The First Step Toward Our Great Nation’s Rescue

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It’s morning in America, and on this fine morning we may at last breathe a great sigh of relief.

We might say that Election Night, November 2010, was an evening of miracles, but when we consider the character of our nation and her people, there was nothing miraculous about the outcome.  After four years in the desert, which found many, including many on the right, claiming that the age of conservatism is over, the Republicans have recaptured the House of Representatives by more than 60 seats with a message of conservative principals.  We the people have finally been able to express our adamant opposition to this administration and its radical agenda, and yesterday we took the first step toward salvaging our great nation before she is maimed beyond all recognition.

But this is only the beginning, and Republicans, both the newly elected and the remaining entrenched, are wise to hear the message.  Many of the candidates who won last night, unseating powerful Congress members who have been in DC for decades, did so with the backing of the Tea Party and a conservative constituency that refuses to tolerate the repeated attacks any longer.  Newly minted Republican Florida Senator-Elect Marco Rubio said it best in his victory speech: “We make a great mistake if we believe that tonight these results are somehow an embrace of the Republican party.  What they are is a second chance, a second chance for Republicans to be what they said they were going to be not so long ago.”

The Republicans did not take the Senate, although they did make progress in that area – Barack Obama’s Illinois Senate seat, for one, going Republican.  Several Democrat strategists and pundits actually confessed that they wished the Republicans had claimed a Senate majority, so that the Democrats would not have to take responsibility for anything that occurs in the months ahead. (Indeed as many discovered tonight, taking responsibility for one’s actions – such as a vote for nationalized health care — can be quite painful.)

The highlights of an evening filled with highlights included:

  • The staggering number of Republicans who claimed the governorships of states throughout the nation – even in Ohio and Michigan  — which will prove detrimental to the Dems as the 2012 presidential election process heats up.
  • Disgraceful Florida Congressman Alan “the Republicans want you to die quickly” Grayson is out, and it looks like his fellow caught-on-tape-arrogant-whackjob colleague, Bob Etheridge (D-NC), is gone, too, the latter having fallen to his opposition, a nurse named Renee Elmers.
  • Right-wing victory speeches were rich with evocation of American exceptionalism and the beauty of our founding documents.  How long it has been since we have heard those touted and celebrated so vigorously.  Congressman John Boehner (R-OH), the presumptive Speaker-of-the-House come 2011, choked up with genuine emotion when he reflected on what occurred on this night.  It was lovely to behold (as was the lack of teleprompters across the board).
  • And, finally, no more Speaker-of-the-House Nancy Pelosi!  

Of course, not all went our way last night.

New York and California both chose to stay their course toward complete economic collapse, casting aside candidates with proven business acumen in favor of Governors, U.S. Senators and Congressional Representatives superglued to punishing tax-and-spend policies, self-serving special-interests, and the White House.  Look to New York and California, and you will find elected officials in lockstep with the Obama administration and anything their dear leader mandates.  Especially infuriating was California’s re-election of dim-witted Senator Barbara Boxer, whose track record includes repeated insults against our military and against successful black businesspeople who refuse to remain in what she considers their “place.”

Of equal, if not greater, disappointment, however, was the re-election of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).  That said, it would have been difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to beat the “incentives” (food, gift cards, free flights to polling places) he and his union supporters used to inflate his numbers.  Nevertheless, he has been defanged, as have his fellow conspirator Nancy, now relegated to non-Speaker status, and his dear Obama in the White House.

Speaking of Mr. Obama — and his wife — I would guess there is much anger permeating the halls of the White House this morning.  This First Couple does not deal well with opposition, and I imagine their hostility toward America has mushroomed exponentially over the last 24 hours.  Much was speculated last night about Obama coming out today in a contrite move to the center, complete with brilliant words about compromise and bipartisanship — which anyone would be a fool to believe, let alone embrace.  I personally doubt he has that in him in any genuine sense, and, frankly, I would prefer to see him remain as radical and hostile toward America as ever – in other words, remain true to who you are, Mr. Obama.  Stay the course.

