ACORN and the IRS: Perfect Fit, Perfect Storm

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My, what a coincidence.

On Sunday, March 21st, ACORN – the controversial former-employer of Barack Obama accused of fraudulently manipulating the 2008 presidential election in Obama’s favor, then caught repeatedly on tape willing to participate in schemes involving prostitution, human trafficking and tax evasion – announced it will be shutting down operations “over the coming months.”

On that very same day – Sunday, March 21st – the democratic House of Representatives, after weeks of bribes, payoffs and threats to its own members, voted to pass their and their President’s beloved health-care “reform” bill, that will gut the bank accounts, opportunities and freedoms of the American people.

Part of that bill mandates the hiring of more than 16,000 new IRS agents, who will be charged with enforcing the freedom-busting tenets of this radical, unconstitutional piece of garbage. So, if you happen to run a small business, the backbone of the United States, you will be investigated by these IRS enforcers to ensure you are purchasing a proper level of health insurance for yourself and your employees. Stray from dear leader’s orders in any way, and the enforcers will get you. No mercy.

So ACORN folds and the IRS is given fresh blood and fresh orders all in the same day. Hmm, maybe all those soon-to-be-out-of-work ACORN folks caught on tape agreeing to help the faux undercover prostitute and her “handler” bring underage girls into their stable, aren’t at all upset about their organization folding, because new positions await. You know, positions with powerful enforcement authority within the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS will be hiring – Congress and el presidente made it so — but it may be that those 16,000-plus jobs are already filled.

Hmm, maybe it’s not a coincidence at all.

Trusting Our People

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I believe in the American people. And for the last year and three months, they have not let me down. Every time they have been given the opportunity to let their voices be heard, to shout and scream – and vote – against the people who have made it their mission to destroy our country, the American people have not hesitated to shout, to scream, to vote.

From the summer’s town halls; to the special elections in Virginia and New Jersey; to a miracle vote in Massachusetts that saw a little-known republican claim a Senate seat all of Washington, and America, assumed was a Kennedy entitlement; to the congressional phone lines jammed yesterday and today by Americans scrambling not only to tell their so-called congressional representatives that they don’t want this atrocity of a health-care bill, but also to remind those so-called representatives that it is their job to represent their constituents, not a man in the White House whose dream is to see America reduced to a third-world dictatorship.

But this time, we the people are being denied the precious inalienable rights granted by the Constitution. Having met defeat after defeat at the hands of the American populace they so despise, the criminals in Washington have concocted a plan to bypass those ungrateful Americans and the Constitution they rode in on, thus ensuring that they, the criminals, can jam through any policy or crippling bill they “deem” critical to their transformation of the United States. In other words, this is only the beginning, folks. They jam this health-care atrocity through without a vote, without the consent of the American people, and the sky’s the limit. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) so much as said just that yesterday.

Americans do not want this. Our founders did not want it either, and they did all they could to protect us from those who would try to destroy us from within. But cowardice and evil are reigning supreme in DC tonight, especially among those sniveling representatives who don’t want this thing either, but nevertheless kneel whimpering at the feet of the President, Pelosi and Reid.

Meanwhile I am filled with so much rage I can hardly talk. But I take some solace knowing that my rage is shared by the vast majority of the American people who have remained exactly who I have always believed them to be throughout this chaos. I look forward to the day when we will at last be able to channel the energy of that rage toward the rescue, protection and preservation of our nation once more.

Kucinich Caves

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We all knew he would. This morning, Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), one of the most left-wing liberals in Congress, announced that, after the cushy ride on Air Force One, playfully kibitzing and showboating around with the President in front a small, hand-picked audience beside his dear leader in his home state, he will indeed vote yes on the health-care abomination.

Big surprise.

And for the record, I don’t happen to believe that the President should be allowed to use Air Force One for the offering of bribes and/or the issuing of threats. It’s not his private toy to take out joyriding with his buddies. But that’s just me.

More Pearls from Nancy

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Yesterday I posted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) now legendary statement that “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it. . . .”

Now let’s investigate this brilliant plea of hers for passage of the health-care monstrosity a bit further. Part of her joyous chirping to the masses was her focus on prevention. You see, she and the President, in their infinite wisdom, seem to believe that prevention is the key to virtually every possible  human malady.

“Prevention, prevention, prevention!” she crowed, exalting gloriously in the exciting potential inherent in this new prevention-based government takeover. “It’s about diet, not diabetes!”

