Obama Wasn’t Looking All that Pleased to See His Name on History’s Largest Tax Hike

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I watched Obama’s response to the Supreme Court ruling this morning, and I have to say that, despite what I expected, the man wasn’t gloating.  As expected he offered a bland recap of the glories of the law that carries his name, pleased, he said, to see it declared Constitutional by “the highest court of the land” (first time he has ever valued the Constitution, of course).  And as expected he told the same tired and insipid story he always tells about some fictional victim who “played by the rules” but got screwed by America until he rode in to the rescue.  But through it all, he appeared a bit strained, a bit tight in the jaw.  The reason for this, I think, is that he really didn’t expect this cornerstone of his presidency actually to be called what it is: a “tax,” and a tax attributed to him and him alone.

Today’s ruling has set a dangerous precedence for our nation’s future, but so will it illustrate quite vividly to the left the old axiom: Be careful what you wish for.  I have a feeling this president and the many congresspeople who have done his bidding, who voted for him, who carried his water, took his bribes — especially those who now face tough races in their home districts — started to regret their wishes the moment Obamacare, the law upon which they staked their careers, explode into what within minutes was heralded as the largest middle-class tax hike in America’s history.

I realize that many of our elected officials have suffered some deficiencies in their understanding of American history, but most of us do understand, even if only on a rudimentary level, that our nation was founded on a hatred and defiance of taxes.  To see the jewel in this president’s crown be named a tax by “the highest court of the land” merely five months away from what already promised to be an earthshattering election, well, I think that’s why the pres’ jaw seemed a bit tight this morning.  And I have a feeling we will see it grow even moreso in the months to come, especially as the footage documenting his insistance that Obamacare is anything but a tax becomes part of the American lexicon.

Let the Spin Begin

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What a difference a day makes. One day, leftwingers who for almost a decade vilified George W., his “fictitious” war on terror, and his methods and policies are rejoicing that the spiritual leader at the root of that “fictitious” war is dead. America, they assume, will ignore that those vilified Bush-era methods and policies helped lead to said terrorist’s demise. We just won’t think about that, they say. And no one else will either, right?


Within hours of their beloved’s announcement that he pulled the trigger, an avalanche of information and conspiracy theories came tumbling down upon the heads of smirky leftists. They thought it would be so easy. Ding, dong, Bin Laden is dead. This president got Bin Laden. Yay, Obama! Let’s all fall in behind him. Happy days are here again.

They never expected the blowback….

….He’s not really dead! Yes he is! We saw the pictures, proclaim the senators. Trust us. Oops. Nope. Those were faked. But he’s still dead! Yes, says the CIA chief, still dead, and you will all see the pictures. Oh no you won’t, says the president. You can’t handle the truth. And we can’t spike the football. What would we think if they posted pictures of the Americans they kill. Oh. Daniel Pearl. And so many others….He used a woman as a human shield. Oh no he didn’t. He wouldn’t. But a woman was shot and killed. No, not killed. Shot, not killed. Whew!….He had a gun. No, he didn’t. But that’s okay, squeals the White House. Isn’t it? Still okay to shoot him, wasn’t it? The Han Solo moment. Han shot first, at least before the politically-corrected version of the film he did. It’s okay then, isn’t it? That we shot first? And without a warrant. Say it’s okay!….Without waterboarding we wouldn’t have gotten him. No! cry the dems. Say it ain’t so! I saw the intel myself, bleats the senator. None of it came from that. Did it? So, Madam Senator, you won’t act when and if the intel does come from that? When American lives are at stake? Now that will surely resonate with America….

Shame on you people! the left shouts now in panic as they scramble for a position in this unexpected aftermath. A man is dead and you are celebrating! They lash out. At us. For recognizing their hypocrisy. For defying the narrative and refusing their leader a big bump in the polls. And for continuing to demand an election in 2012.

And today their candidate visits Ground Zero. Never has as president. Not in two-and-a-half years. Symbolic place, that Ground Zero. The perfect backdrop for this grand-daddy of all photo-ops now that the most-wanted is dead. Shanksville isn’t sexy. And the Pentagon….well, come on, it’s the Pentagon. But this…Ground Zero…yes! Especially now. So find a mirror and perfect that furrowed brow. And ask your predecessor to join the party. What’s that? He declines the invite. Smart move, President Bush. The right move. Ever the class act you are. And undeniably authentic, something we haven’t seen in a very long time.

