The Secret Longings of Useful Liberal Men

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As someone constantly recognizing connections in the events that shape this world, I couldn’t help but find some rather illuminating links between news stories from the last few weeks.

The first involved Michelle Obama as she and her husband enjoyed their regal sojourn across the British Isles. The press followed the wannabe royals with slobbering idolatry, chronicling with mad, obsessive detail everything their beloveds ate, wore and said, all the while heralding them as legendary scions of style and intellect.

What captured my attention, however, was not the fabric that may or may not have adorned the first lady’s much-lauded arms and waistline, but rather comments she made to the young students at a girls’ school somewhere in Britain. In a nutshell, she confided to these impressionable young ladies that when she met her husband – to whom she said she was ordered to “mentor” – she got the feeling that he might be “useful” someday.

And that, in a related nutshell, sums up my personal perception of the liberal female view of men. Men are, after all, the root of all evil and, no doubt, the source of every awful event liberal women have ever experienced in their own personal liberal lives. But should a man pledge his allegiance to the most extreme liberal tenets and prove himself willing to sacrifice any hint of testosterone in favor of a progressive and feminized/metrosexual agenda, then that guy may just earn his way into the graces of liberal women, “useful” to their cause. Michelle here reminds us most brazenly of her own allegiance to the likes of Hillary, Janet, the Supreme Court’s Sonia, and the politically paralyzed/blinded National Organization of Women.

Think a moment about our nation’s current political climate. As entrenched and trembling republican men struggle to find their way through an angry American right, staunchly conservative women, such as Sarah Palin, Jan Brewer, Michele Bachmann, Dana Perino, Laura Ingraham, Liz Cheney and Ann Coulter are out there roaring from the rooftops, reminding Americans what this nation was and is meant to be.

What perplexes the left, particularly the men of the left, is that these women roar with a smile and a fearlessly feminine sparkle, extolling the virtues of joyful patriotism, love of country, and, yes, even a love of men.  Such messages simply cannot be lost on those useful left-wing male reporters sent out to vilify and destroy them. Following obediently the directive, do these men wonder beneath the vitriol slung by their side, what it might be like to enjoy the good graces of women who might actually value and respect the masculine for its own sake? Women who see men as more than simply “useful” servants? In their quiet moments, do they think back to a moment when, ignored or rebuffed by smart, confident, patriotic and right-minded girls in high school and college, they pledged instead to become “useful” to those other women? Do they ever regret the sacrifice? I don’t know, of course. Just a thought.…

As I have pondered these connections and the possible secret longings of liberal men, Doug Giles, conservative author of the book Raising Righteous and Rowdy Girls has posted another of his brilliant articles on the need for young women to learn to defend themselves to the death (an assailant’s death, of course). This time his inspiration is the alleged attack by the avowed socialist and “useful” French International-Monetary-Fund president on a hotel maid in New York City, resulting in Mr. Giles’ article, “Preferred Headline: IMF CEO Killed by Rape Victim.”

Whenever Mr. Giles writes about his passionate belief that young women should be trained as both expert martial artists and expert marksmen, I am inevitably drawn to the commentary that follows. The vast majority of his readers sing his praises, but far too many ignore the message in favor simply of blasting Mr. Giles for even suggesting that young women learn to fight off attempted rapists and murderers.

That women in general — or parents of either girls or boys — would oppose Mr. Giles’ belief in self-protection….well, I don’t know what to make of that and I won’t even venture a guess. But that liberal men would find female self-protection repulsive and unacceptable….perhaps that reveals a deeply rooted psychological phenomenon deserving of study. I’m no psychiatrist, but perhaps liberal men who have allowed themselves to be subjugated as “useful” to liberal women relish secretly, subconsciously, the notion of such women rendered weak and helpless. Perhaps it is simply that hobbled testosterone making one last gasp of protest. I’m no psychiatrist, but you never know.

