The One Question No One is Asking as Obamacare Goes on Trial

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The monstrous healthcare atrocity known as Obamacare has at last reached the United States Supreme Court.  By all accounts, left and right alike, the news coming out of the Chamber is not boding well for the monster’s prospects.  And thank God for that, say those of us who cherish the U.S. Constitution, those of us who cherish liberty, and, by extension, those of us who still wish to see our America remain the greatest country this world has ever known.

But with every news account, every interview, every commentary I see regarding the current Supreme Court hearings on the Constitutionality of Obamacare, I find myself begging the talking heads, begging the lefting interviewees, begging the Supreme Court Justices to ask one singular question:  Why are members of Congress and various and sundry union leaders and leftwing Obama/DNC supporters exempt from Obamacare?

I have yet to hear anyone covering the story this week on either side of it address this question.  I would suggest that the very existence of this question, coupled with the silence that surrounds it, is all the answer we, and the Supreme Court of the United States, needs.

At Least Five Supreme Court Justices Believe in the Constitution

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We who believe in the Second Amendment, and, by extension, the U.S  Constitution, are supposed to look at today as a big day for gun rights. Our opposition probably assumed we would be dancing in the streets right now, celebrating wildly in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s 5 to 4 vote, ruling that local governments (such as Chicago and Washington, DC) cannot pass laws denying gun ownership that override the second amendment of the Constitution that grants we the people the unalienable right to bear arms.

But I’m not celebrating, and I’m not hearing many whoops and hollers from others who happen to believe in the Constitution as the law of our land, either. Instead, I am feeling sad, confused and, not surprisingly in our nation’s current climate, angry yet again. I don’t happen to see why there is even a question here. I don’t understand how this case ever found a place on the docket in the first place.

Until further notice, and despite the current administration’s and Congress’ efforts to change this, our nation is governed by the laws set out clearly in black ink and parchment on that legendary document assembled and signed by our founders more than two centuries ago. Stated clearly, alongside our rights to assemble, to speak freely and to practice our chosen faiths, is our right as Americans to protect our homes, our families, and our country, by whatever means necessary. And the Mayor of Chicago, the City Council of Anytown, USA, nor the President of the United States can’t change that. Period. Case closed. No interpretation necessary.

But today four so-called Americans assigned the duty to ensure our nation remains true to its rule of law, the U.S. Constitution, made clear their hostility and disregard for this great document. They announced clearly to all who would listen (and it’s a safe bet, I think, that if confirmed, Elena Kagan, would have joined their chorus, as well) that they are willing shamelessly to cast the Constitution aside in favor of their own leftwing worldview (without forfeiting their own armed bodyguards, of course). This is nothing new, I know, but today’s ruling just seems somehow more blatant than other more subtle, obscure, even complicated rulings of years past.

If I didn’t know plenty of people, including my own son, who have seen the Constitution in person over the last few months, I would guess that if we looked, we would find it in shreds at the bottom of the White House paper shredder having been replaced by an angelic portrait of Barack Obama. But in truth it has been shredded. In spirit if not in fiber. And it leads us to yet another sad day for America. I just don’t know how many more of these we can take.

Trusting Our People

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I believe in the American people. And for the last year and three months, they have not let me down. Every time they have been given the opportunity to let their voices be heard, to shout and scream – and vote – against the people who have made it their mission to destroy our country, the American people have not hesitated to shout, to scream, to vote.

From the summer’s town halls; to the special elections in Virginia and New Jersey; to a miracle vote in Massachusetts that saw a little-known republican claim a Senate seat all of Washington, and America, assumed was a Kennedy entitlement; to the congressional phone lines jammed yesterday and today by Americans scrambling not only to tell their so-called congressional representatives that they don’t want this atrocity of a health-care bill, but also to remind those so-called representatives that it is their job to represent their constituents, not a man in the White House whose dream is to see America reduced to a third-world dictatorship.

But this time, we the people are being denied the precious inalienable rights granted by the Constitution. Having met defeat after defeat at the hands of the American populace they so despise, the criminals in Washington have concocted a plan to bypass those ungrateful Americans and the Constitution they rode in on, thus ensuring that they, the criminals, can jam through any policy or crippling bill they “deem” critical to their transformation of the United States. In other words, this is only the beginning, folks. They jam this health-care atrocity through without a vote, without the consent of the American people, and the sky’s the limit. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) so much as said just that yesterday.

Americans do not want this. Our founders did not want it either, and they did all they could to protect us from those who would try to destroy us from within. But cowardice and evil are reigning supreme in DC tonight, especially among those sniveling representatives who don’t want this thing either, but nevertheless kneel whimpering at the feet of the President, Pelosi and Reid.

Meanwhile I am filled with so much rage I can hardly talk. But I take some solace knowing that my rage is shared by the vast majority of the American people who have remained exactly who I have always believed them to be throughout this chaos. I look forward to the day when we will at last be able to channel the energy of that rage toward the rescue, protection and preservation of our nation once more.

Oh, Danny Boy

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Wednesday is St. Patrick’s Day. This is huge in my predominantly Irish-American community, and though I am not Irish myself, I have always found great comfort and warmth and inspiration in the influence.

Today in church I received that comfort and that warmth and that inspiration just when I desperately needed it, and I don’t think I quite realized it until it called me.

Our week ahead promises not only the annual celebration of St. Patrick, but also the hostile, vicious promises from our so-called leaders that they will do whatever it takes – the Constitution be damned – to make this atrocity of a health-care bill the law of the land. The American people have made it clear that they do not want it. Congressional democrats, along with the President of the United States and his administration, have spat back, “we don’t care!”, and at this very moment they are threatening the members of their own party who are considering a “no” vote and looking for whatever unconstitutional bypass they can find to shove it through without a vote. The capper came today when Press Secretary Robert Gibbs announced that by next Sunday, it will be the law of the land.

I am grateful I didn’t hear Gibbs say this personally. I was in church when he said it. Kneeling. Feeling confused and sad, and very worried as I thought about the week that lies ahead for us. But then I heard the soft, haunting introduction on the piano to one of my favorite songs: “Danny Boy.” This was soon joined by the voices of a bonafide Irish tenor in duet with a beautiful deep baritone. And at that moment, the words I had been struggling to find came to me: “Please don’t let them take our country.”

That was my prayer. It was just what I needed, all that I needed. And it was given to me by the beautiful Irish anthem “Danny Boy.”

I felt better after that. I still do. The Irish have always been warriors. They have contributed mightily to the warrior fabric and fiber of America – and why I find such comfort in their influence. Though I remain worried. I sit here tonight and wonder, is Robert Gibbs right? This time next week, as he said, will this atrocity be the law of the land, a jagged tear in our greatness? Please, God, don’t let them take our country.

In my heart, I don’t think it will happen. If it were left solely to the American people, I know it wouldn’t. But there are other, more insidious forces at play here, forces that defy openly what America is and what her blueprint has deemed she must and will be. There is thus a chance that those forces could win this one. They have vowed to do it this week, to subvert with hostility and arrogance our nation, our Constitution, our people and, as an open affront to the Irish, the spirit of St. Patrick. But even if they do take this round – admittedly a terrible blow to those who love this country — I still believe that the American people, and the spirit of the United States itself, will prevail. As I have said so many times before, there is no other option.

 In the meantime, I will keep the lovely strains of “Danny Boy” streaming through my head. And my prayer. Please don’t let them take our country. And with that I say good night, America. This week is going to be a rough one. It’s going to be painful. But as has been the case with all of America’s many righteous battles, we must keep up the fight and keep the faith. God bless us all.