As for the new influx of Republicans who will be flooding DC come 2011, they need to stay their course, as well.  We the people have sent them a clear message.  We the people have had enough of the nonsense that has come for far too long from both sides of the aisle in our nation’s capitol.  Will they take that to heart?  Only time will tell.  But now, we will be watching.

Where, Oh Where Are the Bragging Dems?

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We’re in the homestretch. Only one more week before what I and so many others hope and pray will be a tsunami that hits Washington, DC and state houses throughout the country.  We have waited so patiently, suffering through one slam against our great nation after another, never really believing we would find ourselves one week away from election day, November 2nd, a day that could prove to be the first shot in our nation’s rescue.

In anticipation of what promises to be an historic day for our nation, I have been doing my own rather unscientific survey of political ads for the many heated races across the country, and I have found a curious pattern. With all the left-wing celebration and adulation of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda over the past two years, why, oh why am I not seeing democrats bragging in their ads about the votes they offered up to the twisted trio to make their transformation/destruction of America a reality?

With very few exceptions, the democratic candidates I have tracked are mum on the votes they either sold or cast willingly for the health-care abomination, cap and tax, anything and everything Obama and his minions have mandated. Why aren’t they out there bragging, as well, about the insults they have hurled at voters at town hall meetings who dared to question their allegiance to the trio and their votes to socialize and destroy America?  And why aren’t they reiterating their collective belief that because they know what is best for “average” Americans, they vote as they are mandated to vote by their party, rather than according to the wishes of those they represent?

Instead they find themselves forced to use such terms as “Second Amendment,” “capitalism” and “small business” in a positive light.  Indeed “small business” seems to be the catch phrase of this election. As they utter the sacred phrase, democratic candidates hope and pray that the dolts who have elected them will never realize that their votes have been specifically designed to destroy small businesses and all who run and are employed by them.  Or we witness the strategy employed by California Senator Barbara Boxer: Hope the voters will forget your disgraceful treatment of military leaders and black business owners who don’t fall in line, and pray they will instead buy your criticisms of your extremely qualified opponent for her success at the helm of a major American corporation.  Of course, if all else fails, just call the opposition stupid.

It’s embarrassing at best, infuriating at worst. The dems — and some republicans, too, who have failed to catch the angry conservative wave that has hit the nation — have come to see that their votes, like ours, have consequences.  Now see them scramble in a last minute bid to fool their constituents. But I am not alone in my core belief that those constituents won’t be fooled again, and that come next Tuesday, those who have followed the Obama/Pelosi/Reid triumvirate, as well as that triumvirate itself, will be given the their walking papers.

A Curse on Both Your Houses

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Tonight they did it. The majority of democrats in the United States House of Representatives voted “yes” on the health-care atrocity and got it passed. They took the 30 pieces of silver and betrayed us, their nation, their voters, even their own children.

And it’s not just health care, America. You know that, right?

Back in the early days of his presidency and the heyday of his campaign, Barack Obama informed us that he intended to “fundamentally transform” America. Well, health care is only the beginning. And Obama, not unlike Nero, knows this as tonight he sits in his palatial digs watching basketball (Nero fiddled) as America (for Nero, it was Rome) burns.

Obama, Speaker-of-the-House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and all the Congressional representatives who so willingly do their bidding, can claim victory tonight, though I have a feeling all are not celebrating. They know this is wrong. Nevertheless, they have plenty more in store for us in dear leader’s mission to dominate, crush and transform the United States of America. They began tonight by grabbing control of America’s health-care system, without benefit of constitutional rule or the consent of the American people. They grabbed control of a health-care system that until this day was the best in the world. Tonight they made sure that that will no longer be.

Next stop: Amnesty for those who enter our country illegally and promise to vote democrat. Then, seize the guns.

Nancy is salivating at the thought. Fired up now by her and her minions’ ability to threaten, bribe and cajole her weak-kneed, weasely dems into obeying her and the White House’s every command, all Pelosi, her President and their minions must do is deem it, and it will be theirs. Ignore the roar of the astroturf-Nazi American moms, dads, kids and grandparents pounding on the castle walls and dare to oppose them, dare to defy them. Ignore the Constitution and rule of law. Deem it, and America is transformed. Poof! Just like that.