Missing Obama and Not Missing Him at All

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I’m feeling slightly guilty right now, because, after many similar and unsuccessful attempts in the past not to watch Obama speak, tonight I really did it.  Tonight I made the conscious decision to miss the State of the Union Address, and, adhering to that commitment, I am not watching the State of the Union Address. I understand several of the Supreme Court Justices so inappropriately humiliated during the last go-round have apparently made the same decision.

My guilt is only slight, because I know I’m not missing anything at all. Obama has given hundreds of speeches since becoming president. I have watched almost all of them, so I suppose I have earned the right to miss one from time to time — and get a much better night’s sleep than I would if I tuned in.

I also don’t feel the need to watch foolish republican congresspeople (John McCain, for one: no suprise there), who vowed they would join the kumbaya chorus with their rivals by sitting next to them in a show of “civility” or whatever they want to call it. If they have indeed followed through with that vow, they are showing us not their civility, but their support for their rivals’ policies; their lack of respect for the bloodbath of November 2, 2010; and a betrayal of the American people who made that bloodbath happen. In addition, they will be ignoring the fact that if the dems had held their majority in the House, they would be thumbing their noses in the faces of the right tonight, rather than squealing that the victorious right must reach across the aisle. Public displays by useful idiots are always pathetic — and dangerous — spectacles to behold.

Also pathetic, and worthy of missing, is yet another attempt by Obama to appear centrist, mechanically offering platitudes about the American economy, the American spirit and the American people — after spending last week kowtowing to the president of China and stating he “welcomes China’s rise.” This caps, of course, his last two years of implementing policies (we all know what they are), that the vast majority of Americans oppose, and that, if allowed to succeed, will destroy the miraculous experiment that is America.

The bottom line: I don’t need to watch this president pretend he is someone he’s not in a desperate attempt to salvage his own exalted position. I don’t need to watch him try to fool an American population he regards as inferior and ignorant and easily swayed with folksy phrases. His own incompetence and emotional scars aside, this man has made clear for years his disdain for this nation, her people and her history, and his overriding desire to “transform” her into an entity that does not begin to resemble what is blueprinted in our Constitution. Only a fool at this point would believe a sudden and embarrassingly transparent change in his message — or grant him a second term.

Congress and Obama in the Throes of a Final Tantrum

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In a flurry of legislative hysteria matched only by the desperation we witnessed when they jammed Obamacare down our throats earlier this year, the members of the democrat majority in the current U.S. Congress are at this moment voting with ignorant abandon on anything and everything that strikes their collective fancy before 2010 comes to an end. Never mind how their constituents, let alone the American people at large, feel about it. Their clock is ticking. They have only a handful of hours left to inflict as much damage as they can before they are shown the door.

Every hour, on the hour, a new vote, a new breathless announcement, including the first vote for amnesty for illegal aliens (though known in the touchy-feely world as the “Dream Act,” it’s the “Nightmare Act” for those of us who believe in the rule and law and see this as simply a ploy to anoint a fresh influx of new democratic voters); a monstrous spending bill with a price tag exceeding the trillion-dollar mark; Michelle Obama’s tell-parents-what-their-kids-can-and-cannot-eat bill; and earmarks, earmarks, earmarks.

It began with the debate over Obama’s sudden and desperate pet project — the infamous bill to extend the Bush tax rates – which Obama hopes America will use as a prism through which to see his pretended centrist and concerned- about-America side. “Boo, hoo!” the leader of the free world whimpered to his leftwing congressional minions.  If you don’t pass this tax bill, my presidency is over! This pathetic plea was preceded by a press conference last weekend, during which we witnessed Obama’s most dramatic show of weakness to date, when he shared an official presidential podium with the last dem to hold his office, Bill Clinton.

Obama quickly acknowledged his defeat in this ultimate clash of the narcissists, when he retreated, his tail between his legs, claiming in so many words that his wife would bust his you-know-what for keeping her waiting – an embarrassing, cringe-worthy moment for America, a glorious moment for Bill Clinton. And a glorious moment for the members of the Washington press corps, so giddy were they to have good old Bill standing at that podium once more before the great seal of the President of the United States – and without a teleprompter.