Despite an Irritating Guest, Sarah’s Family Sparkles in the Last Frontier

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Several people (you know who you are) insisted that I check out a recent episode of Sarah Palin’s reality show on the TLC cable network. The episode in question features a guest appearance by the irritating Kate Gosselin, “star” of another TLC “reality” show — “Kate Exploits 8,” or whatever it’s called – which finds her shamelessly using her children for her own self-aggrandizement.

Though I followed this directive, allow me first to say that I have tried to ignore the existence of Sarah’s show, her appearance in such a project a disappointment to me. But I watched anyway, and though Gosselin’s disgraceful “performance” had me praying even more fervently for the end of her 15 minutes of inexplicable fame, I was pleased to see Sarah and her clan emerge so lovable and “genuine,” in keeping with the alleged mission of so-called “reality” shows, most of which are anything but.

Indeed Sarah and her family sparkled, from Sarah’s dad, a retired biology teacher who mesmerized the kids (and the TV audience) with his house, a residential natural history museum; to Sarah’s hubby Todd, who escaped the guest star’s nonsense to go fishing alone, leaving his wife envious of said escape; to Sarah’s kids who were disgusted by the guest star’s failure even to try and enjoy an Alaskan camping trip; to the guest star’s exploited children, who were in seventh heaven spending time with the Palins in the Alaskan wilderness.

Failing to sparkle in any way was guest-star Gosselin, who lasted only a couple of hours on the camping trip, after which she guilted/threatened her kids to leave with her in her wimpy, whiny retreat. How sad for those kids, who, understandably, wanted to stay with the mama grizzly, the grandpa grizzly, and their clan. I don’t even want to think of what awaits those kids when puberty hits – and when their mom’s 15 minutes does finally come to a much deserved end.

Of course, Kate seems to believe that those 15 minutes will last forever.  Before she humiliated herself in the Last Frontier, she whined to Sarah that they are two peas in a pod because they both understand the slings and arrows of media scrutiny. Sorry, Kate, you are nothing like Sarah, whose media scrutiny arises from the profound and genuine threat she poses to the twisted, leftist power base of the United States. Kate also failed to mention that whenever her own media scrutiny begins to wane, she does anything she can to get it back – posing for some cheesy magazine in a bikini, crying on insipid women’s talk shows, trotting out the kids, being surgically enhanced – whatever it takes.

As the show ended, I was left lamenting the missed opportunity I had just witnessed. Before embarking on the camping trip, the Palins thought Gosselin might need some training in grizzly-country safety. Having had extensive training myself in this area, I couldn’t help but imagine a scene where the bear expert advises guest-star Kate that if she should stumble upon a lone grizzly cub out in the wilderness, by all means pick the little guy up, cuddle him and hug him, tickle his tummy, and feed him crackers and M&Ms. Little grizzly cubs just love this – especially when mama is nearby. To those of you who know what I’m saying here, well, those 15 minutes….over. Yep, sadly, a lost opportunity. Sigh. (Just kidding. Sort of.)

Critics Continue to Misunderstand Sarah, Alaska and the People of the Last Frontier

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Whenever someone describes Sarah Palin to me as “stupid” or “such an idiot,” I suppress the impulse to argue or to ask how their own accomplishments compare to those of this fearless self-made woman. I simply ask, “Have you ever been to Alaska?”

The answer is invariably “no.” (Cruises don’t count. I’m talking the Alaskan interior where everyday Alaskans live everyday Alaskan lives.)

I have been to Alaska, I say, and in my experience, both as visitor and as writer covering sled dogs, the Iditarod, bears and wolves, what I learned early on is that “Alaskans don’t suffer fools.” In other words, Alaskans, many having followed the siren’s song to the last frontier from their native, more “civilized,” states and nations, don’t fall for the rhetoric or superficial flash epidemic along the right and left coasts of the lower 48. They recognize pretty clearly who people are, and who they aren’t. And I trust their judgment.

So when threatened trolls call former-Governor Sarah Palin an idiot, when they call her stupid, they are, by extension, hurling those same insults at the citizens of Alaska who put the woman in office. And they are making a tragic mistake.