Really.  Let’s think about what she is saying here, suggesting (as the President has many times himself in his own endless lectures on this subject) that all you need to do is eat right, and you need never worry about diabetes. Well, Ms. Pelosi, I’d say that’s news to diabetes patients everywhere.

To be blunt, Ms. Pelosi, you and the President are wrong. Just ask the parents of the wispy little 5-year-old girl who never met a homegrown vegetable she doesn’t like, newly diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. Or the strapping 19-year-old athlete, equally loyal to the food pyramid yet also responsible for daily blood monitoring and insulin injections. The list goes on and on, encompassing not only all kinds of people, but all kinds of conditions, as well. Leukemia. Brain tumors. Epilepsy. Cystic Fibrosis. Parkinson’s. Bone cancer….Prevention, Nancy? Are you sure?

But this really isn’t your point or the President’s, is it, Ms. Pelosi? Focus on prevention, prevention, prevention, and you not only make patients solely responsible for the onset and maintenance of their own diseases and health problems, you also elevate the government (i.e. you and the President) to a position of even greater, more tyrannical control over every aspect of our lives. So elevated, you can mandate what we eat, what we drink, how much we eat, how much we drink, where we live, what we wear, what we read, what we drive….

And this is only the begnning. Even as I write this, a New York State Legislator has introduced a bill that would outlaw the use of salt for the preparation of food in restaurants in New York (in other words, no salt for you, Bobby Flay and Gordon Ramsay and every other high-profile chef that has made NYC a culinary mecca). Nancy must be so proud of this effort. She’ll be even happier if New York passes the bill so the citizens of the state can see what’s in it.

Nancy Pelosi Reveals the Truth

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Maybe she mis-spoke (again). Maybe she was just flustered (again). Maybe she’s panicked (again). Or maybe she’s just not all that bright….

Whatever it is, Speaker-of-the-House Nancy Pelosi has once again revealed loudly, clearly and for all the nation to hear, the truth about the health-care monstrosity she, her fearless leader in the White House, and their lockstepping minions are currently attempting to shove down our throats:

“But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it. . . .”

I have a feeling she resisted the impulse to add that “we have to pass the bill” so that she and Congress “can find out what is in it, too.”

Skeptics can see her for themselves at:

Pray for our America. . . .

Teaching Us a Lesson

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March 3, 2010 | Comments

News Update: Today the President announced to the ungrateful American people who don’t know what’s best for them, that he will do whatever it takes to ram his trillion-dollar health-care bill down their collective throats.

The President stood before his twin teleprompters to make his announcement, flanked by the four people in the United States who support this bill, all of them dressed in white lab coats for full dramatic effect. The coats were left over from a similar presidential spectacle last fall, when only those physicians willing to wear the government-issue coats were allowed into the White House Rose Garden.

Thanks to a loophole an unidentified czar found in the CC&Rs for a condominium complex in Myrtle Beach, these four people, and only these four people, will cast the four votes needed to get the bill passed once and for all, and America’s health- care system will at last be fair, rationed and government-run.

Throughout his remarks, the President reminded the American public that he is the President. “But most importantly,” he concluded with a dramatic pause, looking from one teleprompter to the other, then back to the other, “it’s for your own good. I am the President. I won.”

Betsy Siino | Comments

Lies and Consequences: Joe Wilson was Right

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January 6, 2010 | Comments

During the 2008 presidential campaign, the President insisted repeatedly (each statement now being presented on Breitbart TV) that the health-care-reform process would take place on CSPAN with the entire Congress in attendance, in full view of the American public. My, what a difference a year makes.

Yesterday the President — after lecturing us (again!) as if we are children (again!) about how everyone around him messed up and almost caused an isolated extremist to take down a plane bound for Detroit on Christmas Day — completely ignored CSPAN’s very public request that he keep his campaign promise and permit the health-care-reform process to be broadcast on their airwaves. Yesterday Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, in his typical inept fashion, dodged questions about this alleged transparency from a lapdog media that surprisingly pressed him on the matter. And today, the President, his advisers and the democratic leadership locked themselves in an office to manipulate and massage their health-care bill privately, to cut all those vital sweetheart deals, without intrusion from republican Congress members or the vast majority of Americans who oppose this monstrosity.

When Nancy Pelosi emerged from the closed-door meeting, she was asked about transparency and the promise to keep the American people engaged in the health-care process. Channeling the spirit of Robert Gibbs, she gasped, eyes bulging, that promises are always made on the campaign trail. Wink, wink. Tee hee. Next question.

