Working to Take Our Country Back in these First Hours of Election Day 2012

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Well, so far what little anecdotal evidence is beginning to trickle out is indicating that despite chilly temperatures and long lines, Romney/Ryan seem to be enjoying an early lead, fueled, apparently, by the enthusiasm of republican, independent and perhaps even previously ignored Romney democrats.

To those who happen to know Americans who claim to be too tired or too undecided to vote, remind them of our four dead Americans in Benghazi, whose deaths have been covered up by the current administration and their comrades in the mainstream media propoganda brigade.  Remind them of the millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans, many of them recent college grads, who cannot find proper employment.  Remind them of the millions of Americans who have joined the food-stamp rolls, and the glee the current president takes in dividing the people of our great nation.  Remind them of the crushing tax burdens that await us come 2013, compounded by the nightmare that awaits us both financially in the cost, accessibility and quality of care we will receive once our health care system is replaced by Obama’s prized socialized medicine program (and remind them that Congress and certain selected Obama minions are exempt from that nightmare).  Remind them of the skyrocketing prices we are paying for gas and the valiant efforts this president has made to keep those prices high.  Remind them, too, of the terrible toll this administration’s policies have taken on our nation’s small businesses, which provide the financial backbone, and the majority of jobs in our country.

And finally, while there is still time, sit them down and ask that they watch Dinesh D’Souza’s brilliant 2016: Obama’s America.   That will tell them all they need to know — and convince them that we are never too tired or too undecided to take our country back from the brink of destruction.  God bless those doing that work today, and may we be rewarded with good news tonight!

Obama Wasn’t Looking All that Pleased to See His Name on History’s Largest Tax Hike

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I watched Obama’s response to the Supreme Court ruling this morning, and I have to say that, despite what I expected, the man wasn’t gloating.  As expected he offered a bland recap of the glories of the law that carries his name, pleased, he said, to see it declared Constitutional by “the highest court of the land” (first time he has ever valued the Constitution, of course).  And as expected he told the same tired and insipid story he always tells about some fictional victim who “played by the rules” but got screwed by America until he rode in to the rescue.  But through it all, he appeared a bit strained, a bit tight in the jaw.  The reason for this, I think, is that he really didn’t expect this cornerstone of his presidency actually to be called what it is: a “tax,” and a tax attributed to him and him alone.

Today’s ruling has set a dangerous precedence for our nation’s future, but so will it illustrate quite vividly to the left the old axiom: Be careful what you wish for.  I have a feeling this president and the many congresspeople who have done his bidding, who voted for him, who carried his water, took his bribes — especially those who now face tough races in their home districts — started to regret their wishes the moment Obamacare, the law upon which they staked their careers, explode into what within minutes was heralded as the largest middle-class tax hike in America’s history.

I realize that many of our elected officials have suffered some deficiencies in their understanding of American history, but most of us do understand, even if only on a rudimentary level, that our nation was founded on a hatred and defiance of taxes.  To see the jewel in this president’s crown be named a tax by “the highest court of the land” merely five months away from what already promised to be an earthshattering election, well, I think that’s why the pres’ jaw seemed a bit tight this morning.  And I have a feeling we will see it grow even moreso in the months to come, especially as the footage documenting his insistance that Obamacare is anything but a tax becomes part of the American lexicon.

As Expected, Marco Rubio States the Case Against the Ruling Perfectly

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An hour after the Supreme Court ruling that declared the Obamacare mandate a tax, with all the penalties therein, Marco Rubio stated it perfectly:

“What’s interesting is that a victory for Obama means a middle-class tax increase.”

And those who oppose Obamacare, and by extension an increase in our taxes, are already calling it the Obamacare tax.

The Supreme Court Ruling Declares Obama Responsible for the Highest Tax Hike in US History

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Less than an hour ago, the Supreme Court announced as part of its ruling on Obamacare, that the mandate at its heart is a tax.  If you recall, Obama and his congressional minions insisted when shoving this law down our throats that it was not a tax, which, of course, would have made it even more unpopular at the time than it already was.  The Supremes have ruled this morning that Congress cannot compel Americans to make purchases as part of the Commerce Clause; therefore, the funds at the heart of the mandate are taxes.  So look out, America, massive tax increases, with Obama’s blessing and the blessing of every congressional representative who voted for Obamacare, are coming your way.

I personally was crushed when I heard that the mandate was being upheld, but in the subsequent minutes the knee I felt in my back has gradually reduced its pressure.  In a few hours Obama will stand before us crowing about his victory, but I have a feeling his congressinoal minions who stood beside him in pushing this law through, will be sensing something quite different in the days to come.  As many on the right are saying, the sleeping giant has awakened once more, and this time, I sense, far more ferociously than he did when this very unpopular law was originally floated.   In a sense, then, the Supreme Court has handed every conservative candidate running for office this November (hope you’re paying attention, Mr. Romney) a gift, the perfect weapon with which to combat a president and hundreds of congresspeople who have engineered an historic increase in American taxes.  As politicians well know, the “T” word is, and has always been, a dirty word to the American people, and those on the left who have insisted the Tea Party is dead and gone are about to be in for a very rude awakening.