The left’s lapdog press is salivating right now over Alaska’s republican primary for the U.S. Senate, Sarah Palin’s endorsed candidate Joe Miller and incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) contentiously awaiting the results of their close race. With the lapdogs celebrating the “civil war” brewing among Alaska’s republicans and predicting a “stolen” election on the horizon, the commotion came to a head late last week with some nonsense about a “tweet” from Joe Miller’s camp evoking “the oldest profession” in response to rumors that Murkowski might switch parties if she loses.

If the lapdogs — whose visits to Alaska have been limited almost solely to forays to dig up dirt on Sarah — understood the people of Alaska, they might understand, as well, that efforts to blow this story out of proportion are wasted on the people of the 49th state.

That said, I trust the Alaskans, with the clear-eyed common sense inherent to their kind, will as they always have ignore the lapdogs and tend to their own business without media or any other interference. In the meantime, I will thank them for giving us Sarah Palin, the sharpest thorn ever to impale a liberal’s paw.

McCain Wins His Primary

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Oh, well. We can’t win them all.

Though my hope sprang (is that a word?) eternally yesterday, John McCain, armed with an endorsement from former running mate Sarah Palin (never could stomach that one), won yesterday’s republican primary in Arizona.

John can greet today refreshed, knowing that after forcing himself to run a campaign — and spending records of millions on that campaign — where he had to position himself as a right-leaning republican, he can go back to being the moderate democrat that is his true self. The causes of amnesty, politically correct rhetoric, campaign spending reform (hah!), anti-terror waterboarding, gun control….they have their Johnny back, prepared to cross the aisle whenever their leftwing proponents call his name.

In the meantime, perhaps John’s primary opponent J.D. Hayworth can take a page from Florida Obama-hugger Charlie Crist’s playbook and file as an independent. And maybe this time, her debt repaid, Sarah will endorse him. Again, I can always hope.

Sarah Evokes the Great Spirit of Mama Grizzly

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Once again Sarah Palin has said “boo” and whipped the left into an hysterical frenzy. And this time, it’s personal for yours truly, because this time she evoked the spirit of the great mama Grizzly, as we on this site know to be one of the fiercest, most ferocious creatures on God’s blue planet. Knowing that such a creature belongs to the right and the right alone, and with no such warrior of their own to claim, the left just doesn’t know what to do with itself. Or with her. Or with us. Again.

Sarah told an audience last Friday that it will be the women of the right, the “mama Grizzlies,” who will “take this country back” come November. This is no news to us, the women of the right. We mama Grizzlies have never swayed from our belief in our nation and her people. But those on the left would rather not be reminded yet again that our side is rich with heroic women, who know exactly what this country stands for and are not afraid to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done.

Follow the direction of the venom they spew, and you will find who the left fears most. From Sarah to Michele Bachmann (Nancy Pelosi’s greatest nemesis) to Arizona’s fearless Governor Jan Brewer to Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter to the courageous women who for the past year at town-hall meetings across the nation have stood up face to face in courageous opposition to the President and his congressional lapdogs, to moms who have demanded that their kids’ schools cease and desist in proliferating this administration’s leftist propaganda and the desecration of our flag, to the women of all ages and economic circumstance who have cast conservative votes – we the ferocious mama Grizzlies, moms and non-moms alike, are their greatest fear.

We know this by their squeals of protest. By the insults they hurl. By the names they call us and their claims that we are stupid, uneducated, illiterate and ignorant. I revel in those names, for they reveal so clearly the underlying fear at the root of such attacks launched by women of the left and their unmanly, namby-pamby men.

What awaits, and what has already begun, just may be the greatest “cat fight” in history. Indeed in our culture, the proverbial cat fight is regarded as a joke, celebrated with lighthearted aplomb in television sitcoms and sports bars and mens’ locker rooms everywhere. But as severely out-clawed and out-fanged as they are now, I doubt our opposition will find – or is finding – a bear fight, more specifically a Grizzly mom fight, quite so laughable.