While Clinton beamed, Obama blanched, his retreat painting him symbolically and officially as the weakest President in our history. We could see this in his body language and his expression, the same expression no doubt clouding the mugs of all those multi-decade career Representatives and Senators at this moment voting with such abandon on Capitol Hill. Shirking their responsibilities to their representative democracy, their people and their Constitution, these hacks know that their furious votes, designed as they are to punish the American people for November 2nd, will be their last. They know that come January, the reign of this Congress and their democrat majority comes to an end.  It would appear Mr. Obama knows that, for all practical purposes, his reign is over, too.

Missouri Says “No” to Obamacare with Proposition C

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On Tuesday, August 3rd, the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda received another smackdown, when the people of Missouri — more than 71 percent — voted yes on the Show-Me State’s Proposition C, the Missouri Health Care Freedom Act.

Proposition C was the state’s attempt to exert its Constitutionally endowed rights as a state, and say “no” to the mandates of Obamacare, in this case defying the mandate that Americans must purchase health-care insurance.

More than 70 percent of Missouri’s voters (from both parties), reflecting most national polls on the subject, have now set the stage for voters in 42 other states that will be voting on similar propositions in the months to come. In fact, the day before this vote, a judge in Virginia ruled that yes, the vote in that state could indeed go forward – with results, we might presume, similar to what we witnessed this week in Missouri.

Though the White House and democractic Congress would rather we not remember, the health-care atrocity was slammed through Congress last March through the use of bribery, threats, trickery and lies. Congressional leaders, the President and the administration used any means they could find to pass this legislation that is necessary, as Congressman John Dingell (D-MI) admitted so candidly, “to control the people.”

But the people Dingell and his colleagues seek to control, the American people, they cannot be so easily coerced into supporting a bill that promises to gut the finest health care system in the world, as well as the bank accounts and liberties of Americans who recognize clearly the face of tyranny when they see it. And Missouri proved this on Tuesday. Whenever Obamacare and the agenda behind it have been put to the test of democracy, the results are drastically different from the propaganda oozing out of Capitol Hill and the White House.

Many thanks, then, to Missouri, a state typically considered a bellweather, offering a glimpse into the direction the nation is headed at a given time. Missouri has sent a message to the rest of us who are anxiously awaiting another election: the midterm elections of November, less than 100 days away. Missouri’s results on Tuesday have sent a clarion call that the anger among we the American people remains fresh, and we intend to take that raw anger with us to the polls on November 2nd.

Rest assured that Washington has heard the call, too. And don’t think they aren’t panicked. In the wake of Missouri’s vote, always-so-eloquent White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked what the results meant to the White House. His as-always-so-eloquent answer was: “Nothing.” No matter. We know the real answer, Bob. Everything.

But Names Will Never Hurt Us

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For the last year or so, the left has told the right in no uncertain terms, like never before, in the most condescending manner possible, that those who oppose their left-wing – make that socialistic, even fascistic — agenda, are to be named the worst of the worst.

Oppose them, and you are “Hitler.” You are “haters.” You are “rageaholics,” “angry Americans,” “truthers” and “tenthers” (those who dare believe in the 10 amendment of the Constitution). You are “religious extremists” and “terrorists” (though don’t dare call a jihadist, the 9/11 perpetrators or the Fort Hood slaughterer, such a vile name). You are “racists,” “goons,” “rednecks”and “astroturfers.”

The list never ends, and indeed they seem to come up with new terms almost daily, patting each other on their collective backs for their oh-so-clever collective intellects that so-succinctly keep us neanderthals on the right in our place. Most recently, the Gulf Coast oil-rig disaster has been christened “Palin’s folly” by a pathetic leftist or two, and even the President of the United States, that scion of civil discourse, has ramped up his own additions to the fray, calling those who oppose his agenda “teabaggers” (well aware, no doubt, and with an arrogant smirk, no doubt, of the full implications of such a slur).

What you won’t hear the oh-so-clever clever name-callers admit, however, is their understanding that we neanderthals on the right couldn’t care less what they call us. Indeed we just add the newest additions to the list and laugh at the obvious desperation they represent. And that is driving our opponents, the clever name-callers, completely insane. That is why they continue to struggle almost daily to come up with more and more names to hurl our way.