So tonight I say to all who voted for the man who made this all possible and now regret it, including members of my own extended family: You knew exactly who and what you were voting for, so let’s just skip the words of regret, shall we? The man may lie like Pinocchio on steroids at Pleasure Island today, but he told us all the truth back when he was a candidate. He is doing exactly what he and his teleprompter promised during those halcyon days when he floated from one coast to the other, casting his messianic spell with hope, change and twin teleprompters, you Obama voters clinging in ecstasy to his robes.

And now you whimper that you made a mistake. No, it wasn’t a mistake. It was a choice. You never bothered to listen to what he was saying — what in the words “spread the wealth around” and “the Constitution is a flawed document” did you not understand? You didn’t want to listen. It was more fun to go out on that glorious November day and cast your vote, and for a day that vote made you all warm and fuzzy and toasty inside because you made history. You awoke the next morning, along with the lapdog journalists who made it their mission to get this man in office, and, together, you reveled in the celebration, knowing that like every President, this one, too, would move toward the center, and he would carry America into a whole new mecca of hope and change. He was your guy.

But it didn’t quite work out that way, did it? He didn’t move to the center (he never said he would). He didn’t bring anyone together. He doesn’t care that millions are out of work. He vilifies anyone who opposes him. He has surrounded himself with quite a cadre of shady and incompetent people, too, hasn’t he? And that whole bit about taking over private industry and all the threats and backroom deals….that’s not really what you expected either, is it? Kind of makes you squirm, doesn’t it?

Too bad. Like I said, you got exactly who and what you voted for. Unfortunately, though, so did the rest of us. And, sadly, so did our children. And our grandchildren who haven’t even been born yet.

So in keeping with your votes for this man, tonight a bunch of people in our United States Congress did exactly what you did: They chose Obama and Pelosi over their country, their families and, in many cases, the voters who sent them to Washington. Though I firmly believe many were forced, bribed and threatened into doing it, they took the 30 pieces of silver and cast their shameful “yes” votes. They know they will live to regret it. But they did it anyway. And they should be ashamed.

I take no pleasure in saying that many have now learned what the rest of us already knew: Despite what Obama said the other day, elections do matter. And elections can throw all of America into despair, as we are and will be seeing in the days to come. Let us just pray tonight that we still have time to rescue our great nation from the clutches of this man’s election and from this Congress’ election, and may we take our country back with the next one.

Trying to Look Away

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I’m trying to stay away from it. It’s agony, the waiting. It’s like watching two high-speed trains heading full-speed, head-on toward each other, watching and waiting for the ultimate collision that you know is coming, that you know will be of catastrophic proportions, the pit in your stomach telling you to look away, but you can’t.

So I am removing myself entirely from the overlook that gives me a view of those trains. Yet in the brief moment I dared to look down, I learned that:

Alleged pro-lifer Stupak is huddled in a corner with other alleged pro-lifers; I can only imagine that self-serving conversation, which you know has nothing to do with rules of law or the American people.

Pelosi was mobbed by protestors and was apparently overheard telling Hoyer that they have to pad the vote because “none of these members wants to be the deciding vote.”

Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-FL), a member of the House Rules Committee is on record commenting about rules: “we make ’em up as we go along.”

Reid has urged fellow Senators not to worry, that the public option will be added to the bill in “coming months.”

TV pundits are claiming this is just like the contentious passage of Social Security and Medicare; no mention that they are both in financial ruins and were ultimately passed by bonafide bipartisan support.

I can’t stand anymore. Watching a government takeover of the country you love: agony. Watching those who have the power to exercise courage to prevent it: blood boiling. Watching the Constitution you revere shoved through the White House shredder: unforgivable.