What a Difference a Day Makes

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The song says: “What a difference a day makes.” Since January of 2009 we have experienced a constant barrage of events each and every day that have kept us worrying and fretting over the well-being and the very existence of our country. Indeed those of us who love this nation, and have no desire to see it “transformed,” have known no peace since then. The days I have been hobbled during this site’s re-tooling have been no exception. The highlights:

  • The President of Poland, his wife, the leader of the Polish military and virtually all of Poland’s top officials were killed when the plane carrying them to a memorial in Russia crashed in that nation’s countryside. Poland has been one of America’s staunchest allies, and the prayers of countless Americans have been sent their way. In an unfortunate PR move, Barack Obama, unable to attend the President’s funeral because of the volcano in Iceland, went golfing instead.
  •  Tax Day, April 15th, was commemorated by thousands of Americans who participated in peaceful Tea Party demonstrations throughout the nation to protest “taxation without representation.” Their actions were met, as expected, by lapdog media types and democrat politicians with derision and ridicule that only served to reveal once more how frightened they are of the Tea Party movement. More than one pundit commented that it’s never good for politicians and those seeking ratings to attack the American people.
  •  Joining his media and political minions, Barack Obama, displaying the heights of elitist arrogance, commented that he was “amused” by the Tea Party Americans who took to the streets on Tax Day. Regarding, as he does, we the people as a source of peasant entertainment, here’s hoping Obama won’t be so “amused” come November.
  • We witnessed the de-fanging of America, when Barack Obama not only signed a nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia (displaying once again his naïve ignorance and useful idiocy), but also let it be known to all the world that they are free to attack America and her people without fear of retribution.
  •  When Sarah Palin expressed her disgust with Obama’s signing of the disarmament treaty, disgust shared by the vast majority of Americans, Obama responded arrogantly that “last I checked, Sarah Palin’s not much of an expert on nuclear issues.” The lapdog media representative interviewing Obama at the time, in a predictable effort to protect a President whose education has been severely limited, chose not to ask Obama to outline his own expertise in this (or any) area.
  • Obama puzzled proud Americans – including, no doubt, those who serve in our armed forces – when he said, “…whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military super power.”
  • Barbara Crabb, a U.S. District Judge in Wisconsin, ruled that the National Day of Prayer, established in 1952, is unconstitutional.
  • Democrats in the California legislature killed a resolution that would have honored the 100th birthday of the Boy Scouts of America and scouting in California. The celebration has proceeded anyway, without the blessing of California democrats.

 Sadly, this is only a drop in the bucket. But it’s enough for now. It serves to remind us that with every day presenting unwanted “differences,” we the people, amusing as we may be to certain individuals, cannot give up the fight. How it frightens our opposition to know that we have no intention of doing so.

Watching Them Squirm – Part 2

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November 18, 2009 | Comments
I caught Andrea Mitchell and that morning blond on MSNBC this morning. Their subject: Sarah Palin, of course.

They did seem to give it their best effort, and that couldn’t have been easy for them. Surrounded by their male cronies who, wisely, remained pretty quiet, they fought through the twin sneers on their faces, spitting and choking out words that said in effect that yeah, she is selling a bunch of books and yeah, lots of people are lining up to see her, and…yeah…yeah…okay…whatever. Though it seemed elephants were standing on their chests, they did get the words out eventually. Gotta give them credit for that.

But I won’t give them credit for their overall coverage. When they weren’t showing us the people, sometimes thousands of people, lined up to see Sarah and/or buy her book, they turned their cameras on regular people among them who unabashedly gushed that they couldn’t wait to get their hands on the book and read it (because yes, regular people do know how to read, ladies).

On its face, this coverage seemed innocent enough, but we are far too familiar with the sensibilities of those behind that coverage (“consider the source”), revealed in their arrogant commentator smirks. Once again they came at it hobbled by a severe misunderstanding of the regular oh-so-pathetic-and-inferior American people out here, who, frankly, probably weren’t watching them anyway. And again they underestimate us. What they don’t understand, is that when they laugh at Sarah and cackle about her intellect or lack thereof, when they roll their eyes in response to an effusive older woman buying the book in Alaska, or an ebullient gentleman doing the same in Michigan – we know they are actually laughing at us.

 And we don’t really care for that.

