Honor the Heroes of 9/11 and Get Our Nation Back on Track

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I’ve been away from here for a while.  But there is no better day to return than today, the 11th anniversary of that September morning that so suddenly, so violently, changed our America.  I listened today to various radio talk stations that replayed their original broadcasts from that terrible morning.  Their shock, their attempts not to waver, their utter disbelief.  And their words whisked me, and I am sure so many others, back to that terrible morning with them, when, despite our valiant efforts to deny what we were seeing, we knew we would be forever changed.  I just never would have imagined the nature of that change.

We all seemed so cohesive that morning, and the mornings that followed, sharing our grief and our identity as Americans, united in the wake of an attack that none of us could have imagined when we rose that morning to greet the day.  Eleven years have passed, and now I — and I believe so many of my fellow Americans — find ourselves saddled, for some unfathomable reason, with a president who refuses to use the word “terrorist.”  A president who, as the leader of his party, tries to terrify Americans into voting for him by claiming Americans on the right are hellbent on revoking birth control and the right to vote from American women. A president who, failing to notice a hot mike, promised Russia that once he gets re-elected he can be more “flexible” in his negotiations with other, often hostile, nations.  A president who refuses to meet with the leader of Israel in favor of an appearance on Letterman’s late-night talk show.  A president with no business experience whatsoever — even experience working a cash register at a local fast-food joint.   A president who uses our military as backdrops for photo-ops and whose administration has been riddled with scandalous cover-ups, as well as national-security leaks designed to fuel his re-election.  A president who, as a state senator, voted repeatedly to deny medical care to a baby who happens to survive an abortion.  A president who admits he spent a good deal of his formative high-school years in a drug-induced fog (gotta wonder, then, how he got into all those high-falutin’ schools on his “resume”).  A president who has repeatedly bowed to world leaders and apologized for America….I’m sorry, this list is simply far too lengthy to include here in its entirety, but we all get the drill.

It’s just downright shocking and unbelievable that, given the events of that September morning 11 years ago, we find ourselves in this particular American universe today.  My hopes for change on this September 11th, with the election less than 60 days away, is that we the people will fix all this on November 6th.  That we will right the mis-calculations of the years that followed the shock of 9/11 and get our nation back on the path it is meant to follow.  The path that has been its destiny since our founders risked their lives and the lives of their families by committing the ultimate act of treason, dedicating themselves not to tyranny, but to independence and liberty, creating the most miraculous nation the world has ever known.  Let’s roll.

Why Aren’t Obama Voters Rejoicing Over Rising Gas Prices?

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During the George W. presidency, the first question a liberal-leaning friend in another state would ask me whenever we spoke was always, “So how much are you guys paying for gas right now?”

But ever since Barack Obama, her guy, took office, she hasn’t asked me that question once.

This perplexes me, because Obama was crystal clear during his campaign for the presidency, that a dream he held for this nation was to see gas prices rise to well above $4.00 a gallon. His current secretary of energy stated before he claimed that title – and probably in an attempt to snag the position – that he wanted to see those prices rise to European levels (which means somewhere around $10 a gallon). Now we hear that gas prices may actually reach $5 or more – well on the way to that $10 goal — so all you Obama voters out there, let the rejoicing begin. Your man is keeping his promise, a promise he made long before you entered the polling booth, and I thus presume one of the many reasons you cast your precious vote for him.

The same should be applying to the lapdog media, shouldn’t it? They practically ran perpetual counters on the TV screen, ticking off gas and oil prices under President Bush, but I have yet to hear a peep out of them in celebration of this kept campaign promise of their guy, Obama. They have excused mightily their man for failing to keep his promise to close Guantanamo and to let loose those poor mistreated, misunderstood Gitmo inmates who simply sought to exercise their religious freedoms.  And they have done all they can to promote their man’s support of the hardworking labor folks and unemployed 60s throwbacks in Wisconsin simply trying to exercise their right to receive free health insurance and Viagra. Indeed the follow and promote blindly virtually anything and everything their man says or does.

But come to think of it, my non-lapdog-media friend so intent on monitoring gas prices under President Bush hasn’t mentioned any of these other issues, either. No talk of Obamacare and blue pills, no talk of widespread unemployment, and no mention of the First Family living in luxury as the matriarch of that family lecturers the peasants, urging them to embrace hunger and cold. Yet my friend voted for all of this, gleefully casting her precious vote for the “redistribution of wealth” and the socialization of America promised by then-candidate Obama.

Of course, to be honest, I don’t want to hear anything about this from her, nor do I care to hear mention of regret. As I have made crystal clear again and again, I have no patience for those who now regret casting a vote for an inexperienced, socialist-minded candidate who stated clearly his intent to transform America; to ensure our houses remain colder, our refrigerators emptier, our bank accounts skimpier; to ration medical care for Americans and gut the promise of a career in medicine; to appease those who wish to kill us; and to see gas prices soar. Let the silence of those I wish to see remain silent speak for itself.

What a Difference a Day Makes

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The song says: “What a difference a day makes.” Since January of 2009 we have experienced a constant barrage of events each and every day that have kept us worrying and fretting over the well-being and the very existence of our country. Indeed those of us who love this nation, and have no desire to see it “transformed,” have known no peace since then. The days I have been hobbled during this site’s re-tooling have been no exception. The highlights:

  • The President of Poland, his wife, the leader of the Polish military and virtually all of Poland’s top officials were killed when the plane carrying them to a memorial in Russia crashed in that nation’s countryside. Poland has been one of America’s staunchest allies, and the prayers of countless Americans have been sent their way. In an unfortunate PR move, Barack Obama, unable to attend the President’s funeral because of the volcano in Iceland, went golfing instead.
  •  Tax Day, April 15th, was commemorated by thousands of Americans who participated in peaceful Tea Party demonstrations throughout the nation to protest “taxation without representation.” Their actions were met, as expected, by lapdog media types and democrat politicians with derision and ridicule that only served to reveal once more how frightened they are of the Tea Party movement. More than one pundit commented that it’s never good for politicians and those seeking ratings to attack the American people.
  •  Joining his media and political minions, Barack Obama, displaying the heights of elitist arrogance, commented that he was “amused” by the Tea Party Americans who took to the streets on Tax Day. Regarding, as he does, we the people as a source of peasant entertainment, here’s hoping Obama won’t be so “amused” come November.
  • We witnessed the de-fanging of America, when Barack Obama not only signed a nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia (displaying once again his naïve ignorance and useful idiocy), but also let it be known to all the world that they are free to attack America and her people without fear of retribution.
  •  When Sarah Palin expressed her disgust with Obama’s signing of the disarmament treaty, disgust shared by the vast majority of Americans, Obama responded arrogantly that “last I checked, Sarah Palin’s not much of an expert on nuclear issues.” The lapdog media representative interviewing Obama at the time, in a predictable effort to protect a President whose education has been severely limited, chose not to ask Obama to outline his own expertise in this (or any) area.
  • Obama puzzled proud Americans – including, no doubt, those who serve in our armed forces – when he said, “…whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military super power.”
  • Barbara Crabb, a U.S. District Judge in Wisconsin, ruled that the National Day of Prayer, established in 1952, is unconstitutional.
  • Democrats in the California legislature killed a resolution that would have honored the 100th birthday of the Boy Scouts of America and scouting in California. The celebration has proceeded anyway, without the blessing of California democrats.

 Sadly, this is only a drop in the bucket. But it’s enough for now. It serves to remind us that with every day presenting unwanted “differences,” we the people, amusing as we may be to certain individuals, cannot give up the fight. How it frightens our opposition to know that we have no intention of doing so.