Time to look away. Time to step away from he overlook. For awhile. I’m grabbing my family and going to lunch. And I will remind myself that when this day is done, we must look toward rescue and redemption and possibly entertain the notion that today may just mark the start of a new American Revolution. And they fired the first shot. But America will survive — in the image of our people and that of our founders — not in the image of the left-wing fascists who will take a decisive step today toward destroying her. They may win this battle, but ultimately, America will survive. Semper fi.

Cavuto Calls Him on It

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Plenty of us have been plenty stressed this week, and it doesn’t help when you can’t look away from the minute-by-minute run-up to the calamity that may await our nation tomorrow when traitors in Congress vote “yes” for a government takeover of our nation. But I did find one bright spot yesterday afternoon when I was watching Neil Cavuto on Fox Business.

Mr. Cavuto was interviewing some wimpy New York democratic Congressman. I don’t know which one — take your pick, doesn’t matter. Nervous and jittery, unsuccessfully adopting as best he could the unfamiliar countenance of a rugged individual, this so-called “representative” announced to Neil’s viewing audience that after much thought and contemplation, he had decided to vote “yes” on the health-care atrocity (my word, not his).

In response, Mr. Cavuto, his signature sardonic smirk in place, said in effect — and I paraphrase here — that with all due respect, Congressman, you were already a “yes” on Nancy Pelosi’s list. We already knew you would vote yes, so we don’t consider your vote a change from a “no” to a “yes.” In other words: Everyone already knows you are nothing but a pawn in Nancy’s pocket, Congressman, so please don’t insult us, or embarrass yourself, by pretending to man-up.

The Congressman’s pasty face went even pastier. He really had nothing more to say, so he didn’t say anything. Caught in his own insipid trap, his silence acknowledged loud and clear that Neil’s laser was spot on.

With these so-called representatives of democracy toppling by the minute into the laps of Pelosi and Obama, trashing their constituents and their own careers for the sake of their dear leader and his plan to transform America, I thank Neil Cavuto for refusing to play nice.

And to these Congressional dems, I say: I’m so tired of your phony posturing and your idiotic pretenses of pinciple and character. We all know you’ll fall right into line in the end, all according to script. Just go out there and tell us that you will be voting “yes” because you have sold your souls, you have been threatened, you’re weak, you’re scared, you’re afraid of being drummed out of the cocktail parties and private clubs by naked thugs in the shower, you’ve never even read the Constitution and/or you don’t understand its big words, and you’ve been promised a ride on Air Force One.

Just tell us what we already know: You are perfectly content to follow the most corrupt administration in our history down its road of destruction. 

Bottom line: You are making a choice. You are doing what is easy, rather than what is right (and setting a fine example for your children). As I have said in these posts before, in the words of Aaron Tipton, “whatever you do today, you’ll have to sleep with tonight.” Here’s one American who will be wishing you plenty of sleepless nights ahead.

I Always Knew God Had a Sense of Humor

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December 19, 2009 | Comments

Oh those poor climate-concerned diplomats, politicians and dictators. Here they take time out of their busy schedules to make the pilgrimage to Copenhagen to save our lives and the future of our planet from the perils of man-made global warming, and look what happens: record cold and blizzards thwart their noble mission! Our own President and Madam Pelosi had to schedule their carbon-heavy luxury flights to Europe around this pesky snow and wind, only to return stateside to more of the same. Does Mother Nature have no shame?

I sure hope she doesn’t. And God either. Indeed I like to think that God, like so many of us out here in common-sense land, has gotten fed up with the nimrods speaking for him and believing that we mere mortals are somehow more powerful than the beautiful, powerful planet He made. And because I have believed since I was a tiny child that God has a sense of humor, I can’t help but giggle and believe that He has chosen a most eloquent way of expressing his displeasure with those arrogant souls who would deign to use him in this way for their own selfish goals.

Indeed God and Mother Nature have sent you diplomats, politicians and dictators, including the President of the United States and the woman we call the Speaker of the House, an undeniable, unmistakable message. What in record snows in Copenhagen, more of it in DC, January-like temps in the rest of the country and even snow in Australia do they not understand?