So yes, South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson was right months back when he shouted to the President in that legendary moment of emotion: “You lie!” You were right, Joe. He does lie. And they lie. All of them. They will say and do whatever they need to say and do in their mission to destroy this country. Catch them in the lie.…Wink, wink. Tee hee. Next question.

I teach my children that they are judged by the company they keep and by their actions. I teach them, too, that there are consequences to the choices they make. On election day a little more than a year ago, adults coast to coast willingly chose to disregard their candidate’s sketchy past; his suspicious associations and the company he has kept; his complete lack of professional experience; and his blatant disregard and disdain for the greatness of our nation, our history and our Constitution. In doing so, they cast their votes against our country, against our greatness, and against our children — my children and yours.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again and again and again: Our country is being attacked daily by those within our own ranks who seek to bring it to its knees for twisted and very personal reasons. The resulting blood of our nation’s wounds is on the hands of every person, well-meaning and otherwise, who voted for this man, his agenda, and his agents of “hope and change.”

Many of the voters who made this happen now regret their votes. Claiming they were misled or mistaken, many now seek absolution for their devastating, even catastrophic, choice. Sorry. No. I don’t want to hear it. You knew what you were doing, people, and when you made that very deliberate, conscious choice, you assaulted my children, my family, my country. Now you are suffering the consequences of that choice, but unfortunately we are, too. You feel bad now? I should hope so.

Betsy Siino | Comments

A Pelosi Christmas Carol

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November 13, 2009 | Comments

Remember last summer when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi hurled insults at the moms and dads and grandparents who assembled at the nation’s town-hall meetings to voice their opposition to the monstrous health-care bill being jammed down the throats of the American public by Pelosi and her gang of thieves? And remember last week when the theft hit a crescendo with the sneaky Saturday-night health-care vote spearheaded by these people? I’m sure you do.

And I’m sure you remember how the bill barely squeaked by the House membership, only to be cheered with much fanfare by the Speaker and her gang as they crowed about their victory. And in doing so, said Speaker sneered at the American people, telling them with her self-satisfied smirk, “See, I did it anyway!”

Now, several days later, the Speaker has refined her message somewhat, perhaps hoping to make it a bit more palatable to the ignorant masses that make her life so difficult, promising us that the health-care bill now awaiting Senate approval, will be passed.  Even better, she tells us it will pass by Christmas, as a wonderful present for the American people.

Well isn’t that just a holly jolly cup of comfort and joy.

Does this woman truly believe, as she stands before us all jittery and blinky and shrill, that this Christmas promise will be celebrated with holiday cheer by the vast majority of Americans? How many times do we have to say it, shout it, and trumpet it from the rooftops: We don’t want her plan, or any plan, that mandates socialization of our health-care system, rations care, decimates us financially, subjects our citizens to bureaucratic evaluations of their most personal issues, and earmarks billions of dollars for the care of people who enter our country illegally. End of story.

Now I hate to fling a Scrooge dart in the heart of Madam Pelosi’s Christmas cheer (well, not really), but her comments also raise another prickly issue. Methinks she needs to be very careful about using such words as “Christmas” when discussing a government-drenched issue like socialized medicine. Have you forgotten, dear lady, that thou shalt never breach the granite wall between church and state? Dangerous ground you tread there. You want the ACLU on your tail?

Yet I sense a loophole. Given the Speaker’s words, are we to assume that those who don’t celebrate Christmas have the right to opt out of this monstrosity? Have they the right to decline the gift? If so, I’m in. My family will gladly celebrate our Christmas secretly and quietly within the privacy of our own home, and we won’t let the obedient minions who pledge allegiance to the Speaker and her President know. Let’s all do that. I won’t tell if you won’t.

Still, given her cavalier use of the “C” word, you just have to wonder why this woman would go out of her way to threaten us with the destruction of our Christmas spirit during this joyous time of year. Perhaps she needs to be reminded of the true nature of that spirit, as Christmas is a time of charity and generosity, not extortion mandated or legislated by government. The spirit of Christmas rests in voluntary charitable works and good will, not in robbing the haves to hand out to chosen have-nots against the haves’ will.

Next Madam Pelosi will using some of that excess stimulous money to commission an author to rewrite A Christmas Carol with the new addition of a public option for Tiny Tim. Scrooge won’t have to learn a lesson, and the ghosts can take Christmas Eve off, because the tiny waif will have a Pelosi or a Reid or a Shumer or an Obama looking after him. And just imagine the justice of it all. Filthy rich Mr. Scrooge will be footing the bill, and everyone will live happily ever after.