The path to liberty has never been a smooth one, and today’s ruling is simply another obstacle littering that path.  We who love this country must find the silver lining, and I don’t think we have to look far.  As the economy continues in free fall in the wake of this current ruling, democratic candidates facing an election only five months from now, including the current president, must convince voters that they are right in raising our taxes to astronomical levels that destroy families and businesses.  So go ahead and gloat today, Mr. president, but I have a feeling you and yours won’t be so ebullient on the morning of November 7th.

With Liberty?

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Tonight we stand on the precipice.  We were shoved on to this place, our knees now bruised and bloody from the fall, when, four years ago our precious nation was turned over to individuals with a shared disdain for the men and women who risked their lives and the lives of their families to create a nation unlike any ever envisioned on this planet.  Shared, too, has been their insatiable hunger for power, a twisted need to control every move made by the masses, whose reverance for this exceptional nation defies the tyrants’ collective comprehension.  What great strides those dark forces have made over these past three-and-a-half years in wresting liberty away from those who hold it so dear, a goal that culminates tomorrow with a decision made by a panel of nine.

So tomorrow we awaken to discover if we are still governed, not by damaged and dictatorial men, but by the set of most eloquent laws we find within our founding documents that ensure our liberty.   These three-and-a-half difficult years have found many of us holding those documents to our hearts, renewing our faith in their principles, begging friends, family, elected representatives, anyone who would listen, to remember them, read them, embrace them — and to honor the blood shed to preserve and keep them.

So are we to awaken tomorrow a free nation?  Or are we to feel a knee in the back, forcing us down on to our bruised and bloodied knees before the tyrants and their rule.  The choice is ours.  Regardless of what verdict the nine send down from their mount in the morning.


The One Question No One is Asking as Obamacare Goes on Trial

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The monstrous healthcare atrocity known as Obamacare has at last reached the United States Supreme Court.  By all accounts, left and right alike, the news coming out of the Chamber is not boding well for the monster’s prospects.  And thank God for that, say those of us who cherish the U.S. Constitution, those of us who cherish liberty, and, by extension, those of us who still wish to see our America remain the greatest country this world has ever known.

But with every news account, every interview, every commentary I see regarding the current Supreme Court hearings on the Constitutionality of Obamacare, I find myself begging the talking heads, begging the lefting interviewees, begging the Supreme Court Justices to ask one singular question:  Why are members of Congress and various and sundry union leaders and leftwing Obama/DNC supporters exempt from Obamacare?

I have yet to hear anyone covering the story this week on either side of it address this question.  I would suggest that the very existence of this question, coupled with the silence that surrounds it, is all the answer we, and the Supreme Court of the United States, needs.

Missouri Says “No” to Obamacare with Proposition C

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On Tuesday, August 3rd, the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda received another smackdown, when the people of Missouri — more than 71 percent — voted yes on the Show-Me State’s Proposition C, the Missouri Health Care Freedom Act.

Proposition C was the state’s attempt to exert its Constitutionally endowed rights as a state, and say “no” to the mandates of Obamacare, in this case defying the mandate that Americans must purchase health-care insurance.

More than 70 percent of Missouri’s voters (from both parties), reflecting most national polls on the subject, have now set the stage for voters in 42 other states that will be voting on similar propositions in the months to come. In fact, the day before this vote, a judge in Virginia ruled that yes, the vote in that state could indeed go forward – with results, we might presume, similar to what we witnessed this week in Missouri.

Though the White House and democractic Congress would rather we not remember, the health-care atrocity was slammed through Congress last March through the use of bribery, threats, trickery and lies. Congressional leaders, the President and the administration used any means they could find to pass this legislation that is necessary, as Congressman John Dingell (D-MI) admitted so candidly, “to control the people.”

But the people Dingell and his colleagues seek to control, the American people, they cannot be so easily coerced into supporting a bill that promises to gut the finest health care system in the world, as well as the bank accounts and liberties of Americans who recognize clearly the face of tyranny when they see it. And Missouri proved this on Tuesday. Whenever Obamacare and the agenda behind it have been put to the test of democracy, the results are drastically different from the propaganda oozing out of Capitol Hill and the White House.

Many thanks, then, to Missouri, a state typically considered a bellweather, offering a glimpse into the direction the nation is headed at a given time. Missouri has sent a message to the rest of us who are anxiously awaiting another election: the midterm elections of November, less than 100 days away. Missouri’s results on Tuesday have sent a clarion call that the anger among we the American people remains fresh, and we intend to take that raw anger with us to the polls on November 2nd.

Rest assured that Washington has heard the call, too. And don’t think they aren’t panicked. In the wake of Missouri’s vote, always-so-eloquent White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked what the results meant to the White House. His as-always-so-eloquent answer was: “Nothing.” No matter. We know the real answer, Bob. Everything.