Yet still you drone on about the dangers, the melting, the burning, the inequity, the income distribution, the ultimatums –and without a shred of shame in the shrill voices struggling to be heard through the howling blizzard winds that swirl around you.

So, what will it take for our own voices to break through the cones of silence they have erected around themselves? Nothing, I suppose, because they simply are not listening. But we the people are listening. And, despite the rhetoric and propaganda that we can hear with crystalline clarity though the wind and snow, we know this has nothing to do with conservation or rainforests or polar bears. This is about power and control and a dangerous transformation of the fabric and fiber of our great nation. And though their drive to destroy us is downright frightening, we find it hilarious that God has decided to give them a spanking – and such an eloquently vivid spanking, at that. So enjoy the snow and enjoy the frigid climes, oh dense and arrogant ones. I can tell you we certainly are – and without need of embarrassment or manipulation, but always with a clear sense of humor.

Betsy Siino | Comments

220 to 215

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November 7, 2009 | Comments

It’s almost midnight. Less than one hour ago, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass what many believe (and some hope) will prove to be the first step of the United States of America, the last great hope of man on Earth, toward socialism (and whatever God-forsaken nightmare lies beyond that). They waited until almost midnight on a Saturday when there was very little critical news media on guard to watch and broadcast what they were doing. That was the plan, of course, a plan that itself exposes their own understanding that this was a blatant violation of the wishes of the American people.

Tonight they took a vote to seize even more control of this great nation and her people. Tonight they voted to sentence those people to a nationalized health-care system that promises not only to decimate us and our country financially, but also to destroy the greatest, most innovative, most compassionate health-care system on the planet. But health care was secondary to what they sought to achieve. By controlling health care, they control the people and the most intimate details of their lives. At the same time, those who did the sentencing won’t have to participate in this 2,000-page monstrosity that most haven’t even read. Their Cadillac coverage remains intact. Let us eat cake.

So now, because I am awake at midnight and well aware of what had happened, to every one of those representatives who voted for this abomination, I say:

Tonight you sentenced every child in America to years and years of punishing debt, simply adding to what you have already thrust upon them through similarly despicable acts. In other words, tonight you launched a full-on attack on our children, and, as you would know if you have ever ventured into the wilderness of Montana or Alaska, grizzly families do not take that lightly.

Tonight, dear representative, you attacked our doctors, the best in the world (just ask your dictator friends). Tonight you attacked the medical students and ensured that care will be rationed for all. And yes, tonight you voted to ensure that illegal aliens will receive the health care they deserve for so cleverly defying our laws to enter our country without legal authority. You claim this will not happen. You lie.

Tonight you voted to send those who are elderly, ill and infirm out to pasture – but of course not without benefit of the blue pill.

Tonight you swore publicly your allegiance to a cluster of people who boast in common not only incompetence and a complete lack of professional and real-America experience, but also their admiration for communist and fascist leaders and a belief that America is the root of all evil.

Tonight you stand at your podium post-vote with your plastic smiles and your words of celebration. You stand there laughing at the American people, but you seem a bit nervous, a bit jittery, to me. You know what you did. You know we don’t want this. And all can say is: Be careful what you wish for. You seem to have forgotten that this is America, not Europe or all those other nations you value so much higher than your own. You seem to have forgotten that we don’t roll over and succumb to our government’s every whim. You seem to have forgotten that the vast majority of us believe in our Constitution and the blood that has been shed to preserve our liberty.

And, most puzzling, you seem to have forgotten the election results of only four days ago.

Tonight, dear representative, you confirmed for us all what we already knew: that you will ignore and disregard the will of the people who you were sworn to represent – not to mention the sanctity of a country you were sworn to protect. You confirmed for us all that you will without hesitation ignore and disregard the Constitution of the United States and your fellow Americans, who have in vast and passionate numbers expressed to you their opposition to this bill and their commitment to destroy it.

Indeed with your actions tonight, dear representative, you have ignited that will, that passion and that commitment into an inferno. You have now officially awakened the sleeping giant. Come to think of it, then, dear representative, perhaps we should be thanking you for that.

Betsy Siino | Comments