

Obama refers to the troubles in the Middle East over the past two weeks as “bumps in the road.”  Navy Seals who lost two of their brothers during that Libyan attack on September 11th inform the president in response that the Navy Seals are not “bumps in the road.”  Perhaps this president needs to be reminded that a slain ambassador is not a bump in the road either.

Apparently working off of shared talking points, both Obama and Iranian president Ahmadinejad dismiss Israel’s concern over Iran’s nuclear proliferation as “noise,” the latter further proclaiming the pending elimination of Israel, the former offering no opinion on the latter’s proclamation.

Obama’s mainstream media propoganda team heralds the biggest Obama campaign event yet: 19,000 people showed up!  Yay!  Never mind that the venue only holds 5,000.  Ooops!  Better check the numbers next time, mainstream media propoganda team, before you release your bogus stories.

Rumors fly that the Obama administration intends to release a third of Gitmo inmates (perhaps in hopes that they’ll vote for him), and that the “blind Sheikh” may be up for release, as well, all forgiven apparently for his spearheading the first (unsuccessful) attack on the World Trade Center.  Just wondering who thinks these actions will resonate with the American people.

And speaking of the word “resonate”….it has become a favorite of mine.  When I see what is transpiring in the Obama campaign, when I hear of how the president and his adminstration are handling (or not handling) the current world situation, when I hear the statements and comments eminating from Obama supporters from Hollywood and beyond, just gotta wonder how this all flies with the so-called “regular” Americans.  Do the messages coming out of this campaign resonate with you, all you feel-good Obama voters?  I just can’t believe it does.  And if it does, if it truly, genuinely does, well folks, our nation as we have known it, we are toast.

Be a Pitbull, Mitt, and Please Get Marco Rubio to Join You

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From the get-go presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has not been my favorite choice as candidate.  Romneycare is a problem, as is moderate Mitt’s refusal to denounce it as a mistake.  Also bothersome is the fear that he might model his campaign after the campaign of John McCain in 2008: Mr. Nice-Guy-Middle-of-the-Road, Mr. Cross-the-Aisle, Mr. Fire-Any-Campaign-Aide-Who-Speaks-Negatively-About-Obama-Or-Brings-Up-His-Past.  And we all know how that turned out.

But all bothers and fears aside, it looks like Mitt will be the republican candidate this fall, and though I have not celebrated personally his rise, I have to admit that over the past few weeks, he has sent some messages indicating that perhaps he does not plan to be the second coming of McCain.  First, he has actually made statements that would have gotten him instantly fired from John McCain’s 2008 campaign team — warnings about gun rights, for instance, along with comments about Obama’s secret agenda and statements that channel Ronald Reagan.  As one near and dear to me pointed out, Mitt Romney wants this desperately, so here’s hoping he’ll do what needs to be done to engage in what the brilliant Charles Krauthammer has warned is sure to be one of the dirtiest races in history.

What will really seal the deal for conservatives struggling to unite behind someone we have viewed in the past as a flip-floppy moderate will be Mr. Romney’s choice of running mate.  I thus join other conservatives in sending out our heartfelt pleas to Florida senator Marco Rubio to consider joining Mitt on the republican ticket.  Senator Rubio has told us he wants to wait to seek his place on the national stage, but our nation cannot wait.  If this current president is granted four more years to dismantle and transform the nation (and apparently to sell us out to other countries), if he is granted four more years to gut our founding principles about which Senator Rubio speaks so eloquently, there may be no national stage left for Senator Rubio to take.  So let us all hope that he will change his timeline, and make the left’s worst nightmare come true with a Romney/Rubio republican ticket.

No Surprises in Obama’s Reelection Bid

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On April 4th, Barack Obama announced his intention to seek reelection for 2012, after having done nothing but campaign since he took office back in January of 2010. Indeed traveling the world in high style making canned teleprompted speeches is all the man knows how to do – that and voting “present,” apologizing for America, fraternizing with radicals, dismantling America’s economy, punishing business and taxpayers, and golfing. Now he makes official his “hope” that America will keep him on the dole, ensuring that he and his wife continue to live in the style to which they have become accustomed while he carries out his mission to transform our country into the banana republic of his dreams.

And wouldn’t you know it, the very day he declares his reelection ambitions, the Obama Justice Department announces that it will prosecute accused 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed via military tribunal after all, scrapping the explosive plan to provide him a civil trial in New York City with all the rights and privileges of an American citizen. Ahh, the perfect plan to convince the masses that he, Obama, is a true warrior and patriot after all. We masses couldn’t possibly see through this shameless exploitation of 9/11, its victims and its victims’ families, the ideal tools for the furthering of a man’s political luxury-lifestyle agenda.

Hoping to fill his campaign coffers with upwards of $1 billion, Obama and his handlers knew they had to start early to get the network in place. His announcement sends the minions the message to get out there and start registering voters, ramp up the slobbering media coverage, and protect Obamacare at all costs.

Wasting not a moment himself, the president has planned a “town hall” at Facebook in the San Francisco Bay Area, his brain trust no doubt believing this will click with all the young whippersnappers who find Facebook so very cool.  The team probably figures, as well, that Facebook and a friendly relationship with its top tier (who may not have contemplated the potential consequences of this alliance to their brand), will play key roles in the Internet arm of the campaign.

What this American is hoping is that such tactics used so confidently the first time around will fall flat in a more somber, sadder, more jaded Obama America, an America that will not tolerate a so-called mainstream media that fails to investigate the origins and legality of campaign contributions, that ignores threatening behavior by administration-sanctioned thugs at town halls and polling places, and that vets only those candidates with the audacity to run against their immortal beloved. Meanwhile, said beloved, with his early campaign launch, will be spending a fair amount of time running against, oh, maybe George W. Certainly the Tea Party. Probably a plumber or two, a doctor, and the Chamber or Commerce. And perhaps. . .insert theme from Jaws. . . the real reason he launched early: Hillary.

Feeling nauseous in the wake of Obama’s announcement and the televised commentary that followed, I hit the channel button to escape and landed on HBO, which at that moment was airing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. At that very moment, Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore was uttering a favorite passage that I have noted here before, warning his school that “every day, every hour, this very minute perhaps, dark forces attempt to penetrate this castle’s walls.” Yes they do, Professor.  And we the people are left to decide. Will we resist those evil forces and their designs on our nation, or will we, as George Washington warned, instead “be led, like sheep, to the slaughter?” We’ll just have to see, won’t we?