But, as they see daily, their slurs fall on our deaf ears. I have been called Hitler (and much worse) myself from time to time – and this in response not to what I write here, but to puff pieces I penned about dogs, horses and small fuzzy pets (it doesn’t take much to incite some people – and, it would seem, some Congressional representatives, Presidents and presidential mouthpieces). We cannot, will not, fear their words. Those who oppose us may say what they will, but we in turn remain undaunted in our love for our country, our founders’ ideals and the enduring documents that made those ideals not only a reality, but the last best hope on earth.

So keep it up, guys. While many on our side who have been physically injured by left-wing thugs since January 2010, can testify, your sticks and stones – and punishing legislation – can break our bones. But your names will never hurt us. Indeed all they do – along with those sticks, those stones, those fists and baseball bats — is strengthen our resolve.

“To Control the People”

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Yesterday I was listening to Dennis Miller on the radio, and someone called in and said:

It’s a sad day, when people place all their hopes and dreams in a politician rather than in themselves.

I came home, this sad idea still in my head, and heard the bombshell that I trust will become one of many rallying cries for those, like me, who find the direction a certain administration and Congress are taking our country to be abhorrent. The speaker was veteran Congressman John Dingell (D-MI). I trust you have heard it by now, too. If you haven’t, you will:

The harsh fact of the matter is when you’re going to pass legislation that will cover 300 [million] American people in different ways, it takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people.”

Got that? “…to control the people.” You’ve heard of The Twilight Zone’s “To Serve Man.” Well, do the math.

Dingell has since claimed he didn’t mean it. He was tired. Then he claimed he was talking about insurance companies. Sorry, John. You revealed precisely what you and your conspirators are up to. Not that we the people are at all surprised; it’s just good to hear you confess. We thank you for handing it over so easily. It now goes down in the book of the permanent record – for you  and everyone else driving this and your collective goal “to control the people.” In other words, for all who voted “yes.”

Then evening came. And the next assault: news of yet another staged photo-op, designed to tug at the hearts of ignorant America, the people the left believe to be nothing but shlubs ripe for believing anything they feed us. It seems my old friend Patrick Kennedy, whose name has appeared on previous posts on this site, placed a note on father Teddy’s grave. “Dad, the unfinished business is done,” it said. And he cried. For all the cameras.

Plenty we could say about this, but I’m just gratified knowing that I am not the only one who wondered how the press en masse was alerted to his pilgrimage and his laying of the note on the holy shrine. Needless to say, the lapdog media went apoplectic over this heartfelt moment, though I haven’t heard any gushing as they did following Ted’s death that “Mary Jo would be proud” or “Mary Jo would think it was all worth it (for what it’s worth, no she wouldn’t). I haven’t heard anything, either, about Obama’s and Teddy’s “ordinary Americans” responding quite so emotionally. Even though the lapdogs told us to in their mission to help the left “control the people.”

So before any more comes down the pike, I’m saying good-night. And hoping that someday, the lump in my stomach, and my feeling that I have been plopped down in some foreign land (or planet?), will be nothing but blips on the historical radar. And they will be relegated so, because, Congressman Dingell, we will not be controlled.

ACORN and the IRS: Perfect Fit, Perfect Storm

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My, what a coincidence.

On Sunday, March 21st, ACORN – the controversial former-employer of Barack Obama accused of fraudulently manipulating the 2008 presidential election in Obama’s favor, then caught repeatedly on tape willing to participate in schemes involving prostitution, human trafficking and tax evasion – announced it will be shutting down operations “over the coming months.”

On that very same day – Sunday, March 21st – the democratic House of Representatives, after weeks of bribes, payoffs and threats to its own members, voted to pass their and their President’s beloved health-care “reform” bill, that will gut the bank accounts, opportunities and freedoms of the American people.

Part of that bill mandates the hiring of more than 16,000 new IRS agents, who will be charged with enforcing the freedom-busting tenets of this radical, unconstitutional piece of garbage. So, if you happen to run a small business, the backbone of the United States, you will be investigated by these IRS enforcers to ensure you are purchasing a proper level of health insurance for yourself and your employees. Stray from dear leader’s orders in any way, and the enforcers will get you. No mercy.