Oh, Danny Boy

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Wednesday is St. Patrick’s Day. This is huge in my predominantly Irish-American community, and though I am not Irish myself, I have always found great comfort and warmth and inspiration in the influence.

Today in church I received that comfort and that warmth and that inspiration just when I desperately needed it, and I don’t think I quite realized it until it called me.

Our week ahead promises not only the annual celebration of St. Patrick, but also the hostile, vicious promises from our so-called leaders that they will do whatever it takes – the Constitution be damned – to make this atrocity of a health-care bill the law of the land. The American people have made it clear that they do not want it. Congressional democrats, along with the President of the United States and his administration, have spat back, “we don’t care!”, and at this very moment they are threatening the members of their own party who are considering a “no” vote and looking for whatever unconstitutional bypass they can find to shove it through without a vote. The capper came today when Press Secretary Robert Gibbs announced that by next Sunday, it will be the law of the land.

I am grateful I didn’t hear Gibbs say this personally. I was in church when he said it. Kneeling. Feeling confused and sad, and very worried as I thought about the week that lies ahead for us. But then I heard the soft, haunting introduction on the piano to one of my favorite songs: “Danny Boy.” This was soon joined by the voices of a bonafide Irish tenor in duet with a beautiful deep baritone. And at that moment, the words I had been struggling to find came to me: “Please don’t let them take our country.”

That was my prayer. It was just what I needed, all that I needed. And it was given to me by the beautiful Irish anthem “Danny Boy.”

I felt better after that. I still do. The Irish have always been warriors. They have contributed mightily to the warrior fabric and fiber of America – and why I find such comfort in their influence. Though I remain worried. I sit here tonight and wonder, is Robert Gibbs right? This time next week, as he said, will this atrocity be the law of the land, a jagged tear in our greatness? Please, God, don’t let them take our country.

In my heart, I don’t think it will happen. If it were left solely to the American people, I know it wouldn’t. But there are other, more insidious forces at play here, forces that defy openly what America is and what her blueprint has deemed she must and will be. There is thus a chance that those forces could win this one. They have vowed to do it this week, to subvert with hostility and arrogance our nation, our Constitution, our people and, as an open affront to the Irish, the spirit of St. Patrick. But even if they do take this round – admittedly a terrible blow to those who love this country — I still believe that the American people, and the spirit of the United States itself, will prevail. As I have said so many times before, there is no other option.

 In the meantime, I will keep the lovely strains of “Danny Boy” streaming through my head. And my prayer. Please don’t let them take our country. And with that I say good night, America. This week is going to be a rough one. It’s going to be painful. But as has been the case with all of America’s many righteous battles, we must keep up the fight and keep the faith. God bless us all.

More Pearls from Nancy

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Yesterday I posted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) now legendary statement that “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it. . . .”

Now let’s investigate this brilliant plea of hers for passage of the health-care monstrosity a bit further. Part of her joyous chirping to the masses was her focus on prevention. You see, she and the President, in their infinite wisdom, seem to believe that prevention is the key to virtually every possible  human malady.

“Prevention, prevention, prevention!” she crowed, exalting gloriously in the exciting potential inherent in this new prevention-based government takeover. “It’s about diet, not diabetes!”

Really.  Let’s think about what she is saying here, suggesting (as the President has many times himself in his own endless lectures on this subject) that all you need to do is eat right, and you need never worry about diabetes. Well, Ms. Pelosi, I’d say that’s news to diabetes patients everywhere.

To be blunt, Ms. Pelosi, you and the President are wrong. Just ask the parents of the wispy little 5-year-old girl who never met a homegrown vegetable she doesn’t like, newly diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. Or the strapping 19-year-old athlete, equally loyal to the food pyramid yet also responsible for daily blood monitoring and insulin injections. The list goes on and on, encompassing not only all kinds of people, but all kinds of conditions, as well. Leukemia. Brain tumors. Epilepsy. Cystic Fibrosis. Parkinson’s. Bone cancer….Prevention, Nancy? Are you sure?

But this really isn’t your point or the President’s, is it, Ms. Pelosi? Focus on prevention, prevention, prevention, and you not only make patients solely responsible for the onset and maintenance of their own diseases and health problems, you also elevate the government (i.e. you and the President) to a position of even greater, more tyrannical control over every aspect of our lives. So elevated, you can mandate what we eat, what we drink, how much we eat, how much we drink, where we live, what we wear, what we read, what we drive….

And this is only the begnning. Even as I write this, a New York State Legislator has introduced a bill that would outlaw the use of salt for the preparation of food in restaurants in New York (in other words, no salt for you, Bobby Flay and Gordon Ramsay and every other high-profile chef that has made NYC a culinary mecca). Nancy must be so proud of this effort. She’ll be even happier if New York passes the bill so the citizens of the state can see what’s in it.