While these women — and the men who are afraid not to agree with them — sneer and spit and spin within the confines of their insulated studios, the regular people of America are sending Sarah’s book through the stratosphere in sales and attention. Indeed as we have witnessed since Sarah Palin’s name was introduced as a VP Candidate in 2008, she has clearly driven them insane.

And Sarah just smiles. Unlike shrill Hill, who would spit and cry and screech in the face of adversity (much of it self-made by either herself or her husband), Sarah grins and says bring it on. She is secure in what she believes, she is genuine in her love for America and her people, and she knows that those people, the regular people, won’t be manipulated by threats and tears and talk of doom and gloom.

And that is why the left is running scared. As Shakespeare wrote, “Methinks thou doth protest too much.” Four centuries later, we are witnessing a left wing living those words, telling us with their ear-splitting howls of protest just how terrified they are of Sarah — and, perhaps, by extension, of us.

Betsy Siino | Comments

Watching Them Squirm – Part 1

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November 18, 2009 | Comments

I have always been a comedy nerd, from Lucy to SNL (classic not current) to SCTV to Seinfeld and Curb to live stand-up….you get the drill.  And I have to say that what we are witnessing right now in the reaction of the democratic party and the non-Fox media to the release of Sarah Palin’s book is just about as hilarious as it gets.

Every mention of the word “Sarah,” every glimpse of her image, and they seize up, their eyes bulge, their voices rise to a shriek that makes our ears bleed, and they spin off their chairs like Tasmanian devils. Poor things. They can’t help it, I guess. They have no control over what is a completely involuntary response.

When they finally run out of energy and come down for a landing, panting and sweating and exhausted, they resort to calling her names. She’s a joke. She’s a bimbo. She’s a nobody. She’s a has-been. Yeah, right. Keep telling yourselves that, and maybe it will come true – or at least maybe you’ll convince yourselves of it. Maybe you’ll even get a Sarah of your own someday, but I doubt it.

Just turn on your TV or pick up a paper and you’ll see it. I thought the right’s reaction to Hillary was heated (mine included), but we’ve never seen anything like this. Mass hysteria, is what it is. And they’re not even trying to hide it.

Inspired by the high-falutin’ journalistic precedent set by Wolf Blitzer a few weeks back when he fact-checked a once-in-a-lifetime Obama-negative sketch on Saturday Night Live, the Associated Press enlisted 11 reporters to fact-check Sarah’s book. They found a typo or two and a couple passages easily presented out of context. Time and money well spent on their part. Of course they never bothered with such journalistic nuisances when it came time to vet a presidential candidate from Chicago, but this is far more important.

Newsweek took a stab at premeditated reaction, too, featuring Sarah on its cover with a shot taken of her for a running magazine. Sorry, guys. This lame effort not only degrades your own already-endangered publication, it is a stark and obvious (not to mention pathetic) cry from Time’s and Newsweek’s habit of portraying the President on their covers as a messiah, sometimes with a halo, or at least bathed in a heavenly glow. But then, he is the President that they, like the Associated Press, never bothered to vet.

So let’s wonder for a moment, why all the conniptions over Sarah. Why the magazine covers. Why the Tasmanian spins. Why the spit and fire and screeches. She’s not the President. She’s not the Vice President. She’s not an elected official at all anymore. She’s just some woman that once ran for Vice President and didn’t win. Like Geraldine Ferraro. A former Governor. A mom (a GrizzlyMom). She wrote a book and talked about her life, her family and her experiences, like so many before her have done.

But for the left, she is the most dangerous woman in America.

Acknowledging this, and apparently following the Newsweek school of pathetic journalism, MSNBC raided the been-there/done-that vault and splattered the images of a gun-toting Sarah in a bikini to their tiny audience. Of course we all saw those shots a year ago, and we all know that they were doctored with Photoshop. MSNBC says now that they forgot that. Or, in another account, it was some staffer’s fault. And they’re sorry. Yeah, okay. You didn’t know. You forgot. Thanks for your contribution to the hilarity.

Keep it coming. I’m always up for a good laugh.

Betsy Siino | Comments