But no, sorry, I have to say this Christmas junkie and her family isn’t interested in the new and improved rewrite. We’ll just ho ahead and stick with the original Dickens version and its inherent lesson-learning conflicts that have made it legendary to families all over the world (even to those that don’t happen to celebrate Christmas). Thanks anyway, Madam Scrooge. And God bless us everyone…

Betsy Siino | Comments

God’s New Partner

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August 20, 2009 | Comments

So now God is the tool. The man tried velvet. The man called out the media, and he toyed with the race card. He tried threats, he tried guilt, and he tried civil rights in his unceasing quest for that magic bullet that will finally win the masses over to his side on the socialized health-care debate/debacle. As all else has failed, he now turns to God.

God has indeed played a prominent role in the characterization of Barack Obama. Our President has been likened to God by the news media he carries around in his pocket, jokes about his anointing are rampant, and he has been facetiously christened “the messiah” by those who object to his image as someone beyond criticism, beyond reproach, beyond media scrutiny, and beyond all human frailty. But yesterday, in a calculated quest for victory, he tried a new tact: He played the God card.

Yesterday for the first time, the President of the United States readily accepted the whole God connection that has long hounded him, when he stated to a gathering of rabbis that “we are God’s partners in matters of life and death.” Clever move. We can’t say no to God, can we? And if God speaks through Barack Obama, now apparently self-elevated to spiritual leader of the people, on such pesky matters as life and death, well, who are we to argue?

To say that I am horrified by such a shameless display of arrogance would be an understatement of explosive proportions (and I’m hoping God isn’t all that impressed either). While I personally believe that the President has gotten a charge out of the God/Supreme Being comparisons, I never dreamed he would so openly jump on that train. And to a gathering of rabbis, no less. Did they give him a pass?  I don’t know. I hope they didn’t.

 I can tell you that my family’s parish priest certainly would have called him on it. A veteran with a fierce love for America, our pastor has been quite honest and heartfelt in sharing his feelings about the prospect of the government deciding who among us should live and who should die. This, he has stated unequivocally, not only violates the Christian faith and all faiths that value the human spirit, but also the founding documents of our nation that grant us the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” As someone who has also read these documents, I don’t remember seeing mention of government bureaucrats or czars determining how the first item on that list will be managed, distributed and controlled.

But it didn’t end there. Oh, no. After proclaiming his divine partnership on Wednesday, his newfound position as spiritual leader, the President today informs us – by way of yet another health-care campaign event with a gathering of clergy – that to oppose these promising health-care proposals is, essentially, akin to committing a sin. Peppering his prepared speech with biblical references, he admonished us to “be our brother’s keeper” (a mission he accused us of neglecting and failing to uphold), he referred to passage of his health-care bill as our “core moral obligation,” and he accused those who don’t support his agenda as “bearing false witness.”

As Dana Carvey’s classic Saturday Night Live Church Lady of Church Chat fame back in the 80s might ooze in her imitable nasal whine: “W…e…e…e…l…l…l, isn’t that special.”

Though the President’s media pals tried valiantly to underplay it, we are all well aware of the church that God’s new partner and his family attended over the past decades, and the incendiary messages that emanated from its pulpit (though the President apparently missed them). Those of us who have spent that same amount of time in, shall we say, more traditional houses of worship – Christian and Jewish alike – we are left wondering not only how and when God decided that the President of the United States – any President of the United States – would now be his equal partner in “matters of life and death,” but also how we missed the commandment that opposing the presidential/congressional agenda was essentially a sin. I never heard Charlton Heston read that one from those stone tablets.

I am reminded of the magnificent mini-series “I, Claudius,” when a crazed emperor Caligula confesses joyfully to his uncle Claudius that he has become a god. It’s good to be king, we have long heard, but according to John Hurt’s Caligula, and perhaps a certain president we know, as well, it’s even better to be a God – or at least God’s partner. The God-fearing men who wrote our country’s founding documents were guided by the desire to protect the grand experiment that is our country from monarchy. Methinks they never would have dreamed that someone would someday come along, bypass the lowly king level altogether, and grasp for the exalted deity ring instead.