So ACORN folds and the IRS is given fresh blood and fresh orders all in the same day. Hmm, maybe all those soon-to-be-out-of-work ACORN folks caught on tape agreeing to help the faux undercover prostitute and her “handler” bring underage girls into their stable, aren’t at all upset about their organization folding, because new positions await. You know, positions with powerful enforcement authority within the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS will be hiring – Congress and el presidente made it so — but it may be that those 16,000-plus jobs are already filled.

Hmm, maybe it’s not a coincidence at all.

Trying to Look Away

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I’m trying to stay away from it. It’s agony, the waiting. It’s like watching two high-speed trains heading full-speed, head-on toward each other, watching and waiting for the ultimate collision that you know is coming, that you know will be of catastrophic proportions, the pit in your stomach telling you to look away, but you can’t.

So I am removing myself entirely from the overlook that gives me a view of those trains. Yet in the brief moment I dared to look down, I learned that:

Alleged pro-lifer Stupak is huddled in a corner with other alleged pro-lifers; I can only imagine that self-serving conversation, which you know has nothing to do with rules of law or the American people.

Pelosi was mobbed by protestors and was apparently overheard telling Hoyer that they have to pad the vote because “none of these members wants to be the deciding vote.”

Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-FL), a member of the House Rules Committee is on record commenting about rules: “we make ’em up as we go along.”

Reid has urged fellow Senators not to worry, that the public option will be added to the bill in “coming months.”

TV pundits are claiming this is just like the contentious passage of Social Security and Medicare; no mention that they are both in financial ruins and were ultimately passed by bonafide bipartisan support.

I can’t stand anymore. Watching a government takeover of the country you love: agony. Watching those who have the power to exercise courage to prevent it: blood boiling. Watching the Constitution you revere shoved through the White House shredder: unforgivable.

Time to look away. Time to step away from he overlook. For awhile. I’m grabbing my family and going to lunch. And I will remind myself that when this day is done, we must look toward rescue and redemption and possibly entertain the notion that today may just mark the start of a new American Revolution. And they fired the first shot. But America will survive — in the image of our people and that of our founders — not in the image of the left-wing fascists who will take a decisive step today toward destroying her. They may win this battle, but ultimately, America will survive. Semper fi.

Just Imagine…

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Just imagine if President George Bush had gone on to Fox News with Bret Baier a couple of months after a massive earthquake in Haiti, and justified  a “special deal” with Louisiana, a so-called Louisiana Purchase, where hundreds of millions of dollars were promised to Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) in exchange for her “yes” vote on a health-care bill despised by the American people. Imagine him whimpering that because Louisiana “has been affected by a natural catastrophe that has created a special health-care emergency in that state…They should get help.” Imagine him continuing, “It also affects Hawaii, which went through an earthquake.” Consider for a moment the similarities in the names “Hawaii” and “Haiti,” and imagine that that same President had been known to count the number of U.S. states as 57.

Just imagine if, upon his return from an insult-riddled, gaffe-rich visit to Israel, Vice President Dick Cheney had joked about the beleaguered nation, our fierce ally, at the Radio and TV Correspondent’s Dinner, giggling that, “It’s great to be back in a place where a boom in housing construction is a good thing.”

Just imagine President George Bush proclaiming to the American people that, “I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about what the procedural rules are in the House or Senate.”

Just imagine if George Bush had told members of Congress to sacrifice their seats and careers for him and his economy-busting, probably unconstitutional, inherently corrupt, possibly criminal health-care bill that the vast majority of Americans despise. Just imagine him begging them to fall on their swords for him, because “elections aren’t important.”

Just imagine if President Bush’s Press Secretary Dana Perino had gleefully insisted that the President would gladly sign a catastrophic bill despised by the American people, even if it were passed in a known corrupt and unconstitutional manner.

Just imagine if on St. Patrick’s Day, VP Dick Cheney had asked God to bless the soul of the Irish President’s late mother, only to be reminded that the woman is still alive.

No need to imagine any of this, because all of these comments were actually made within the last few days by members of this current administration. Just substitute the names Obama, Biden and Gibbs for Bush, Cheney and Perino – add to the list VP Joe Biden referring quite truthfully to the press assembled at the correspondents’ dinner as the President’s “base,” and you’ve got yourself a nice, clear read on this administration. Imagine that.