Most who know God can recognize what is authentic and what isn’t, the first sign of authenticity being humility. It is downright embarrassing and disgraceful to see our God used as a threat, a tool, a club, for phony, political pandering. Even more disgraceful, would be for men and women of God to give such pandering a pass.

Betsy Siino | Comments

Who Do They Think We Are?

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August 12, 2009 | Comments

Perhaps the question above would be better posed as “How stupid do they think we are?” — “they,” of course, being those on the political left, who have made their answer to this query abundantly clear for years. Oppose the left, profess your allegiance to conservative and even traditional American values, and, despite your level of education and life experience, you are a toothless, illiterate shlub, clinging to your guns, your Bible and your family.

Today our own government regards any who oppose its extreme left-wing agenda in this same light, and they are not afraid to say it. Case in point: HR 3200, the notorious “health care” bill being touted by the President and his democratic Congress. As public support for this bill plummets, the administration and the dems are becoming more livid by the second. They have thus resorted to name-calling, a tradition that began at the beginning of this administration’s “rule,” when those who oppose government takeover of industry, finance, health care and such, were christened “right-wing extremists” (especially valid for those who happen to be members of the NRA, oppose abortion, or are returning home from a tour of duty in the United States military).

Now that the health-care debate has caught fire, Americans who have never protested anything are showing up in droves at town hall meetings and protests across the nation, channeling eloquently the spirit of Thomas Paine to express their opposition to what they consider a dangerous and un-American piece of legislation. In response these fledgling protesters have sustained a steady tirade of insults from their own elected officials, and even the White House itself, each barrage becoming more shrill and hysterical and extreme by the day. They’re un-American! An unruly mob! Brooks Brothers brigade! Astroturfers with manufactured anger! They’re sabotaging democracy! They’re Nazis! Terrorists! The KKK! Brown shirts! And, when all else has failed, the ever popular: They’re just racists.

The more incendiary their pronouncements, the left has believed, the more frightened we toothless masses will become, and the more likely we will finally shut our mouths (just as you suggested, Mr. President), crawl back under our rocks in fear and surrender, and allow the almighty government to do what is best for the collective.

So I must ask again: Just who do they think we are?

Obviously they have no idea. His own frustration escalating, the President called out his unions and various, shall we say, community activists, to wreak havoc at town halls and protests, to “punch back twice as hard.” Several victims of physical assault can testify to the success of this tactic. The White House also launched what has become known as “the snitch line” on its website, asking supporters to report anyone who, through email or “casual conversation,” might be spreading negative, misguided or otherwise “fishy” opinions and information about HR 3200. While supporters have apparently obeyed this order, demonized Americans have also answered the call, reporting themselves to the White House for their opposition to nationalized government health care, end-of-life counseling, health-care rationing, and socialism in general.

And again the left — from White House to Congress to mainstream-media conspirators to community-organized groups and unions, are shocked to discover that in the wake of such not-so-veiled threats and attacks, the American people still refuse to succumb. Oh no, the opposite has occurred, typically the result when one threatens the American spirit. The left, in turn, is stunned to learn not only that we have teeth, but we also know how to read, and many of us have actually put this latter skill to use and read HR 3200. So when we stand up to speak at protests and town halls (true town halls, not phony, staged, presidential town halls, of course), we come armed with facts, figures, and direct quotes.

The startled politicos at the receiving end of such informed and heartfelt dissent are hiding in their offices and refusing to explain why they themselves are exempt from the plan to which they seek to sentence the rest of us. They appear even more foolish and frightened when we scan the faces of those they are attacking, insulting and evading: grandmothers, grandfathers, moms, dads and kids, veterans, working people, students, taxpayers, consumers, professionals….Americans who are perfectly capable of running their own lives and will not tolerate a government intent on damaging their families. I look in the eyes of these people, these Americans, and I see no evidence of collusion or fraud. And no evidence of fear.

Then I look into the eyes of the name-callers, those standing behind elevated podiums at community centers or behind desks in network newsrooms, calling their voters, their audiences, ignorant fools, terrorists and thugs. In the faces of those name-callers…that is where I see the fear. The vitriol the left has released against the American public seems indeed to have hit the intended targets, yet, finding these targeted Americans draped in an unexpected armor, it has ricocheted back on the individuals who fired that first misguided shot. Terrified of anything so authentic, they are left dazed and uncertain, forced to acknowledge, even if only in the quiet of their own souls, that the anger and the love of country they are witnessing at these gatherings of Americans is real – and undeniably American.

Betsy Siino | Comments